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Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream.

  • Special vitamin K formula helps fade and clear contusions
  • Reduce appearance of spider veins on face
  • Helps enhance appearance of damaged blood vessels, rosacea, and any reddened, irritated locations on face
  • Mostly to help fade and clear contusions, prior to or after surgery, black and blue marks, and so on
  • Ideal for day and night use

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream.
Size: 1.5 OunceVitamin K Cream by Reviva 1.5 oz Cream Vitamin K Cream 1.5 oz Cream This special Vitamin K formula helps enhance the appearance of bruised skin. Nevertheless you might have an interest in Research from the Cosmeceutical Research Institute in Nashville TN that verifies Vitamin K in the appropriate topical formulation can be useful in dealing with skin contusions in addition to assisting calm the look of redness and inflammation. Also helpful previous to facial surgery (use 2 weeks prior) and after surgery. Instructions Use early morning and night with dampened fingertips. Other Ingredients Cleansed Water Glyceryl Stearate Veggie Oil Vitamin K Stearyl Stearate Lactic Acid Cetyl Alcohol Allantoin Lime Flower Extract Cetearyl Alcohol Microcrystalline Cellulose Potassium Sorbate Sodium Benzoate and CitricAcid Does Not Contain Animal Ingredients Or Animal Screening Cautions Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements consult your healthcare professional prior to use. See product label for more informatio

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Reviva Labs Vitamin K Cream, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We love the formulation of this product. Does the technique in cleaning up redness and bruising but it s not too strong on the vitamin k element which can in fact aggravate your skin. We have been utilizing this for several years to help clear up bruising after fillers. It believe it s better than aranica cream. Also, helps clean up any redness from skin inflammations. It s been perfect for us.

We have been utilizing this for a little over a month (provide or take a day or 9) and we are satisfied. We had terrible dark circle our eyes and we were tired of layering our makeup on to cover them up. This minimized the darkness by about 65%. We sleep about 4 hours a night and we are very worried so up until we do something about that, the circles will stay, but this assisted and we are surprised. We were informed to buy vitamin k with retinol for hydration and wrinkles in addition to the lightening of the circles so we are going to get that now. But, yes, this works and we are very delighted.

We have pale skin that quickly contusions. Integrate that with adult acne, and the result can be red and blotchy skin that is tough to cover with any makeup. Using a dab of this over our contusions and red spots once a day considerably reduces healing time. We did a contrast test on 2 comparable contusions once and the one we used reviva labs vitamin k cream to took half the time to vanish as the one without it. This is an essential in our restroom. We have attempted other creams and oils that claim to reduce redness or have some little amount of vitamin k in them, and this is the just one we have found that in fact measures up to the guarantee.

Worked great on a huge bruise we had on our thigh from a fall. The bruise was deep and the size of a supper plate. It was gone 5 days later on with rubbing it in two times a day. Dealt with the spider veins too. But we got it for bruising.

This is the just cream that helps lighten our bruised/broken capillary look under our eyes. It s been annoying attempting out other creams since none fix that specific staining and salesmen tend to group that under the bags and dark circles classification when pressing eye creams. We dab a bit under our eyes after cleansing prior to sleep. It s more difficult to use in the early morning under makeup since it is very drying.

Fast results within 24 hours. Found our older skin that contusions so quickly cleaning up with contusions fading within 24 hours of application. Our only unfavorable is that when we went to reorder on, this specific jar was not available. Why?.

We have had awful bruising up and down our arms and legs. We’re talking blood blisters in addition to red splotches. Residing in south fl. Is terrific, other than when you’re so self conscience you can’t use brief sleeves or shorts or perhaps caprwe trousers. We have every color of dermablend to attempt and cover these horrible contusions. Then spray it two times with ben nye setting spray so the makeup will not rub off on to our clothing. Then we attempted reviva vitamin k cream (and a few other brand names to compare). Well, the votes remain in. Restore beats them all. Tonight we are going out with good friends. Without body makeup. We still have scars from previous bruising, but in night light it can pass as a tan (haha). Just make certain to either wet your fingers during application or (as we do) somewhat wet arm or leg then use. We think it depends how large a location requires treatment. We understand there are some problems about vitamin k and blood clot but desperate times take desperate procedures. This stuff works if used correctly.

