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Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women

Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women.

  • You will Get one 8 oz Deodorant Powder by Vagisil
  • Takes in moisture and helps prevent odor & chafing
  • Has patented odor block protection to keep odor from occurring.
  • 100% talc free
  • For extra protection, spray on panties, pads and panti-liners every day

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women.
Size: Pack of 1This talc free vaginal deodorant powder is safe and gentle for everyday use, keeping you fresh and dry daily. Our silky formula helps prevent chafing and executes Odor Block Protection to keep vaginal odor from occurring.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women.

Question Question 1

What Places Can We Put It On Our Body?

Well according to the instructions on the bottle you can spray on your underclothing or any part of your body as required. we use it during Brazilian wax since we do not like utilizing talc and this product is talc free, hence we are unable to discuss its real deodorant residential or commercial properties or use in other parts beyond the intimate location

Question Question 2

Does It Have A Strong Odor?

YES. YES, IT DOES HAVE A STRONG ODOR. The fragrance is exceptionally potent and pronounced. An exceptionally strong cloying remaining scent that we can just refer to as similar to the malodorous musky and flower arrangement of a senior lady’s greatly applied inexpensive purfume.

Question Question 3

Is This Powder Talc Free?

Hi Joan, this powder is 100% talc free, and has a very good scent.

Question Question 4

Does This Powder Leave A White Cast Or Residue?

It is a whit powder so it will leavesome we do not believe it is obvious.

Question Question 5

We Are Taking A Trip Abroad And Required A Travel SizePowder Does That Exist Anyplace?Vagisil Powder?

we are not exactly sure if it can be found in travel size but you can constantly buy a little container and put what you require in that container. Make your own travel-size.

Question Question 6

How Do You Apply This Product?

you simply just use the powder in the seat of your underclothing

Question Question 7

Is It Safe To Use Every Day?

Yes. we have actually been utilizing it everyday for years. It helps to keep you fresh all the time.

Question Question 8

Im A Man. Would This Still Appropriate For Underarms And Such?

This powder is generally for women but given that it actually does not have a scent, if you wished to use it we do not see why not. we are not exactly sure about underarms but it would absolutely work for the lower parts of your body

Question Question 9

Is This Ok For Heat Rashes?

Although Vagisil Deodorant Powder is developed to keep you fresh and dry, you might wish to inspect with your doctor first prior to utilizing it for a heat rash.

Question Question 10

How Can We Use It?

Vagisil Deodorant Powder can be utilized daily after a shower or bath. You can spray it on panties or on other parts of the body as required.

Question Question 11

How Does It Odor?

Sort of a metal type smell it’s not very feminine Snelling or flower and we were a bit dissatisfied and nearly sent it back since we didn’t like the way it. we still use it but will not buy that type once again.

Question Question 12

We Understand People Use This For Their Flowers, But Can You Use This To Keep Anal Odor Away As Well? & Ifso, How Effective Was It? Also On Underarms 2?

This powder is so flexible we feel you might use it nevertheless you would prefer

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Vagisil Odor Block Feminine Deodorant Powder for Women, these may be helpful for better understanding.

If you’re rather obese, you’re going to sweat in unusual locations and that is a truth for women or men. Utilizing this powder in possibly sweaty locations makes for a great deal of comfort and peace of mind that there is no sneaking smells to amaze you on warm days.

We believe it smells like lilacs to me, a light flower scent. We dislike the odor of talcum powder so we would like to know how/what it smelled like. We could not find any info on scent. We like the product quite.

This stuff is terrific. We exercise a lot and get pretty sweaty down there. We are continuously stressed over odor and being sweaty. We put this stuff on in the early morning and it normally keeps us dry and fresh throughout the day, it is a miracle employee. We are never ever returning.

We are man who purchases this. We simply take the labels off, hahah. But it is great for chaffing in your nether areas, control sweat, and beat any odor that can develop through an effort day. Also very helpful when contributed to inside your tennis shoes or anywhere odor might end up being a problem. Comparing the ingredients to way more pricey powders made particularly for males, one would be ill encouraged to buy the ‘male’ product. Also this is a corn starch base which eliminates any worry of utilizing a talc based product. We are going to continue to buy this stuff and pocket the additional money il be conserving.

