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Surgery For Stretch Marks

Surgery For Stretch Marks

What Are The Choices In Stretch Mark Surgery?

Stretch marks can show up on your body for any number of reasons. These include rapid weight loss or gain, pregnancy, or the changes to your body that take place during puberty.

These unattractive scars are a result of the middle layer of skin stretching past its normal limits, until the exterior eventually becomes damaged. The marks commonly start out purple or red or purple in colour, and gradually fade to a silky white over time.

Stretch marks can show up on several areas of the body, such as the thighs, buttocks, breasts, upper arms and abdomen. For those who have too many of these scars that they would like to eliminate, stretch mark surgery might be an option.

Dermabrasion and Chemical Peels

Two of the least invasive types of stretch mark surgery techniques available are chemical peels and dermabrasion. Both of these procedures involve removing the top layer of skin, leaving smoother, blemish free skin underneath. Chemical peels are a type of stretch mark surgery that involves the application of an alpha hydroxyl acid to remove the outer layer of skin. Dermabrasion uses a brush to effectively “sand” the outer skin surface.

Both of these kinds of stretch mark surgery can be done on an outpatient basis, using a local anaesthetic. Recovery time is generally about a week, although redness and sun sensitivity can go on for much longer. Both will provide minimal benefit in reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Laser Surgery

Another sort of stretch mark surgery that has gained popularity in recent years are the laser procedures that can remove many blemishes and smooth the surface of the skin with even less recovery time than chemical peels and dermabrasion. The idea behind laser stretch mark surgery is that it heals the skin from the inside out by promoting the production of collagen to plump and heal the skin, and minimize the appearance of stretch marks. It can also remove damaged skin cells and seal broken blood vessels to fill in stretch marks and make them less noticeable.

Tummy Tucks

The most effective type of stretch mark surgery is also unfortunately the most invasive. Known as a “tummy tuck”, this procedure requires incisions to cut away excess skin and pull the remaining skin taut. This stretch mark surgery is often performed by a cosmetic surgeon and requires considerably more recovery time afterward. However, it is probably the most effective surgical way to get rid of stretch marks at this point.

A woman who has stretch marks might feel self conscious about her body and dissatisfied with her looks. But take heart; there are choices in stretch mark surgery that will lessen the appearance of those ugly scars or even get rid of them completely.

Alternatives To Stretch Mark Surgery

A revolutionary formula which contains ingredients taken from nature, containing squalene oil, vitamins E, D3, & A, grapefruit seed extracts and aloe Vera. Having a few scars on your body from little incidents that have happened in your past is tolerable, but if you have ever experience childbirth you may have a multitude of scars that has distorted your skin’s appearance and its elasticity. This can often prove to be embarrassing and many women consider surgery as an option for removal.

Pregnancy stretch marks are lengthy scars as a result of the body stretching beyond its capacity and causing tearing of the collagen. This is a permanent mark with only a few possible solutions for removal.

The Cost Of Getting Surgery For Stretch Marks

Surgery for stretch marks has the highest success rate in reducing the appearance of stretch marks post birth. Laser scar removal is expensive. The cost for anaesthesia can grow into the thousands, the cost of paying the doctor for each treatment is almost unpredictable as you may not know how many sessions are needed for successful removal, and you must also pay for the stretch-marks overhead costs of the facility.

If surgery for stretch marks is not a financial possibility for you then you must know how to prevent stretch marks altogether. Each mother or soon to be mother should know that the thousands of dollars that are required for surgery for stretch marks can be avoided with proper prevention.

Avoiding Surgery For Stretch Marks By Prevention With Creams

The skin is able to grow during pregnancy. The woman’s body was built to give birth. Dry skin is less elastic and will be more susceptible to stretch marks and even those who have moisturized skin will require cocoa butter, lotion and pregnancy stretch mark cream for proper prevention. The best stretch mark prevention cream available today is Revitol Stretch Mark Cream.

