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Urea Care Intensive Sking Therapy

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Product DescriptionUrea Care is a unique therapeutic treatment that includes a blend of 10 percent Urea, Aloe Vera, essential oils, vitamins a, D and E with other hydrating homes that supply maximum moisture to heal dry, cracked, rough skin, also associated with diabetic foot conditions. Urea Care slides on quickly, right away revitalizing skin that requires intense moisture replenishment, leading to a smooth, ultra-soft look and feel.Manufacturer Contact InformationNot Applicable

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Urea Care Intensive Sking Therapy.

Question Question 1

Is This Made With Artificial Urea? Is It Checked On Animals?

It is made with 10%Urea It does not state if it is artificial or not. For us as a conga gamer this formula has actually been great in healing and keeping our hands from getting dry and cracked. You just require to use a percentage. we like this product a lot, it works for us. we do not understand about the animal screening possibility.

Question Question 2

Does This Cream Remove Stubborn Calluses?

This does not remove persistent calluses by itself nevertheless it will soften and moisturize them up a bit and with the help of a nail file, pumice stone or emery board you can sand them downsome we constantly use a little dab on our hands prior to we begin playing our congas to keep them from drying out and splitting. This cr This does not remove persistent calluses by itself nevertheless it will soften and moisturize them up a bit and with the help of a nail file, pumice stone or emery board you can sand them downsome we constantly use a little dab on our hands prior to we begin playing our congas to keep them from drying out and splitting. This cream is more for preventative care in our viewpoint. we do have some calluses from playing congas and electrical bass, nevertheless they are not out of control and we do think this cream truly helps. Just do not forget you just require to use a little at a time.

Question Question 3

Is This Cream For The Body Just, And Not For The Face?

we use it on our face but bear in mind that it contains oil, so it might not be the best choice for oily or combination skin.

Question Question 4

Can Product Be Utilized On The Eyelid And Under Eye?

We suggest utilizing extreme care to not get the product in the eye. Please test Urea care on a less sensitive location of your face first to check for level of sensitivity. If no response, please once again use care on using the product to preferred locations and make certain to not get it in your eye as it would trigger inflammation. Thank y We suggest utilizing extreme care to not get the product in the eye. Please test Urea care on a less sensitive location of your face first to check for level of sensitivity. If no response, please once again use care on using the product to preferred locations and make certain to not get it in your eye as it would trigger inflammation. Thank you Straight Arrow Products Inc

Question Question 5

Can You Use This On Your Face?

we love this cream. Yes, we put this cream on our face in the early morning and during the night. It works great for us. our face feels hydrated, softens our wrinkles and removes our dryness. we love it.

Question Question 6

What Are The Ingredients?

water/urea/canola oil/coconut oil/propylene glycol/olive oil/lavender oil/aloe vera/wheat gern glyceride/vit A & D fragrance/isopropyl ourrlistate/glycerol stearate/peg-20 and other preservatives– callcompany @ 1-800-827-9815

Question Question 7

Does This Have The Precise Exact Same Ingredients As The Urea Cream 40 That Is Offering For $35?

It does not state Urea Care 40 on the tube, but it’s the very same thing we purchased from the doctor’s workplace that was $35 and it didn’t have Urea Cream 40 on it either.

Question Question 8

Have They Taken Care Of The Odor Problem?

we have actually never ever had a problem with any undesirable odor. we has an enjoyable scent (our relative and we concur). Great product for cracked skin on feet.

Question Question 9

Does This Product Contain Lanolin? Thank You.?

No lanolin.One of the main ingredients is Urea.

Question Question 10

Is The Consistency Of This Thick Like A Body Cream Or Thinner Like A Hand Lotion?

thick like a body cream. not so effective – for us anyhow. inadequate urea.

Question Question 11

Where Can We Find The Active Ingredient List? Is It Scented Or Unscented?

The fragrance is parfum which dissipates after a bit and the ingredients should be seen on the back of the package on line

Question Question 12

What Are The Other Ingredients? Petrolatum? Mineral Oil?

