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Tree To Tub Lotion for Sensitive Skin

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tree To Tub Lotion for Sensitive Skin.

  • REJUVENATING MOISTURE FOR UPSET SKIN: Professionals concur, when you balance your skin s pH, rather of finishing it in oils, it stabilizes its own moisture. And that s why our Shea and Cocoa Butter Lotion contains the remarkable soapberry. Along with Organic Moisture Botanicals it nurtures and relaxes the most inflamed skin, leaving moisture without residue. Naturally it s what sensitive, dry skin is thirsting for.
  • SKIN FEELS SOFT AND HYDRATED: For healthy skin, you should keep its acidic pH around 5.5. And that s precisely why soapberry has actually been utilized for centuries. We simply included organic Shea Moisture, Cocoa Butter, soothing Oatmeal, Aloe Vera andChamomile So for dry and rough skin like eczema or seborrheic dermatitis, this is the best moisturizer for dry skin without the chemical grease or residue.
  • PLEASANTLY UNSCENTED: You understand numerous sensitive skin and organic creams for women include severe chemicals, and for those with allergies, it s felt as strong fragrance migraines, and more skin inflammation. So you ll value understanding Tree To Tub is not just the best lotion for eczema, it s gentle skincare gathered from nature, with no included fragrance. And for the perfect combo, include our face and body wash.
  • WILD, ORGANIC AND PURE: It s apparent this Unscented Lotion is free from Contaminants, Sulfates, SLS, Parabens, Silicone, DEA/MEA, Gluten and ArtificialFragrance This dry skin lotion is Skin doctor Recommended, Gentle and also safe for kids. The very best part is that it’s Vegan, Ruthlessness Free, Fair Trade, and Sustainably gathered in eco-reserves in Taiwan, protecting regional environment.
  • TRIAL IT & FEEL [YOU KEEP THE FREE GIFT]: Your order today also comes with a free wild soapberry. This is Nature s skin moisturizer consisting of a high quantity of saponin, for a gentle cleansing latherl. Once you ve found its wild beauty, take your Shea Butter Lotion and massage away the day’s stress. Love your Shea and Soapberry Skin – or we ll refund every cent.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tree To Tub Lotion for Sensitive Skin.
Quench Your Skin s Thirst With Calming, Healing Moisture Professionals concur, when you balance your skin s pH rather of just finishing it in oils, it naturally stabilizes its own moisture. So Tree To Tub’s calming Shea Butter lotion contains the pH-balancing wild Soapberry. Along with Organic Healing Botanicals like Cocoa Butter, Colloidal Oatmeal, Chamomile, it nurtures, hydrates and avoids inflammation all rapidly absorbed, leaving no oily residue. And that’s why this fragrance free lotion is what every sensitive dry skin is thirstingfor Balances skin pH (5.5) with soothing soapberryOrganic Healing Botanicals: hydrating Shea Butter, nourishing Cocoa Butter, soothing Oatmeal, calming Chamomile, and healing Aloe Vera Happily Unscented and Fragrance FreeFor Dry Skin and seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and eczemaFree from Sulfates, SLS, Parabens, Silicone, DEA/MEA, Gluten, and ArtificialFragrance Skin doctor Recommended safe and gentle.Cruelty Free, Vegan, Fair Trade, Community Friendly and SustainableComes with a Free Gift of a wild, sun-dried Soapberry.Suitable for Women, Men, Kids A Granny s Love In Michael’s youth in Taiwan, absolutely nothing appeared to help his red bumps and irritated skin, even doctor’s medications. Understanding this, his granny consulted her native pals, and brought home the wild Soapberries, that ultimately well balanced and rid his agonizing sensitive skin. We can t all have a special granny like that, so 20 years later on Michael chose to pay her knowledge forwards with Tree to Tub, bringing Eastern-inspired, pH 5.5, gentle skincare to sensitive skins throughout the world. Read more Our Way, from Tree To Tub Sustainable Gathering Every fall we collect soapberries in the eco-reserves of Taiwan. Whatever is safeguarded and not a single tree reduced. Even better than organic, our soapberries are wild, sustainable and inspired by ancient customs to protect consistency and support a better world. Zen Processing After harvest, we dry the wild soapberries out in the warm southern sun, and when the conditions are perfect, we separate the seeds from the fruits. Absolutely nothing is lost in processing, and particularly not the soapberry seed, which we use to make spiritual meditation beads. Gentle Extraction After separating the seed from each berry by hand, the fruits go through our patented sustainable extraction procedure. Inspired by ancient customs, we carefully extract the saponin-rich essence, blend it with other precious botanicals, and then transportation to San Francisco. Read more Gentle Soapberry Body Wash for Dry, Sensitive SkinGentle Soapberry Facial Cleanser for Very Sensitive SkinAnti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea Hyaluronic Acid TonerAnti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea Retinol Face CreamAnti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea Retinol Eye CreamGentle Soapberry Shampoo for Dry Hair, Sensitive ScalpRating4.5/546/548/546/541/543/ 5Skin/ Hair TypesVery SensitiveVery SensitiveAll Skin TypesAll Skin TypesAll Skin TypesVery SensitiveAward-Winning What Dermatologists Love About ItGentle Soapberry Cleansing Aloe Vera Heals Damaged Skin, Cucumber Hydrates Dry Skin, Chamomile Soothes SensitiveSkin Carefully Unscented Without Chemical Fragrance.Gentle Soapberry Cleansing A § a -Berry Heals Damaged Skin, Aloe Vera Hydrates Dry Skin, Chamomile Soothes SensitiveSkin Carefully Unscented Without Chemical Fragrance.Anti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea with Proven Hyaluronic Acid for Glowing, Vibrant Skin Organic Rose Water for Quenching Hydration, Witch Hazel & Healing Vitamins (B5, C, E) to Soothe Sensitive Skin.Anti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea with Proven Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid for Glowing, Vibrant Skin Rose Water for Quenching Hydration, Cucumber & Healing Vitamins (B5, C, E) to Soothe Sensitive Skin.Anti-Aging Ginseng Green Tea with Proven Retinol & Hyaluronic Acid to Reduce Puffiness, Wrinkles and Dark Circles Jojoba Oil for Deep Moisturization, Cucumber & Vitamins (B5, C, E) to Soothe Sensitive Skin.Gentle Soapberry Cleansing Argan Oil Repairs Damaged Hair Shaft, Olive Leaf Enhances Hair Strength, Aloe Vera Soothes SensitiveScalp Carefully Unscented Without Chemical Fragrance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tree To Tub Lotion for Sensitive Skin.

