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Supplement Spot Z Care Spray

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All- purpose antibacterial, antifungal lotion in a spray pump bottle What is Z Care Spray? Z Care Spray is an over-the- counter spray for helping in psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, acne, seborrhea, shingles, rashes of all types (consisting of diaper rash), cuts, scrapes, burns, poison ivy, insect bites, and even head lice. Z Care is Supplement Spot’s unique all-purpose antibacterial and antifungal skin spray consisting of 0.25% zinc pyrithione. Zinc pyrithione is the active component in Head & Shoulders Shampoo and is the most safe and most effective dandruff treatment ever found. What does Z Care do? This all-natural pharmaceutical grade lotion successfully cleans the skin and promotes its quick healing. Various clinical research studies over the previous thirty years have actually revealed zinc pyrithione to be effective in the relief of symptoms of the skin problem notedabove Z Care can be best compared to the super effective Bactine due to the fact that of its shown relief from a full variety of skin problem and its tested safety record. Benefits of Z Care Spray: -Total lack of corticosteroids and cytostatics -No more itching or inflammation -High moisturizing power, penetrating well into the inmost layers of the dermis -Lack of negative effects, given that all products are safe even when utilized during extended periods of time -Supports enzymes in your body -Produces substantial enhancement in the cellular membranes

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Full Active Ingredient List?

Sorry for the delay.we did not see this question.The 2nd image on the product page programs the ingredients.Here they are also.Water, Ethyl Alcohol, SD Alcohol, Zinc Pyrithione 0.25%

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This is a great product and we just reordered. We had actually been so dissatisfied in dermazinc given that it was so oily. Z care is great for the scalp given that once dry it leaves no residue. You do need to shake it as zinc pyrithione is not especially soluble. We want it had an applicator suggestion rather of just the spray nozzle. We needed to move it to our own bottle with a dropper suggestion to use it to the scalp.

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