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Thailand Dermatix Silicone Gel Scar Reduction

Thailand Dermatix Silicone Gel Scar Reduction

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Dermatix – a simple, effective treatment to enhance the appearance of old and new scars. Dermatix is a unique topical silicone gel suggested for the management and prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars from burns, trauma, surgery, laser abrasion, chemical peels and other trauma. Also utilized as an aid for the management of associated erythema and discolouration of scars. Dermatix is a quick-drying dressing, forming a versatile transparent and odourless silicone sheet, which is waterproof and gas permeable that imitates an extra layer of the skin. Dermatix helps to flatten, soften and smooth scars while keeping the moisture balance and flexibility of the surrounding skin. It reduces the itching associated with scars. Dermatix can also be utilized on children. Use two times daily for a minimum of 2 months on unbroken skin. Enable to dry for 4-5 minutes prior to covering with clothing, cosmetics or sunscreen. Even More benefits might result from extended use.

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What’S The Native land And Expiration Date?

The native land of the product is United States, Hanson Medical, Washington. To find out where the product will be delivering to you from, click the link ‘other sellers on” and the area of each seller is noted there. The expiration date of the lot we have is 10/2016 Each seller will differ.

Question Question 2

We Purchased It For Just 10 Dollars Although The Cost Seem To Be No Less Than 46 In Other Shops, Was This Product Authentic?


Question Question 3

Is This The Exact Same Prodcut As The Dermatix Ultra Gel?

we bought Dermatrix Silicone Gel Scar and we got Dermatrix Ultra gel so we quess the answer is YES

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We are just providing 4 stars due to the fact that we are still uncertain if the product is dealing with the scar. Our child fell and scraped herself up and we wished to provide this product a shot. Up until now it looks no various than any other healing.




Has made significant distinction in scar from burn in just 2 weeks, had been utilizing bio oil till doctor advised this product, excellant.

Great product. This is advised to us by our skin doctor.


Functions great.

Fully pleased.

We had been utilizing mederma( regular and overnight) on our keloid c-section scar for over a year with little to no enhancement. Begun utilizing this gel two times a day, and the scar is lastly beginning to decrease. The technique is you need to put something on top of it to seal it in. We use a very creaour vitamin e cream from sam’s on top of it, but we have also become aware of people utilizing petroleum jelly? we expected you could even get among those silicone gel pads too? that would be striking it from both ends. Great purchase.

Functions better then most we have utilized.

Appears great, prematurely to see impacts.

Love it.

Excellent product, helps with scar reduction.

It is remarkable medicine.

For keloids (we have some years of ages self damage), the secret is to massage it in. Do not just slap it on like sunscreen, rub it in. You will not see immediate results after 2-3 weeks, no cream doesthat We have utilized mederma too, results took place quicker with this. Put it on regularly every day. Stretch marks we have established current faded much faster, but with older ones, it just took an extra 2 weeks to see results. Scars are hard, there is no immediate flash miracle solution. So do not anticipate any, and have persistence.

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