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Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets.

  • INGENIOUS SILICONE FILM – surpasses both woven fabric and tough plastic film. Silicone is the top Skin specialist & Plastic Cosmetic surgeon suggested scar reduction treatment component.
  • FAST & EFFECTIVE – eliminates existing scars in 3-6 months and new scars in 8 weeks.
  • REUSABLE – the multiple-use scar sheets are affordable. You can simply wash and reattach them.
  • BREATHABLE & ELASTIC – The soft and flexible silicone is comfy on the skin and can be used to joints, with great breathability. Experience no pain when peeling.
  • INVISIBLE & UV PROTECTION – Near the normal skin color, the scar sheets have little exposure, and can successfully protect versus ultraviolet radiation.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets.
Medical- grade silicone is the No. 1 suggested scar therapy component utilized by cosmetic surgeons and physicians worldwide. Various clinical research studies revealed the product s effectiveness and safety for the concealment and reduction of scars. Puriderma Scar Removal Sheets structure with the inner layer 100% Medical grade silicone gel, and external layer polyurethane non-woven film, it works by a little putting pressure on the scar, simulating the skin s natural healing residential or commercial properties. The product can hide both old and new scars and are safe for breastfeeding mommies. Silicone Scar Removal Sheets is formulated for application to: Keloid Scars, Hypertrophic Scars, Cosmetic Surgical Scars, Surgery Scars, Unintentional Scars, Breast Implant & Reduction Scars, Burn Scars, Raised Acne Scars, C-Section & Pregnancy Scars Silicone Scar Removal Sheets Includes: – Comfy and sticky: Breathable, semi-permeable – Effective: launching silicone oil – Slim and light-weight: density of about 0.5 mm – Blocks UV rays – Elastic: soft and comfy – Easy to cut: on-demand crop – Reusable: just wash with warm water and air dry or use a hairdryer, for around 2 weeks or longer Density: 0.5 mm Size: 4 * 7.5 cm (1.6 * 3 inch) Package consists of: 5 pieces

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets.

Question Question 1

What Non-Moisturizing Soaps Have You Found To Wash It?

we utilized Ivory anti-bacterial bar soap as suggested by our cosmetic surgeon. the sheets still stick like brand new.

Question Question 2

Why Does Mine Fall Off All The Time?

Exists any lotion on your skin? Is it at a joint, like over the knee? Then it’s more difficult to remain on. It’s better to use tape to fix it. In addition, remove the body hair which around the scar, that will keep the sheet a lot longer.

Question Question 3

Our Scar Is Dark And 6 Years Old Will This Lighten It Up?

This silicone sheet is deals with our new scar and our old scar too, but for the old scar, it need nearly 4 months the scar was fading to inviable.

Question Question 4

Will The Sheet Remain On Our Kid S Forehead While He Sleeps, Or Will We Required Tape?

our company believe it will definitely remain on his forehead.If he sleeps on his stomach and surges about.it may comeoff they are pretty sticky and comfy to use.

Question Question 5

How Long After A Burn Can We Start Utilizing These?

we believe a test strip is required, we will leave it on for like 30 minutes and if it works continue utilizing it.

Question Question 6

How Long We Could Use For One Piece?

Based on the producer’s instructions, you’re expected to use each piece for 2 weeks, the scar sheets can be cut to fit your scar.

Question Question 7

Will These Tapes Help On Keloids That Established Years Ago?

Yeah, those tapes are very beneficial for mine which is a number of years back. This silicone sheets are very soft and sticky enough, but easy to peefoff Suggest to you.

Question Question 8

Can We Use Makeup On It? We Need to Use It On An Exposed Scar And The Sheet Doesn’T Match Our Skin Tone.?

Using makeupis not a good idea. The tape will not permit moisture in, nevertheless it has tiny holes to let air in.Make-up would congest the holes, which might keep in moisture.

Question Question 9

Can We Use This Right After Using The Aroama Silicone Gel?

we wear t understand due to the fact that we never ever utilized Aroama silicone gel

Question Question 10

Can We Use This On Our Chin?

Yes, cut patch with new razor blade to wanted size, leaving space for face grimmicing ex. chuckling, yawning and so on you can remove for bathing and re use after. Be encouraged the patch is thicker than we would ve liked so it doesn t blend with natural skin like complexion steri-strips.