Question Question 1

Why Exists Soy In This Product? Soy Is A Endocrine Disrupters. Please Modification That Out With Sunflower Lectin Rather And We Will Buy The Product?

The soy lecithin in this lotion comes from fermented soy, which suggests that it does not include the phytoestrogen endocrine disruptors that unfermented soy products have. You are safe from endocrine interruption here.

Question Question 2

Is The Lecithin From Soy Or Sunflower? We Have A Bottle Of This That States The Lecithin Is From Soy, But The Ingredients On This Page State Sunflower.?

The most recent batch is from sunflower, but that was a very current modification

Question Question 3

Can It Be Utilized On Baby Face?

we can’t state for sure, but the ingredients are natural and we use the unscented and there is no strong odor, if we had a baby we would absolutely attempt it and see how the baby’s skin responded to it. we use it on our face also and have actually had no problems.

Question Question 4

We Acquired The Unscented Lotion And It Has A Minor Cinnamon Scent To It. We Believe It Smells Good, But Would Like To Know What Component Is Triggering The Scent?

It’s due to the fact that of the shea butter that’s triggering a faint cinnamon scent.

Question Question 5

The First Time We Bought This Product We Got 11 Fl Oz. On Our Last Re-Order We Got An 8.5 Fl OzBottle Exist 2 Sizes, Or Product Modification?

there was a product modification. We downsized our bottle due to the fact that increased their shipping charges for anything above 1 pound, and we wished to still offer free shipping to all clients (those without Prime particularly). So we chose to alter the size of the bottle, included a much asked for pump, and make it availa there was a product modification. We downsized our bottle due to the fact that increased their shipping charges for anything above 1 pound, and we wished to still offer free shipping to all clients (those without Prime particularly). So we chose to alter the size of the bottle, included a much asked for pump, and make it readily available for $16 (with S&S + Clippable Discount coupon) rather of $20

Question Question 6

Does This Product Has Alcohol In It?

