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  • Make certain this fitsby entering your model number.
  • Made by Gen42 games Honored for quality by Mensa choose
  • Dr. Toy product of quality award winner
  • International player awards winner

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Product DescriptionHive pocket parlor game is the very exact same fantastic video game all of us love, but in a compact variation. With all its pieces in a portable little cloth bag, this video game can supply enjoyable practically anywhere.From the ManufacturerHive pocket is the very exact same fantastic video game all of us love, but in a compact variation. With all its pieces in a portable little cloth bag, this video game can supply enjoyable practically anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Smart Zone Games Hive Pocket.

Question Question 1

Does Hive Pocket Edition Have The Very Same Size Tiles As The Regular Hive Video Game?

Unsure, our company believe the regular video game has bigger tiles but the pocket edition has tiles that are resonable size.Honestly, we could not imagine them being any larger that how they remain in the pocket edition.

Question Question 2

Are The Mosquito And Ladybug Growths Suitable With Pocket Hive? Or Are They Consisted Of As Extra Pieces For The Base Hive Set?

Hive Pocket is a full, but smaller sized variation of Hive, and it consists of the Mosquito and Ladybug growths. The tiles consisted of are indicated to be paired with the Hive Pocket set, as they are smaller sized pieces than the original set.

Question Question 3

Does Hive Pocket Include The Pillbug Growth As Well As Ladybug And Mosquito?

The pillbug growth is offered independently. This games came out prior to the Pillbug. The growth consists of both the pocket and basic size.DaveBoardgames4us

Question Question 4

What Are The Dimensions Of Both The Original And The Pocket Tiles?

The size of the pocket video game pieces are a little less than 1 inch. The original video game pieces have to do with 1.5 inches in size.

Question Question 5

Are The Recommendations In English?

Yes, the consisted of guidelines remained in English when we bought here– and there is also PDF variation on the publisher’s site at https://www.gen42 com/downloads/rules/ hive_pocket_rules. pdf

Question Question 6

What Is The Distinction In Between The Hive Pocket And Hive Regular Other Than The Size?

The size must be the just distinction. we wear t understand if the original size consists of the basic mosquito and ladybug like all the editions of pocket that we have seen. we suggest pocket unless you are fretted about somebody choking on pieces.

Question Question 7

Would There Suffice Space To Use An Airplane (Fold-Down) Tray?

It may get a little tight, but yes, we believe you must have the ability to use the fold-down tray. our relative and use a lap sized tv-dinner tray when we’re being in bed together. It is around 1.5′ x 1′ and there is a lot of space. The larger issue we would believe is that the pieces might move and slide, especiall It may get a little tight, but yes, we believe you must have the ability to use the fold-down tray. our relative and use a lap sized tv-dinner tray when we’re being in bed together. It is around 1.5′ x 1′ and there is a lot of space. The larger issue we would believe is that the pieces might move and slide, particularly with the rocking and motion of the airplane or the individual being in the chair to which your tray is connected. If we were to bring Hive on an airplane, we would most likely bring a playmat of somesort, like possibly the rubber side of a large mousepad or something that would supply a non-slip surface area to help keep the tiles where you position them. That or make a board of some sort with hex ridges to keep pieces in location.

Question Question 8

What Are The Dimensions Of The Bag?

15 cmx21 cm (6″x8″)

Question Question 9

Just How Much Area Does It Take To Play? (Airline Company Tray Table?)?

The area it requires to play can differ a lot from one video game to another, considering that there is no real board to supply limits. But yes, we expect you might play most games utilizing and airline company tray table.

Question Question 10

Do You Believe This Would Be Too Hard For A 6 Year Old? He Likes Bugs And Takes Pleasure In Chess, But It is difficult For Him.?

we have constantly found chess difficult to play. we love this video game. Once he finds out how each bug can move it needs to be easy for him. There are also YouTube videos that make it easy to find out. If all else stops working the bug tiles are enjoyable to play with.

Question Question 11

What Is The Typical For This Video Game? What Age Is The Best Age To Play This Game?Thanks.?

we would rank it 9/10 Can be played with anybody 6 or older.An enjoyable tactical method video game with cool components.Each bug has its own unique relocations.You attempt to catch your challengers queen bee by surrounding her.You can include a piece or move a piece.Game lasts 5-20 minutes.

