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Sky Organics – Organic Shea Butter

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sky Organics – Organic Shea Butter.

  • Contains: 1 x 16 oz. tub of raw Organic Shea Butter by Sky Organics
  • Deeply Moisturizes Dry Skin: Our raw Organic Shea Butter moisturizes skin and helps soften and smooth dry locations.
  • 100% Raw and Unrefined Shea Butter: Sky Organics Shea Butter is 100% pure and unrefined to maintain all of its beauty benefits it is not a whipped body butter or shea butter lotion.
  • Face and Body Butter for Dry Skin: Use Shea Butter on the face and body for long-term moisture.
  • Properly Made African Shea Butter: Sky Organics Shea Butter is properly sourced and is 100% vegan and ruthlessness- free.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sky Organics – Organic Shea Butter.

Question Question 1

Can You Use This Product For Natural Hair?

Yes you most absolutely can. It conditions our natural hair and is super moisturizing. Also we are 4a/4b natural just for you’re referral.

Question Question 2

Can You Use It On Your Face?

we have utilized it on our face. but attempt not to put a lot

Question Question 3

Is This Fair Trade?

Fair Trade NEEDS an accreditation.This company does not have an accreditation that we can see anywhere.

Question Question 4

Is It Expected To Be Creaour Or Dry And Like Paste?

It comes as a dry like paste once it remains in your hands the heat of your hands turns it creaour very fast.

Question Question 5

Is This Product Whipped As Well As Unrefind?

Yes, unrefined, but NOT whipped. we have made numerous body butters with this and other products combined with it. It works up very perfectly. This is without a doubt our preferred shea butter. Have bought consistently and a number of their otherproducts Hope this assisted you choose what to do

Question Question 6

Can We Use It On Our Face Too??

we use it on our face every day. Just a percentage is required.After a number of weeks you should see a distinction in the texture of your skin

Question Question 7

At What Space Temperature Level Will Shea Butter End Up Being Soft Enough To Use To Skin? We Check Out Somebody Stated They Needed To Scape Or Pry It Out.?

It’s compressed, but creaour – not rock solid/hard.You need to push strongly with your fingers to scoop it out, then it softens in your hands rapidly and onto your skin when you rub it in. we would never ever melt it, that would be very runny and unpleasant. This brand of shea butter is very elegant and we are extre It’s compressed, but creaour – not rock solid/hard.You need to push strongly with your fingers to scoop it out, then it softens in your hands rapidly and onto your skin when you rub it in. we would never ever melt it, that would be very runny and unpleasant. This brand of shea butter is very elegant and we are incredibly delighted. we did a great deal of research in advance of various types, quality, texture, and so onand we are so happy that we will not think about utilizing another brand. It feels great on your skin, is the greatest quality, and no trouble using it.It is NOT a lotion or cream, it has a butter texture that resembles solidified butter in your fridge (not the freezer.) and it merges your skin right away.Hope all this helps.

Question Question 8

The Leading Texture Is Thick And White And The Rest Is Yellow-colored AndSolid Is That Normal?

No, it’s not normal. It ought to all be solid and white. Send it back.

Question Question 9

Why Does It State External Use Online When Shea Is Edible? Red Flag??

Liability problems. The production center is most likely not certified for industrial food production.

Question Question 10

Does It Can Be Found In A Glass Container So We Can Make A Do It Yourself Essential Oil Lotion?

The container is (tough) plastic.

Question Question 11

Is It Odor Like The Nuts?Smell Like The Unsalted Almonds Or Hazel Nuts When You Chew It.?

No, there is a very small smell.It smells fresh.It is a clean odor.

Question Question 12

Does This Butter Absorb Into Skin, Some Stay Greasy When Applied, So Whatever Clothing You Use Also Gets Greasy.?????

Takes in extremely well no problems with fabrics.

Question Question 13

Can We Use It On Our Face Too??

Absolutely but you ‘d most likely wish to melt it down with a provider oil and then whip it.

