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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Xyzal Allergy Pills.

  • CONTAINS: One (1) 80- count bottle of Xyzal Allergy Pills, 24-Hour Allergy Relief, Original Prescription Strength
  • BEGINS OPERATING IN ONE HOUR: Xyzal provides you rapid relief from allergy symptoms, consisting of sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; runny nose; itchy nose and throat
  • TAKE ONCE FOR ALL-NIGHT, ALL-DAY RELIEF: Xyzal Allergy provides 24- hour relief that is as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour 1
  • RELIEVE ALLERGY SYMPTOMS WHEN THEY’RE AT THEIR WORST: Taking Xyzal in the evening avoids suffering in the early morning when pollen is at its worst
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH RELIEF: Xyzal is full prescription strength offered without a prescription

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Xyzal Allergy Pills.
It’s time to experience a night and day distinction in allergy relief. Go Into Xyzal Allergy Pills, 24-Hour Allergy Relief, Original Prescription Strength, 80- Count. Xyzal is a prescription strength allergy medicine that alleviates symptoms of indoor and outdoor allergies, consisting of sneezing; itchy, watery eyes; runny nose; itchy nose and throat. Xyzal begins operating in one hour so you begin feeling better much faster. And it keeps working for 24 hours. That’s right Xyzal is as effective at hour 24 as it is at hour 1. Take Xyzal once in the evening for continuous allergy symptom relief. Xyzal is taken in the evening prior to going to sleep so you wake feeling revitalized and symptom-free in the early morning when pollen is at its worst. Enjoy the life you have actually imagined free from the anguish of allergysymptoms Be smart all, take Xyzal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Xyzal Allergy Pills.

Question Question 1

We Saw A Television Commercial For A Free Sample Of Xyzal?

YES. Just go to the XYZAL site and hit “Free Sample” there is a $3 flat shipping charge though. Still, less expensive than purchasing it at a shop. You get 10 pills

Question Question 2

Is This Non Drowsy?

we are rather conscious sleepy usually. This medication, when we took it in the early morning,made us very sleepy and now take it every night and its great. Not sleepy the next day.

Question Question 3

Is This As Pictured And Not A Generic?

It is not generic.

Question Question 4

What Sort Of Product Packaging Does This Be Available In? Bottle Or Press Pack?

It can be found in a bottle, with a kid proof cap.

Question Question 5

Why Is It Not Proper For People Over 64?


Question Question 6

We Required To Know The Expiration Date To Determin The Number Of Boxes We Will Order? Today Is July 14, 2019.?

we purchased a bottle of 80 on May 25 th, approx 6 weeks back. The expiration date on the bottle is 11/2021, they obviously have a prolonged service life. we would not buy a great deal of them till you attempt them. we can not take them – they left us feeling lethargic/drugged and remain inyour system rather some time.

Question Question 7

For The People Who Purchased The 80 Count And Got The 55 Count Package, Did They Exchange And Offer You The Correct One?

we never ever done this.

Question Question 8

Is The Amount Correct? We Just Paid $45 For An 80 Count Box At Cvs.?

we paid 21.76 for the quantity on

Question Question 9

How Is This Identified “Prime”, We Select 2 Day Free Prime Shipping, Yet Shipment Date Is May 1St? We Are Purchased On April 23 Rd. That’S Not 2 Day Shipping.?

This is since the Product from this seller hasn’t shown up the storage facility yet. will deliver after the product hit the storage facility in 2 weeks. This is not the sellers fault but system You might cancel and reorder with other sellers that have products on hand.

Question Question 10

The Native Land Of The Xyral We Purchased From.Com.Services.Inc Is Revealed India On Package AndBottle Is It A Geniue Product?

we would state no. When we clicked the box it states Origin: Switzerland but it is warehouse is out of Chattanooga, TN. we would certainly return that product.

Question Question 11

Size Wise, How Huge Are These Pills? Are They Huge Like Allegra?

They are very little tablets in comparison.They have to do with the size of generic levothyroxine.About the size of 1/2 a pez

Question Question 12

Does Xyzal All Have Chlorpheniramine?

we just took a look at the Xyzal ingredients box-it does not state it has Chlorpheniramine in it.Hope that helps.It must not

Question Question 13

What Is The Dose Of This Product? Is It 5Mg? Thank You.?

Yes.It is 5mg. Xyzal was advised to us by our allergy doctor. we have actually taken it daily for a year.

Question Question 14

It States Age Use Is 12-64 Years. Why Shouldn T You Take It If You Are Over 64?

Well, we didn’t understand that but we are 67 and have actually been taking because we were 64 and all is well. We ought to call 1-800 of company that produces it and ask.

