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Organix South Triple Neem Ointment Organic Salve

Organix South Triple Neem Ointment Organic Salve

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Organix South Triple Neem Ointment Organic Salve.

  • Helps in conditioning skin and lips
  • Nurtures dry skin
  • Contains supercritical extracts of Neem oil, Neem bark and Neem leaf for triple care

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Here are some more information on Organix South Triple Neem Ointment Organic Salve.
Frequently described as the “Village Pharmacy” in India, Neem is appreciated by Ayurvedic specialists for its capability to help soothe and support healthy skin. Triple Neem Care Ointment combines the power of Organic Neem Oil with Supercritical Extracts of Neem Leaf and Neem Bark for triple the power. With the included protection of Supercritical Calendula Extract and Ylang Ylang Essential Oil, Triple Neem Care Ointment:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Organix South Triple Neem Ointment Organic Salve.

Question Question 1

What Does The Ingredients List State? Is Neem The First Product Or Does It State What Portion Is Neem Compared To The Other Ingredients?

Ingredients: Sesame oil, beeswax, neem oil, rose geranium oil, ylang ylang oil, calendula extract, vitamin E, neem leaf extract, neem bark extract, arjuna extract.

Our Insights:

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This is the just thing ive found that eliminates the itch of the random, itchy hives that attack our hands and arms. It might take a couple minutes for the itch to stop, but it does stop. If you are currently familiar with the “fragrance” of the neem, you’ll enjoy with this.

This is truly assisting keep our eczema in check. Took a few weeks to make a distinction, now you can’t see our eczema, but we do require to use it a few times a day to keep it that way.

This on a bandaid nighttime eliminated our children warts.

Cuts healing time in less than half. We get cuts all the time at us task and it just takes 2 days for our cuts to heal rather of 5 or more days. This stuff is incredible.

Its oily, need to let it dry prior to putting clothing over. It works great for ringworm.

We use it for our canine tail. Greatthank you.

Please buy if you have eczema, we had a hard time with eczema for the longest time and absolutely nothing worked but then we found this and in a matter of days our eczema wasgone It does not cure eczema and you need to use this cream frequently but god it helps.

It took us 49 years to find a product that works this well on our eczema vulnerable skin. For some odd factor, practically every woman in our family appears to have eczema. We are constantly searching for and attempting things to help with the problems. We have achieved success in lots of ways, but as those people with eczema experience, once you have a flare. It likes to remain for a while. We have discovered that our skin appears to react extremely well to products including neem. In reality, we include neem to much of our own products in your home. So, we attempted this “triple” neem ointment on our skin after cleaning and moisterizing right prior to bedtime. We awakened the next early morning with the eczema flare practically totallygone We have never ever seen anything (consisting of prescriptions) work this rapidly on our skin. For me, any minor odor deserves the results. We are so grateful to have found a product like this.

This has worked for our extremely allergic boy’s insect bites. Prior to utilizing this neem ointment, he would get big, red welts that would usually get contaminated, requiring a journey to the skin doctor for antibiotic and steroid cream treatments. Because utilizing the triple neem ointment, he has not required prescription antibiotics or steroid creams after getting bitten. It does have an odor, but it deserves it for our family. Another product that has in some cases worked for us for bites has been hyland’s calendula spray.

Excellent quality very effective product. We use it for eczema on our face and abdominal area as an alternative to corticosteroid. Smells excellent for a product with neem oil. Leaves yellow-colored color but its so very effective that we do not care.

Great ointment. If you do not wan na invest cash on a medical professionals workplace check out plus the expense of medication, this ointment works marvels on eczema. There is no cure for eczema, but this ointment comes close to what a prescription for triamcinolone cream can do without the extra doctor expenses.

This is outstanding healing cream for the skin, with no toxic results. We use this on cuts, bug bites or scrapes.

We had acquired neem overseas and enjoyed it for whatever from bug bites to cuts. We had the shingles and it this product worked like magic relieving the burn and itch. Miracle.

Best natural medicine we have experienced in our 52 years of living– love that it’s the just fragrance free neem cream we found anywhere on– and now no longer in stock. Thankfully we found a relative brand the a lot more natural and it is outstanding for itching, but we needed to look through’s whole stock in order to find one with some active ingredient that we are not adverse.

Love this product.

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