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StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber

StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber.

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  • Itch relief – effective versus pain, itching and infection with Benzocaine, Phenol and Camphor
  • Mosquito bite relief alleviates itching from bee stings, mosquito bites, ticks, chiggers, and fire ants
  • StingEze is various from other brand names, it not just provides insect bite relief, alleviates pain, but also avoids infection
  • Ammonia free avoids infection, stops pain and provides effective itch relief from mosquito bites or bee stings without ammonia or sodium bicarbonate (sodium bicarbonate)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber.
StingEze Original Insect and Mosquito Bite Itch Relief Dauber Instantaneous relief from mosquito bites, bee stings, ticks and chiggers and fire ants. StingEze when used not long after an insect bite, starts to work instantly to combat the impacts of bites and stings from bees, wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, hornets, ants, fire ants, deer flies, sand fleas horseflies and chiggers. StingEze Original contains 3 active ingredients: Benzocaine – Analgesic, Anesthetic, and Antipruritic. Phenol – A First AidAntiseptic Camphor – An External Analgesic. Functions: Instantaneous relief from insect bites and stings Triple- action formula stops pain, eliminates itching and reduces infection Ammonia Free – Gentle on Skin Use freely to the bite location while massaging with sponge dauber applicator Dauber Pen with sponge idea applicator Read more For Double the Benzocaine Attempt StingEze Max 2 10% Benzocaine – Analgesic, anesthetic, and antipruritic. 1.35% Phenol – First aid antiseptic. 3% Camphor – External analgesic. Ammonia Free – Gentle onSkin Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber.

Question Question 1

Does This Work Better Than Bactine Spray?

We found it less ‘stingy than the spray.we like this stick b/c our 5 year old doesn t shout when we use it.??This product also can be used by her. It can be used to a much smaller sized location, too; which the spray can t. So, for us- Yes. This is better than bactine spray.

Question Question 2

Does This Have Lidocaine?

The active component is 5% Sodium Bicarbonate, no Lidocaine.

Question Question 3

Does This Work Better Than Bactine Spray?

It provided for us for chigger, ant and mosquito bites but YMMV

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on StingEze Original Insect Bite Itch Relief Dauber, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love this stuff. Our family appears to have mosquito atttactant in our blood, so this stuff is available in helpful. It truly does help the calm the itch, but it is short-term so keep the tube close by. This isn’t like the smelly stuff our mom found when we were kids – inadequate burning sensation to satisfy our fond memories, but it does the task. Idea: other customers stated it does not come out, or might be broken. It s truly just a leak-proof design. The idea has fabric on it that conceals a button. The concept is that the pressure utilized as you use the product to your skin will push the button and release the liquid onto the fabric. This never ever works for us. In reality, for us, it harms when we attempt to push hard enough to make the liquid comeout We are so pale that we have actually bruised ourself attempting. (not whimpering, just painting the entire image)the soft and squishy nature of skin just isn’t firm enough to press the button – unless it s for a bite right on the ankle bone. There is hope. We use the idea of our nail to press the button and get the fabric wet. Then we generally paint on the location that is itchy, and press the button once again with our finger nail to repeat the procedure up until we get all the bites and sweet relief sets in. For a few minutes anyhow.

Uncertain what kind of sorcery this is but we need to state, it works. Our dad states we are the best mosquito repellent due to the fact that they all gravitate to us and leave anybody around us alone. Needless to state, we get bit a lot in the summer and we are allergic so we get big welts. This purchase was so worth it. It reduces the itchiness more than any other product we have actually utilized. Ultimately it returns or you still feel it s there, but the ridiculous desire to it h is no longer there. Certainly worth it. The only factor we provided it 4 stars is because of the odor. Also, the first stick dripped all over and we needed to keep it in a different container. It s still worth the purchase, however.

Best stuff we have found to combat mosquito bites. Found it years earlier in hawaii, and the little bottle is now nearly empty. Found these daubers and they work great. You need to put it on as quickly as you get the bite, however, if all of it possible. If the huge welt has actually currently begun appearing, it might be far too late. We are the type that can feel a bite as quickly as we get it, and if we dab stingeze on immediately, we will not get a big welt. It winds up swelling just a bit and then decreases to a red spot. No itching. Love this stuff.

We purchased a replacement for our year-old sting stick but we have not needed to use it. We generally just get a new one at the start of outdoor camping season, but this year we chose to attempt the old one prior to opening the new one and we were amazed to discover the old one– which we keep in our truck when we are not camping– was still working. We made it through the whole camping/hiking season with in 2015’s stick. Thankfully, our kids and we require this for relief from mosquito bites just– for which it stops the itch nearly immediately & entirely– and we have actually not had celebration to attempt it on other sort of bites. But for mosquito bites we advise this without appointment.

We buy stingeze anti-itch tubes and provide away to our pals and family due to the fact that they truly work. We also cary them in our bag – they are super light and do not leakage. Pals and family typically ask us to bring some with us to leave at their home or call us and ask where to get ’em. Make certain the idea is damp by continuing it while the top is upside down. Then dab every 5 minutes 3 or 4 times after you get bit. Not just will the itch disappear but if you follow up with a few more dabs the entire bit will be gone within the hour.

This sting eze is essential for those adverse bee and insect stings. Once used, it instantly stops the hurt and redness., with no sticking around impacts. We bring for ourself but have actually utilized several times for others by remaining in the ideal location at the correct time to help.

Never ever wish to use it, but we had a old one and did after a wasp sting. It took the pain away very rapidly. We purchased 5 to offer to our family to have.

Bought for our 6 years of age to use. She gets huge bug bites and will scratch and scratch. The size of the stick is good and the scent isn’t too medicinal.

Great device that takes the sting out of bites. We use it for tick and chigger bites at the end of the day if they surpass our permanone spray.

Share with everybody who hangs around outsidebug bites and stings start getting better in just minutes bee utilizing it for over 20 years.

Functions great, not for long. Lidocaine ointment would work too. This is less expensive.

It eliminates most, but not all of the pain & itching from an insect bite. Nevertheless, we like it a lot.

Certainly works for itchy bug bites.

This stuff is clean and effective in taking the sting out after an insect bite.

Does an okay task for itchy bites. We have creams that work better.

This stuff works great on wasp and yellow coat stings. Takes the pain away truly fast. Have actually utilized it on ourself and understand how rapidly it works. We can’t constantly find this product in the drug store and considering that we reside in the nation and 25- minute drive from a drug shop, we keep these sticks on hand in the house for that time our grand son may suddenly get stung once again.

This is terrific for application after one has actually gotten regrettable mosquito bites.

Easy to use, helpful and truly works well.

Functions great and makes distinction.

We have actually not utilized this yet, as we still have some of the older product left. The ingredients are the very same so we are anticipating the very same wonderful results. Stops the itch from chiggers, mosquitoes and lots of other unknown “red” bumps. Functions like absolutely nothing else that we can find. Tough to find in our location, thus we bought online. Get some now.

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