Question Question 15

Are These Larger In Size That Zyrtec?

No. we just compared it to our genericZyrtec Xyzal is 5 mg, while Zyrtec is 10 mg. And yes, it s about half the size of Zyrtec.

Question Question 16

Is This Truly 80 Tablets?

No, the bottle that we got had just 55 tablets in it. Have no concept why the description states “80 count”, pretty bothersome.

Question Question 17

When Will Generic Appear?

we purchased the generic at our drug store — Kroger s — nearly 50 percent less, exact same active ingredient — unsure that it s something would bring but the subscribe and conserve cost is excellent.

Question Question 18

Our Eyes Are Still Watery In The Early Morning, We Still Sneeze In The Early morning?

we USE AN ALLERGY EYE DROP, THAT ASSISTS WITH XYZAL EVERYDAY.These windy days, dust is moving, specific flowers are budding.LOOK OUT FOR DUST, LEAVESOUTSIDE.xyzal can help

Question Question 19

What Is The Expiration Date?

It is tough to figure out the expiration date due to the reality that each box we provide has a various expiration date.Currently the date we have on 4 of our boxes is February2020 As we order more, the date nevertheless may change.Thank you and thank you from our company, AllThatUneed.Janet.

Question Question 20

Is It Possible To Buy A Form Of Xyzal That Doesn T Contain Lactose?

Don t understand. Your pharmacist ought to understand.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Xyzal Allergy Pills, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Wow just got this today. Could not wait to attempt this remedy. A colleague shared about this over the counter allergy tablet. Umm let’s just state on the box they a beginning relief in 1 hour. They weren’t joking. We feel a lot relief currently and we hope it continues to help me. We are persistent sinus allergy individual and have actually been for a long very long time. We have actually been wishing something better to come along. We are sharing about this great allergy relief medicine to our good friends and family.

We truthfully never ever understood we had an allergy problem till taking this gem. We were constantly pestered with some form of bronchitis every summer and winter season when the weather condition altered for the majority of our adult life. Generally we would need to get on prescription antibiotics etc. To lastly cure ourself after investing over 2 or 3 weeks ill. We take this just when we feel the symptoms of a cold and it stops it in its tracks. We have actually not been ill for over a year now. Our relative has actually begun taking it this previous season and can certainly inform a distinction in her seasonal allergies. Ensure to take it right prior to bed since it will make you very drowsy, till you are utilized to it, it might make your state of mind very mellow the next day too, but it will last for well over 24 hours. We take a trip a lot for work and never ever understand how we are going to respond when we land, but usually take this the night prior to flying and do not have any longer concerns.

We have normal allergies and our specialist recommended flonase & an otc allergy pill for bedtime use. Saw this in an advertisement someplace and believed we would offer it a shot. Truly like it. It does include an antihistamine so it will make you sleepy, best for nightime. We just take 1/2 tablet but they are scored for that very factor. We are super sensitive with sleep help, so if we need to take a nighttime pm pain med, we do not take the xyzal that night.

Suffered with seasonal allergies for 20 years and taken every med, natural home remedy etc but still had horrendous attacks the would leave us squandered for days. But this has actually altered our life.

Began utilizing xyzal in 2015 after our dr informed us not to take the allergy pill w/ the d at the end, which was the just one that worked for us. These are holding their own, we have indoor and outdoor allergies and these help us to be able to work in the early morning when we get up, think us sinus pressure draws. Getting 80 at this cost checks out, it beats what we were paying, so we will continue to buy here as long as the cost is competitive.

We have difficult allergies that do not truly appear to be phased by allergy medications. We have actually taken every brand by prescription. Clariton, allegra, zertec, etc. We need to state that xyzal does appear to be more effective than all of them for us. We have actually been taking it for a few weeks and feel less stuffy overall. We will keep utilizing it and hope it stays effective.

Xyzal is without a doubt the best allergy medicine at the minute you canbuy It regularly rates above the other otc medications in screening & you can feel the distinction as opppsed to those other medications. We went out the first day this medicine was launched to buy it otc, no more prescription, no more high rates. We extremely advise this to any allergy victims.

Our child has severe allergies. Absolutely nothing else was working for her and she takes many allergy pills. We saw this was a new kind and attempted it. It has actually been working truly well. She had the ability to start going outside a bit without problem breathing and her eyes inflating.

We have actually utilized benadryl, claritin, zyrtec, allegra, flonase, and whatever in between. This is our preferred. Functions well, no adverse effects. Love love love.