Question Question 14

Have You Ever Gotten A Pound That Was Gritty Fee To Being Unrefined?

This is our first pound and not gritty at all.we do not believe it ought to be.

Question Question 15

Is The Container Glass Or Plastic?

It’s BPA Free Amber Plastic

Question Question 16

What Grade Is This Shea Butter? A- F?

It’s 100% pure organic Grade A unrefined Shea Butter

Question Question 17

Has Anybody Utilized This In A Food Dish? Desiring This To Change Cocoa Butter For Homemade Carob Chips.?

we have become aware of people utilizing shea butter as cooking fats, but that’s about it. Personally we do not believe it would be an excellent concept, but we would just do our research on it to cover your bases.

Question Question 18

Can We Use Straight To Our Bare Face?

U absolutely can, we use shea butter as the base to make Do It Yourself eye and face cream. Mix with castor oil and frankincense essential oil. Provide it a shot. we love this stuff

Question Question 19

Is This Product Cold Pressed?

Yes. Cold- press extraction is utilized to make this Shea butter.

Question Question 20

Worked For Stretch Marks?

Yes it does great with stretch marks. Our Cocoa butter is even better with stretch marks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Sky Organics – Organic Shea Butter, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This stuff has conserved our dry winter season skin in a matter of one day. We are so impressed. The scent is nearly not even visible- just very earthy and natural which is great for our super sensitive skin. It does not block our pores or trigger pimples like coconut oil did on our face. The container is big too. This will last all of us year a minimum of. We are so so so happy with this and advise it 100%. Definitly invest the little additional money to get this kind, trust us:) upgrade: we have just recently begun utilizing this on our hair integrated with our leave in conditioner. & for referral we had never ever had super long hair previously so we had no concept how to keep it healthy but this works so well. Our hair gets very dry on the ends but our scalp gets oily so we were having a hard time to find balance for a while. We have thin caucasian hair so we need to just use a little and mix it with the leave- in conditioner we have so that our hair is not weighed down or anything. But we absolutely love this product still. Next im going to attempt to make a homemade hair mask of some sort:-RRB-.

Wow, wow, wow. This will be our very first evaluate on. Story time. So we purchased this numerous months back. And when the first tub was done, we purchased another along with a coconut oil from the very same company. When the order showed up, we got the coconut oil, but with cocoa butter, rather of shea butter. We just presumed we made an error and forgot everything about it. The coconut oil was great. But the cocoa butter was way too tough. We never ever touched it as you can see from the current pic connected. This remained in november or two. So a couple days back, while shopping here, we chose to reorder the shea butter, because we liked it. We went through our previous orders searching for the company, just to find out, that we did undoubtedly order shea butter, and not cocoa butter. So the error was from their end. Offered that this was nearly 5 months back, we put in a note to the seller, but did not believe much of it. Or a minimum of, we anticipated some resistance, offered the length of time back the error was. 2 days later on, our order showed up with a replacement tub of shea butter. No questionsasked Not one. Speak about exceptional client service. You have gotten a devoted customer in me.:) if you are on the fence, this shea butter is the truth. Rich, smooth, melts without much resistance, organic and odor respectable( for shea butter:-RRB-) ok. That’s the end of our story. And of on our “perhaps” just evaluation on. Cheers.

We are recuperating from surgery, and our skin has been very irritated and dry. We desired something very pure and gentle with no included scents or preservatives while our skin is healing. This has been fantastic up until now. It melts and ends up being very smooth and easy to massage in with the heat from our hands. We were intending on blending this with some coconut oil (that s what we did with pure cocoa butter) to make it simpler to spread out, but this doesn t require it. After a few minutes, our skin is baby soft with no oily residue. We have utilized palmers and more pricey shea butter from bath and body works and the body store in the past, but this one is our preferred without a doubt. The skin around our surgery website has been splotchy, red, itchy, and peeling for a month now. We have sensitive skin, and we dislike medical tape, but it was a required evil. This doesn t sting our irritated skin like a number of the other creams and creams we have attempted, even fragrance free ones that claim to be for sensitive skin. After just a few days of utilizing this after our shower, our skin is not red or itchy any longer. It will take longer to see if it helps with our scars, naturally. We intend on blending it with a few drops of bio- oil for the scars. We can imagine this being fantastic for dry chapped skin in the winter season too.