No we do not have alcohol in the component.

Question Question 7

Do You Make A Larger Size? An 8Pz Bottle Is Not Huge Enough For A Family Of 5 That All Use This.?

We’re pondering on this but for now we are just offering the existing bottle sizes. Ideally in the future we would have the ability to do this.

Question Question 8

Why Does This Have Glycerin???

The glycerin in the component list is not artificial rather sourced from plant base. The EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database scored glycerin 2 out of 10 significance it’s low-hazard.

Question Question 9

Mightn’T Find A List Of Ingredients, All OfThem Odd For Such A Product AsThis What Are They?

Here’s the ingredients.ALOE BARBADENSIS (Organic Aloe Vera) JUICE, SAPINDUS MUKOROSSwe (Organic Soapberry) JUICE, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKIwe (Organic Shea Butter), THEOBROMA CACAO (Organic Cocoa Butter), GLYCERIN (Vegan), COCO-CAPRATE (From Coconut), SODIUM LEVULINATE (From Sugar Walking Cane), SODIUM ANISATE (From Fennel), CETEA Here’s the ingredients.ALOE BARBADENSIS (Organic Aloe Vera) JUICE, SAPINDUS MUKOROSSwe (Organic Soapberry) JUICE, BUTYROSPERMUM PARKIwe (Organic Shea Butter), THEOBROMA CACAO (Organic Cocoa Butter), GLYCERIN (Vegan), COCO-CAPRATE (From Coconut), SODIUM LEVULINATE (From Sugar Walking Cane), SODIUM ANISATE (From Fennel), CETEARYL OLIVATE (From Olive), SORBITAN OLIVATE (From Olive), AVENA SATIVA (Oatmeal), METHYLPROPANEDIOL (From Coconut), PHENYLPROPANOL (From Coconut), CAPRYLYL GLYCOL (From Coconut), LECITHIN (From Soy), MATRICARIA CHAMOMILLA (Organic Chamomile) EXTRACT, LAVANDULA ANGUSTIFOLIA (Lavender) ESSENTIAL OIL

Question Question 10

Is This Product Free Of Gmo S?


Question Question 11

Do You Have Strategies To Enhance The Pump Dispenser And Bottle? When 2/3 Empty It Is Too Hard To Dispense TheLotion Please Attempt Capture Bottle.?

We comprehend your issue and felt confident we are doing our best to ideally enhance on this element.

Question Question 12

We Love The Lotion But The Pump Doesn T Work. What Can We Do?

It s a horrible pump, even the best bottles stop dispensing after 70% of the lotion is utilized. our other half cuts the top off so he can scoop the rest into another bottle (we generally have 2 addressing once). our next idea is to buy a glass or ceramic lotion bottle with a great long and broad straw for its pump and transfe It s a horrible pump, even the best bottles stop dispensing after 70% of the lotion is utilized. our other half cuts the top off so he can scoop the rest into another bottle (we generally have 2 addressing once). our next idea is to buy a glass or ceramic lotion bottle with a great long and broad straw for its pump and transfer the lotion into it.

Question Question 13

Is The Lotion Gluten And/Or Wheat Free?

Yes, both gluten and wheat free.

Question Question 14

Not Acquainted with The 2 OlivateIngredients Are They Ingredientsthat Are Also In Olive Oil?

Yes, they remain in the very same Olive oil family.

Question Question 15

The Skin Of Eyes Location Is Very Dry, Sensitive And Itchy, Can This Lotion Be Usded For This Location?

we would not advise this cream for the eye location. It is identified as a body cream. Get something that has NO FRAGRANCE for around your eyes.

Question Question 16

Can We Use This Lotion On Our Face?

Definitely, you can do this. Would advise though to use our Ginseng Night cream and eye cream to accomplish fuller results.

Question Question 17

What Does This One Odor Like?

There might be a faint, light and earthy odor to our unscented products due to the fact that of the natural ingredients we use.

Question Question 18

This For Usn Or Women?