Question Question 12

Will An University Student Who Likes Games Like It? Attempting To Buy For A Grand Son That Is Incredibly Unpopular.?

Yes. The video game is sort of like chess and has a great deal of method, so if your grand son likes unpopular things like that he will enjoy this video game

Question Question 13

What Are The Distinctions From The Normal Hive Video Game And The Pocket Video Game?

our understanding is that Hive Pocket is a little smaller sized. we do not believe the smaller sized size is a problem at all. Plus, we got the mosquito and beetle growths consisted of.

Question Question 14

Is This The Bakelight Variation?

The pieces seem like they’re made of Bakelite; it’s not defined in the product packaging, but it does appear to be that.

Question Question 15

Is This The Entire Video Game Or Just The Bag?

The beauty of Hive is that there is no board–the pieces themselves end up being the board.So the video game loads into a small volume and even this little bag is no more than a quarter filled with tiles.But the enjoyable to volume ratio is the biggest of any video game you will ever play.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Smart Zone Games Hive Pocket, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We currently own carbon variation (bugs aren’t colored). In carbon and pocket variations, the ladybug and mosquito growth pieces are consisted of. You would just need to buy pillbug growth far down the roadway if you desire it. So these are the best offers. There are 26 tiles in both vs 22 in regular hive video game (extra pieces pointed out above). We are consisting of a size contrast so you can see size of pocket pieces vs regular pieces. We like them both. It may be simpler to teach children to play with pocket, considering that bugs are colored. If you are thinking about the colored bug original variation (22 piece) the buy the 3rd edition. That edition is this gorgeous bakelite product that this pocket and carbon sets are made of vs painted wood that can chip and be damaged and is not as good nor weighty as the bakelite. The bugs are painted truly well in this pocket variation. No skimping here. We are very satisfied. Storage bag is truly soft and good hand feel to it. Do not believe that matters? if you bring it around you will. It is a very enjoyable sensation, our company believe it is a short well done microfiber but we are not exactly sure. It does not feel suede like. Anyhow, we hope this evaluation and images help you. This is a truly enjoyable method video game for 2 people that you can play over and over once again.

We’re a 2 individual family, our child and me, and we’re constantly trying to find enjoyable games that truly work with 2 people but can be played in a fairly brief amount of time. This video game fits the costs. The guidelines are easy to find out: the point of the video game is to catch your challenger’s bee by moving your pieces so that it is confined on all sides (if the bee is confined on all sides, it counts as a win, even if some of the pieces come from your challenger). If you believe that sounds bit like chess, you’re right, and you’ll wish to protect your bee while attempting to catch your challenger’s bee. But the video game is more free form than chess: you develop the “board” by the tiles you play and where you position them, making every video game various. Another obstacle is that once the video game has started, the tiles need to stay linked in a single “hive;” any relocations that would leave a currently put piece sitting out by itself are prohibited. The hexagonal tiles need to also have the ability to move where they wish to go, with a few exceptions for “bugs” that can climb up or leap. You’ll wish to check out the guidelines, and maybe enjoy a few how-to videos, for the complete guidelines. We can generally play a video game in 5 minutes or less, and we truly enjoy it. The travel variation of the video game, which is this variation, has reasonably smaller sized tiles, about one inch throughout, instead of the full-size tiles, which are 1. 5 inches throughout (for those people in the us, that indicates the travel tiles have to do with the size of a quarter, while the full-size tiles have to do with the size of among the older half-dollar coins). The travel tiles are a little thinner, about 1/3 of an inch, but still feel significant and are easy to hold and relocation (the full-size tiles have to do with half an inch thick). In the travel set, the various “bugs” are various colors, just as in the original variation. All ants, for instance, are blue, while insects are green and the ladybug is red. The travel set also consists of 2 of the growth pieces, the mosquito and ladybug, which include new ways of moving. An orange drawstring bag, which quickly accommodates all the tiles and the guidelines, is consisted of.

