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Nooky Lavender Massage Oil

Nooky Lavender Massage Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Nooky Lavender Massage Oil.

  • HYDRATE YOUR SKIN FOR LONGER, aid relief of migraine and enhance wellness with our relaxing Nooky Lavender Body MassageLotion Your body will be left sensation rehydrated, invigorated and unwinded long after you’re done
  • QUICKLY ABSORBED, to make sure no oily or oily residue stays, just the sensation of young, flexible skin.
  • A LIGHT, ORGANIC AROMATIC LAVENDER FRAGRANCE that will not subdue your senses, making Nooky ideal for couples wishing to include sensuous and relaxation aromatherapy massages to their collection.
  • OUR THERAPEUTIC GRADE massage oil is made from 100% natural ingredients, making it ideal for sensitive skin. Nooky Massage Oil appropriates for all skin types andnow is available in a helpful pump pack that men and women will love. We will gladly send you a full refund if you wear t love our Nooky Lavender MassageOil That’s our 100% refund fulfillment assurance.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Nooky Lavender Massage Oil.
Nooky products are made in the U.S.A., in a state of the art FDA centers that have been satisfying the strictest market requirements for over 20 years. U.S.A. Made NOOKY MASSAGE OILS Hydrate, renew and feel great, long after you re done taking pleasure in a relaxation massage with our beautiful series of Nooky Massage Oils. Exceptionally developed in a stylish black pump bottle, that can inconspicuously rest on your night table. Leave skin silky soft without that oily residue or oily excess. Gently scented and infused with fragrant aromatherapy scents. Soaks up rapidly into skin, whilst keeping you hydrated and unwinded. Our natural ingredients won t upset or irritate sensitive skin types. Read more NOOKY At Nooky we comprehend how essential massages can be that is why our long-term Nooky Massage Oils are so smooth and silky without that oily residue or oily excess. Nooky Massage Oils natural ingredients won t upset or irritate sensitive skin types. Our massage oils takes in rapidly into skin, whilst keeping you hydrated and unwinded. Gently scented and infused with fragrant aromatherapy scents our massage oils are perfect for couples trying to find a caring relaxing massage. Read more NOOKY LUBE16 ozNOOKY LUBE 32 ozNOOKY COCONUT MASSAGE OIL16 ozNOOKY LAVENDER MASSAGE OIL16 ozNOOKY ORANGE BLOSSOM MASSAGE OIL 16 ozNOOKY MASSAGE OIL16 ozFRAGRANCENONENONECOCONUTLAVENDERORANGE BLOSSOMGERANIUM & CITRONELLAPERFECT FOR MASSAGENONOYESYESYESYESGLYCERINE AND PARABEN FREEYESYESYESYESYESYESPERFECT FOR TOYSYESYES

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Nooky Lavender Massage Oil.

Question Question 1

What Kind Of Lavender Oil Is Utilized In This Product?

Hi Thank you for your question we use a particular lavender oil from Bulgaria. Regards the Nooky Group

Question Question 2

Is This Bottle Glass And Does It Have A Travel Cap?

The bottle is plastic and comes with the pump gotten rid of and a solid cap. You can interchange the pump with the cap if you like for travel.

Question Question 3

What Are The Oils Utilized?

Ingredients Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender Oil

Question Question 4

Is This Made In The U.S.A.?

Hi Thanks for the question ALL Nooky products are made right here in the U.S.A.. Regards the Nooky Group

Question Question 5

Can This Be Utilized As A Lube For Intimacy?

Hi thank youfor your question our massage oil is just for massage we do nevertheless offer an FDA nooky lube on that is waterbased Regards The Nooky Group

Question Question 6

Is This Product Sticky And Tough To Clean Off Skin?

This swe a great product. Not sticky at all.skin absorbes extremely well and leave it smoot and Soft for long period of time. You do not require to clean it off.

Question Question 7

Are The Products Ruthlessness Free?

Nooky Massage Oilsare not evaluated on Animals Regards the Nooky Group

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Nooky Lavender Massage Oil, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