We lastly found a talc free powder that isn’t pricey. We had actually prevented products with any corn based ingredients such as cornstarch since we are choosy about what we consume and placed on our skin due to migraines. Nevertheless, it’s just powder, so we feel comfy using it. It is very silky and is so good to be able to use in our personal spots like we did years ago with that horrible talc powder all of us matured with (it’s known to trigger ovarian cancer). We had actually attempted making our own with clay powder and flours, but eh. Yuck. The worth is super. We like it.

Outstanding feminine deodorant powder with a mild, enjoyable scent. Functions much better than plain cornstarch. Helps prevent & reduce the effects of odor. It uses a patented odor obstructing formula. In warm weather condition we require this powder daily to remain fresh. It s a great product. Terrific to have it provided right to our door – free. We hope this is useful.

We need to state we are throughly impressed by the flower, but not to flower, and somewhat woodsey scent this has. It covers 100% sweat odor, and our other half states it smells like jasmine. It smells incredible, not to strong under clothing, but a stylish odor if that makes good sense. Buy without worry, no shower to shower phony flower scent here, no talcum powder “obvious” scent either. Seems like calidescene powder, but no talc so we understand whatever is safe down there. Love the smooth silky sensation, 5 stars.

We like something with a little more scent. This has an exceptionally light scent, but that can be great since you will not smell it over any other creams or fragrances that you may use. Good and smooth and silky gentle for your skin, no inflammations very enjoyable. We will absolutely buy this once again.

We are purchase this product since it is talc free. So now our other half does not need to fret about us getting cancer at all. But truthfully yes this is a very very great products it does not aggravate you you just make certain that you do not put it in locations that it does not belong.

We have actually been utilizing cornstarch powder, but we chose to attempt this powder and we are actually satisfied – it actually does work. We work sitting at our computer system all the time in the house, so we do not get much motion, but this appears to help.

Okay we love this. We constantly ended up being insecure after fuming and sweaty and never ever wished to be with our other half unless we cleaned up ourself. But wow we just invested some time in this 90 degree weather condition cleaning our garage and working out a bit and we still smell like a flower goddess lol we constantly believed this was something that we needed to live with.

Not in love with the scent (sort of medicinal combined with flower) but it’s light enough that it’s not apparent and does not clash with personal fragrance. The powder itself is great and takes all the stickiness away after a shower.

A 2nd time purchaser. Outstanding for the summer heat. Outstanding for kept you clean & fresh, without smells for long hours. Not consist of talc or severe ingredients for delicates locations. Not heavy but practical. Great costs. Good quantity. Outstanding seller, we have actually ever gotten it so fast. Extremely advised.

We dislike talcum and alot of other chemicals in other powders, but this one feels good, silky, does not produce clouds of powder in the air. It helps keep us dry, also use under our arms, it actually is great. Been purchasing for several years.

The scent is good though can be a little frustrating to pregnant female. Asked our doctor if this can be utilized while pregnant and she advised. It s very hot where we live so moisture is a problem as the pregnant body grows. We use this in our bra to stop under boob sweat and it works great. We also use it in our bikinwe location which helps rashes formed by rubbing skin to a minimum. A should for hot environments.

We use it daily after showers and in between when we wish to feel fresh. We like the texture, the scent is a little too strong for us but is okay at all. We will be purchasing.

We normally use a menthol powder but wished to attempt this rather. We actually like it. It’s a little more pricey than we are utilized to but worth it. Odors good. Long long lasting.

This is an excellent product to have and would advise to anybody. It is great for any skin types and it does not have any fragrance that would aggravate your skin.

We are little consumed with this deodorant, but reasonable caution, wear t wear black or dark clothing unless you desire people seeing powder fly out of you like you were wallowing dust lol.

Great product great rate thanks. Just as explained like what you would buy in the shop dated for over 2 years. We do not believe you can fail at this rate you’re not going to beat it.

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