We just got the shea butter a few days ago and hesitated we would not like the odor, based on some evaluations. But we liked the odor. It smells like roasted nut, and it is not strong at all. We were preparing to use plain shea butter on our skin, but it has a rough texture that feels unusual and doesn t spread extremely well. We chose to blend it with coconut oil and lavender oil, and it was a lot easier to use, plus the mix smelled so great. That mix can be a little oily, depending upon the quantity you use, but our heels are so dry that we didn’t mind, and it assisted soften our skin. We found numerous dishes online for homemade lotion utilizing shea butter, coconut oil and essential oil, and we will absolutely attempt making it ourself. The quality of this shea butter is exceptional.

Came in the nick of time for the cold midwest winter season. Shea butter has worked marvels for our hair. Its so soft and hydrated. And our skin????? is lastly holding some moisture. Perfect for the cold cold weather. Will absolutely buy more and experiment with the various recommendations in the handout. For those questioning. This can be found in a raw form but melts very quickly in hand.

We have had problems with dry dry dry cracked feet for 10+ years. We utilized this for 2 days and it currently began to heal our feet. Now its been 7 days and our feet are nearly normal. We are sooo amazed. We have attempted heal scrubs (in your home and at hair salons), vaseline, creams, baby creams, heal repair. Whatever and absolutely nothing has worked but this. We did find out we dislike acrylates/acrylics (which fywe every product has it in it – creams, moisturizers, makeup, hair products, face soap, body soap, meal soap, detergent. And more.) so it was difficult discovering a “lotion” we might use. Not just is this natural (no acrylates/acrylics) but it repaired our feet. We are going to attempt to make it into more of moisturizer/lotion so we can put in a pump. We have been putting it around our eyes and discovered its assisting withwrinkles Love this.

This is great quality shea butter. We like the density of it. You need to heat it up in your hands to get it to spread out simpler but it lasts on our skin throughout the day. Our skin and nails are so soft. We will attempt it on our hair next.

Been utilizing it for about a month now and we need to state it works. Compared to other products, often we feel the “cool” or itchy sensation while the lotion dries out; nevertheless, we do not experience any with this product. We also like that the product remains in a “paste” and require to scoop it out when use. So we do not need to stress accidently dropped some lotion to the ground. As the jar advised, you require to rub it carefully on your skin. It will look like you are putting pudding on your skin on the first 2 or 3 rubs, but when your body running start melting the shea butter, whatever just work completely. Even when it is melted, you will not feel oily. It just feel good and smooth. If you are searching for scent, this product is unrefined so you just get how the shea butter odor, which is a very light nutty scent. Not strong, but if you do not like any nuts, you may not like this one at all.

Because returning to chicago, we require a much heavier moisturizer. We have been utilizing a various shea butter for the previous year but just recently it hasn’t been doing the task. In evaluating other shea butters on, we discovered this was’s choice. We chose to provide it a shot. Unlike our last shea butter, this is creamier. You do not need to let the heat from your hand melt it prior to using. It’s currently in a cream form so you can use it right now. There is a faint odor. Type of advises us of clay. Its just around for a minute or more. It disappears after its used. We have just been utilizing it for a couple days but up until now we like it. It’s doing the task and our skin does not feel dry.

We are nearly through our first container and we could not be more delighted with the results. We use the shea butter on our feet prior to bed. Our feet are soft and nourished and at age 63 that’s a miracle. Due to the fact that you need to “melt” the butter, we use the excess on our arms and hands. Heavenly. Just a fantastic product.

