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Unkers NATURub Therapeutic Pain Relief Spray

Unkers NATURub Therapeutic Pain Relief Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Unkers NATURub Therapeutic Pain Relief Spray.

  • Liquid, concentrated, and greaseless formula
  • Pain relief for joint, muscle pain and pain *
  • Sports injuries, Back/ Neck/Shoulder Pain *
  • Headaches *
  • Happily made in the U.S.A. with all-natural botanical oils

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Unkers NATURub Therapeutic Pain Relief Spray.
Size: 2 OunceThis formula is extremely concentrated with essential oils just (greaseless) and is ideal for joint, muscle pain and pain *. A couple of sprays is usually sufficient to provide rapid results to the sore location. It isn’t required to massage into the skin, since absorption starts upon contact. Avoid spraying this product around the eyes or sensitive locations. The medicated spray works well on leg cramps, muscle pains, muscle & joint pain, along with helps in the healing procedure after surgery *. Product ingredients are just high quality natural botanical oils (Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, Pine Needle, Camphor, and Menthol Crystals.) Unker’s never ever uses turpentine, sulfates or synthetics or animal screening. Contains all of the exact same pure essential oils from the original Unker’s salve formula, nevertheless, NATURub is the liquid form, concentrated and greaseless. A little goes a long way.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Unkers NATURub Therapeutic Pain Relief Spray, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Very useful for occipital/ neck/ shoulder pain. The spray is very practical. A lot easier to reach the scalp than with balms. We bring it with us on bad days. Very very intense – caution. It s great for our requirements but not for less severe discomforts or folks who might be more sensitive.

This is among the most incredibleproducts We use it for almost whatever, from headaches to arthritis pains and discomforts. Functions better than any other and the highlight, it s natural.

Great product, didn’t leave home without it. Have actually utilized for cuts, sprains, sinus, back pain, swellings and much more.

This salve is among the few things that helps our mom with her arthritis. The odor is strong but it s great stuff. Trigger shipping too. Thank you.

This worked great.


Liked the fantastic & rapid relief from muscle pain.

It works, that all we understand.

Does what it states.

Helps sore muscles.

Love this product, we have actually utilized it for many years.

Outstanding. We have actually utilized it prior to but purchased from the amish.

Outstanding for aches discomforts.

We have actually been utilizing this stuff for many years. We have fibro and persistent migraines along with tension headaches. Unkers is a freaking miracle for pains and discomforts– even those deep, convulsions that never ever appear to disappear. The odor is intense to state the least (particularly with the spray– the salve is very oily), but it is well worth it. If we could, we would offer this a 10 star evaluation.??????????.

Very powerful yet soothing.

We are so thankful we found this on. For years our family had actually bought this line of products at a little drug store in our town that just recently closed due to the owners retiring. We use it for whatever. With cold and influenza season around the corner it is wonderful for putting a few drops in your diffuser to clean up some mild/annoying blockage.

We have actually utilized unkers spray for 20 years, there is no alternative or other brand that declares to be the exact same. It stops pain fast. We love the odor and constantly spray on during the night to help sleep. In some cases when our other half is snoring too loud we spray on his t-shirt and he stops. We began getting one ounce bottles direct from company and offer to pals, fantastic down home folks, we believe its 2nd generation now. Now we order 2 ounce from, it will last for months, a little goes a long way. One quick spray and you do not need to rub in. Love it.

Unkers spray is the absolute best natural painkiller out there. We have phn (post hepatic neuralgia) from shingles. The left side of our face is impacted and and the pain is consistent. We can generally survive the day and use the spray on our face the last thing during the night prior to we stretchout Its calms the nerves damage and enables us to drop off to sleep. It has a great clean odor and does not stain our sheets. Get it today.

Great stuff. Actually, doe’s the task if, you do not use it frequently. The downside is, it make’s both you and, your bedding stink like a chemical plant and it seams to us to be extremely pricey for something that remand’s us of vicks vapo rub.

Unker’s is great. We constantly have a bottle on hand.

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