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Scar Removal Sheets Maybeau

Scar Removal Sheets Maybeau

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Scar Removal Sheets Maybeau.

  • [ Visible Advantages ]: 1.Super Worth: we provide 7 pcs scar removal while others is 4 pcs or 5 pcs. 2. Big Size: Maybeau scar strips is 5.9″ —2.3″, others is 2.8″ —1.5″ or 3″ —1.6″ 3. Supply Time: silicone scar sheets can use up to 7 month while others 2 or 4 month just.
  • [ Premium Scar Care ]: Maybeau medical scar patch appropriate for raised or tarnished scars from cuts, burns, stretch marks, basic or plastic surgery, c-section, acne, andmore The Maybeau keloid scar removal can be cut into smaller sized pieces for various scars.
  • [ More Effective and Comfortable ]: Visible modifications in just weeks of product use, Optimum results will take place in about 12 weeks of application. Specific results will differ depending upon kinds of skin and depth of skin disfigurements.
  • [ Great Breath and Elastic ]: The Maybear scar repair sheets are soft and flexible, its comfy on the skin and can be used to joints. The great breathability is great for nursing mommies and people with sensitive skin.
  • [ Top Material & Safe ]: Utilizing the medical authorized product and most current technology, Maybeau removal scar sheets works by a little putting pressure on the scar, simulating the skin s natural healing residential or commercial properties, non-irritation and drug-free.

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More Info:

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Warm Tips Please remove the scar removal sheet prior to exhausting workout to avoid slipping due to the fact that of a great deal of sweating.Remember to put the scar patch back to the original adhensive liner to make sure the excellent adhesion for resuage.Recommend to stick the size-cutted silicone sheets to your scar straight, lastly pill off the sticker liner to avoid adhere to each other.The previously you use scar patch, faster the scar repairs or vanish. Easy to cut: The silicone scar sheets are easy to cut, appropriate for various size of scars.Reusable: You can pill it off prior to you take shower,and put it back to the original liner, then recycle it once again. Plasticity: Great adhesion, no weight feeling.Does not impact your appearance Long- term use does not trigger skin irritationCan be dealt with in your home without hospitalization Easy to remove: The white liner is thin and easy to pilloff No rubbing: The scar removal patches are soft and thin, excellent fit to the skin, no rubbing with clothing. Read more Read more How to Use It? Cut scar patch according to the size and shape of the scar.Apply adhesive side of sheet straight on scar location.Peel off liner from adhesive side of sheet.Keep it clean and dry. Scar Removal Sheets Use To: Keloid ScarsPregnancy ScarsC-Section scarSurgery ScarsAccidental ScarsBurn ScarsCosmetic Surgical ScarsRaised Acne ScarsHypertrophic Scars Better than you anticipated. 8 WEEKS FOR NEW SCARS 3 – 6 MONTHS FOR OLD SCARS Check Out more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Scar Removal Sheets Maybeau.

Question Question 1

If There Is Still Any Of The Wound Left Should It Heal Entirely Prior To Utilizing This Product?

From our experience, we definitely would suggest letting the wound heal first.at least to the point where there’s no open areas.then start utilizing these.

Question Question 2

Exists Other Ingredients Other Than Silicone For This Product?

None noted, we attempted various kinds, this one stays the best and the longest, did not aggravate our skin, we like it

Question Question 3

Is It Multiple-use? Washable?

we take it off prior to shower and use it to our scar once again when ended up, still very sticky.It is healthy, we wish to attempt.

Question Question 4

Is It Handy For Keloid? Anybody Attempted?

For me, there is a clear enhancement.

Question Question 5

For The Number Of Hours At A Time Can The Sheets Be Worn? We Have Attempted Other Brands That Require You To Remove Them After 8 Hrs.?

About 12 hours daily

Question Question 6

We Have Actually A Pitted Scar On Our Face From A Surgery 10 Years Ago. Any Opportunity This Would Help? Please Just Answer If You Know.?

Not appropriate

Question Question 7

Does It Actually Work?

we have 2 keloid scars which trouble us for several years. we begin utilizing it a week earlier, we can see apparent distinction now. our scars are practically half the size.Expecting scars to vanish.

Question Question 8

The Number Of Pieces Does It Include?

7 PCS. Each 5.9″×2.3″ as explained, appears larger than other brand.

Question Question 9

We Bought This For A Keloid On Our Elbow And Shoulder. This Is A Location With A Great Deal Of Motion Any Tips On How To Fix This?

we have a keloid right on our knee. we have actually been cutting the silicone sheets to the tiniest size enough to cover our scar.

Question Question 10

What Makes This Product Last Longer Compare To Other Silicone Scar Sheets?

Never ever attempted other products

Question Question 11

The Number Of Times Can You Reuse The Scar Sheet?

A week if you take it on and off, longer if not taken off.

Question Question 12

Does This Silcone Sheets Work For Old Scars?

Yes. Takes longer. Results less remarkable but it does work. Just stick with it for 6 months.

Question Question 13

How Long After Stitches Eliminates Can You Use?

we have not use it yet as our wound is still healing.

Question Question 14

How Long Can We Use With 1 Product?

It comes with 7 PCS, each has huge size.You can suffice according to your scar size.It states 7 monthes you can use, we believe it is based on various size of scar.