Yes, it works well for both men, women and even kids and animals too.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Tree To Tub Lotion for Sensitive Skin, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our skin remains in rough shape. We have very dry, eczema vulnerable skin with patches that tend to break out with periodic acne, scar tissue development, and rough calluses on elbows and feet. And we got so sick of utilizing several skin care products that either hardly assisted or were way too pricey ($60 face creams, anybody?). So we investigated various ingredients, attempted out some raw shea butter and coconut oil to see how our skin would respond to them, and put rather a few hours into browsing for just the best product to fulfill our requirements. This lotion isn’t a miracle cream, but with its cost, pure ingredients, effective moisturizing, and all-over adaptability it’s pretty close. We acquired the unscented variation and it genuinely lacks any scent, excellent or bad. It comes out thin like a lotion, which made us worried initially, but goes on silky smooth like the thickest creams, yet with no sort of oily residue. We have actually been utilizing everything over (face and body) to the exemption of any other moisturizing products, just to see what it might do – and we have gone from 6 containers on our counter top to just one, which is pretty remarkable. No more dual face creams, body-only lotion, extra moisturizing treatment, cuticle cream, and callus cream. It’s gentle enough for sensitive locations like around the eyes, yet effective adequate for hard locations like elbows and feet. It hasn’t entirely minimized our calluses, but it’s definitely stopped them from worsening. Our cuticles and complexion have actually improved, our acne has actually practically vanished, and red eczema-prone patches have actually evenedout We reside in a cold, dry, wintry environment … So that’s stating something. We love that it’s made of the purest and most natural ingredients, and have actually delighted in knowing more about the benefits of soapberries. We will absolutely be purchasing more of this in the future.

This is the best lotion we have actually ever utilized in our life. Whatever about it is perfect, consisting of the natural, nourishing ingredients that were utilized to develop this skin softening lotion. It smells carefully of aloe vera, which is the leading component that was utilized. Aloe vera is popular for its capability to heal and soothe skin, and people state that it’s the secret behind cleopatra’s beautiful skin. This lotion feels very slick and light-weight, with no greasiness, stickiness, or heaviness. It just appears to quickly drift throughout and sink into thirsty skin, and there isn’t much of a waiting duration at all. For such a light-weight lotion, it’s incredibly effective in moisturizing and softening dry skin. It’s apparent that a great deal of care and research was taken into the creation of this lotion, and we are blown away by its effectiveness and quality. This lotion is organic, reasonable trade, vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. It contains no silicone, sulfates, parabens, fragrances, toxic substances, or other artificial scrap that is loaded into most industrial skincare products today. It genuinely eliminates dry patches and appears to reverse aging by enhancing the quality and flexibility of your skin. You can use this lotion all over your body, hands, feet, or face, and feel truly excellent about it. We picked the unscented variation so that we might include our own natural ingredients and essential oils to make particular creams for enjoyed ones. We can’t think we practically canceled this order, but we are so happy we didn’t. This is the best lotion you will ever use in your life. It’s seriously that excellent, that natural, and that effective. Plus, the package comes with a real soapberry inside, along with instructions on how to boil it to develop a creaour soap that cleans your face naturally. There are seeds rattling around within that can be planted to grow a genuine soapberry tree. Pretty cool.

This is a very great lotion. We truthfully did not understand this was an 8. 5 oz bottle – we didn’t truly check out the description extremely well. That is why we just offered 4 stars. Nevertheless, the lotion itself is great. Product packaging is recyclable. They consist of a little soap berry in there with an educational card which is pretty cool. The lotion has pretty clean ingredients and a great fresh scent. We are unsure if that is the aloe or soap berry that we can smell but it smells excellent. Keep in mind- there is a scent with the unscented but that is because of the ingredients and not included fragrance. The odor does dissipate rapidly for those who truly can’t stand any scents for long. The lotion is not oily and takes in very rapidly. It secures moisture a lot longer than our previous alaffia unscented lotion. We have exceptionally dry skin and this dry, cold, fall/winter air makes it a lot even worse it is absurd. Normally we can use that lotion (or any previous lotion we had) and within an hour to 2 hours we would have flaking and dryness in those locations. On our first day of utilizing this lotion, we used at 4 pm on our arms and by the time we got up the next early morning our arms were flake-free. That is stating a lot. Like we stated formerly, we did not understand this was just 8. 5 oz and for the rate we seem like it is way more pricey than what deserves it because this is a body lotion and not a facial moisturizer. The bottle is just too little for how typically we would be utilizing the product. It does secure moisture better than other creams, but we would still use this two times a day and perhaps more typically just on our hands or on patches on our face throughout the day. The 8. 5 oz bottle would be great for a restroom for a cold cream or something but as a full on body lotion, we believe the bottle ought to be larger.