We’re constantly trying to find games that travel well and work great for outdoors. Hive provides on each and every single requirement we have for a video game when we are camping. Like others we will definitely state how hive has a great “chess-like” feel to it, nevertheless the quick play time of it let’s you do numerous games in a portion of the time. When you first begin playing the method will be or appear rather simple, once you truly begin finding out each of the pieces moves you’ll find more and more ways to outsmart your challenger. The more frequently you begin with or attempt the various bugs the quicker you’ll find great techniques that work to your play style. In our viewpoint you do desire the pillbug growth contributed to this base video game that does have ladybug and mosquito in it currently. It includes another intriguing moveset that truly obstacles and modifications gameplay. About the quality, this video game is durable and effectively crafted, we love the feel of the tiles, they have a great weight to them. We had our copy out just recently at the beach and sat by the ocean all afternoon playing hive, most likely did 20 or more games and no indication at all of wear or tear after tiles fell onto the sand or had a light mist spraying on them from the sea. Each of those games was greatly various and the winner altered frequently as you can just do the exact same method a few times prior to your challenger will alter and adapt theirs, so it’s an enjoyable yank of war in between the various plays. Would suggest if you like method, are maybe currently a chess gamer, delight in fast games, and like some intriguing relocations that each various bug can take. So all the pros are here above, the just con we might believe to contribute to our evaluation would be if you prefer lighter games with less method. If you for instance disliked chess, please still provide this a shot, we believe you’ll be gladly shocked.

We like hexes, we like bakelite, we like bugs, and we like abstract method games, particularly leopard hunt games where you catch by surrounding. Hive pocket ticks all those boxes, and that’s remarkable due to the fact that this video game does not even have ticks in it. A great abstract 1v1 video game with little to no ‘take that’ element and a more suppressed style of gameplay that favorably enhances cleverness, rather than triggering a gamer to flush red each time a creative relocation ismade Quality elements. The name downplays itself – if kept in the plastic sleeve inside the product packaging, this video game is watch pocket sized. The exceptional quality elements, the absence of set-up time, the simpleness of the mechanics, and the instinctive design viewpoint that entered into each bug and its guidelines all make this video game a classic. But do get the pillbug to go with this: it makes the distinction in between 10-15 minute games and endurance matches. We suggest hive in all its kinds, but this one most of all.

Remarkably deep method. Not as deep as some of the other evaluations claim, but deep enough to be very enjoyable with casual gamers (for whom we provide a handicap). We dislike the mosquito– it’s too powerful and the first gamer to get 4 ants on the board has too huge of a benefit– aka gamer one has too huge of a benefit. But that’s completely okay, we just play with the mosquito as if it’s the pillbug. We have found that gamer one still has a large benefit with the pillbug, but less than the basic video game. From lots of games played, our good friends and we also let the pillbug have a relocation called the “switcheroo” where it can switch locations with any nearby piece. That then makes the video game have 2 synchronised arm-races, the first one being who can get the well-positioned ants on the board, and the 2nd, who can get the best placed pillbug on the board. We found that gamer one still has a benefit here due to the fact that he/she can get a well-placed beatle on the board first, so we included that if the pillbug does not do any expensive relocations, it can runaway with a couple of relocations. This seems an incredible balance. The guideline brochure appears like its missing out on particular circumstance that can occur, so when those turned up, we have just made our own guidelines, but it appears odd that the designer didn’t supply a more complete set of guidelines, considering that some of the circumstances turned up in the very first video game. But that’s barely a huge offer, considering that we like the guidelines that we have turned up with better anyways.

Hive pocket puts the head pulsating method of hive into a small pouch huge enough to take anywhere. The pieces are still rather visible and easy to steer, but little sufficient to fit on any reasonably sized table. We played it on the airplane, for circumstances. Hive is a 2 gamer video game that includes hexagonal tiles with various bugs printed on them, each with a unique motion pattern. Gamers begin by positioning or moving among their pieces on the table, forming an adjoining hive of bugs that need to keep contact with the hive at all times. Gamers win by surrounding their challenger’s queen bee tile on all 6 sides, no matter who the surrounding tiles come from. The outcome is a chess like video game with even more possibilities and is very aesthetically appealing. The bugs’ motion patterns are simple to bear in mind as they simulate the bug itself, and therefore makes the video game easy to get and tough to master. We extremely suggest this variation over the original, as it is just as easy to play and is more flexible due to its size. In addition, the pocket edition includes 2 extra pieces not consisted of in the original, the mosquito and the ladybug. These tiles would otherwise cost you around $12 a piece for the original variation.

