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Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women

Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women.

  • The wonderfully stimulating Peach Blossom scent is light, fruity, and both gentle and restoring to help you feel and odor fresh all day.
  • All day freshness, skin friendly scent
  • Gynecologist & Skin specialist evaluated, hypoallergenic, pH well balanced, and formulated with vitamin E for fragile, smooth skin
  • No dyes, parabens or MIT preservatives
  • Readily Available in 3 Scentsitive Scents: Peach Blossom, White Jasmine, and Spring Lilac

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women.
Scent Call: Peach Blossom |Size: Pack of 1 Did you understand that absence of hydration is among the reasons that skin ends up being sensitive and irritated? Your intimate skin is fragile to start with, so getting the best balance of moisture can make a huge distinction. That’s why we established Sensitive Plus Vaginal Wash infused with the scent of Peach Blossom that is gentle on fragile skin. This vaginal wash provides sensitive skin the moisture balance it requires and carefully cleans PLUS soothes, moisturizes & helps protect sensitive intimate skin. Skin Specialist & Gynecologist Tested.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women.

Question Question 1

Would This Limitation Uti’S?

Uncertain given that YTis are urinary tract infection. But keeping the location frequently clean and great deals of water drinking to keep the kidneys flushed does not harmed.

Question Question 2

How Is This Wash Utilized?

Thanks for your questions. Simply put the wash into your hand or washcloth and use. Rinse completely later on.

Question Question 3

Where This Product Originate From? Where Does It Made?

we do not understand

Question Question 4

Tiene Buena Función?

Excelente. Es muy bueno

Question Question 5

We Operate In A Hot Storage Facility And Tend To Sweat A Lot. Will This Help?

It does keep you feeling fresh but being that you sweat since of your work not exactly sure it will keep you fresh the entire day.But we recommend on your break you can wipe up with a wipe and then spray with vagisil spray wash, that’s what we do keep us fresh during the day

Question Question 6

Tryingto Order A Productbut It Wont Let Me?

Contact client service

Question Question 7

How Long Does One Bottle Generally Last?

we are guy but we often use this on our underarms when we seem like we require a better cleansing or PH rebalancing. Goes pretty fast

Question Question 8

Where Is The Expired Dates??

There isn’t one

Question Question 9

How Does This Compare To The Ph Wash? We Idea All Vagisil Cleans Help With Ph.?

Vagisil pH Balance Daily Intimate Wash helps you keep a healthy pH balance. Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Wash is hypoallergenic and pH well balanced and helps you feel fresh all day.

Question Question 10

Can You Use For A Bath Rather Of Shower?

we just use it for our personal parts. The fragance Is light. we will buy it once again.

Question Question 11

Does This Product Rinse Off Totally Or Does It Leave A Residue? Thank You?

Vagisil Scentsitive Scents washes right off in the shower and does not leave a residue. It will keep you feeling fresh all day.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Vagisil Scentsitive Scents Daily Intimate Feminine Wash for Women, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Very enjoyable mild scent and works so well throughout our whole day. We can t think we just figured bv was something we just needed to live and find out to deal with but after attempting a lot of remedies and absolutely nothing enduring for long, we just dealt with it. In between this wash, remaining hydrated, and periodically utilizing boric acid vaginal suppository capsules we purchased also on, we sanctuary t had any bv reoccurrence and our self-confidence and libido is 100 timesbetter Thank you. Update 3/2020: we just recently purchased the triple pack once again in the very same scent and we discovered the consistency of the soap came out nearly chunky, not smooth as it generally is and had an unique bad mildew/wet sponge odor to it. Not something we are going to place on our skin, much less our nether areas. We are presuming it was ended, though we couldn’t find a date, so we returned, keeping in mind these concerns, and the ones we got in exchange were of normal consistency and the normal enjoyable odor.

This is gentile on our sensitive locations and smells lovely. We can clean and shave with this wash and we have not needed to deal with unpleasant dryness or allergies given that utilizing this. We will continue to buy this.

We have never ever utilized these kinds of products so we weren’t rather sure of what to anticipate but we were happily shocked with its performance. Easy to use and certainly kept us fresh throughout the day. We just cleaned up with our normal body wash (dove white bar soap) then right prior to we got out we squeezed a cent sized quantity of the vagisil wash directly into our hand then lathered and used straight. We will be integrating this with vagisil deodorant powder after our daily shower to optimize its total efficiency. Product got here well packaged and as explained.