We got our sky organic a organic unrefined raw shea butter today. As you can see by the photo, we wereted no time at all digging into it. We bought this at full rate based on the evaluates we saw. We purchased it to use to help with hair development, to reinforce our hair and to use to make our homemade facial creamsthis is organic, it is raw andunrefined This is a natural way to look and feel great. We understand when utilized on hair that shea butter need to not be utilized alone. It requires to be combined with moisture to seal the shea butter in. The very best way is to wet your hair, make a cream out of the shea butter with a provider oil such as jojoba, argan, almond oils etc. Apply this to your hair and scalp and leave it on to condition for a minimum of 1/2 hour prior to cleaningout Unrefined shea butter contains a rich quantity of unremovabke fat which renews and moisturizesit promotes cellular activity, battles the impacts of aging and repairs damaged skin. So not just am we utilizing this to help reinforce and grow hair but as a moisturizer for our skinthere are no ingredients once again it is pure ivory african unrefined organic shea butter. The factor you desire unrefined is since fine-tuned goes through processing in which hexane is included. If you are searching for shea biter that is pure we advise sky organics shea butter.

We just recently just cut off all our hair since it remained in such bad condition so we chose to begin from scratch. After the slice we began cleaning our hair with absolutely nothing but water and the utilizing the shea butter on our scalp and we need to state its been doing remarkable things for our hair. We are observing its growing back thicker and even has a curl that we didn’t have in the past, going the organic path was the best choice ever.

After some extensive research and checking out numerous evaluations, we chose to acquire this shea butter. We use shea butter on our skin and hair. We particularly use it on our children since they have mild eczema so discovering quality shea butter was very essential to me. After browsing through both unfavorable and favorable evaluations, we got our helpful dandy chain saw ready. Numerous evaluations suggested that this shea butter was very tough to take out from the container which had us a little worried about our purchase. Nevertheless, once we opened the lid we might right away see (without even touching it yet), that this was as smooth as butter. We set our chain saw aside?? (absolutely being amusing here) and scraped some onto our excited fingers. It was incredibly easy to get thisout We then rubbed it together, used it to our dry skin, and life felt fantastic once again. This is exceptional, quality shea butter. The next early morning our skin still felt so smooth and very moisturized. We will never ever acquire another brand. This is the winner.???????? upgrade: it’s been a few weeks now with this product and it is really remarkable. Our skin looks and feels fantastic.

We love shea butter but was tired of having a hard time with the firmness of common shea butter. We would see youtube videos of how people would their own shea butter and have pals who would whip their own. Me personally, we are too lazy for that so we investigated “whipped shea butter” and stumbled upon this gem. We love how soft it was to the hard and the truth that it is ivory/white shea butter and not the yellow kind. We were notified that the yellow kind is not really shea butter. We intend on discovering adorable little containers so we can blend this with scentedoils A great deal of people grumble about the scent of natural shea products but this didn’t trouble us and it rapidly reduces after being rubbed in. And it is remarkable on hair. We never ever would use shea butter in the past for our hair since it was tough to blend in when utilizing the more difficult types. It is a great size for the rate too. We will absolutely be acquiring more and getting some for our sis. (she would grumble about the firmness of typical brand names too, although she liked the product itself). We are even thinking about attempting your mango butter quickly.

This product is great. We provided our child the bottle since she uses it for her psoriasis. We didn’t recognize just how much our skin would miss it. We are turning forty 8 and we believe this is working great for ourwrinkles We also believe it is assisting to grow our eyelashes too. They appears to be getting longer? it is thicker, so we put it on primarily during the night, although recently we have been utilizing in the early morning too.

We attempted this when visiting our child, liked it and utilized it everyday while we existed. We purchased it while we existed so we might continue utilizing it when we returned home. We purchased 2, one for ourself and one for our other child. She began utilizing it prior to we returned home. She enjoys it, also. The problem is with our specific jar. There’s a 2 inch hole in the center of the product that we are dissatisfied with- that’s a great deal of product that we didn’t get to use. Our child stated hers was a full jar. We make certain this is a rarity, but nevertheless, it would’ve been good if quality assurance had found the concern prior to it was sent out to clients. (the photo does not reveal a reasonable view of the size of the hole.

