SCARprin is a gel, used topically, which implies straight onto your skin. It is contraindicated for anything other than external use. SCARprin states that it works in dealing with all kinds of scars.

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If you have a scar, or several scars that you wish to lessen and/ or help in faster healing, the silicone scar treatment called SCARprin may be able to help.

The company seems self owned and has actually stayed in business because 2009, a minimum of. This product markets itself as being a topical treatment to enhance the appearance of various kinds of scars, in addition to assisting closed injuries heals much faster. It does not declare to make scars entirely vanish, or to deal with pitted or depressed scars.

Product Information

If you are thinking about utilizing this product, you may be thinking about discovering its ingredients.

Essentially, SCARprin Is Made Up Of 100% Medical Grade Silicones:
  • Dimethicone
  • Dimethiconol
  • Cyclopentasiloxane

SCARprin is a gel, used topically, which implies straight onto your skin. It is contraindicated for anything other than external use.

Silicone is developed by integrating 2 ingredients: silicon and oxygen atoms. It has the ability to form a protective barrier over a scar, plus prevent drying. Silicone is more or less a very high powered moisturizer. This helps to keep your scar remain damp and more versatile.

SCARprin States That It Is Effective In Dealing With All Types Of Scars, Consisting Of:
  • Surgical Scars
  • Keloid Scars
  • Stretch Marks
  • Acne Scars (Raised)
  • Burn Scars
  • Breast Reduction and Implant Scars
  • Scars from Mishaps
  • Tattoo Removal Scars
  • Body Piercing Scars

This product is expected to work by producing a versatile barrier over the scar that safeguards it and keeps in moisture. This helps a fresh scar heal more rapidly and most likely also works to reduce older scars, too.

User Evaluations

Discovering impartial evaluations of product isn’t easy, because the product isn’t offered anywhere other than straight from the company. There are reviews to be found on the SCARprin site, but these are plainly weighted towards the users who are happy with it.

There are a number of message boards, unaffiliated with treatment, whose members discuss this product in a beneficial light. So, you will not actually have the ability to make a notified purchasing choice about this scar product based on user evaluations or the viewpoints of others who have actually utilized it, unless you are personally familiarized with somebody who has actually attempted it.


The pros are that silicone has actually been revealed to be effective in dealing with specific kinds of scars, and SCARprin is all medical grade silicone. One kind of scar treatment that is typically recommended by physicians is sheets of silicone. By all accounts, these are unpleasant and tough to deal with, plus not particularly cost effective because you need to use a whole sheet on your scar.

Being a topical gel, will enable you to use it just where it is required, conserving cash and the inconvenience of battling a silicone sheet.


The cons are that– because it is slim pickings genuine user evaluations– if you buy this product you’ll need to take it on faith, unless you understand somebody who has actually effectively utilized it.

Another disadvantage is that it isn’t commonly readily available and you can just buy it through the company, sustaining shipping charges and needing to await shipment. Another downside is that you can just return unopened products, so there is no real refund assurance.

SCARprin Directions

According to the maker, guarantee the scar location is clean and dry. Use a thin layer of SCARprin to the scar location. Permit a few minutes for the product to take in. Remove any excess gel to enable the product to dry (might not fully dry).

Once absorbed, SCARprin can be covered with cosmetics, sun block, and garments which will enable the user to tackle their normal day without fretting if anybody will observe that they are utilizing a scar treatment. SCARprin must be used two times daily for maximum efficiency.

SCARprin Conclusion

SCARprin is very effective in reducing the appearance of scars. It is suggested that SCARprin be utilized for 8 weeks to reveal maximum results. SCARprin does not include extra ingredients to dilute the product.

SCARprin is made of 100% silicone, that makes it more effective than much of the other scarproducts Our personnel has actually compared SCARprin to numerous other scar products on the market and found that SCARprin is among the best at dealing with old and new scars.

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