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Stretch Marks Oil

Stretch Marks Oil

Get Rid of Stretch Marks With Oil

Stretch marks are blight upon our skin that can make us feel self-conscious and ashamed of our body. Some people even feel like they are ugly as soon as they see they have a few stretch marks on their body. The important thing to realize before you even let these thoughts creep into your brain is that stretch marks are a natural process that happens to almost everyone on this Earth, and that they are not that big of a deal.

That being said, there are a lot of ways to lessen the appearance and texture of the stretch marks that you already do have. Let’s take a look at different Oils for stretch marks to see if it’s a good product.

Oil Stretch Marks

Bio oil has emerged as a leading name in curing stretch marks from the body. The name is not new and its wonder properties are not unknown to people. This article focuses on the different goodness of the wonder oil. Bio Oil Stretch Marks solution is the best therapy for people who are struggling with scars on their body.

The sellers of bio oil claim that ugly scars or stretch marks are erased from the body by the prolonged use of it. Scars can be of different types. They range from common acne scars to wrinkles, post pregnancy birth lines, surgery scars and blemishes. They claim that all sorts of scars are removed by this oil which can guarantee the user for benefits.

What Causes Ugly Scars To Come Up On The Body:

The appearance of scars on the body is many. The major reason is stretch marks. The scientific name of stretch marks is Striaedistensae. It is caused when the skin is tight and stretches in a very fast manner. The collagen that is found beneath the dermis is unable to cope up with the fast repairing of the rift.

During pregnancy such stretch marks are seen in large numbers around the stomach and belly area. During gestation, the womb carries baby and after delivery, the collagen in unable to cope up with the loosened skin, which ultimately results into unsightly stretch marks.

There is rapid muscle growth to which the old collagen cannot match the pace. Further when the fibres of the collagen are unable to reach its other part and stitch back together, the fibres curl among them resulting into scars.

Sometimes the stretch marks on the body are also seen when someone gains or losses weight rapidly. In such situations also the collagen is unable to make up for the dermis beneath the skin. This is the normal procedure and therefore many people can’t avoid it. The only solution that remains is treating the scars with some cream or oil.

Contents of Bio Oil:

As Bio oil is known as a very effective solution for treating ugly scars, the contents of the oil are responsible for its effects. It contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Rosemary and Calendula oil which are known to be the best reagents for treating scars. The effectiveness of these oils and vitamins are well known as we often find them in dermal cosmetics that promise for a blemish free skin.

How does Bio Oil Work?

Bio oil contains elasticity enhancing and moisturizing properties which makes it work wonders on the stretch marks. The treatment of stretch marks by using Bio oil works by making the skin supple. If not as a complete eraser of stretch marks, Bio Oil Stretch Marks solution can be sued to gain maximum benefits for lessening the effect of stretch marks.

Few people also mix Bio oil with some other collagen boosting treatment to get the desired results. Sometimes for curing Striaedistensae, only Bio oil is not sufficient. The oil adds a preventive weapon in protecting the body parts from the scars to reappear or grow. The use of another collagen booster fights for the trenches that are created in stretch marks.

The effects of the oil vary from person to person. You may not expect the scars to go away completely over one night, but you can expect better results on the scars after a continual usage.

  • The stretch marks might start fading around the belly and stomach after a good and regular use of 2-3 months. You cannot expect any cream to work magic tricks on.
  • If your body has raised scars, then bio oil can help settle them. It lessens the effect of the raised marks by toning it evenly.
  • After acne is dried, it leaves bad blemishes and spots. Bio oil can even help to lighten these spots.
  • The uses of bio oil stretch marks solution are immense. It can be used as a good option for fighting with acne marks and stretch marks for a long time.

Oil Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are experienced by both men and women and these distressing marks can seriously affect a person’s self esteem. Stretch marks occur when the middle layer of the body also called the dermis stretches beyond a limit and causes collagen breakdown. Stretch marks occur during pregnancy, due to growth spurts in adolescence and also due to body building activities. There are a large number of treatments that can target reduce stretch marks and with the use of emu oil stretch marks are known to fade out considerably.

With emu oil stretch marks can fade out quite simply because this oil have amazing healing properties. This oil is particularly beneficial for skin that is damaged by stretch marks and other scars. Stretch marks are particularly common in the pregnancy period and the areas affected by stretch marks include the thighs, butt, abdomen and breasts.

The stretch marks in the initial stages are rather reddish or pinkish in colour and then they tend to turn white or silver with time. Some factors that may contribute to the development of stretch marks include rapid weight gain and dryer skin which may have less elasticity. Emu oil is extremely beneficial as it has high amounts of Oleic which is Omega 3 as well as Linolenic which is Omega 6 acid. Along with these acids Palmitic acid content also helps in stimulating growth of new skin cells and so with the use of emu oil stretch marks may reduce considerably.

