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Porter’s Liniment Salve

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Porter’s Liniment Salve.

  • Original, Time evaluated formula
  • Because 1871
  • Liniment Salve
  • Utilized to be called Pain King Salve

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More Info:

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A soothing First Aid Salve, aid to prevent infection in small burns and abrasions. Provides short-lived relief of pain due to small burns, sunburn, chapped skin, non-poisonous insect bites and small itching.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Porter’s Liniment Salve.

Question Question 1

Is This An Illustration Salve? Like For Splinters Or Ingrown Toenails?

porters cream is an incredible salve. we have seen it heal numerous bed sores, cracked skin or anything in that variety. we have never ever utilized it to “draw out” a splinter, but to heal the location yes, we do at home care and use it on whatever.

Question Question 2

Is This Safe To Use Right On The Inner Edge Of The Nostril?

If we would, we would use a q-tip and rub ina very percentage in the location you described.Along time back, the label utilized to check out ” good for man or beast” (indicating domestic animals) and it even discussed hemroids (sp). The care on the can states do not consume it or if youdo call poison control. Beware not to pu If we would, we would use a q-tip and rub ina very percentage in the location you described.Along time back, the label utilized to check out ” good for man or beast” (indicating domestic animals) and it even discussed hemroids (sp). The care on the can states do not consume it or if youdo call poison control. Beware not to put a quantity that if were to smell your nose it would decrease your throat. we have utilized it beside our nostril but never ever in it.

Question Question 3

Is It Safe To Use On Canines?

we have not utilized it our pet, but keep in mind that it is a drawing salve.Be mindful where you use it and do not use it over an extended period of time.

Question Question 4

How Do You Open The Container?

It is a little tough in the beginning but you provide it a twist and bend your fingers around the can and bring up. It ought to loosen up enough to pry it open.

Question Question 5

Is This 2 Tins Of 2 Oz? Confusd Since Product Information Notes 8 Oz?

Yes, 2 tins of 2 oz each

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Porter’s Liniment Salve, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Our family has been utilizing this for years and it works better than anything else on the market. First, it takes the pain away practically instantly, specifically if you glob it on. Second, it heals cuts, scrapes, small burns, and skin inflammations much faster than otherproducts It also kept injuries from scarring that plainly need to have scarred. Yes, it has a strong scent, but that s barely a concern when you feel a lotbetter Pro-tip # 1: use a cotton bud or a comparable tool to put the salve on the wound or bandage: if you use a finger, then consume with that hand even after cleaning your hands, you will taste it. Pro-tip #2: glob the salve on the wound and kinda crush it in there – it works better if you aren t stingy with it.

We can not state how pleased and relieved we were with this product. For the last number of years we have had an itch in the groin area within our legs. You might not see any red rash on it unless you itched it. This itch generally just occur at bed time and we never ever understood when this was going to occur, till we were practically asleep, then it would begin. The itch was terrible, once began we just might not stop, it was awfull. We would scratch till it practically bleed. We have went to the doctor, and attempted 3 various prescriptions it just assisted just a little, even if we put it on two times a day as directed. We have attempted whatever we can think about, even if it burned like hell, we have attempted gold bond, powers and spay for jock itch, stuff for poison ivey, antibiotic conserve, all type of powers, numerous we have lost trackof them. We have attempted cleaning two times a day, attempted switch to fighters, it began to worsen. It began itching during the day if we sweated. Then we attempted porters liniment salve, fantastic is the just word that comes close to explaining the results of it and the great relief we got. We put it on just once, no itch, at all after just one application, ya the odor is a little strong but its well worth the relief we have gotten. Also a while back we had a case of diarrhea and young boy was we sore back there, so we chose to attempt porters liniment salve and once again we were impressed with the practically instantaneous relieve we got. We hope this testimony helps any person that has a comparable problem; we have purchased 2 more cans and have informed others personally. Denny.

Our preferred salve. Our in-laws have utilized this for several years. We call it “magic salve” in our home since it can be utilized for so much-insect bites, small burns, dry skin. It’s smelly and sticky, but works, well, like magic.

