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ShiKai - Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion

ShiKai – Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of ShiKai – Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion.

  • FAST RELIEVE DRY, ITCHY & CRACKED SKIN: These OMEGA- 6 products are particularly formulated to relieve dry cracked skin in just days & promote the development of healthy new skin cells for long- termbenefits Suggested by medical professionals & clients
  • BORAGE PRODUCTS ARE UNIQUE, EFFECTIVE NATURAL SOLUTIONS: Utilizing ancient ingredients like shikakai and the modern-day technology of omega- 6 oil, Shikai has created a new instructions in both hair and skin care. Rich in borage, an omega- 6 fat.
  • FORMULATED FOR PERSISTENT DRY SKIN THAT JUST WON T DISAPPEAR: Borage oil permeates deep, providing GLA & benefits straight to the cells, which helps skin maintains more moisture & remain much healthier. Has been revealed to help with atopic dermatitis & eczema.
  • KEEPS HEALING SKIN LONG AFTER APPLICATION & AFTER IT S BEEN REMOVED: Borage Therapy s special formulation deep hydration keeps skin healthy and flexible long after the lotion is used and even after it’s removed.
  • FORMULATED BASED ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH STUDY & RIGOROUS STANDARDS: We make our own botanical extracts in a state of the art center inCalifornia We control quality and requirements from begin to end up by utilizing time checked formulas and modern-day technology.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on ShiKai – Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion.
Scent: Unscented Original Formula |Size: 16 Ounce In 1970, Dr. Dennis Sepp, an organic chemist, started checking out natural, ayurvedic ingredients for hair and skin care. As a researcher, Dr. Sepp understood that the natural world provided practical ingredients that were better and much safer than traditional chemical ingredients. His first research study was with shikakai (Acacia Concinna), a traditional Indian herbal utilized for cleansing the hair. He produced a water soluble extract from shikakai powder that keeps the efficiency of the ancient remedies. The outcome was ShiKai shampoo, and the start of our natural products company. ShiKai now makes more than 50 products, offered in premium markets all over the world. At Shikai, we take pride in our products and our devoted consumers. We provide a 100% refund ensure if you re not totally pleased. Producer Guarantee Consisted Of.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on ShiKai – Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion.

Question Question 1

Has Anybody Utilized This On Her Face? It Doesn’T Have Any ComedogenicIngredients Is It Too Thick/Heavy For Combo (But Very, Very Dehydrated) Skin? Thx.?

we never ever attempted it on our face. It may be helpful forthat It is not oily or heavy, and no heavy scent. we purchased it for our very dry and in some cases itchy legs. we liked it.

Question Question 2

Why Is The Delivering Date 1 To 2 Months.What Occurred To 2 Day Prime Shipping?

Swanson Health Products is its own market on, and we do not take part in Prime.Typically, orders are gotten within 5- 8 service days.

Question Question 3

We Anticipated A Thicker Lotion – It Is Expected To Be So Thin And Watery?

Shake it up for a while. Make certain to keep it in a cool location. Often it begins off watery

Question Question 4

Is This Lotion Browner And Have A Somewhat Undesirable Odor (Possibly The Oatmeal)? Just Wondering If We Got A BadBottle It Originated from The Vitamin Shopp?

Yes, this lotion is a little brown in color, which is the oatmeal. It has a small odor which dissipates after it is used. we had vasculitis last summer, which left our whole body covered in agonizing, itchy sores. This lotion was amazing.It was the just thing that stopped the itch and recovered our skin. we would high Yes, this lotion is a little brown in color, which is the oatmeal. It has a small odor which dissipates after it is used. we had vasculitis last summer, which left our whole body covered in agonizing, itchy sores. This lotion was amazing.It was the just thing that stopped the itch and recovered our skin. we would extremely advise it if you have any skin problems. The odor does disappear. Just attempt not to get it on any clothing. Wait till it dries totally on your skin. Make certain you get the one that is Fragrance Free.

Question Question 5

What Does The Gently Scented One Odor Like?

There is barely any odor.This lotion is definitely fantastic for dry & itchy skin.

Question Question 6

Does This Product Feel Or Work In A Different Way Than Shikai’S Regular Borage Therapy Lotion? Looking For Answers From Folks W Experience With Both Lotions.?

Yes, we have utilized both and find this to be a great winter season- skin lotion. The regular is fine for warmer weather condition.

Question Question 7

Is This Lotion Expected To Be Thin And A Bit Runny??

It has to do with like any other lotion.A bit oily, but we like it.It’s a great moisturizer.

Question Question 8

The Title States:”Shikawe Borage Original Formula Lotion, 16 Ounce” The Product Information States:” 8.6 Ounces” Which Is Correct?

we got 16 oz.There is another size, the 8.6. we believe it is just a photo of the smaller sized bottle.Lotion is incredible.

Question Question 9

Is It Suggested To Cool It?