Question Question 15

Will The Scar Patch Slip If We Going To Sweat?

You ‘d better take it off prior to doing excercise, sweating is bad for scar repair, after all, also reduce the stickiness of scars.

Question Question 16

What Are The Ingredients For This Product?


Question Question 17

What Type Of Scars Does It Apply For?

Keloid Scars,Pregnancy Scars,C-Section scar,Surgery Scars, Unexpected Scars,Burn Scars, Cosmetic Surgical Scars, Raised Acne Scars and Hypertrophic Scars, composed on information page.

Question Question 18

Can This Product Be Utilized On Kids?

we put on t understand

Question Question 19

How Long Do You Keep One Sheet On The Scar?

12 hours as advised by our Doctor.

Question Question 20

How Long This Silicone Patches Can See The Outcome?

we waited 4 weeks for the cut to heal, after 6 weeks, the scar is smoother, less red, keep utilizing, we believ it would be better.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Scar Removal Sheets Maybeau, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Fantastic productas it indications on the product packaging. Bought after a c area and can see results alreadywill purchase once again.

We had surgery scar with agonizing sensation. These silicone scar removal sheets work well for us. We use them in the evening. At early morning we wereh them and air dry. We are preparing for 24 hour utilizing due to the fact that we will seeing the better effect. Definitely suggest.

We have actually been utilizing the silicone sheet for about 2 weeks now. It s sticks effectively to the skin and it covers the whole scar. We even shower with it. We are eagerly anticipating see the results at the end of the treatment.

We purchased this product due to the fact that we had scars due to breast surgery and we utilized it for our scars and we utilized it everyday and we advised this product as it s actually excellent quality.

This is just what we anticipated. There proof that silicone helps wound healing. This product is easy to use, comfy to use and sticks well.

Just began utilizing but up until now easy to cut and connect with clear guidelines.

We had a very bad fall on march 6 in our home. We fell and knocked our head into the stair post. Not just did we end up tearing our rotator cuff, but we had a 2-inch gash on the ideal side of our forehead needing about 40 stitches. Our cosmetic surgeon stated to use silicone strips, so we purchased these on. We cut a thin strip and position it on the scar. We have actually used it consistently every day because we got them, and the strip lasts longer than a day, even when wet. The scar tissue and scar look incredible, in 2 1/2 months. Our child’s wedding event was delayed from april up until august due to covid, so we are now positive our scar will be a non-issue. We would provide this product more than 5 stars if possible. We would connect a picture of the prior to so you can see the results, but we would not wish to frighten anybody. The product works.

Color is very near to skin color helpful for covering a scar. Many sheets worth to cash.

We got the scar removal patches due to the fact that our feline inadvertently scratched us on our thigh. The scratch has to do with 2 inches long and in the summer is been actually obvious when using a bikinwe or shorts. It was rather thick and brown and actually rather unsightly, as he had actually cut us ratherdeep We were considering utilizing bio oil but when we found these we believed we would provide a shot. Very sticky and we just chang them every day when we have a shower. They are comfy to use and we even forget we are using a them during the day. You get a great deal of them in one pack and as our sky isn’t that huge we get about 5 days of wear out of one paper. After 2 weeks utilizing we believe our scar has actually drastically reduced. It is less dark and less thick and and we believe it is working so well, we are actually amazed. We extremely suggest it for anybody who’s got an unsightly scar they want to eliminate. Fantastic product extremely, extremely suggest.

These work pretty well for short-term scar healing. You ll need to buy a number of packs to last a few weeks but we did observe our scars look less upset. We want they were a little bit thicker. They do leave a residue from the adhesive after some time. Our skin did end up being itchy from using them for extended periods of time, but the more you lift & remove the silicone pads they end up being less sticky.

It’s a very excellent product. There are seven pieces. We cut seven pieces from each piece. Stick it on the scar and it will not feel unpleasant. It works well. Water resistant. It took a while and it worked. We are going to keep utilizing it.

Bought this for our child. He had actually begun establishing a keloid on a scar on the forehead. Begun utilizing this and in about 6 weeks the keloid was gone and its been over a year now its not return. Had actually been to the gp they stated they might use absolutely nothing, thank god we found this it worked well for us.

Functions effectively remains on excellent have actually seen enhancement in scars in less then 3 weeks.

Just utilized them for a week soo far. They appear to be working. They are incredibly comfy and easy to use. Im utilizing them for our c area scar and as an included bonus they offer an extra comfy layer in between our scar and clothing to prevent inflammation. Also they blend into our skin so completely that it also conceals our scar well.

Love the width of the strips but they leave adhesive on your skin whenever they are eliminated.

We m actually amazed it s working due to the fact that we have actually attempted great deals of other things and need to ve squandered a lot cash. We are utilizing these for stretch marks and although it s taking a long time to work, these scar patches have actually assisted us a lot up until now.

We just disagree about removing and cleaning with soap and water. Once you do that, it won t adhere the exact same and you ll wind up tossing it. Just wear up until it falls off.

Does precisely what it ses on the box, guidelines very clear makes it easy, utilized these to heal scars from selecting spots. Would certainly suggest providing these a go.:-RRB-:-RRB-.

Great product and a great worth.

Outstanding product. Real about it s quality.

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