Applying moisturizer to the problem areas on your growing body will help the collagen stand the stretching of the skin during pregnancy. To apply Revitol Stretch Mark Cream during your 9 months of pregnancy may cost you $50-$100.00 versus the thousands of dollars and hours of surgery and preparation for a post birth surgery.

To successfully avoid surgery for stretch marks you must be dedicated to applying pregnancy cream and moisturizers to the skin a few times a day for the entire 9 months. Doing this has even allowed some mothers to walk away without a single unsightly stretch mark. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream is guaranteed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and can often prevent new stretch marks appearing in the first place.

After birth, continue to moisturize the scars as they are new and able to disappear with proper treatment so long as it is done immediately. Avoid surgery and wasting thousands of dollars by preparing your body for the transformation it will go under during pregnancy.

Laser Surgery for Stretch Marks

A laser is concentrated energy in a beam of light. This beam can selectively transmit its energy onto tissues in order to change them as desired and can be used for a variety of problems, from eruptions to stretch marks. It can even be used in the treatment of eye defects such as nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism.

Lasers hold in themselves a material that creates and magnifies light. Two mirrors are used to reflect the light back and forth via this material. This gives rise to a beam that is packed and powerful, composed of one pure colour or many different pure colours. These qualities, which distinguish a laser from a light bulb, make the former a useful tool for aesthetic and medical applications.

But first, don’t be fooled by the name. Stretch marks laser surgery is an out-patient procedure for the removal of stretch marks that has little to no recovery period involved.

Alternatively, there is a procedure similar to that of a stretch marks laser, and uses a gel and light to remove your stretch marks. This is called blue light therapy for stretch mark removal.

Stretch marks can contribute to a poor view of body image and thereby, lowered self esteem which makes people search for answers to questions as basic as “How to get rid of stretch marks”, “Do stretch marks go away” or “What is the cause of stretch marks?”

If you do a little research to find out about the safety and effectiveness of stretch mark laser surgery you will see that opinions on whether laser surgery can remove stretch marks or not is divided. Those who say that stretch mark laser surgery is a solution and those who say that the procedure will not produce the overall benefits that people expect, the true answer lies more towards the middle of the two arguments.

The Positive Proponents of laser surgery say that the process works because it can stimulate new collagen growth and fill in the area of depression that the stretch mark has left. Collagen is a fibrous protein found in connective tissues of the body.

Supporters of this method say that it works because collagen starts to build at the bottom of the depression and expands until the entire mark is filled. The laser is used to stimulate the growth of collagen.

Moreover, it is reported that there is no or very minimal pain for people undergoing the procedure and there is no bleeding or open wounds. The Negative Contenders of this perspective say lasers are supposedly useful in eliminating, vaporizing and breaking down damaged tissues. They are not capable of restoring tissues to a healthy state, as it were. Since stretch marks are a sign of broken tissues, they cannot be fixed by laser therapy. According to them, there is proof from clinical research that stretch marks are not treatable through laser therapy.

Many practicing surgeons contend that laser surgery is an effective technique for stretch mark removal. And some clinical studies have shown that there was no improvement in stretch mark appearance after laser surgery. The cost for stretch mark laser surgery is also a factor and can be very expensive according to the latest market reports.

The real answer lies in between the positive and the negative. Laser surgery can be an option for the treatment of stretch marks depending on the stage of the mark. And the reduction of scar tissues attained with a laser and the stimulation of growth of new fibroblasts that it triggers can be very much enhanced with the pre and post application of SKIN REGENERATING ACCELERATORS, such as contained in BIOSKINCARE CREAM.

Stage of Stretch Marks

The appearance of stretch marks changes with time. Early stretch marks appear as red pigment on the skin, while at a later stage more mature marks appear white. Laser surgery can have an effect on the early stage marks but there is no evidence that it helps with more mature later stage stretch marks. However, note that new procedures are being developed (such as the Xtrac laser that produces ultraviolet laser energy and the ReLume light source).

The bottom line is that the laser procedure may work, but as with all medical procedures there is a risk and it does not guarantee results – it is important to work with an experienced surgeon with good equipment who can show you before and after photos of past patients. References of past patients may be helpful as well.