We do love this product. We had a nickel sized bruise on our chin that was gone in 48 hours. But we advised it to our sis prior to she suffered a stroke. While she had bought it, she had not yet utilized it. Fortunately a nurse in the hospital overheard our discussion and went crazy. She stated no one at threat for stroke must use vitamin k in any form. Our sis is going to be great, by the way, but we are eliminated to have this information.

We like this cream despite the fact that it just has 2% vitamin k in it, or so they specified when questioned in2014 The new product packaging states it has a higher portion but regretfully, not what that portion is. Obviously they do not desire one to understand much about the product since they have the ingredients noted in white type on a pale pink background and it it difficult to check out, even with a magnifying glass. Therefore just 4 stars and we are so irritated we would have put just 3 stars but the cream itself does not smell like medicine as the majority of the vita k creams do.

We love this cream. After utilizing all sort of moisturizer, we can not eliminate small veins on our face. But after we used this for 2 months, it is working noticeably. We are surprised. We just simply use it as a daily moisturizer and it completely nurish our skin too.

We have been utilizing this cream for about 5+ years for our acne scars and face-redness. It works terrific but you should use it a number of times prior to you see the results. We have sensitive skin but it does not aggravate it at all. Its very light so we use it for our early morning moisturizer.

Our first evaluation. After having filler under our eyes, we experienced extreme bruising. Was utilizing arnica gel but healing was taking longer than normal up until we bought this restore labs vitamin k cream. Its remarkable and will acquire once again. Thank you.

We have super sensitive skin. 90% of readily available facial moisturizers will leave our skin burning and red. This one does not aggravate our skin at all. It has also done a good task of alleviating the intensity of any vericose veins on our face. It hasn’t recovered them entirely, but absolutely nothing we have found does. Nevertheless it certainly has assisted with the bruising by reducing the color by a great 20%. The cream is a little costly but it lasts a long period of time (we get at least 3 months utilizing once a day) if utilized with a little water to help it spread out even more around the skin.

We purchased this for our mom who is 92 and has contusions from thinning skin, or when she goes to the doctor and they put a needle in her. She has been utilizing it and values the moisturizing function since a previous cream dried her skin. In just a few applications (two times daily) she saw enhancement. It certainly speeds healing. We would advise it.

All of our life returning to early youth we have had large dark rings around our eyes. Later on in life as our high blood pressure got higher they worsened. A minimum of once every 2 months somebody will implicate us of having been a in a battle since we look like we have shiners. Also from a very young age we were frequently informed we appeared like the campbell soup kid since of our rosey red cheeks. As we grew older this became worse and ended up being dark red damaged blood vessels. We are not somebody you ‘d call vain but we lastly got tired of appearing like that and we looked for a cure. Whatever we found led us to think we required something with vitamin k to enhance the walls of our arteries for our rosacea. But this product also helps your body soak up blood dripped from weak arteries. It has done marvels for the dark rings around our eyes in just a few days, and the rosacea is practically entirelygone We cant wait to see the results after 2 weeks of utilizing this. Extremely advised.

This cream is so great. It helps de puff our under eyes and makes our dark circles less obvious. We put it on prior to bed and in the early morning as a part of our daily regimen.

We purchased it since we had a huge dark patch from damaged blood vessels on our nose and in 2 weeks it vanished. Functions well for this. Just desire they would use a more quality oil than soybean.

Vitamin k is among our preferred nutrients, and we buy all the supplements out there for it. But this product right here has left us more pleased than most. Our skin has never ever felt more revitalized and hydrated in our life. A should have for all vitamin k lovers.

We need to state we are satisfied. We are 71 and have very thin skin on our hands and lower arms. We are constantly striking our hands and our canines do a number on our arms. We get huge red contusions that take weeks to fade. This cream fades them in days. Place on two times a day. Great product.

Eliminated a little damaged capillary on our nose that we had for years.

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