We have seriously sensitive skin due to an allergy to formaldehyde and many other things utilized in soaps and creams as preservatives. We have actually settled for creams that offer us the tiniest responses for years, but not any longer. This product feels so excellent on our skin. We have actually had no response and our skin is the softest we can ever remember it being. Best of all, little goes a long way so we do not need to use it as typically and it will last longer than others we have actually attempted.

Seriously. We went a week without this stuff and our skin returned to being itchy. Other moisturizers just sit on top of our skin but this one just takes in into it without being oily. It is on the pricey side which is why we believed we might get off it but when we didn’t use it – our skin entirely disliked other moisturizers. Natural and well balanced is the way to go. We also use their body and face wash (nevertheless we use their face wash as body wash lol). And we intend on attempting their hair products also because this brand has actually entirely altered our skin.

We got the unscented and we love the natural, unchanged musk of the ingredients. We saw other customers did not like the lavender scent so we chose to not attempt it because we are sensitive to scents. We love how the lotion feels, it is creaour and light, but not too light for most we believe. Our skin has actually ended up being clothes dryer with aging and we do believe for that factor we wish to see a cream variation (as was kept in mind by other customers too). Would love if the company would make a variation for aging skin (a cream rather of lotion?). Still a great product & we would buy once again. We prepare to use it on our 5 year old boy, along with a basic lotion for visitors.

We have actually utilized this lotion as an after bath daily lotion for our boy for some time nkw (he is presently 4. 5 years of ages). He has incredibly sensitive skin and is vulnerable to both eczema and cracked/ bleeding hands. This lotion has actually genuinely been a conserving grace. Prior to discovering it we utilized a combination of food grade coconut oil, apricot oil and aquaphor, but he did not like how heavy and oily that was. This lotion is great and light, but is super moistuirizing. Love it.

This is a costly lotion however most organic products are more pricey. This suggests all of us require to keep purchasing and promoting excellent experiences. We love this lotion. The texture, the absence of synthetic scent and the healing results on our skin. Our chins revealed no topical skin sores yet they itched seriously. Considering that we began utilizing the lotion the itch has actually stopped. Our heels are no longer cracked and our skin is very hydrated. We also have hand eczema and we had no concept that by utilizing the body lotion on our body our hands would heal. We want we had actually taken in the past and after pictures. Our hands have not looked this excellent in years, we are surprised. We have actually stopped utilizing the prescription steroidal creams entirely. So we are back purchased our second bottle and composing this evaluation. We hope they remain in company.

We enjoyed that this was unscented so we might also use it on our face. We use this lotion a lot, all over our body and on our face, that we have actually acquired 10 bottles currently (in under 1 year). It takes in so well and leaves our skin so flexible and soft. This is now our go to lotion. We just want they made it in a bigger bottle so we would not need to keep purchasing new bottles of this lotion due to the fact that it feels so inefficient. What would be perfect would be a mega-sized one, e. G. 1 liter or 1 gallon sized with a pump. Presently, we have this lotion on subscribe and conserve for shipment every month. Others have actually discussed how soft our skin seeks utilizing this lotion. Love, love, love it.

Actually great lotion. We are bothered by eczema on our fingers. The itch can be truly strong. We are constantly covering our fingers with band help and normal creams just sting and aggravate. This lotion relaxes the itch and inflammation and our fingers are healing. It has actually assisted me.

We are so shocked just how much we like this lotion, and more essential, how effective it truly is. We had actually all but quit on our skin ever being soft and smooth once again up until we utilized this. Now, we get compliments on how silky smooth and baby soft it is. Thank you for such a terrific product that we will continue to use. We just want it can be found in a bigger size.

We got this for our child who suffers with lichens chronicus on her hands from an inflammatory condition comparable to lupus and she states it’s very moisturizing and keeps her skin from breaking, which took place prior to getting this lotion. She is very happy with this lotion, she states it works great and does not exacerbate her condition like other creams she has actually attempted. We love that it’s ruthlessness free, reasonable trade, and made with organic ingredients too. Thank you.

