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Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray

Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray.

  • IMMEDIATE PAIN & ITCHING RELIEF – Tecnu Rash Relief spray is designed to assist relieve the painful itching of insect bites, minor burns and cuts, hives, in addition to poison ivy, oak and sumac rash.
  • STOPS OOZING & PREVENTS SCARRING – The spray additionally helps dry oozing from poison ivy or poison oak rashes and promotes therapeutic to assist stop scarring.
  • QUICK & EASY APPLICATION – No touching required. The spray bottle permits for straightforward, no- contact software. Simply spray on to the affected space as typically as wanted.
  • 100% GUARANTEED – Our distinctive, homeopathic treatment is 100% assured, making it an exquisite alternative for gardeners, hikers, mountain bikers and any fan of the outdoor.
  • COMPLETE YOUR TREATMENT – Earlier than utilizing our Rash Relief Spray for poison oak or ivy rash, apply Tecnu Extreme Poison Ivy Scrub to take away the oils that trigger the rash and spreading

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray.
Size:1 PackSoothe your itchy pores and skin with Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti- Itch Spray. This uniquely formulated homeopathic treatment relieves ache and itching, stops oozing and promotes therapeutic of broken, delicate pores and skin. Our spray instantly soothes the uncomfortable unwanted side effects of poison oak, ivy and sumac rashes. It will also be used to alleviate hives, hearth ant bites, insect bites and minor cuts, scrapes and burns. Classic burn lotions for minor burns might be messy. And an individual should contact the broken pores and skin to use the burn cream. With Tecnu Rash Relief Spray, simply gently spray the affected space. No touching is required. We would like Tecnu Rash Relief Spray to develop into your favourite minor burn remedy. Tecnu products are designed for many who love the outdoor, journey and exploring. Our product assortment contains the Tecnu Original Outdoor Cleanser, Tecnu Extreme Scrub, Tecnu Rash Relief Spray and Calagel Anti- Itch Gel. Tecnu lets you wander confidently, understanding you’ve got highly effective safety and fast-acting rash reduction at your fingertips

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients In Tecnu?

The components for Tecnu Rash Relief are Active components: The components for Tecnu Rash Relief are Active components:Grindelia robusta 3X – Purpose: anti-itch / pores and skin protectionPlantago major 4X – Purpose: anti-itch / ache relieving / wound healingCalendula officinalis 3X – Purpose: wound therapeutic / scar preventionInactive components:disodium EDTA, glycerine, menthol, polyethoxylated castor oil, purified water, SD alcohol 40B (14% by weight), tea tree oil, white thyme oilPlease be happy to contact customer support at 800-482-4464 when you have another questions.

Question Question 2


“Homeopathic” has no common definition. It normally means that components are diluted a lot that they haven’t any impact.This product, nonetheless, has substantial lively components.

Question Question 3

Why Does It Take So Long To Ship?

we neglect. It was fairly fast if we recall accurately. we imagine we had inside two days.

Question Question 4

Can You Use This On A Canine Who Has Poison Ivy Oils On Their Fur?

you might want to wash the canine in the techno poision ivy scrub foam or some such to get that off and then use the rash reliefbut if you do not have the foam scrub simply wash it in daybreak liquid like they do the oil coated birds however do not waste your spray on an unwashed canine – it wont assist hardly at all- wash the canine totally you might want to wash the canine in the techno poision ivy scrub foam or some such to get that off and then use the rash reliefbut if you do not have the foam scrub simply wash it in daybreak liquid like they do the oil coated birds however do not waste your spray on an unwashed canine – it wont assist hardly at all- wash the canine totally and dry it and then spray with the tecnu rash reduction spray and that will do it for brief time period however so long as you’ve got the poison ivy in touch with you and the animal you’ll have to wash and repeat frequently – do away with the ivy as a lot as doable along with treating the symptoms that come with the contact with the ivy on a each day basis—

Question Question 5

Has Anybody Used This On Their Pets? Thanks?

No we now have not.But you need to watch out of pets licking the affected space and ingesting the remedy which could possibly be poisonous.Whether it is on their again it might most likely be okay.

Question Question 6

How Does This Differ From Calagel?


Question Question 7

How A lot Tea Tree Oil Is In This Product?

The label lists tea tree oil as an inactive ingredient, so no amount is proven. we do use this product recurrently for flea bites. It actually helps.

Question Question 8

How Many Years Will This Product Work Earlier than You Want To Throw It Out And Buy One other Bottle. We Have A Bottle We Have Been Utilizing Now For Over 2 Years.?

In keeping with their web site: “Calagel is the only product that has an expiration date. We do not recommend using it past the expiration date.For all other products, we recommend throwing them out if they were manufactured more than three years ago. Tecnu Original will also change color as it ages. If your Tecnu Origin According to their website: “Calagel is the solely product that has an expiration date. We don’t advocate utilizing it previous the expiration date.For all different products, we advocate throwing them out in the event that they have been manufactured more than three years in the past. Tecnu Original will even change shade because it ages. In case your Tecnu Original turns yellow or brownish in shade, throw it away and buy new product.”https://www.teclabsinc.com/tips-info/how-old-is-our-tecnu

Question Question 9

Will It Work If You Spray On Shoes? We Are Worried About Washing Our New Sandals And Don T Want Them To Smell Can We Just Adapt This On Will It Work?

