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Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars

Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars.

  • Improves the appearance of scars
  • Scientifically shown to flatten, soften, and reduce redness of scars over the course of treatment
  • 15 gram tube
  • Helps to relieve itching, pain and pain associated with scars

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars.
Size: Pack of 1Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars develops a protective film, for cuts, fractures or burns, permitting your healing easily and avoiding keloid development or hypertrophy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars.

Question Question 1

Will It Work For Scars Which Appear More Than 4 Years?

Don t waste your cash. It doesn t as all. we purchased it after we have c-section about amonth. It doesn t as all.

Question Question 2

What S The Distinction In Between This Sinclair Product And The White Tube Kelo-Cote Advanced Scar Gel? Are They Both Manufactured In The United States?

This is the best seller

Question Question 3

Whats The Distinction From Kelo-Cote By Sinclair & By Alliance Labs?

KeloCote is more pricey and we find that Mederma works better and it’s more economical. we do not learn about Alliance Labs product.never become aware of it

Question Question 4

Does This Work For Keloids From Piercings?

we are not genuine sure about this, but our scar was starting to keloid and this product assisted to reduce this.If your scar is older, we do not understand if it will work also, but it deserves attempting.

Question Question 5

Does This Product Contain Fragrance?

No, it does not consist of fragrance.

Question Question 6

Can You Ship It To China?

we have no idea.That’s a question for the seller.

Question Question 7

Does It Work For Eyelid?


Question Question 8

How Long Is The Expiration Date?

A minimum of 12 months for our existing batch

Question Question 9

How Long Does A 15 G Tube Last?

For per individual

Question Question 10

The Scars Of Mosquito Bites, Okay?

It is more for surgical cuts/scars.

Question Question 11

Is This A Phony Product? Fake?

No, its not a phony product. Nevertheless, we found that Mederma is better, and much more economical.

Question Question 12

How Do You Use Kelt-Cote Gel?

Carefully massage Keli-Cote into the scar.

Question Question 13

Where Is The Origin Of This Product?


Question Question 14

Is This Scar Cream A 100% Silicone Gel?

This cream doesn t work wear t waste your cash.

Question Question 15

Does It Work For Stretch Marks?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Sinclair Kelo-Cote Gel for Scars, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Did eye surgery, use recovery quickly?we are so happy.

We saw many ppl state this one does not work. We felt the exact same in the start but we have demanded utilizing it for a month and we can see the scars are diminishing.

We wear t typically provide bad evaluations. And the product is as explained. But they truly require better product packaging. Bc they just thru the product in a cushioned envelope and when we got it, the box was completely smashed. Fortunately the tube was okay. But we truly believe it would be good if they use a box to pack it. Bc it is very possible that the tube might get crushed and the product would be damaged.

We bought this for a friend of mine that resides in china that asked for that we help her buy this for her boy who just had a cut that required stitches. We wear t understand how she found out about it. She didn’t desire her boy to mature with a long-term scar. We personally did not use it but she thansord us just recently for assisting her get this for her boy and states that it has assisted a lot.

Our finger was cut and we had surgery. We heard that this is excellent for surgical scars. We purchased it. We hope it will work.??????.

We utilized this on our lower eyelid scar from blepharoplasty. We have very sensitive eyes and it did not burn or sting. We wear t believe it even entered into our eye like lots of products appears to. Kelo-cote worked well on our fresh scars and now they aren t obvious.

We were utilizing tea tree oil for our piercing and it was not sufficing. This turned up on some online forums as working truly well on keloids and it truly works. Everyones body’s are various but it was precisely what my own required to heal our piercings.

Very effective. Our child’s scar has improved a lot given that she utilized it. It’s clearly improved. The only downside is that it’s so oily that it takes us a long period of time to wash it off each time we put our finger on it.

Bought for a friend. We will upgrade when we get her feed back.

Did not see huge enhancement but our friend rec to me.

No lo he usado, un dermatólogo us recomendó otra.

We purchased this for our child. We waited to provide our evaluation up until the result is truly revealed. Yes, it is incredible to remove our child s scar on her hand.

We purchased this a lot for our member of the family. Our cousin stated it s practical so we purchased for our boy too. He just began to use it, we want it can truly help.

Great quality, considerable effect after use days. Package well.

Excelent product for scars.

Product is excellent, but the package is bad. Hope use box to bring the product rather of envelope?.

Great for c area scar. Required more time to reveal the effect.

Still not comprehend why this product is not hot yet lol.

Such a charming and simple concept. we were reluctant to buy this toy due to the unfavorable evaluations, but we need to state that we were happily shocked. Bought this for our 2 years of age woman to use in the shower and she definitely enjoys it. It sticks well on the bath tub. She like to make ice cream on bathtime. Good quality, we would suggest it.

We purchased for our friend for remove the cutting the scars on both eyelids works for a while, but it takes some time to work.

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