Emu oil is also an entirely safe and natural moisturiser that can easily heal highly damaged and problematic skin. Many products designed to target the problem of stretch marks fail as these products cannot penetrate into the different layers of the skin. However emu oil has the ability of penetrating deep into the dermal layers and so with the use of emu oil stretch marks can be targeted and can reduce significantly.

Emu oil is also able to considerably reduce the scarring of the skin and also enhances its growth activity thereby improving its overall condition. Emu oil is also able to soothe the skin from other problems like acne, rashes as well as sunburn. Using emu oil stretch marks can reduce and this is also entirely non comedogenic and is anti bacterial and a low irritant.

Using emu oil stretch marks can reduce considerably because this oil contains triglyceride lipid which can be absorbed quite easily in the skin. The absence of phospholipids in the oil ensures that the oil easily penetrates into the skin and stretch marks are targeted. For removal of stretch marks emu oil can be massaged on the affected areas of the skin Likewise a drop of this oil can be added to the bath water and individuals affected by stretch marks can relax in this water. Soaking in this water can help in healing of the stretch marks. With regular application of emu oil stretch marks may fade out and become less obvious and those suffering from this problem may get rid of these distressing marks.

Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Oil is a specialist product which that helps prevent the formation of stretch marks. It is super nourishing with blend of the richest and most healing oils available for stretch marks. Check out this commercial below.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Cream For Pregnant Women

Now, you can say no to stretch marks because with 100% moisture and natural goodness, full of Omega 3, 6 and 9, with no oily feeling at all seems to be possible now.

Hence, it ensures the skin is getting its EFAs directly where it needs them, topically. Enriched with nourishing oils to increase skin elasticity, moisturize away itchiness and prevent dreaded stretch marks.

Since it was laden with Essential Fatty Acids (EFA), it super hydrates your taut tummy to add elasticity, sparing you from itchy-belly syndrome and helping you win the battle against stretch marks. Besides this, it could also help prevent stretch marks across the breasts and provide a cooling relief for sore itchy pregnancy boobs.

Mama Mio combines the best knowledge of being a mum-to-be, with modern and up to the minute skin care technology and aromatherapy for a pregnancy range that meets the complex needs of a super-mama under construction. It also possessed a repair therapy which used the most advanced healing and fading technology.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Marks Oils was specifically created as oil rather than a lotion because it is inherently more moisturizing. For more information on how this product really works, you can log on to Chick Shop Baby.

Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Marks Oils had many testimonials of its effectiveness. So, why wait when you start preventing and diminishing your stretch marks now.

Oil and Grape Seed Extract For Stretch Marks

Olive oil and grape seed extract have been believed to being able to avoid and lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Being natural, both are safe to be used at any time of one’s life. Besides that, these items may be easily obtained as well.

Grape seed extract is non-toxic and is very effective at low concentration. It is also high in Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Due to the high Vitamin E content, which is one of the essential vitamins in skin repair, and having a free-radical-fighting properties, it works well on stretch marks when paired with Vitamin C. Such vitamins are very abundant in grape seed extract.

You can obtain grape seed extract in most drug stores and pharmacies. Online purchase can be made at Herbal Remedies and Health and Energy. Olive oil is one of the essential oils which also have shown many remarkable results in many people. You can either apply it directly to your skin or even take up on a home recipe to prepare your own natural oils for your stretch marks.

Known for its precious soothing, moisturizing and healing properties for centuries, olive oil were used for its antioxidant and UV-protecting benefits. Besides that, it also provides the skin with essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Since very few people were allergic to olive oil, it is an ideal care for pregnant women and babies.

Expectant and new mothers who want to avoid stretch marks will benefit from a massage cream rich in olive oil which improves skin texture and elasticity.

A home remedy that you can prepare in order to get rid of stretch marks can be obtained at Health News for Family. It is easy to prepare and it’s cheap. Olive oil is readily available at almost all supermarkets, drug stores and pharmacies. A tip of buying is to select a quality type of olive oil to invest in. A way too cheap one may end up being more disappointing rather than helping.

Should You Use Oils or Creams for Your Stretch Marks?

Not all of us have the kind of skin that stays perfect no matter how much you pull on it. Most of us are human, and we get stretch marks when our skin expands.

Luckily, there are many different products available to help those who suffer from stretch marks. Whether it is due to adolescent growth spurts or natural pregnancy expansion or anything in between, stretch marks no longer come with a life sentence. This entry will examine two of the products that are currently popular for treating those unsightly streaks.

What Oils Can Do for You

There are a variety of different oils that are marketed to treat stretch marks. Some are more helpful than others. For this entry, we are going to look at the benefits of the more popular brands. In general, one is supposed to use the oils approximately three times every single day once stretch marks first appear.

When used as recommended, the oils are able to show significant results after many months of use, but stretch marks do not go away completely. The oils also only work well when stretch marks are first appearing. For the older stretch marks, there is little to no effect.