No, it is not essential to cool it

Question Question 10

Can This Be Utilized On Your Face?

it is an oil based lotion, so if you do not have problems with oil based products being utilized on your face, it is very gentle and would be great. we consider it our most preferred body lotion. It’s gentle and not scented at all. we do not use it on our face, but one could, we expect.

Question Question 11

The Number Of In Multi-Pack?

When we get this in 2013, it was 3 in a pack.

Question Question 12

We Have The Unscented Borage Therapy Dry SkinLotion We See That There’S A “Lightly Fragranced” Variation; What Does That A Person Odor Like?

It is not floral.Tried once, never ever purchased it once again.

Question Question 13

What Are The Ingredients.? Why Must We Still Ask?

we do not have a list of ingredients but undoubtedly do feel that product makes sure ofskin rash.You can go to a regional Garner’s or other health shop and attempt it prior to you purchasefrom is more affordable naturally.

Question Question 14

The Number Of Lotion Bottles Can Be Found In This Multi-Pack?

5 in this multy pack

Question Question 15

Is This Lotion Really Calming Itching Skin?

we would state yes and no.It works incredibly on dry, winter season skin.Recently though, we had a severe eczema break out; and, while it was rather soothing, it didn’t take the itch totally away.

Question Question 16

Could You Inform United States The Number On The Bottom Of The Lotion? Just Wish To Ensure It Is Fresh.?


Question Question 17

Which One Contains More BorageOil The Advanced Formula Or This One?

we have just utilized the original unscented borage therapy dry skin lotion, not the advanced formula.There is an 800 number you can call: 800-448-0298

Question Question 18

Is This Product Vegan?

we are uncertain. But we do not advise it. we purchased it thru and it had an undesirable odor, when used to skin that made us to take a bath once again to eliminate the undesirable odor. It was no the exact same that we purchased on a regional shop. we made an evaluation alerting this scenario and found comparable comnents. Never ever receiv we are uncertain. But we do not advise it. we purchased it thru and it had an undesirable odor, when used to skin that made us to take a bath once again to eliminate the undesirable odor. It was no the exact same that we purchased on a regional shop. we made an evaluation alerting this scenario and found comparable comnents. Never ever gotten a feedback from the seller. Do not loose you cash on this product.

Question Question 19

We Acquired 2 Bottles From This Seller And Both Were The Consistency Of Water From Leading To Bottom; Why Is That And What Can We Do?

we acquired Shikawe Dry Skin Therapy, it can be found in a pump bottle, but it was thick, like a cream.we think lotion is thinner, but your product does not sound best under any circumstances.our bottle did not state “lotion.” Worked well on our eczema.Good luck.

Question Question 20

Is It Cruelty-Free?


Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on ShiKai – Borage Therapy Dry Skin Lotion, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have autoimmune concerns consisting of a severe gluten level of sensitivity and numerous chemical level of sensitivities. This lotion is great. We use it for our daily facial moisturizer in addition to all over after showering. It’s the best lotion we have ever utilized & we are 68 years of ages. Most days we use it once in the early morning and once during the night. Days that are extra dry (we reside in arizona) we use it 3 or 4 times & it keeps our hands hydrated like we desire them to be. We are on our 2nd bottle & will keep utilizing this. It’s well worth the expense.

We love this stuff. We have suffered from dyshidrotic eczema for practically 3 years. We have attempted practically every lotion and potion out there. We are happy we came across this product. Thank you shikia for not putting a lot of trash, scents or fragrances in this product. Our hands are practically back to normal. The only thing we might state is this product is just a little oily but we will take the greasy over any other product out there.

We have utilized this very effective lotion for a years and it never ever dissatisfies. The mild scent and simple formula that consists of borage seed oil is incredibly soothing and healing to our skin. It has fixed stressed out-out skin surface areas and is non- oily, easy to use and never ever feels thick or gloppy. We use it on face and body and it is very gentle. We have never ever required any other pricey, hair salon skin product. This does it all and is especially helpful for our face. The cost purchased through a supplier was more affordable than in any shop we have seen it in. Extra note 09/09/18: we have purchased this product a number of times from the exact same seller and satisfies the orders. Up till the shipment today, the product was constantly effectively packaged, with heavy, sticky tape over the pump and protected down the bottle. Today’s product showed up open due to the fact that it had been put in a heavy polymer- type bag with no tape protecting the pump. Product had dripped out over the bottle and it was rather unpleasant to tidy up. We needed to dispose of some of the product in the bottle when tidying up the spilled product. Released a full refund and the representative stated she would recommend’s shipping department about this. We encouraged the seller in a contact e-mail that it ought to also get in touch with about being more mindful in effectively product packaging products prior to shipping. We do wish to continue purchased from this seller and and will attempt once again.

We are happy as it appears we have lastly found the remedy for our terribly dry hands. No matter just how much & what type of lotion we have utilized in the past, we have constantly had embarrassingly dry hands that redden, crack and end up being exceptionally agonizing. After utilizing shikawe borage therapy for just a few days, we can currently inform an extreme distinction. The lotion is a fantastic, thick consistency, but not oily whatsoever. It soaks up rapidly, but leaves your skin sensation hydrated long after application.

