Zenmed Stretta

Zenmed Stretta Stretch Mark Removal is a unique and powerful formula that integrates top-quality Glycolic Acid and medicinal botanical extracts particularly developed to reduce and even remove stretch marks, restore the skins structure and promote healthy skin rejuvenation.

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ZENMED Stretta carefully gets rid of the outer layers of dead skin cells and nurtures deep within the skin to remove undesirable, unsightly stretch marks and promote healthy cellular regrowth.


All the users of Zenmed Stretta stated that the cream is an outstanding moisturiser and it has an enjoyable odor. Most users mentioned that the skin was softer, more versatile and more toned.

Stretta uses with no oily residue and a few users mentioned that it sort of plumped up the skin but this vanished after a few weeks.

This cream worked well for some people and others found it very frustrating but had the ability to benefit from the 60 day 100% cash back assurance. So they mored than happy that they had actually not invested a great deal of cash on a product that did not work for them.

A great deal of customers stated that it works well on smaller sized or paler stretch marks but not large purple stretch marks.

In general, Zenmed Stretta Stretch Mark Removal works well for both avoiding stretch marks by moisturising the skin and assisting in the reduction in appearance of existing stretch marks.

It deserves attempting as a treatment for your stretch marks and if it does not work for you, you constantly have the 100% cash back assurance.

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