We just began utilizing the body lotion and it is terrific. We have actually been having a hard time with incredibly dry skin and some psoriasis for several years and we are constantly itchy and our skin rough. Up until now this has actually been very soothing, norishing and softens our skin. We love the silky feel of it. We are very happy with this product, but we just want they would reduce the rate a bit or include it to the subscribe and conserve. We need to use this every early morning and on dry locations in the evening also. That being stated the 11 oz. Bottle it does not last long.

Wow, what can we state. We didn’t have expensive of expectation for a lotion. We were just looking for something natural and that is unscented. Due to the dryness of winter season, our leg was truly itchy. We were scratching it a lot that we were bleeding. Our mom have psoriatic condition, so we fret our skin may offer us problem if we leave them ignored. As quickly as we used it to our skin, it soothes the inflammation. And within a few minutes, the itchiness disappears. It is not oily and it does not have any odd residue. There is a minor scent to it, but our company believe it is the natural odor of the shea butter and it is rather pleasing. It worked so well that we have actually subscribed it so we do not even require to believe when we require to reorder.

Some background: recently, like the majority of us, we have actually needed to wash our hands more typically than normal. We began establishing dry, flaky, red patches of skin on the tops of our hands. We never ever use lotion, as we do not like how it feels after using. Normally, our experience is that it leaves a sticky residue on our skin that remains for far too long, making us wish to wipe it bestoff We are also very conscious strong scents. We understood we weren’t going to get away with not moisturizing our skin, so we investigated up until we came across this brand. We have absolutely nothing but favorable things to state about this product. Exceptionally soothing and effective on dry skin. We have actually just utilized the unscented variation, and we find the scent to be enjoyable and natural. Our preferred feature of it is that it soaks into the skin practically right away, and does not leave us feeling sticky, oily, or wishing to wipe itoff The ingredients noted are terrific and precisely what we were lookingfor We love that this is a 100% natural product that truly does the task it is expected to do. Formula is perfect.

We use this on our face and neck. We have very dry skin, and this was moisturizing adequate for the day. Nevertheless, we would alternate due to the fact that it might not offer adequate moisture for those with seriously dry skin like ourself. The odor is not our preferred, but our other half does not mind it. In general, it’s a great lotion. It did not aggravate our skin, and it has no fragrance included. We believe people grumble about the consistency of the lotion, but most quality creams are thin/watery. Good idea about that is alot goes a long long way. You do not require a full pump for your face. Not. This needs to last you a very long time total, great purchase.

We like this lotion a lot. It is made with natural ingredients and that s very essential to me. Also they are ruthlessness free company and that is also very essential to me. This lotion soaks right in and is not oily. We use it all over including our face. They send out a soapberry with their products so you can boil it and use it to wash your hands. We like this product and will buy from this company once again.

We have actually been utilizing this for about a week in combination with the body wash. We love love love this product it has made our skin glow silky smooth super soft. We definitely advise this product and our child and our mom love it also. We have sensitive skin but also am super conscious smells so this is the perfect lotion. After the first use we explained it to our child as we seemed like we just got out the clothes dryer. We feel fresh and soft and light. Great product. Worth every cent. Desire it can be found in a larger size.

Like how gentle it is for our young child s eczema and also for our baby young boy. Mosturizes truly well and we truly love how among the first ingredients is aloe vera. We do dream the bottle can be found in a larger size as we go though them relatively rapidly and also the pump doesn t work too well as quickly as you get kinda low. We constantly need to just open and take the pump out to get the staying lotion out which there is still significantly a great quantity left prior to it reaches the bottom of the bottle which is sort of irritating.

For the people freaking out about how this “has a scent”, scent free ways absolutely nothing included, not that it amazingly has no odor. The odor is very faint and vanishes pretty rapidly after application. We purchased this to use on our boy due to the fact that he’s had severe eczema concerns from birth. We had actually been utilizing coconut oil but it simply wasn’t providing adequate moisture to keep it at bay. When we changed to this lotion it rapidly disappeared and he’s got that baby soft skin that he’s never ever had up till that point. We extremely recommend this lotion and will keep utilizing it for as long as it works for him.

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