After a year of utilizing this lotion, greatly scarred locations of our skin diminished and ended up being less visible. We are 74 years of ages with common aging spots, spots, etc. On our skin. These have been considerably decreased and, in some locations, gotten rid of. 3 years ago we got a bad case of psoriasis after surgery and our doctor recommended an antibiotic creme. It stopped the psoriasis but left patches of blemished and blotchy skin. Things didn’t alter over 2 years. In 2015, we started using the shikawe borage therapy on those locations every day. Most of the staining has vanished. What stays is hardly visible and is gradually vanishing. Daily application around our eyes have considerably reduced the wrinkles that were once so popular there. In other words, we are rather satisfied with this lotion and advise it extremely.

We found a sample of this at our healthy foods shop and was drawn to it due to the fact that the label pointed out that it might also be utilized on the face. We have very challenging skin – it’s exceptionally dry, sensitive and we get clogged pores on our nose and cheeks. Our skin is even worse in the winter season, due to the dry air inside. We definitely love this lotion and use it in the am and pm as a skin cream. Provided the plus size of the bottle and cost, it’s a wonderful cost savings over the products we had been utilizing and the results are just as excellent, if notbetter Our skin remains hydrated during the day, no skin inflammations from the ingredients and our pores have not end up being clogged (it’s not oily). Very happy.

We like the consistency of the product. It is light, unscented and non- oily, so you do not wind up with a huge oil slick on your skin. Yet it does a great task of moisturizing. The only genuine gripe we have is not about the product, but the container is malfunctioning. From the first day, we might never ever use the dispenser pump on the top due to the fact that no matter just how much we twisted it, it would not turn up. So we need to gain access to the product by loosening the top and pulling some lotion off of the plastic tube part. Sort of frustrating. We hope the company will update the container prior to we buy again.:–RRB-.

This recovered our young child’s eczema. It is genuinely the best lotion for dry skin. We understand that everybody is various, but this deserves attempting. (we invested excessive cash on other products prior to discovering shikawe borage lotion. )note: the advanced formula is a little bit harsher (we might feel a very minor sting on our face. ). And the baby formula is not strong enough. This regular formula is perfect.

This product has worked a major miracle on our agonizing and gross eczema. The only moisturizer to ever help heal and remove the itch and pain. It needs to be the borage oil we have attempted sooooooo numerous products over the last 15 years. This one is a winner.

This stuff is a great product. It feels excellent on the skin and does it’s task well. We have utilized it for several years and we will continue to use it. We even cut the bottle open up to get every last drop out of it. We get the unscented one and it has a very faint but enjoyable odor.

We operate in healthcare and our hands are so very dry after continuously cleaning, drying & utilizing hand sanitizer a lot. We knuckles were cracked; our hands injured. We have utilized numerous creams and absolutely nothing has hydrated our hands like this lotion. It has made a substantial distinction & we are happy we attempted it regardless of being doubtful. We have the little travel size tubes for our work bag & automobile and then the huge pump for in your home. It has made such a distinction and we will continue to buy this incredible product.

Well, if you have read my evaluation on shikai’s henna shampoo & conditioner. Then, you’ll understand how incredible all if their products are. And, you do not need to fret about getting cancer from their natural product’s that do what they state it’s expected to do.????? chow, tricia rapstine??????.

We have very dry and sensitive skin. We have utilized this lotion for several years. It is among the few we have found that really works for us. It is light and non- oily so we use it mostly during the day and we use a much heavier cream during the night. In our viewpoint, an excellent product.

Our go to product for dry, chapped, or work damaged skin. We use on face, hands, and body. Found this product while offering at a food co- op. In just a couple days it cleaned up our garden lizard skin on hands.

We have lastly found a lotion that keeps our skin hydrated. We have reasonable skin and it’s dry. We utilized hempz for a while but it fades in contrast to shikawe borage. We use it two times a day both early morning and night and it’s been a night and day distinction in our skin. We love this lotion and will not let ourself lack it. If you are 40 plus and dealing with dry skin this lotion will fix it.

Love this stuff. Significant scent 3 stars due to the fact that it does not have a scent and we didn’t buy it forthat Please do not include any scent to this.

We are sensitive to about every type of synthetic active ingredient that is taken into creams and constantly break out in a rash. This is definitely the best, fragrance- free, moisturizing lotion we havefound And it is a truly excellent consistency–some are so thick that one has a heavy white film on one’s skin till all of it soaks up. This one is perfect. No rashes. No scent. Great moisturizing.

We are on our fourth bottle. We definitely live this lotion. It has the faintest scent and a little goes a long way.

We had dry skin. It was irritated red & itchy. We attempted this lotion & after a week or two, we observed a distinction. We have just gotten by 2nd bottle. We would advise it.

We like the feel of it and it does not leave our skin greasy – we have seen that in some cases the end of the pump obstructs a little but we believe that’s the nature of the monster. It does not minimize our exceptionally dry skin for very long but none of the plethora of products we have attempted do any better so we will stick with this one.

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