Amazed when getting some out of container. Genuine thick compound that you rub vigrously to to thin then use onto your skin. Our legs and hands were drying and regular creams were not working for genuine moisture long- term. This stuff is thick but keep your skin damp overnight. Provide it a shot, it’s just odd at first in that it seems like mud till you warm it up in your hands.

We have never ever utilized any body butters prior to in our life. But we ended up being unpleasant this previous winter season (we transferred to the north east and wasn t gotten ready for the extreme winter seasons here.) when our skin ended up being incredibly dry and scaly with a rash on the back of our hands and sides of our shins. We have attempted blending johnson s baby oil gel with our moisturizer for a few months and exfoliated frequently to remove the dead skin, but it didn’t yield any results. Our skin itched like insane. But after searching for online and reading about homemade body butters we chose to attempt shea butter as a last option. Kid, we were so amazed. We didn’t have the perseverance to make a whipped butter. The shea butter appeared tough and tough to go into at first as pointed out by other customers. But we figured a way to scoop up a little at a time utilizing warm fingers put under warm water for a few seconds. Then we right away include a drop of nutrogena sesame body oil (any provider oil works) and blend it and all of it merges our palms ready to be used all over. As quickly as you use, it appears very oily on the skin but trust us and leave it on for a few minutes and your skin would soak all of it up. We use the butter to moisturize our hands every night and on our knees and legs prior to bedtime for that periodic itch and it uses relief right away. We continue to exfoliate and have eliminated all the dead skin scales on our body. Our skin has never ever felt better looked after and we will continue to use this through the summer for our lower body. Just keep in mind to include a drop of any provider oil to melt the butter.:–RRB-.

About 11-12 weeks into our pregnancy, our spouse purchased this for us, after a b- ch session we had with ourself and the wall about our worry of stretch marks. (we currently have them from our department we sports playing, hulk days). When it came, we fidgeted since we were at the tail end of our early morning illness, every new and odd odor made us ill as heck, and we check out some people not liking the odor. We were so terrified of the odor destroying this for us. But when we opened it, the odor was a mild nutty earthy odor. We would never ever smelled anything like it, and our picky bubble guts was okay, so we slathered it on our belly and cans, and then put a cocoa butter and other stinky pals lotion over it. After the 3rd day of putting this on early morning and prior to bed, the odor just disappeared to me, and we really began liking it by the end of the week. We are nearly to the preggo goal, and while we understand that stretch marks are hereditary, this fantastic stuff loads on and in the moisture, and helps us to seem like im doing whatever that we can to stave off and ideally prevent (fingers crossed) stretch marks. We use the flat side of our nail to roll it off, as it’s a paste consistency, and then 5 seconds in between our palms melts it down to be rubbed on. Utilizing this freely two times a day for the last 23-24 weeks, we will buy another jar when it’s empty. Ive got about 1/4 jar left, and will be utilizing it frequently after pregnancy. We love this stuff.

Organic shea butter is a should have for all women no matter their complexion type. It tones, nurtures, smooths appearance of great lines, reduces intensity/darkness of age spots (with daily use), provides a protective barrier/moisturizes without obstructing pores along with retards the development of acne – triggering germs. It does not leave an oily residue on our clothes/sheets (permit 5- ish minutes for skin absorption prior to dressing) yet protection from the elements/prevention of moisture loss lasts for hours. Shea butter is particularly helpful for those who live in a location that experiences weather condition extremes during any/all seasons (like southwest colorado). Warming a dollup of this butter by rubbing w/fingers in palm of hand prior to pat- using to face is advised (boosts ease of spreadability/reduces unneeded yank on skin). It rapidly recovered our split/chapped lips & fever blister dissapeared with 2 applications. We smooth this stuff over whole body (consisting of feet. Great for flaky patches, softens calluses, avoids heel & toe nail fractures). Small, nutty scent dissapates soon after application. The factor we picked sky organics brand over other, organic shea butters is since of the bpa – free container.

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