Been utilizing this product for 30 years and you can not beat it for repairing cuts, stings, abarasions or any other external problem. Most people would go to a doctor whereas we use porter’s salve to look after the problem. About the just thing it has not repaired is a yellow coat sting.

Our child contracted an infection in an open sore on her knee. We used porters and we took her to her pediatrician the next day. He arranged her for surgery and recommended an antibiotic. The next early morning we went to pre-op and the wound was a lot better looking and she didn’t need to have surgery since of the major improvement of this wound. L due to the salve illustration that infectionout We used this salve and re-applied the day and night prior to. It also works great on boils and other skin inflammations. We constantly keep this on hand.

When we were a little lady our mother utilized this on cuts, burns, boils and numerous other things. There was a salesperson that occurred offering this and numerous other product’s. We continue to use this for forty years and constantly have it on hand and now we have our children utilizing it. It does have a nasty oder, but it deserves it. We were not spent for doing this evaluation as some are.

We have been utilizing porters salve for nearly 30 years and would never ever lack it. All of our family and buddies have seen the great healing results of porters salve. Word of mouth is the best way to promote. Extremely advise. This is the best way to promote. Extremely suggested, can’t fail.

We have utilized it given that we were a kid and that was a very long time back. We advise this to everybody. We are just sorry that none of our regional shops bring it any longer. We have very dry skin and our feet and hands crack all year long we would not understand what to do without this excellent old time product. Even with it having a little odor it deserves it for the relief and quick healing. It is great for drawing slivers out also.

Useful for abrasion, small cuts, pustules, naturally anti-infective. Eases small inflammation overnight.

This is the best product on the market. Our great grandma utilized this and our grandma. Our mom has utilized it for many years. Having 7 children, this product benefits scraps, bruses, burns and practically anything but what is great about it if you have a slever in your skin, it will bring it as much as the surface area over night. Wood/metal/glass it has a drawing agent that brings forien challenge the surface area. We are on sixth generation utilizing this product.

Exceptional salve, from pulling a splinter out overnight, to relieving carpal tunnel after 3 days use. Extremely suggested.

I’m 66 years of ages and have use this product for many years as did my mom and father. It will heal anything very quick. We acquired 1 each for my 3 children and they might not think it.

This stuff is fantastic. Our relative’s family has utilized it for many years and transformed me. Now we use it each time we have a cut and they heal two times as fast as exposed cuts. The odor is a bit unexpected in the beginning now we love it since it works so well. It is difficult to find in shops, so it is good that offers it.

We are 3rd generation user. It is fantastic for skin inflammations, cuts, etc. Our children ages 17 and 19 have been utilizing by themselves for a variety of years too and can not think how great it works for their skin. Rather the odor but the result is absolutely worth it. Because our kids matured with it they in fact like the odor, even our daughter-strange but real.

Our mother utilized this on us when we were kids. It does a great task on your hands in the winter season when your fingers crack open from the cold and it soothes a burn or uncomfortable immediately. Our company believe it has camphor and other medicinal herbs. We never ever believed we would find it once again and there it was at.

Our child has been battling an infection in his leg for months. He went to the dr. Who recommended an antibiotic and a moisturizing salve to use straight to the wound. It just did not heal. We kept in mind when we were a kid our father used porters salve to the impacted location whenever among us kids had a problem with something healing or when we had a sliver someplace. We believed it deserved providing it a shot. After the first application, we might not think the distinction. A week later on the wound was entirely recovered. We will never ever lack it in our home once again.


We have learnt about this product for 35 years and that it works very well for skin problems like psoriasis that absolutely nothing else appears to have any favorable impacts. We would have offered this product 5 star if it wasn’t for the odor. We extremely advise this to anybody who can not get relief from psoriasis or any other skin sore where absolutely nothing else appears to work.


Pleased this stuff is still offered, has been around for generations. The odor is a bit strong and obvious, but it’s an effective ointment and great alternative to some of the more recent medications.

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