Great quick video game with great deals of method included. This video game is easy to find out and has a high re-playability. Not to discuss we can take this little thing anywhere- the coffeehouse, the airport, the beach. It just needs a percentage of area on you and a little surface area to use. We are very happy we selected the pocket variation over the regular one- the pieces do not feel too little, they have a great weight, and it comes with 2 extra bugs.

We were not sure whether to buy the full size or the pocket size, and chose to get the pocket size based on remarks from a customer. The pocket pieces are plenty huge (1 inch in size) and are of great quality and magnificently embellished. The video game is enjoyable to play too. The pocket edition has the ladybug and mosquito growths consisted of, which is great, due to the fact that getting the growths independently is costly. Our partner and we have played the video game a few times without the ladybugs and mosquitos as advised, and we can t wait to begin utilizing the growths.

This is an enjoyable, quick plot. It s relatively easy to get and is exceptionally portable. Our 8 years of age and we like to play it in between cooking supper or when we have a few minutes to spare. The play experience resembles a mix in between chess and blokus. Our kid had the ability to choose it up pretty rapidly and dips into a fundamental level. We have a fun time. Nevertheless our partner and we get to bend more method and be a bit shrewd. It s genuinely a video game for all levels.

This video game was advised to our family, but we had a difficult time purchasing it due to the fact that the original was so huge and we were trying to find things that we might quickly take a trip with and shop in a little area. We purchased this one and are truly happy with it. First, the pieces are plenty huge for comfy play. Second, you get 2 growth sets with it. And 3rd, it’s a great method video game that anybody can find out, but that takes a little brain power to play, so it’s truly great for lots of ages to play. We would state 6-7 would not be too young if the kiddo had an interest in games. In general, we would suggest the pocket variation over the bigger variation with less pieces.

We initially purchased this due to the fact that we believed our kids would like it as an alternative to chess. We did some research on the product to learn more about the video game prior to hand and people are raving about this. There are couple variations that you canbuy We selected the travel set so that we or our kids might take it on journeys or to good friends homes. We are very happy with the size of the pieces and the quality. They are effectivelymade The pieces are resin. They have to do with the size of a quarter. This set can be used practically any smooth and level surface area. The video game itself it s very enjoyable. In the beginning we believed it would be easy and not have quite depth. Nevertheless, it s complete reverse. There is just as much depth and method going on as chess, if notmore The games last 5 to 15 minutes, which is a great timeframe for kids and grownups. We have taken it to work and found it to be a great coffee break video game. Everybody appears to like it. People catch on super fast. We also purchased the pillbug growth. We wear t use it much but it s a very tactical piece that brings more intricacy.

This video game is a great deal of enjoyable while you are discovering it. It is definitely worth the cost of a motion picture for 2. Nevertheless, after 2 or 3 months, our relative and we got to the point where every video game is a draw. We have attempted whatever within our limited intelligence and simply can’t find way to make this video game enjoyable any longer. We even limited a few moves intending to make the games more tough, but absolutely nothing worked and we lastly quit. But we will state that we had a great deal of enjoyable getting to this point. We even purchased numerous sets for presents.

A really outstanding video game, and one extremely suggest for fans of abstract method games, or more gamer games in basic. The guidelines are simple to find out, yet the tactical options offered make the video game enjoyable and tough. The bakelite pieces are of extremely high quality, and are good to walk around on any flat surface area. We also own the full-size variation of hive (plus 3 growths), and acquired the pocket variation too for mobility when taking a trip. We absolutely suggest also acquiring the pillbug pocket growth, which includes depth and range, and make a currently great video game even better (hive pocket is currently packaged with the mosquito and ladybug). Hive is a great video game, and one that we look forward to betting years to come.

One major problem with hive pocket, that we have not seen pointed out here, is that it is truly too little for youths to play without knocking the tiles out of orientation. One needs to have pretty adroit fingers to be able to keep the tiles in their appropriate locations throughout the video game. If you are on a rough flight or playing with a child, this size of hive might be a little aggravating. Would not be a huge offer but the way some of the pieces move and can’t move is determined by having the ability to see a straight orientation of pieces. Our relative and we play this variation with no problem, whatsoever (and we have never ever had a problem playing this with other grownups). Nevertheless, when we present more youthful kids to this (we operate at the young boys and women club), some of them are little disappointed with the special that is needed to keep things directly. The bigger variation just does not have this concern. Anybody of affordable age might play the original variation. As an entire, outstanding video game, magnificently wrought, a really sophisticated design.