Water, Urea (10%) canola oil, coconut oil olive oil Lavender oil lot of other stuff.But we had severe dry skin on our feet where it cracked and hurt.This is the just cream that helps in as low as 2 days.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Urea Care Intensive Sking Therapy, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We are an older male who has actually never ever liked creams. They constantly appear to feel too oily no matter what it states. A few years ago the skin doctor noted we had dry skin on our legs and as we have actually aged rough spots establish here and there. He advised amlactin. We attempted it for a while and it appeared to help but we didn’t like needing to shake the bottle prior to use and wasn’t that insane about how it felt. Ultimately, we began getting an itching red rash from utilizing it and we stopped utilizing anything. Just recently had another see and it was advised that we attempt a lotion with 10% urea. No particular brand was advised. We occurred on urea care and have actually been utilizing it for a number of months now. It’s a great product and has actually looked after the dry skin plus appears to be enhancing the rough spots and a callus. We would not explain the sensation as oily, a first for us. If you rub it in it feels more ugly than oily and that does not trouble me. We do not mind utilizing this stuff. This does have a fragrance which we usually do not like but we have actually grown accustomed. One last plus has actually been the effect on our fingernails. Over the past few years, they have actually been susceptible to splitting but considering that we began utilizing this every day that hasn’t occurred.

Our partner and child have very dry skin. Over the years we have actually attempted more creams and creams than we can count. Just recently a skin doctor provided this to our child, and it has actually supplied the most relief from dry skin, of anything he has actually attempted. Our child is over 30 years of ages, so you can get a concept the number of various ones we have actually attempted. This is the precise very same lotion, that the skin doctor supplied. We were very happy to find it on and right away bought one for our partner. He concurred with our child that its the best up until now. The lotion works well for them, and the rate works well for us.

We have actually been utilizing this for about a week now; up until now so excellent. Every other product we have actually ever attempted has made our hands even worse within about a week. We generally bought this since of the 10% urea and since coconut oil was among the first 4 ingredients. Our only grievance is the odor. It advises us of those little evergreen tree air fresheners that are made to swing from a vehicle’s rear view mirror. The odor is rather strong and a bit undesirable– to us anyhow, it actually makes our eyes water– but eventually worth setting up with for the outcome. We normally use the cream then placed on cotton gloves for a half hour approximately up until the odor subsides. Package showed up on time, no leak. Update on 4/06/2016: this product is still working wonderful. We have actually attempted a minimum of a half lots other lotions/creams with urea, but we constantly return to this one. We have actually had psoriasis on our hands for practically 40 years, and urea care works better than any prescription steroid cream we have actually ever utilized. We do not understand how or why, but it does. We still have little sores on our fingers that will not disappear–and most likely never ever will due to the nature of the illness– but, for the most part, they are getting smaller sized and definitely less visible. We have actually also gotten more utilized to the”fragrance” It appears to decrease as you use the cream and empty the tube. Terrific product; we just bought 2 more tubes. Numerous thanks to the maker.

We have actually constantly disliked putting cream on our arms, legs, and so on Jergens original was the just one that didn’t make us feel oily or odor like a fruit salad. Considering that going through speculative drugs for cancer, among the negative effects was very dry skin. We suggest dry. Even jergens original wasn’t enough. Considering that we remain in this research study for another 18 months, our doctor advised a cream with 10% urea. We attempted a few and they were oily. We lastly found this one, urea care by straight arrow. We figured, what’s one more? and it wasn’t very pricey. The opening night we attempted it, it did not make us seem like a greased pig on lil abner day. The odor was enjoyable too and disappeared quickly. We felt excellent. Our fingertips have actually been so dry, we had trouble with utilizing our touch screen apple phone. After a number of days utilizing this cream early morning and night, our fingers are workingbetter We can turn a page in a book and use our touch id print. We are impressed by this cream. We extremely suggest it to anybody with truly dry skin to plump it up and keep it hydrated. We will be letting our doctor understand about it too. Thank you.

We sanctuary t been utilizing this cream enough time to understand if it s fully working or not but something that we recognized right away after the first application is the softness of our skin. Our legs wear t feel as crusty as they felt prior utilizing this cream although we frequently utilized creams. We presently reside in a hot environment weather condition and excellent moisturizing is a must. We feel that this cream will have the ability to change our other body creams as it takes in quick and it isn’t sticky so we can dress up practically right away after using this cream. We also like the odor of this cream. Yes, it s an odd scent but it s refreshing, fresh in some way?can t even explain it how it smells precisely but for sure it isn’t badger me. We have actually purchased this product as due to dryness on our legs we have actually experienced a great deal of ingrown hair on our legs so we needed to find something that will be moisturizing and also carefully exfoliate our skin so the hair can peek through. Will it work?we have no concept but up until now we are very confident that it will. We certainly will be upgrading our evaluation in a week or 2 to see if there s any enhancement.

