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SuperDFM Honeybee Hives

SuperDFM Honeybee Hives

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Here are a few main benefits of SuperDFM Honeybee Hives.

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  • Supplements 100 hives; Natural Bee Probiotic
  • Helps Boost Bee Nest Health
  • Our Micro plants has a Favorable Effect on Vitellogenin Development
  • Feasible Micro plants and Enzymes to Better Digest Starches, Protein, Sugar, Cellulose; Yeasts Help Manufacture B-vitamins Required for Bees Health

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Supplements 100 hives. Lactic Acid Germs (LABORATORY) are cooperative germs that naturally live in the intestinal tract of honey bees. They serve a plethora of functions and are thought about helpful and entirely safe. LABORATORY are associated with protection of honey from other germs, yeasts and molds, fermentation of beebread along with developing strong hive resistance versus pathogens. In nature, pathogens are constantly present. A considerable variety of them acquire entry into the hive by means of pollen and nectar, nevertheless most pathogens are either dead or in spore form. When LABORATORY’s sense pathogen existence; either live, dead or as inactive spores, secretion of antimicrobial compounds is started as defense. This leads to a reduction of pathogens, along with hindering some of the inactive pathogenic spores from sprouting. Modern farming uses several pesticides, prescription antibiotics and other chemicals that cause the honeybee’s natural defenses to be badly compromised. This also happens during Fall winterization when bees are fed sugar water, or if bee hives are prophylactically dealt with with various treatments or prescription antibiotics. SuperDFM – Honeybee contains a combination of LABORATORY’s along with helpful Bacillus spp. and yeast utilized to reduce illness in bees and brood.

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Easy to use. We include it to our powdered sugar for mite rolls.

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