We were trying to find a portable video game to use up to our regional bar. They have a beautiful patio area and we like to sit outdoors. We attempted playing chess, but it was too troublesome to bring. Hive pocket edition is the perfect alternative. The video game is easy to find out but gets more tough the better you get at it. The pieces are well made and enjoyable to touch and playwith We love that the ladybug and mosquito growths came with this travel set. The only possible enhancement we may like to see would be a silicone printed mat to use. Often it’s difficult to keep the tiles completely lined up and to inform where there’s truly an open area in the video game or not. In general, it’s rapidly turning into one of our preferred couple games.

This possibly the most enjoyable abstract method video game we have ever played. It’s a lot like chess in that each piece has a various motion, but it is also absolutely distinctive. The method is deep, but the video game is much easier and plays much faster than chess. If you desire a more complex video game, you can buy the growths, or in the case of the pocket variation, they come consisted of (other than without the pillbug). The things of the video game is to surround your challenger’s queen bee (a hexagon marked with a bee graphic). The other hexagonal tiles (with bugs inscribed on them) have unique motions. The pieces are truly beautiful and are much improved from the original wood pieces. We would suggest getting the pocket or the original variation, not the carbon variation. Sure you conserve a few dollars on the carbon variation, but there are few cautions with the carbon variation. With the carbon variation there are just 2 colors (black and white), that makes it more difficult to inform the playing pieces apart than the original or pocket variations of “hive,” where each playing piece (bug) is a various color, making it a lot easier to inform the distinction in between the pieces. Second, and this is just a viewpoint, the carbon variation offers it a very severe look, like chess. Some people likethat We do not. The colors develop a lively, easy-going taste. Among the huge benefits of the video game is that it is much more available to people than chess. The severe look of the carbon variation makes itlook Like chess, reducing the possibility that people will attempt out the video game due to the fact that they believe they’re playing the tough, severe and complex video game of chess. Our suggestion is get this set.

We acquired this video game after a little research on: helpful for 2 gamers, little to no established (we have a very curious feline that like to enter into whatever we do), and something that would take a trip well. This video game ticked off all of the boxes. After getting utilized to the guidelines and how each video game piece moved we were connected. The video game also came with 2 extra pieces with their own relocations, we have played a few times to get the hang of whatever and will begin incorporating these extra pieces quickly and am thrilled to hear that there are some growths to it too. Extremely suggest.

This is among those games where if you make one incorrect relocation, the rest of the video game is just viewing the other individual whoop your butt. Our partner and we got tired of that genuine quick, so we have some alternative/additional guidelines that we often provide for enjoyable:1) the queen need to be put on the fourth relocation, no other time2) all the pieces need to be face-down to begin other than the queen, so you do not understand what you’re going to get if you choose to make use of your turnwe also suggest the pillbug growth, although another among our guidelines is whether we play with it or without it (it’s sort of a powerful piece). In general we truly like this video game.

We were trying to find a two-player video game for our sweetheart and we to play considering that having a regular video game night can be a difficult thing to strategy with our good friends. We discovered this and considering that the both people are entomologists, it appeared perfect – and it is. This video game is remarkable. We have a lot enjoyable and it’s a continuous knowing experience. Like other evaluations point out, it’s enjoyable to dip into supper. Pointer: f you’re betting somebody routinely and among you regularly wins, attempt talking through your relocations – it truly helps. Mentor the video game is also a breeze that makes it an enjoyable video game to give celebrations or meals. Oh, and if you’re torn in between this and the full size variation, go with this one unless you just truly want/need the huge pieces. These work completely well and feel good in the hand. We also prefer the drawstring pouch to the zippered among the full size – in addition, it’s a better offer with the growths. If you like a simple but remarkably tough video game, get this.

We love hive – we got this variation for the color and the growths. (we have also owned carbon). Though we do not be sorry for getting the pocket variation – the full size variation is simpler to play. The size of the tiles, despite the fact that they have a great weight and feel, makes them bounce around a bit more when you’re moving pieces. So the board continuously requires nudging and adjusting due to the fact that pieces have “pool balled” away from one another.

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