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Purepotions - Skin Salvation PPS-SS30

Purepotions – Skin Salvation PPS-SS30

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  • Skin Salvation (30 ml) x Offer Saver
  • 30 ml

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Ideal for any ages; It nurtures, hydrates and provides essential fats to dry, irritated locations; Ideal for those susceptible to eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, skin rash and any sore skin problem;Free from damaging chemicals;100% natural

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

What Is The List Of Ingredients?

Olive fruit oil, beeswax, safflower seed oil, hemp seed oil, water, alcohol from casts, chamomile flower extract, chickweed extract, and nettle extract

Question Question 2

Might We Understand Is This One “Skin Salvation Intensive Moisturizing Ointment” (Wasabwe Color) Or “Skin Salvation” (Blue Jar)? Cos We Saw A Various Photo?

our child purchases this in London & her jar is blue: we buy it in the States & our jar is clear: Exact same product:-RRB-

Our Insights:

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Helps soothe our partner’s psoriasis of the palms (splitting & splitting, scaly, and so on) which is very tough to treat. Very emollient, so use with care. He uses white cotton gloves (also on by the 12 pack) after he has actually put a layer on to help with the absorption. This product is among the just things that he is very singing about desiring us to repurchase. We have actually purchased lots of things over the years and this ranks up at the top.

We suffer from eczema around our eyes. There are days that get exceptionally bad, dry, red and super irritated but this appears to help a lot. It will not take it away but it helps to keep it under control. We need to use it daily and use it a number of times during the day but we attempt lots of and this ones is the best up until now for our eczema around our eyes. It is very oily and shine but we do not mind as long as it works. We will advised if you are going through the exact same battles and do not wish to use steroids. The leading image is a bad day super irritated, swallen and red and the bottom will be a normal day.

Nice, lightweight, no strong order. Appears to be working effectively on ear condition.

This is a little jar, but you just require a little dab for it to do its task. Not aromatic, great on the skin & heal the irritated skin too.

Very delighted with this product. Offered soothing relief to skiniritation around eyes (due to dry eyes). Will continue to use. Extremely advised.

Up until now it is working great. We have just had it a few weeks but we personally suffer with the periodic dermatitis. It stops the itch on contact given that it provides a lot moisture. We are waiting to see what results it has on our child eczema. Shipment wasn’t very fast but we understood it was shopping from a cross country so it took the correct quantity of time. The lotion smells great and feels great. We are very pleased of the natural ingredients.

This product is a video game changer for anybody who suffers from eczema. Our child was unpleasant for many years. Absolutely nothing worked that wasn’t filled with nasty negative effects. This product provided him his life back. So happy we found this.

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