We have normal feet that utilized to get dry and cracked from using shoes in a dry environment. We have actually utilized this for ages to keep our feet looking human without requiring extreme pedicures. It earns us out to look at cracked heels, and if you let it go, you wind up continuously fighting ugliness. For me, the 10% urea is a perfect upkeep level, so you can use it to fix your feet and keep them good. We like the non-petroleum formula. We use numerous other straight arrow products, and we believe they are excellent company with excellent products.

We have actually lived with dry skin (“chronic ichthyosis”) all our life. We have actually utilized lactic acid creams and creams and various other oils and emollients every day with okay results. A skin specialist advised urea cream. The 40% formula is milky and leaves an undesirable residue. We were persuaded that urea cream was not for us, but one day chose to attempt the 10% formula. We are transform. We can’t get enough of this stuff. No cream or lotion has actually ever provided for our hands what urea care does. We wereh our hands frequently at work and normally have painfully chapped skin. Urea care has actually done a better task of reversing that damage than any other product so far. We want we might by it by the gallon.

We found urea care to be as effective as a 20% solution we have actually utilized. Our company believe it permeates a lot better than some otherproducts Use two times a day for optimum results. Not oily, no unique odor, excellent product, will use once again.

This a great product. It has actually become part of our regimen for getting rid of a planter psoriasis problemwe have actually had on feet and finger ideas. It’s now been 3 months considering that we have actually had cracked solesand peeling finger ideas. Thanks to this product and a little home brew of 5 drops of lavender, 5 drops of patchoulwe and 2 drops of bergamot contributed to 5ml of jojoba oil. We message the home brew in then message a little of this product to help keep the location hydrated and non inflamed. Did this in the beginning 3 times a day. Now just 2 times a day. During the night after this treatment we put plastic bags over our feet and kept them in location with velcro straps. Within one week what a distinction. After 3 weeks our feet resemble new. We are back to running and no pain. Sure a lot better than the steroidal treatment the doc wished to put us on. This is a great product besides the urea it has a great deal of other advantageous ingredients. Note you do not require a great deal of this product. A few daps of it goes a long way. (very little of the home brew either).

Our papa stated he was having a hard time with truly dry hands in winter season montana and absolutely nothing was assisting. We had actually also heard that urea is an outstanding moisturizer form a beauty blog writer, so we purchased this for ourself and sent out some to our dad too. He states it is doing the task on his hands. We took off one star since it smells excessive like aftershave, but appears to disappear too. It is doing a great task on our hands and feet, but we do not seem like putting it on our face due to the fragrance.

It genuinely does work. After investigating online what the best thing to use is, we would buy this product for 10 x the rate and a 1,000 times over since it heals our cracked fingers in 2-3 days. Also makes a great gift for colleagues, it’s economical, and we believe it’s a great size for an equipping stuffer.

It helps with our diabetic leg ulcers, both in healing and reducing itchiness. The lotion works well and is moisturizing. It does have some scent but is not frustrating. We do not mind the scent.

This product was advised for our partner due to the urea in it for peeling skin due to cancer treatments. It has actually assisted him profoundly.

Utilized this on our elbows and it made a a huge distinction. We put it on our feet and elbows after showering. Good. Pleasant odor that does not subdue or remain. Would suggest for all those rough patches of skin.

We love this product; our feet were so rough but considering that we began utilizing this product they are smooth to the touch. We desire too thank the sellers with the favorable results of our problem we are very happy.

We think it depends upon your skin type. This one does not work well for us. Our hands are still dry after utilizing it for a while, but it’s better than absolutely nothing.

We were recommended this at our podiatric doctor workplace. It works truly well. Hardly has a scent. Great lotion. It s assisting with surgical scars.

We have a great deal of trouble getting our lower leg to heal after an accident. The wound care specialists did little to help. Nevertheless, we found out about celerate, new skin, and urea care. Now our leg is healing fine. We credit urea care with keeping the skin moist and free from fractures that bled.

Our cousin initially purchased this for us and we love the way it makes our feet feel.

We have actually had this for just 2 days & we have actually seen a major distinction. Callus? what callus. Our feet are smoother, which we have not felt in such a long period of time. We have actually attempted other foot creams, but this one is without a doubt the best, we want we had actually seen this earlier. Forget other creams just go pro if possible. We will be advising this to anybody who has severe, dry, callused feet. Its worth the rate.

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