Our allergies were at their worst in 2008 when our doctor recommended this antihistamine that had actually just begun the market. It brought immediate relief. Ultimately, our insurance coverage began charging higher co-pay for it. We went to something else that didn’t work as excellent. In the in 2015 or two, xyzal discussed the counter. Still pricey, but there were excellent vouchers, we attempted the “over the counter variety” and found they corresponded the prescription pills. This offer at is a great way to buy xyzal financially. We extremely advise this product.

We have actually had allergies all of our life and actually attempted whatever and was back to allergy shots that were starting to not work any longer. They were so severe we could not even sleep but 3-4 hours prior to awakening in cold sweats, hardly able to breath, eyes inflamed nearly shut and then walking all the time with dark circles, sinus headache, etc, you all understand what we suggest. So last night was our first dosage and wasn t very enthusiastic but wow. We slept directly through a full 9 hours. We hadn t done that in over 25 years, and got up sensation great. We are not stating this will work for everybody but a minimum of offer it a shot and those it does work for will definitely be impressed with the efficiency. We will be purchasing a full year supply today. Thank you xyxal.

The only thing that works for our fall allergies. Our new doctor nearly didn’t think us and attempted to inform us that the active component is carefully associated to zyrtec. Well, zyrtec does not do anything for our symptoms, and this definitely does. We take xyzal year-round now. We attempted to stop taking it this winter season, but our sleeping disorders returned. We also broke out in hives without it. We are lifer.

The kids got their immune profile from the other moms and dad, which suggests everybody but we in the family take allergy medications the majority of the year– spring for spring pollen. Summer hay fever. Fall is a bitbetter Winter season, indoor dust & mold (regardless of hepa). Never ever ends. Well, in the beginning the pediatrician recommended cetirizine, which worked and obviously made the little beloveds drowsy. That was great, entirely fixed the grumbling about allergies. But then he changed them to levocetirizine, because they obviously need to do school work workout and develop havoc. Naturally the patent ended and it went otc, so we continued with the name-brand xyzal since. At this moment there are less expensive ways to get levocetirizine. But we stick with the brand on the presumption that with a larger business footprint in the us, sanofi-pasteur (stated with a french accent) has more liability, and would for that reason invest some little percent of its marketing spending plan on quality assurance. They appear to work. By the metrics at our disposal– redness and watering of their eyes; their sniffling; their grumbling– these work. They do not appear sleepy either. Whether they are the best, we can’t state and they are not video game for a randomized and regulated experiment. So now they are consumers for life. We personally question if, rather of medicating the kids from the start, we had actually sent them on a fight royale with other kids in the woods (as we carried out in our youth), their body immune system would not have actually arranged itself out.

It helps with our everyday allergies. Better than claritin or zyrtec did. We do not get the sleepy adverse effects with these some people experience. It’s not a cure all, but it’s a big help.

We have actually been taking zyrtec for several years and this last spring it just wasn t sufficing. Made the switch to xyzal and we liked it. We might go outdoors and have the ability to breathe.

We reside in the desert southwest and dislike whatever outdoors here; sage, tumbleweeds, juniper, dust, weeds, tree pollen, you call it and we dislike it. Our allergy dr. Advised xyzal and we are thankful he did. We take one every early morning and it has actually truly offered us considerable relief from our various allergies. We have actually attempted most 24 hour allergy relief medications but this is the one for us. We would advise this for anybody battling allergies. Now we are not continuously cleaning a runny nose and it does not make us drowsy.

We took zyrtec for years; we needed to pick up a week to have an allergy test. It was pure abuse, we scratched ourself raw. The specialist recommended xzyzal since it does have the exact same extreme after impacts if you missed out on taking it. The only disadvantage is if you put on t time taking it ideal (advised in the evening) you ll feel dazed the next day. Other than that we enjoy with the result and happy we changed.

We take half a pill in the evening since this medication knocks usout Functions well on allergies. Was advised by specialist.

We love xyzal, after months of taking claritin d with little relief, we chose to attempt xyzal, and young boy was we areazed. This stuff works perfect, something we believe they ought to highlight more by possibly putting it in vibrant letters is that xyzal is indicated to be taken in the evening. We ourself didn’t understand that till a few days after we began taking it. The rates here is a lot better than what rite-aid and walgreens list price are.

We have actually attempted them all. None – we duplicate – none work like xyzal. We have actually been clean and clear for the last 1-1/2 years reason for this marvel drug. Buy this so they keep making it. Side note: put on t buy the generic. Our relative attempted to conserve a few dollars, but it didn’t work. We were back to sneezing. Pay the cash, and begin living without a heap of tissue in your pocket at all times.

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