Not sure why you’d spray your shoes? This is an anti-itch spray to relieve the symptoms of itching due to insect bites or maybe plant rashes. we have used it for both and found that it does have a strong smell which dissipates and it leaves a slight film on the skin and works well for us.

Question Question 10

How Often Can You Use This? Does It Take Several Applications To Work?

It doesn t work

Question Question 11

Has This Product Been Tested On Animals?

If you are asking if the product is safe for use on animals, the product has the warning: If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.So not sure it should be used in an animal that may lick the productIf you are asking if the products are tested using animals, you can contact them If you are asking if the product is safe for use on animals, the product has the warning: If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.So not sure it should be used in an animal that may lick the productIf you are asking if the products are tested using animals, you can contact them directly athttps://www.teclabsinc.com/about/contact-us

Question Question 12

Does This Work For Heat Rashes?

we don’t have heat rashes but it is outstanding for poison ivy itching and bug bites. It takes a moment to start working after we spray it on but then, the itch is gone–sometimes for hours. We won’t be without it around here.

Question Question 13

Would It Work For Flea Bites?

we use it for mosquito bites and bee stings so we would think it would work for flea bites as well.

Question Question 14

Can It Releive Rashes From Chlorine?

we are not sure, but the skin on our legs is dry and itchy due to circulatory issues and it works like charm. You should give it a try. Start in a small area and take it from there. we are EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to have found this product. It has freed us from desperate itching and dangerous scratching. For real.

Question Question 15

Is There A Shelf Life After Opening?

we aren’t by the product now so we will not answwer

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our personal expertise after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Tec Labs Tecnu Rash Relief Medicated Anti-Itch Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We had 2 bouts with poison ivy already this season and had tried witch hazel, calamine, caladryl, neosporin, benadryl, alcohol amongst different cures earlier than discovering this product on . We want that we’d had it sooner. The explanation we rated it Four stars is as a result of it does take time to dry when utilized and while you’re determined for itch reduction – time is of the essence. The product does work although and helped our 2nd spherical of pwe go away rapidly because it does make the bumps dry out better than the different products that we tried. Thanks for a superb product. We hope we need not use it once more this season. Lol.

This is the greatest. Our dad is on immunotherapy for most cancers. He began getting these little rashes that felt similar to flea bites – and they drive him loopy. We imagine it is a frequent side-effect. We had been utilizing technu for every type of bug bites for years, and assume it’s the greatest, so we despatched him a bottle of this. Our mother says “you certainly hit the problem of itchiness out of the park for dad. His back, shoulders were driving him nuts this am & we rubbed his back,shoulders,side, etc & he has been itch free all day-. What a relief. Dr was happy to hear about it too. “.

This superb. Great antwe itch reduction. Works greatest should you lay on a washable floor and coat your self. Wait till it dries to rise up. In keeping with our household it does not scent effectively. It really works so effectively, you’ll get over it. It stings and burns open pores and skin. We expect it let you know to not use there. We’ve a pores and skin situation and it is highly effective remedy.

Rash, sting or hives, this can deal with the job. We’ve additionally used the common homeopathic nectar of the gods – apple cider vinegar – combined with a tablespoon of baking soda, which will even cease an itch, dry up and heal some hives. Nevertheless, it smells like vinegar. Technu has a slight nice peppermint odor.

Relieves the itch, however does depart you semi-sticky in space’s you apply it. Could assist scale back the life-cycle of the rash as effectively, however we’re attributing our speedy restoration to some different cleaning soap we now have used to clean it with.

Wonderful product. We tried so many products together with a prescribed steroid on a extremely aggressive rash and none of them labored. This product labored immediately. We extremely advocate this rash spray.

We at all times appear to get poison ivy or poison oak a couple of times every summer time doing yard work regardless of how cautious we’re. We get it fairly badly too and cannot do away with it for 3-Four weeks. We had it for a few days earlier than we began utilizing this spray and some poison ivy cleaning soap with jewelweed. It began clearing up in a number of days. We did take ice chilly showers as effectively to maintain from irritating it, however we predict this spray actually helped clear the itch up a lot more rapidly.