Question Question 11

Can These Be Use Post Carpal Tunnel Surgery?

It can be utilized on any scar from any surgery as far as we know.It minimizes the appearance of the scar and promotes healing.we have been utilizing on our wrist after having a plate and screws put in our arm/wrist after a bad break.It has made a huge distinction.

Question Question 12

Are The Sheets Dealt With With Medication? If So, Won’T That Come Off When You Wash Them?

No it does not.we were hesitant, but lastly cleaned mine with hand soap and attempted it with the gel side up. Dries rapidly and sticks extremely well again.we used these during a journey to the ocean.It remained on while swimming.

Question Question 13

Is It Best To Use These Alone Or Should You Use These During The Day And A Gel At Night?

we generally use one for about 2-3 days directly. we do not remove for showers. we sanctuary t attempted the gel.

Question Question 14

Are These Made In The U.S.A.?

we are unsure the package just states developed in NY. So we have no idea.

Question Question 15

Mine Is Not A Scar, It S A Current Deep Scrape That Healed & Now It S A 2X2 Location Of Fresh Pink New Skin So We Wished To Prevent AScar Will This Help?

If the scrape is still open, suggesting it is not yet a scar, the ecommendation is that you do not use this. we works just on scars. Is isn’t preventative.

Question Question 16

What Is The Sun Protection Aspect (Spf) Of The Puriderma Strips?

we were utilizing them after facial surgery.

Question Question 17

What Is The Sun Protection Aspect (Spf) Of The Puriderma Strips?


Question Question 18

Does This Product Contain Teflon?

There’s no information composed on the separately sealed sheets and the box does not state anything about Teflon, so we would think no. Package states; “Composition: Outer layer – polyurethane non-woven film, Inner layer -100% Medical grade silicone gel”

Question Question 19

Does It Work For A Little Raised Cysts?

It helps with balancing out stained skin. Uncertain about a raised cyst

Question Question 20

Can You Leave These On In The Shower?

If they are placed on properly yes you can

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Puriderma Medical Silicone Scar Removal Sheets, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We purchased these silicon gel pads after having surgery. They have worked marvels. They are easy to use. They are multiple-use and easy to wash. You can cut them to size required or you can use more than one if you require a bigger sized location covered. Our scar was raised and rough but after utilizing these pads the scar is flat. We are still utilizing them to reduce the scar and protect it from the sun because it is new skin and can get sun burned very quickly. We love this product and will buy it once again in the future.

This product looked very good so we provided it a shot. The product is undoubtedly very great. Comfy to stay with the skin and doesn t fall off quickly. Functions well in reducing the appearance of scars. A good worth set.

We had cancer and surgery to remove. We want we had done an in the past image. But this is a current image after utilizing puriderma medical silicone for a month and half and we are very delighted with how excellent our scar is beginning tolook We are bought somemore And you can cut them to size along with wash them and reuse. Love this product.

Our breast enhancement was on 04/27/19 and it is now 07/18/19 It was very dark after surgery and has brightened up rather substantially. The adhesive is very durable and very easy to place on. It is available in squares, so we sufficed into strips to put it on our scar underneath our breasts. Absolutely suggest particularly for those got new women. The color resembles your skin, so you re able to use it under your bikinwe too because it s waterproof. We use mine in the shower and alter it out most likely once a month or if it starts to peel.

We have a 4 month old scar that was extremely textured and dark purple on our reasonable skin. These strips have currently truly assisted to lighten the cut line in less than a month of use. We also like that they are comfy and non-irritating, despite the fact that we use them around the clock and during workout. We will continue to acquire them to maintain the development.

After facial surgery our doctor suggested silicone scar sheets. We attempted these and another brand, and these truly worked the best. Very soft and versatile.

Absolutely works as marketed, but works more rapidly than we anticipated. We utilized on a number of raised acne scars and it flattened them, along with eliminated the staining. We would certainly buy once again.

Can feel the interior scars decrease. Was happy to find out about it. Like charge product as gift.

We weren t sure what to anticipate but was very happy when they got here. Very easy to use and use. Also very easy to clean and reuse. Up until now it appears to be dealing with minimizing our scar.

Comfy and easy to use overnight.

