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Prefer On Intensive Scar Management Stick

Prefer On Intensive Scar Management Stick

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  • It is skin care technology specially formulated to make humiliating scars less visible

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Intensive Scar Management ~ Apply Straight to the Scar

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A little costly – yes – but it improved the look of (significantly) and faded the 2 substantial surgery scars we had which were still an upset reddish color and awful after 2 years from when we got them. It does take a little time possibly it was a month & half and we utilized it daily typically after a shower, prior to bedtime. But within 2 weeks there was a huge distinction, we just kept utilizing to see just how much it would fade to match our regular skin color. We are very happy with the results and it even faded some of our old youth marks. Which is why we bought a stick online, due to the fact that we do not find it in the shops any longer out here in hawaii. We would suggest it to anybody with a scar mark even if from years back. It appears to deal with both old and more just recently got scars. This is just our 2nd stick (this one bought online) and we got it just because the first one (bought it in the regional shop) is running low, not due to the fact that we required to use that muchmore Also there is no expiration date for the product. (see their site for more information) so purchased one now makes good sense – prior to we forget what it’s called or what the box appears like.

We are vulnerable to keloids, and when we had a c-section we hesitated we would have a huge awful scar on our lower tumour. We began putting this on about 3 weeks after the surgery and a scar never ever formed. We do not have a scar. It is invisible. We also put it on stretchmarks to make the redness disappear. You can even put it on older scars to smooth them out a little, though it’s not as excellent as when you put it on when the cut is still healing. It also works for dark marks left after a breakout. We will buy 3 more sticks.

Exceptional low expense product that worked for us. We had 2 5 inch long scars on our knees. We bought a number of very pricey scar creams, and saw little enhancement. We checked out a number of evaluations about preferon. So, we chose to provide it a shot. Well, we are delighted to state our scars are fading completely away. Something that is very crucial to bear in mind. Often, it takes months to a year, to see a bad scar disappear. Keep utilizing the product everyday. We have been utilizing this product for about 10 months now. So time and persistence are the secret.

If you correspond with this product, it will work marvels. It does take some time, a great deal of time, prior to you start to see a distinction but we found within 6 months, the scar had vanished entirely. We keloid and the scar was from cancer surgery on our left cheek, 6 inches long, so it was a real blessing. We could not suggest it more extremely.

This is a great product. We have utilized it after 2 surgical treatments, and have been thrilled with the results. We extremely suggest it.

The silicone products are better but for a stick product excellent due to the fact that while healing you can not use the silicone ones. Costly but worth it specifically on shallow cuts.

This stuff works if you use it early morning and night. It is also a lot easier to use than all of those gels out there that run all over.

It has assisted me.

We like this and maderma. We in fact believe this works a littlebetter It is a little more difficult to find unless you buy on here.

Love this product. Feels excellent on body parts that have been scraped, burned etc. Ultimately will aid the healing of scars.

We have been utilizing this product because our first full shoulder replacement 6 years back. We now have a total of 5 full joint replacements and use preferon daily. It is not oily and does not stain our clothing like others we have attempted. Jwh.

Functions marvels we have utilized this in the past and am so happy we had the ability to find it on here it has assisted us with our stretch marks in various locations completely worth the cash.

We got this product to treat keloid scars and we can see and feel the distinction when used. This is a product that works for us.

The very best we have utilized and we have utilized whatever. Can be difficult to find but certainly worth it. Its all we use.

Prefer on is the most effective scar minimizing product we havefound It works extremely well on removing both old and new scars.

For the product to work it is essential to follow the instructions. It might take a while to see results depending upon your scares but the product does work.

Advised by our physiotherapist and have seen enhancement and continuous enhancement in the appearance of scar. Easy to use without scent or mess.

Did what it would do (remove scar). Great stuff. Utilized it and still use it when the scenario ask for it.

This is an incredible product it works excellent we been utilizing it for a long period of time and it’s fantastic.

We bought this product from a regional shop in the hopes of decreasing the ungainly sight of a horrible burn scar on our lower leg. Got this burn last february (2011) from an area heating system that was left on near our bed.:-RRB- discovered our lesson and we feel fortunate that it was just a burn and not a burned down home. Anyhow, we have just begun utilizing it and will upgrade this once again in 3 weeks with a development report. So far, we have seen an unusual tingling, practically burning sensation on the location we use it so it appears to be doing something. Upgraded 3 weeks later on: the prefer on scar treatment had a little but still visible effect on the scar. The scar is still there and very visible but we have certainly kept in mind a moderate decline in the strength of its color distinction from our surrounding skin. Another modification remained in the texture; previously, our scar was raised and rough even after exfoliating consistently in the shower. Prefer on appeared made it entirely smooth. Over all, we would state it’s most likely very effective on smaller sized and less substantial scars and just rather effective on large scars. 4/5 stars.

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