So besides the terrific massage benefits we get from this oil, we occurred to come about some other great benefits that we weren’t anticipating. We find this to be an exceptional makeup remover. We have extra extra, did we point out extra? dry skin on our face and wipes or soaps just make it even worse. We also have lupus, and suffer lupus rashes, this oil helps to calm these ghastly rashes and hives/bumps. If we observe excessive on we just dab a little off or wash with some luke warm water and pat dry. The next thing is for our cherished border collies’ nose. It was so dry and cracked. We have attempted every miracle balm out there and even a homemade oil we use in our hair, but absolutely nothing assisted him. As quickly as we put it on his nose, it absorbed right in and his glossy black baby nose came right back. The odor was not over powering to him at all. This leads us to another advantage. Our baby jack suffers horrible stress and anxiety, particularly now with his hip dysplasia, and he settled right down and went to sleep. The lavendar relaxed and settled him to sleep like a baby. So we chose to evaluate this once again with our new rescue. She is a super hyper 10 month blended pitbull/lab and she’s terrified of her shadow but constantly on play 24/ 7. We put a dab on her nose and once again she settled right down, played with her toys for a bit and when it was bedtime she followed. She’s not afraid any longer and can unwind a lot quicker. Great, remarkable oil. Functions questions for massages too. We get horrible knots from fibro and lupus and this has never ever let us down. We are susceptible to mouth ulcers from having lupus, but never ever have had one up until 2 weeks earlier. We had a root canal and the stress from life and the dental professional should of set usoff We got a big ulcer on our lip. Could not think it. Absolutely nothing assisted from dr. Google and whatever at cvs was 2-3times as pricey as. So we bought a product. Just so occurred we chose to take our makeup off utilizing the oil and condition our lips with it, plus rub it into the ulcer. The next early morning it was half as huge. Our product got here the following day from, but we stuck with the oil. It recovered totally in 3 days. We believe it will work if you get a fever blister or other mouth inflammation. Oh our hubby sprained his ankle in jan and he truly took pleasure in nighttime massages with this. It also provided us the capability to have the endurance to hold up and offer him the massage. We had this oil for a while and it relaxed but we are so grateful we are utilizing itmore We hardly ever evaluate products but this one had been a life changer for us. We was truly ashamed about the lip ulcer and it truly altered this for us. Having a lot of dr. Appts todays plus chemo and needing to talk with people like that would of been a problem, so we am truly grateful to have acquired this with our own cash and had it on hand some time earlier.

Like other commenters have discussed, the bottle leakages and is unpleasant. You may too intend on moving it to another container upon arrival. The oil itself is great. Unlike creams and even baby oil, it does not end up being sticky but stays slippery for a long period of time. The lavender scent is stimulating. It is appetizing– practically as if there is also some eucalyptus in it.

Whatever you desire for a message andmore 1. Mild natural scents. 2. Reduces tactile friction, but not too oily. 3. Does moist too rapidly. 4. Sensible priced. Just unfavorable, dispenser is drippy and output is not quickly managed.

Great product. Leaves you feeling unwinded and smelling great. Also does not leave you feeling all oily and gross.

We buy a great deal of massage oil. This is great for our full body massage. The viscosity is perfect and will even produce heat through friction for sore and exhausted muscles. After our massage we climb up into bed with no shower. The oil is not sticky or thick adequate to tarnish our sheets. In the early morning we are revitalized and our skin feels silky smooth.

Definitely terrific. For 2 factors. Quickly absorbed into the skin and smells fantastic. Our kid has trouble sleeping -we offer a massage each night and he is passed out prior to you understand it. Also, been using this after a shower to help with razor bumps and have not had any concerns given that we began utilizing it. Bonus: odor great all the time with remarkably soft skin and can put one heck of a massage on with this. Love it.

We love this bottle. We were stressed the odor would be frustrating. But in use it is not. Our friend who disliked lavender didn’t challenge the odor at all. Excellent consistency and hassle-free pump. We can’t wait to attempt their other smells.

We both found that this was not very oily sensation, rather penetrating, warming and very therapuetic. Our relative also declared it felt tingly along her back, which for her was great certainly as she just bruised her spinal column, when she got knocked off her bike from somebody drag racing on city streets. What the pain medicine could not relieve the oil assisted her quite certainly.

Smells truly great and not straining at all, won t leave your hands oily after a massage and it helps it being truly smooth. Body will absorb it after a while, which we find it to be truly excellent. The missing out on star is due to the fact that it doesn t tingle or produces heat or absolutely nothing like that like to call it sensuous. It s just a great massage oil.

We are utilizing this product a number of times a week. It takes in rapidly and is not an oily mess as some products are. Fragrance is okay, but want it was more of the lavender scent, but it s bearable. We will buy this brand once again.

The product packaging was leakage proof. It had a twist cap and was sealed. And the pump was separated. Silky smooth feel on the skin. Never ever sticky. Will buy some more if we runout We slept better too. Odors clean. We want they would offer 32 oz. =-RRB- thanks nooky.

Functions great for massage, moisturizing and lubrication. The scent is excellent but strong so if you wear t like the lavender scent wear t get it. If you love the scent you will love the product.

We use this for massages and it does the task wonderfully, put away the baby oil and bring out the genuine massage oil.

The massage oil is great the just factor for 4 stars is that the dispenser was not consisted of with the bottle of oil.

Like this oil for massage very little is required. Blends well into all skin types. Functions great for your love orifice too. Women love this stuff when we massage them. Excellent cost too.

Love the way this oil smells and feels, it does not leave a sticky residue on your skin. The lavender scent is not subduing either.

Very excellent oil for rubbing. Just problem is that it’ll stain your sheets. Washes off just great and the scent is strong, but not subduing. We utilized it on sensitive skin, no problems or hives. Very excellent oil.

We are massage therapist and our customers love it we love it also particularly after a shower.

We love this after the shower. Great for massages, naturally. The scent lasts.

Love this massage oil. Very relaxing and smells excellent but not subduing. Does not make us feel gross and oily after use.

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