This was formulated to smell magnificent yet be gentle adequate for your fragile intimate location. The wonderfully stimulating peach blossom scent is light, fruity, and both gentle and restoring to help you feel –and odor — fresh all day. No inflammation and cleans well. No dyes, parabens or mit preservativeshypoallergenic and ph balanceddermatologist and gynecologist testedplus chamomile.

So happy with this prodcut. Will be purchasingmore We utilized to reside in ireland where this remained in every drug store. Residing in the us draws they primarily have powders and other products that do not smell proficient at all but still aren’t enough for fragile skin. Our skin is very sensitive and this stuff is magic.

We were looking for a special location skin care product. We never ever utilized one in the past, so we read the evaluations and a great deal of the people that didn’t like this product didn’t like it since of the peach scent. We chose to attempt it out in another scent. The lavender scent is not self-important. It’s enjoyable and not extremely scented. We do not understand if it lasts throughout the day since we do not smell everything the time. So smelling it or not works both ways. We feel that our skin is not so irritated, and that was our purpose for purchasing it. It s like a softening agent. Men might use it too for those sensitive locations. This odor would not be flowery. Why not?.

We have attempted a lot of feminine wash for sensitive skin but we can still feel the cruelty of the product. We have attempted equate and summers eve but it did refrain from doing great to me. We felt a burning and itching sensation all the time throughout the day but with vagisil scentsitive scents daily intimate feminine wash whatever stop. We did not feel the burning and itching sensation and we feel fresh all the time throughout the day. We are very happy that we lastly found this product that is best for our sensitive skin. Up until now we just attempted the spring lilac scent and we more than happy with it.

We love this product. We have been utilizing this for a number of years and we do not wish to pick another brand. We utilized to use summer eve. It works great at first, but it slowly made our vaginal drier. So we searched for for another brand, and our friend presented this product to me. We can inform that we love it right after the very first time utilizing due to its comfy scent and hydrated. We have attempted a lot of various scents. Comparing to the original scent (purple and pink color bottle), this peach scent smells more powerful. Truthfully, we believe this scent is great for people who like the strong scent but not for us. So, we are gon na deduct 1 star for this product, but we will keep purchased this product with other scents.

It delivered very rapidly with prime but we just utilized it and it smells great we just desire the scent was alittle more powerful we buy this brand all the time so we love their products but we most likely won t buy this very same scent once again we generally stick with the peach one and after we use this one we will buy the peach ones once again. But it is an excellent product just want it was a more powerful scent to it.

Who understood this product would work better than deodorant soap?we are so delighted to have found this. No stress over upseting. The peach scent is wonderful. We will attempt jasmine too. We are customer for life now.

We generally have stuck with the white jasmine for the last 2 years but this seemed like a good modification. Lovely light scent can t wait to see how it remains in the shower.

Makes our hoo-ha odor like peaches. Our guy enjoys it. Yumour.

We generally avoid scented products for intimate cleansing, but we gambled on this since it’s a relied on company and a great rate. And it paid off for sure. It’s a substantial bottle and an excellent rate, it never ever triggers concerns after use and the odor is very enjoyable.

This really worked for us. We delight in the scent too. We use it on our whole body.

We are very sensitive and we have utilized other feminine washes prior to but this is the just one that we genuinely feel freshens with no cruelty. We remain in love with not just the product but the scent too. We operate in a very hot location and sweat alot, this helps us to feel fresh and clean.

We are super sensitive to most soaps but this is incredible. And smells like paradise.

Smells super great. Thicker than we believed it would be, it has a jelly consistency but appears to do the task.

Bought all 3 scents great for sensitive skin or any ph balance problems.

We get very dry skin in the winter season and absolutely nothing we were utilizing assisted other than this stuff. You do not need to have any ‘concerns’ to use this, no embarassment, we use this body wash daily now. The scent is light and enjoyable.

Smells terrific – precisely the way the bottle depicts the scent: very flower but fresh. Uncertain we desire our personal location to smell like a flower garden but it s great and scent lasts for rather some time.

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