Oil has the added effect of making the skin appear more evenly toned. For those who typically suffer from acne, the oil will not cause you to break out. A negative for the oils is that their fragrance may not be for everyone. It may cause headaches in some pregnant women, who are super sensitive to scents.

Another major downfall is how expensive it can be. If taken as directed, you will likely go through a bottle of the oil every two weeks. At $30 per bottle, that adds up to hundreds of dollars of product used over the course of the treatment. Oils are also less commonly found then the many cream treatments out there.

The Cream Advantage

Stretch mark creams have been used for decades to remove current and prevent future stretch marks. They keep the skin hydrated. Stretch mark creams are neutral smelling or have a light pleasant aroma to ensure you are not overwhelmed. The creams contain elastin and collagen to make your skin more elastic. This will keep you from feeling irritation from any expanding skin.

One downfall with the creams is that some users may experience an allergic reaction. Before spreading a cream all over your body, you should first test it out on a small inconspicuous area to make sure it does not cause you any rashes.

Stretch mark creams are used in the same way that the oils are: two to three times per day, every single day. However, you are likely to see drastic results after only a few months. And, stretch marks are virtually impossible to see after a little over a year of use. The creams are even able to work wonders on older stretch marks. The prices for stretch mark creams vary quite a bit, but in general, they are quite a bit less expensive than the oils.

Castor Oil in Removing Stretch Marks

Is using castor oil in removing stretch marks effective? Yes, castor oil is rich in fatty acids. It has offers plenty of benefits. Egyptians has been using it for ages. They appreciate the benefits that it can offer for them. It is antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil.

Many individuals used castor oil as massage oil, medicine, soaps and cosmetics purposes like keeping the skin smooth and glowing. It also helps to make the stretch marks fades away. Castor oil is a natural emollient, aside from keeping the smooth and supple, it also treats several skin ailments.

Castor Oil- One of the Best Natural Solutions for Stretch Mark

One of the best natural solutions to get rid of the stretch marks and make it fades is the castor oil. Castor oil is a potent moisturizer, safe and easy to use.

How To Use Castor Oil In Removing Stretch Marks?

Secure a small bottle of castor oil is sufficient enough to do the job in getting rid of the stretch marks. Rub ample amount of oil over the affected area. Wrap it with plastic sheet or apply a heating pad or a bottle of hot water to the areas affected and treated, leave it for 20 to 25 minutes. It will show a visible result after eight to ten days if treatment is consistently done every day for a week.

Another way of using castor oil in removing stretch marks is, by mixing a tablespoon of castor oil and two tablespoon of almond oil in a clean bowl. Stir the mixture well. Dip your clean finger in the mixture, apply the mixture in the affected area, massage it in circular motion for at least five minutes and let the oil mixture stay in the skin for at least ten minutes, before washing it off. Do this every day for two consecutive weeks.

Side Effects Of Using Castor Oil In Removing Stretch Marks

There are really known side effects in using castor oil to treat stretch marks, aside from the fact that it is messy to use. But side like any other treatment that you do to your skin, it is best that you consult a dermatologist, especially when you lactating or suspecting to be pregnant.

You Should Try Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks

There are several home remedies or cosmetic procedures that are designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks and whether or not a treatment will be effective will depend on the severity of the stretch marks and the age.

Does Coconut Oil for Stretch Marks Work?

Coconut oil for stretch marks can not only help to reduce the redness of the marks, but they can also provide you with plump, supple and deeply moisturized skin.

Coconut oil is considered to be a powerhouse when it comes to skin hydration. This type of oil is so tiny, that it can penetrate deeper than other stretch mark treatment products. Additionally, the melting point for this oil is so low that it can literally melt into the skin on contact, and it also contains a high level of antioxidants.

Skin Fare is a popular coconut oil for stretch marks product that comes in stick form, which makes it cleaner and easier to apply. Massage the oil into the desired areas and you’ll be able to feel how quickly it’s absorbed.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil

During pregnancy, in order to prevent stretch marks, many women will apply coconut oil to their baby bumps and other areas that are prone to stretch marks, such as the back, breasts, upper arms, buttocks and thighs. Using coconut oil for stretch marks during pregnancy is also used due to the fact that it’s safe for both you and the baby.

Lauric acid is found in coconut oil and breast milk. When massaged into the skin, the lauric acid will become absorbed and converted into an antibacterial and antiviral agent known as monolaurin. Monolaurin will help to boost the immune system and fight harmful microbes.

Many products that are designed to treat stretch marks will contain petroleum. Other stretch mark treatments, such as laser therapy or microdermabrasion can be uncomfortable and expensive, requiring more than one session in order to see results.

Using coconut oil will not completely rid your body of stretch marks, but it can help to remove the build-up of dead skin cells, minimize redness and help to promote the new growth of healthy skin cells.

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