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S.S.S. Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream

S.S.S. Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream

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  • Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream 4 Oz (Pack of 3)

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Size: 4 OunceBody skin cream for the stretched, tight and dry skin of pregnancy. Helps soothe and condition stretched, dry skin during pregnancy. During pregnancy make yourself comfy. Even deals with rough heels, knees and elbows.

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We utilized this cream for our last pregnancy (our first kid) and had no (new) stretch marks. The few we did have, our company believe the cream assisted them not to get any even worse. We utilized this cream paired with a lotion and an oil, but often we use it alone. Great at keeping itchy skin at a minimum (near none). Best stuff ever for pregnant mommies.

This cream truly works? our auntie advised it and she was ideal it works no stretch marks. We suggest this product and we suggest that you use it on your stomach, sides, and breast throughout your pregnancy. Use it throughout the day when you feel an itch, dryness, after consuming, and after you shower. Do not miss out on a day without use this cream 39 weeks and no stretch marks.

This product was acquired for our relative during her pregnancy. She is small and we were anticipating a huge young boy. Our relative enjoyed this lotion, she put it on every night prior to bed. She had very minimal stretch marks. We didn’t even observe them up until she pointed themout Nobody would see them, if she did not point themout We are not exactly sure if it is due to the fact that of this product, but she enjoyed it and is continuing to use it. We suggest it for women who wish to reduce stretch marks while pregnant. We purchased more so we will have enough for baby # 2. The lotion: the lotion is super thick, and slightly oily, smells great. We believe a little goes along way, but our relative layered it on. She uses frequently palmers coco butter and this lotion is a bit thicker than that.

Might not have made it through our pregnancy without it. We have just a few stretch marks and that’s to be anticipated. Our mother turned us onto this product she utilized it on all 4 of her pregnancies and never ever got any stretch marks. Our few are light and ideally will reduce with the help of this after pregnancy too. We have utilized 10 containers because our first trimester so anticipate this to be on re order alot.

We utilized this product for stretch marks during our pregnancy 40 years earlier. We purchased for our child when she had her child. We works. It has a great feel and mild fragrance. Have advised it to buddies and family of all skin types.

This is the best product we might find for itchy, elastic skin. It entirely exceeded cocoa butter or other products marketed for stretched skin. Nevertheless, the scent is one that we will always remember. It’s not especially bad, just unique.

Our child has utilized this her whole pregnancy. She’s 7 months pregnant and no stretch marks. We are not stating women wnt get stretch marks just by utilizing this due to the fact that it’s an individuals skin flexibility but it does help with the softening of the skin.

We are 28 years of ages and we utilized this consistently from 12-39 weeks of pregnancy and even 3-4 weeks post partum. We didn’t get not one stretch mark. Our mother utilized this with both our bro and we when she was pregnant and she too didn’t get any stretch marks.

Love this product. Our mom and siblings swore by it and we chose to use it for our first pregnancy. Leaves your skin soft, not oily, not oily, just soft. A few of our buddies didn’t care much for the odor, but it makes you smell like a baby so no complaints here. Lol.

Product kept us stretch mark free during our pregnancy. We vigilantly utilized this every day and eventually had no stretch marks. 2 buddies had reccomended this product as they too had a favorable experience with it during their pregnancy.

We have been utilizing mother’s friend two times a day throughout our whole pregnancy. It’s mildy fragranted, sort of smells like johnson’s baby lotion, but after a while it’s hardly obvious. We need to state that we definitely love this product. This is our first pregnancy and we have gotten over 50 pounds and have just 3 weeks to go. Most of the weight remains in our boobs, belly, face, hands and feet; our arms and legs still suit our pre-pregnancy clothing. We brought that up due to the fact that our pregnant body is all baby and mother’s friend has assisted keep our ever broadening skin, free from stretch marks. We also rub our skin when it’s itchy rather than scratch it, and drinking lots of water helps keep it well hydrated. We would definitely suggest mother’s friend to anybody. It’s really been a skin-saver.

When purchased we believed we were getting one but was a 3 pack. Extremely suggest to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

We became aware of a friend’s mother who utilized this during her pregnancy and had little to no stretch marks. We browsed the market and picked this one. Best purchase. We used it all over throughout our pregnancy a minimum of two times a day (morning/night), often an extra time if we felt itchy/dry. Just bear in mind that a little goes a long way. No stretch marks.

Fantastic product. We have utilized this with all 3 of our pregnancies. Also just when our skin is extra dry or itchy. It s perfect for your growing belly and itchy skin during pregnancy. It avoids you from scratching.

Love this cream. We utilized it when we were pregnant and we have no stretch marks. We continue to use it even now after pregnancy.

We have constantly enjoyed utilizing this, not just for pregnancy. It is the just thing that helps with our dry skin. Thank you.

We like it due to the fact that we had utilized it 40 years earlier during our first pregnancy. We understood it was a great product. We had no stretch marks. 2 children later on we needed to get it for our child who is pregnant use it everyday it helps and works.

Utilized mother’s friend on “fresh” stretch marks and they were gone within one week. We have utilized both the cream and the oil. Both products are fabulous.

We utilized this though out our pregnancy and just got 3 stretche marks and very little we would extremely suggest it. Plus leaves your skin so soft.

Utilized this the entire 9 months we were pregnant; didn’t get one stretch mark. We love this lotion, and would absolutely re buy once again.

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