Further Considerations

The laser procedure is done in several sessions and too much or too many can scar the skin even further, while too few will be ineffective. Moreover, after treatment the skin may not look completely normal as it did before any stretch marks were developed but an improvement should be expected and seen. If you choose this method for stretch mark removal our suggestion is to research the doctor’s record, see before and after photographs of his/her patients to set expectations, ask for references, find out all about the procedure, and find out about what will be the total cost of a stretch mark laser surgery.

How to Remove Stretch Marks at Home Without Surgery

How to remove stretch marks at home is a big question to be answered. Stretch marks appear on the human body due to many reasons such as obesity, absence of proper diet, over stretching of skin, rapid weight loss or gain by doing heavy workouts, etc. There are some solutions to solve this problem and remove the stretch marks or prevent them from appearing, which could be seen from the following.

You are aware that collagen is found deeper in the skin layer and when collagen is stretched beyond its capacity, it tears and causes the scars on the skin surface. As an answer to the question “how to remove stretch marks at home?”-it is possible to remove the scars by increasing the growth of collagen, and this is considered as one of the best ways to cover up the existing stretch marks.

Stimulating the growth of collagen is totally safe and relaxing. Even though, growth of collagen is a simple process, making it happen is a difficult task. In your attempt to do so, you have to be sincere in your trials and patient in achieving the desired results. The process has to be tried on a daily basis. In order to achieve the growth of collagen, you require three different ingredients. The most crucial needs in increasing the collagen growth are Vitamin C, Amino Acids and Copper Peptides.

Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for getting the healthy skin. Amino acid is also an important ingredient and the human skin cells already contain a good quantity of different kinds of amino acids. When you are able to increase the copper level in your skin cells, increase in collagen production is assured. All the three ingredients are to be used with the allowed limit, as for example, use of copper sulphide exceeding 2 mg. is dangerous to human health.

Everyone is aware that over-stretching of skin causes the stretch marks to appear all over your body. These stretch marks can appear on any part of your body and it is not an easy task to eradicate the same completely. These marks can be felt by the touch of your hand. They are reddish or purple in colour and definitely spoil your look. As people are crazy to remove such stretch marks from their body, a lot of companies have come forward to produce varieties of creams and lotions with a strong promise that by using those products, the stretch marks can completely be removed beyond recognition.

In view of the availability of numerous number of anti stretch marks products, it will be difficult for you to choose the right one. Laser treatment and tummy tuck are some of the suggestions made by doctors for permanently eradicating the stretch marks. While opting for these treatments, you have to consider the side effects of such surgeries, leave alone the huge cost involved. There is also a chance that you are likely to be affected by potential side effects due to the surgery and this will cost you more in the long run.

Some of the Natural Methods:

Using Vitamin E oil has been a popular method to deal with such stretch marks and this is in practice for quite a long time. Vitamin E oil is also effective in treating the old stretch marks as well as the newly formed ones. To treat the old marks it takes a longer time. You have to apply this oil over the affected areas as well as other areas of your body, at least half an hour before your morning bath.

It is also a good suggestion to consult your friends, who were earlier affected by the ugly stretch marks, and enquire what brand of cream or lotion they had used and how good were they benefited. You can also select a quality stretch mark cream and apply it over the affected areas. Quality creams can help remove the stretch marks to a greater extent. The quality cream, you select, should have been manufactured by using natural ingredients.

In order to keep your body well hydrated, you have to drink plenty of water each day and keep your skin moisturized always. Water has the quality of flushing out the harmful toxins from your body and helps maintain a glowing skin.

It is also essential to draw a routine plan to do workouts. Regular exercise keeps you fit always, keeps your skin glowing and soon you can see your stretch marks disappear.

Ensure that your diet is a balanced one and contain rich nutrients. Consume citrus rich fruits and vegetables. Fish is also considered as a good food in helping to remove the stretch marks.

The above are the best ideas suggested by experts on how to remove stretch marks at home, and it is always better to adopt natural way of treatments instead of going for high risk surgeries, and thereby voluntarily inviting unhealthy side effects to our body to suffer more.