We had cervical surgery leaving us with a 1. 75 inch scar on the front of our neck. The skin doctor suggested silicone sheets to prevent a scar and we boughtthese They have worked great. We had the ability to cut one sheet into 3 pieces and every one lasts approximately a week with having the ability to wash out nighttime and restick once dry. The physicians state it is healing ahead of schedule and people wear t notification the patch right away as it is complexion. We will buy this product once again when we run out.

So happy to find this product, so that we can do scar removal in your home. These scar removal sheets work incredibly if you correspond and diligent. We purchased these for a scar on our arm. We utilized it regularly for 2 weeks and it has done some fading. Easy to clean and can reapply, which is great.

We found out about silicone sheets from a friend for scarring. We chose to order these and use them on our face for our acne scars. Up until now (it s been a few weeks) we can inform our redness has reduced, and we look forward to seeing what lengthened use and reordered will provide for our skin s enhancement. We use them overnight.

One week later on, we are not a fan of this brand and will go back to utilizing scaraway strips. After a day of utilizing these, they fall off of our foot when we are sleeping. We use surgical tape to attempt and keep them on but can t remove the surgical tape to include new tape for the next day (for scar away strips, the adhesive sticks extremely well and they are easy to rinse off so you can in fact use them for a full week). It s far too late for us to return this product for a refund but if we might we would. Just beginning utilizing them today 10/ 8/19 and will upgrade throughout. For our first foot we utilized scaraway and this time we wish to attempt this various product to compare. We liked the results with scar away but the cost was high. This cost is great and the stick appears to be gooier and the edges quickly show up so we will use gauze to cover it.

We have just been utilizing these for 5 days (begun with 4 hours a day; 6 hours; 8 hours, and so on) even in this brief time, we have seen a distinction in less redness and less of a raised level of the scar. As we increase our use to 23 hours a day, we anticipate to favorable modifications, yet that is tbd. They stick well and are low profile. It stays to be seen if they continue to stick for 2 weeks as marketed. To help, we clean the location and wipe it with alcohol prior to application to remove all skinoils They do roll up at the edges if near a body joint or if that body part enters into contact with bed sheets, clothing, etc. So we use a light piece of gauze covered over of the gel sheet (so it can still breath) and then tape the gauze to itself (to keep the tape off of our skin and prevent inflammation from daily on/off tape). We asked the company how best to clean them to help extend use. They stated just to use warm water. But we did some other research and some folks simply use diluted lemon with water (to help rid the sheets of body oils, dirt, and so on ). Some use ivory soap (a lot of chemicals for us). We found some use a non-oily, non-soap, non-toxic cleaner by 7th generation called “all purpose cleaner” -it’s also utilized to clean cpap devices. We figure if it can be utilized for cleansing the cpap mask, it would not trigger concerns with these gel sheets. The concept is to not leave a soapy or oily/toxic residue on the mask (or gel sheets in this case). Of note, ruined our shipment and it was postponed. We bought a 2nd time just to guarantee we would get these in a prompt way, despite the fact that we just required 1 box (to begin anyhow). These gel sheets are offered by ethelco store, yet satisfied by. When we informed the company, they provided us a good-will discount rate of 30%. They were timely and kind in their handling of this concern. If the sheets continue to work, you can’t beat that.

Just began utilizing but up until now easy to cut and connect with clear directions.

This product was easy to use and did whatever it mentioned it would. Our scar has drastically improved in just a month. Still utilizing. Would extremely suggest.

We are happy this scar removal sheets worked for us love it. That s a new scar. And we had been utilizing those sheets around 2 months but not continuous. So we are pleased with the effect.

Had foot surgery and began to use on our scars. Assisted with the itching, redness and the height. Functions well and look forward to the modification after. Will post before/after pictures in 2 months.

Our fifteen years of age child got a deep abrasion playing football with his pals. The er wouldn t sew him up at the day of the accident and rather they referred him to a plastics professional who saw him a week later on and wished to cut much deeper into the cut and then sew him. Our child preferred to let the cut heal naturally, and the silicone scar removal sheets have benefitted him greatly. He has been using them for about 3 months and the results are better than we prepared for. His scar appears to have reduced in size and it is less raggedy and now a smaller sized, finer line that very few people even see on him. He uses the sheets all the time and they do not fall off, and they are way more comfy than bandaids. A great product we would suggest, and have suggested, to many individuals.

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