First of all, we aren’t positive the way to charge “thickness” “warmth” and “sheerness” for this product. Possibly heat, however we do not assume the heat we’re about to say is sort of what had in thoughts. Secondly, should you’re a kind of individuals who will get plant rashes or bug bites and does not scratch them: you are not human and ought to most likely be on a authorities watchlist. Lolbut we digress. We have been in agony once we ordered these items. Each fingers and arms, each legs, our neck, and half our face have been swollen, itchy, and bubbly. Our home was a refrain of “stop scratching. ” with everybody becoming a member of in. (“we are not scratching, we are rubbing. Vigorously. With our fingernails. “) we scrolled and learn opinions for fairly a few products, hoping to maintain our thoughts occupied whereas we shopped/ vigorously rubbed our aching fingers on the coarse cowl of our chair. This stuff has loads of optimistic opinions, and was even talked about as a better different to different products of their damaging opinions. We ordered the Three pack, and our husband occurred to select up a bottle at the grocery retailer the day we put in our order. We instantly hosed down about half our physique with it. [we didn’t use it on our face, but we imagine you could spray a little bit onto your hand (or a bowl if your hands are as f’d as mine were) and spot-apply with a cotton ball if it’s not too close to your eyes or mouth. ] our first thought was, “that doesn’t smell too ba- aaahhhh it burns. ” it’s certainly 14% alcohol. Which we guess would not be as a lot of an issue for these weirdos who do not scratch. We stood in entrance of a fan to chill and dry, and lo and behold, we did not itch anymore. This product does require full saturation and a superb little bit of drying time, and it does depart a barely greasy feeling after. But it’s so value it. We’re glad we now have Four bottles now. (effectively, 3. 5) we’re going to pack it into our first assist package, take a bottle to our bestie’s home, and hold one with our gardening gear. One major warning: like nair on a nipple (google it and learn the opinions, belief me, they’re web gold) these items will dry your pores and skin out quick and depart you wanting like a shedding snake for a pair days. (which additionally itches slightly, however “we are not scratching, we are exfoliating. “) inside 2 days (2-Three purposes per day, supplemented with sizzling showers) we had lizard pores and skin in all places. We’ll take scales over blisters any day of the week, thanks. As for the scar prevention half: we’re nonetheless peeling, however all the contemporary pink pores and skin beneath is clean as a child’s chubby cheekies. Regardless of the truth that we just about spent Three days making an attempt to tear off our pores and skin. In case you are delicate to urushiol or bug bites, positively get your self the Three pack. This stuff is superior.

This is superb stuff. It dried up our daughter’s poison ivy in a matter of a few days and it additionally works like magic on mosquito bites. We might be ensuring we at all times have this in the home.

We obtained poison ivy for the first time in our life. We tried cortisone and benadryl ointments for about 2 weeks, when tecnu was lastly urged to me. The rash had unfold solely barely throughout this time, however the main spot was taking it s pure course of itchy uncomfortable terror. We’ll say inside a couple of day or two of utilizing this tecnu spray we began to have important reduction. The itching dissipated for the most half however more importantly the rash began to relax considerably. Sadly there was nonetheless some unfold over the third week however the severity was considerably lowered with any new areas. Great product, straightforward to make use of. The one qualms we now have with it- the sticky residue it leaves in your pores and skin and the scent is not nice. Nevertheless these are issues that might be missed for the outcomes from this product. Undoubtedly minimized the potential scaring too.

This bottle may be very massive contemplating the vital use restrict. We chorus from spraying this instantly on to the pores and skin for saturation causes. We spray it as soon as right into a bowl of faucet water, then dip a paper towel in to the bowl of resolution to make use of to wash an space of pores and skin affected by environmental poison, toxin or air pollution by any means. The product’s scent is much less over powering when diluted with water, and appears to have a special fragrence. This use of product is soothing when used appropriately with no imediate, earlier cleanse.

We’re a couple of week right into a nasty poison ivy an infection and we are able to say these items labored very well for us. Lasted about Four hours to take the itch away and has a pleasant mint scent to it. We will certainly be reaching for this in the future. Best $9 we now have spent in a very long time.

Shipped fastworked better than anything we tried. Took the itch away. We had 50+ bites. This helped loads.

This spray works better and quicker than antihistamines for relieving allergic reactions to horrible stuff that makes you itch in summer time. Whether or not evil spider bites or rash from poison ivy as a result of idiots depart it rising in public parks for the birds or one thing else. Relief. Good should you simply have to get to sleep and can t as a result of your pores and skin is reacting to one thing extraordinarily. Dear however value it.

We obtained a foul case of poison ivy and this was really useful by a buddy it actually helped me. This a sprig pump.

We inform our mates about these items. We loaned a bottle to a buddy that had poison ivy. We mentioned take it and use it a few days and tell us what you assume. She went out and purchased the scrub and the spray. We didn’t give it 5 stars for style as a result of you aren’t suppose to eat it.

Very delicate to poison ivy and was depressing for weeks . This helped the better of any over the counter meds we tried. ( prevention is vital with this corporations products, however prior we used this product and we extremely advocate as itching was unrelenting).

Easy to make use of however found the scent, sorry to say, repelling. Like a cow pasture. It goes away after a half an hour or so, however at first software, too robust to be round. It does work pretty effectively. It’s a very earthy scent, however very robust.

We panorama for a profession and that is pretty much as good as any cream. When pondering of the frequency wanted each day a sprig bottle is strictly what is required.

Best antwe itch spray ever. We purchased it at walmart first however once we found out how effectively it labored we began on the lookout for it on-line so we may buy more. It’s nice for all types of inches together with bug bites,eczema, and even razor burn it makes rashes and bug bites heal quick and it does assist stop scars. It nearly utterly cleared our eczema we extremely advocate it and would positively buy it once more.

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