Plastic Surgery For Stretch Marks

There are several products and creams available in the market that claim to assist in removal of stretch marks. Along with these products plastic surgery for stretch marks can also help.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks includes several procedures that can help in fading and eventual removal of the marks. These stretch marks are observed in certain areas like the abdomen, thighs, butt, breasts and arms. Many women get these marks during pregnancy but these marks may also occur due to growth spurts in adolescence and due to body building activities.

Certain products containing active ingredients like cocoa butter and Vitamin E can help in reducing the stretch marks and moisturizing the skin. These products help in maintaining the elasticity and suppleness of the skin. However most of the products are not completely able to remove the stretch marks. This is because many of the products are not able to penetrate deep into the skin to work on the marks and so plastic surgery for stretch marks can be effective in removing these marks.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks may be chosen by those individuals who are extremely conscious about their stretch marks. Certain treatments like laser surgery involve using green and yellow light lasers on the stretch marks to stimulate the production of collagen. Stretch marks that are red or purple in younger and are younger can be treated quite successfully through lasers as compared to the mature marks.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks can be used to treat marks that are particularly deep or those that are mature and white in colour. One of the ways in which the stretch marks can be removed is through an abdominoplasty surgery or tummy tuck. In this surgery extra skin and fat is removed and this helps in tightening and contouring of the stomach wall. This surgery helps in removal of stretch marks that are located underneath the belly button. However not everyone can be a candidate for undergoing this surgery.

A suitable candidate for a tummy tuck procedure has to be an adult who is close to the ideal body weight. Before opting for surgery it is advisable to consult a skin specialist or a medical practitioner before deciding on the surgery. This surgery tends to provide the patient with benefits that include improvement in the appearance. However, before opting for plastic surgery for stretch marks it is important to consider the fact that certain risk factors are associated with major procedures. These may include possible complications like infection and possible death from the use of anaesthesia.

Plastic surgery for stretch marks can help in removal of some stretch marks but this procedure is more intensive than some other treatments. For this reason it requires a certain amount of hospital stay. This treatment option is also more expensive as compared to some other forms of treatment.

Stretch Marks Surgery

While this could work in theory, there are several things a person has to consider about plastic surgery to remove stretch marks before making a commitment to go under the knife. Are you getting your money’s worth? Are you comfortable with the risks?

There really is no good surgical option for stretch marks. The reason for this is you may replace a stretch mark with a surgical scar that has potential to be much worse.

What need to be understood is that surgery is a permanent thing and although it may be regarded as a cosmetic issue, all the risks involved in major surgery are also involved. And people that desire surgery should know that surgery for removing stretch marks is not a serious issue and one can live with t hem rather than have a permanent risk that should have been avoided in the first place.

Many doctors have given the recommendation of use of laser rather than the surgery.

However, Laser surgery is said to most effective when used on new stretch marks that have recently appeared. This is because the laser will lighten any area it is aimed at, hence the reason they also use it in the removal of tattoos.

Limitation of the same is that there are after affects from the surgery. The area that has been under the laser may become pink and also may pucker up. There is also the chance that your skin may feel burnt as well. Swelling and redness is also common in the days afterwards. In a minority of patients there may be a brown pigmentation occur, which sometimes does not fade. It can also be expensive and may not work.

Unlike an in office visit for a chemical peel or micro dermabrasion, there can be a lot of lost time post-op. This can be due to the time it takes for scars to heal. There may also be a large amount of pain and discomfort associated with the procedure.

If one must take a surgery then, look into reputable local doctors who are board certified also, be sure to ask about verifiable references and check their track record. Are most of the patients satisfied? Was there any major complaints levelled against the practice?

By asking important and relevant questions, you can be assured that you will get a positive outcome should you desire to go with surgery to remove stretch marks.

But the recommendations would be it better to opt for other methods like dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser therapy, ipl treatment and creams. Keep in mind that Surgery which would involve removing the skin that’s covered with stretch marks could result in scarring from incisions which could be considered worse than the stretch marks themselves.

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