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NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream

NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream.

  • NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Gel Cream enhance the skin s firmness in a little as 2 weeks
  • Leaves skin sensation cool, soft and flexible
  • Enriched with Q10, L Carnitine, and Lotus Extract
  • Apply gel cream two times daily to thighs, butts and stomach
  • Dermatologically checked and authorized

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream.
State hey there to firmer, more toned skin. NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream, enriched with Q10, L-Carnitine, and LotusExtract How does this ingenious formula work? With regular use it works to enhance the skin s firmness in a little as 2 weeks. It also companies and tones the appearance of the skin. The light-weight gel-cream texture is fastabsorbing Sinking into the skin leaving it feeling cool, soft and flexible. To use: Use gel-cream two times daily to thighs, butts and stomach. Set this body gel-cream with a NIVEA Body Wash for a complete skin care routines.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Utilized In Neck And Chin?

Yes.Use a very little on any part of your body, as a little goes a long way. After cleaning our face, we utilized baking soda and hot water-soaked cosmetics removal pads on our eyelids and under our eyes for 10 minutes, then use a little bit of Nivea’s gel product all over our face, carefully patting the eyelids and under the eyes. Yes.Use a very little on any part of your body, as a little goes a long way. After cleaning our face, we utilized baking soda and hot water-soaked cosmetics removal pads on our eyelids and under our eyes for 10 minutes, then use a little bit of Nivea’s gel product all over our face, carefully patting the eyelids and under the eyes.It helps tighten up and smooth the skin.

Question Question 2

Can We Use This On Our Breasts?

It’s a lotion and we would believe you might use it on any part of your body.Not sure that it would tighten your breasts however.

Question Question 3

When Is It Best To Put It On? Where Can You Put It On?

we constantly put it on fresh out of the shower, and put all of it over our body, omitting our face. we pay special attention to the legs, tumour and behind. Then walk and do a few things while it dries, smells respectable too and leaves skin very soft.

Question Question 4

Is It Okay To Use On Your Face?

we are not a skin specialist.Great for body, would not use on our face.our face isn’t dry.

Question Question 5

Has Anybody Utilized This After Having A Baby On Your Stomach? And What Were The Results?

we began utilizing this after having our boy and absolutely seen that it raised our stomach back up a fair bit. our skin lastly appears like its returning to normal and our stretch marks are much less visible.

Question Question 6

Is This Gel-Cream Any More Concentrated Than The Very Same Precise Thing In The Lotion Formula – Or Just A Matter Of Choice? This Is More Costly.?

we believe it s more concentrated than the lotion and NOT oily

Question Question 7

Do We Use This Prior To Or After Lotion?

we use it prior to placing on any lotion.

Question Question 8

Where This Product Is Made?

The container states it is dispersed from Wilton, CT. No concept if it is also produced there or not.

Question Question 9

Can Use This All Over The Body?

we do.we concentrate mainly on our chest, neck and arms due to the fact that that is where we have seen the most crepe skin now that we are over the age of60 Absolutely has made a difference.we use this in the early morning and then followup with another moisturizer.

Question Question 10

What Is The Distinction In Between This Product And Nivea Skin Firming Hydration Lotion?

This is a gel. They work the exact same but this has a cooling affect that appears to be more affective in our viewpoint. Plus the scent is incredible.

Question Question 11

Can We Use This On Our Butt?

we do all the time. we use it head to toe.

Question Question 12

Is This The Like The Excellent Bye Cellulite Gel?

we have no concept. we have not utilized the product that you point out.

Question Question 13

Does This Go On Prior To Or After Lotion? When We Do It Prior to & After It Like Begins Coming Off In Clumps If We Touch OurSkin Help.?

we put this on after getting out of the shower while skin is still wet on our legs.You require to massage it into your legs.we have never ever had clumps.D

Question Question 14

Does The Gel-Cream Contain Any Parabens (Like The Lotion Does)?

The present formulas of ourNIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream, NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion, andNIVEA Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion are all paraben-free. The information we offer you today concerning our ingredients might not be precise if we reformulate a product.We motivate you to constantly ch The present formulas of ourNIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Gel-Cream, NIVEA Skin Firming Hydration Body Lotion, andNIVEA Nourishing Skin Firming Body Lotion are all paraben-free. The information we offer you today concerning our ingredients might not be precise if we reformulate a product.We motivate you to constantly inspect the component labelingon our product packaging.

Question Question 15

Does It Tone? We Required A Much More Vibrant Skin?

The NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Gel crème will tone and company the appearance of the skin.It does not lighten up the skin or modification the pigmentation of skin.

Question Question 16

Does It Contain Hydroquinone And Does It Lighten The Skin?

No, the NIVEA Skin Firming and Toning Gel Crème does not consist of hydroquinone and it does not lighten the skin.

Question Question 17

How Strong Is The Fragrance Of This Gel & Does It Dissipate Rapidly? We Are Sensitive To Parfume In Products & Am Wondering If We Should Even Attempt This.?

If you are sensitive to fragrance then this is not for you. we love the odor of Nivea.However this toning gel does not work, we utilized 3 tubes.

Question Question 18

Our Product Had No Seal On It. Is This Normal?

Mine was sealed

Question Question 19

Can You Do Massage With It?

it eliminates fat so need to beware where you use it.

Question Question 20

Do We Use This Prior To Or After Lotion?

we just use the Nivea and no lotion with it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on NIVEA Skin Firming & Toning Body Gel-Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We have been utilizing this product for a while after our auntie presented us on to it. We are slim (5′ 8″, 155lbs) and had some cellulite on our thighs. We weren’t that conscious of it until our boyfriend began teasing us about it and made a song called ” cellulite”. After that we ended up being very self mindful and attempted this product. Around 4 weeks after use we saw results and so did he. We were both stunned that it worked. We use a little every day right after a shower and massage it deeply into our thighs. A little goes a long way. ** to make our legs appear even smoother in the summer we integrate this with a lite self tanning lotion. ** btw, like our cellulite, that sweetheart is history.

Our legs looks a lotbetter Just took 2 week’s to see the distinction. Much company and smooth. Odors great. We use it after the shower every day. Very happy with this product.

We have been utilizing this for 6 weeks under our eyes and on our neck and we have an obvious distinction in our appearance. A colleague asked if we had “something done”.

This stuff has truly unexpected results. Our skin is significantly softer and firmer after just a few days of use. Our face is brighter, our hands are softer, and our home cheesiness is firmer. We have lost a fair bit of weight (50 pounds and counting) so our skin requirements some tightening and toning – this stuff does justthat We also have very dry skin in the winter season over our entire body and this helps with that too. We use the more powerful variation of this lotion, the gel-cream (on the left in the image), for our stomach, thighs, and butt. We then use the lotion (on the right) for our chest, arms, hands, and face/neck. Keep in mind: put on t believe this alone is going to offer you skin that you might bounce a quarter off of. You still require to do work out to enhance the muscle and tighten up the skin. This works as a supplement to slimming down and cellulite that can result from that weight reduction. Or, for aging skin to help appear more youthful. It also smells great, not too strong but still a wonderful odor. Would absolutely buy once again and suggest.

We never ever believed we would state any antwe wrinkle cream would work. But, this one does. We have “old woman” eye bags. This product has decreased the puffiness under our eyes. We began seeing lead to less than week. The puffiness is not totally gone but it is decreased by a minimum of 75% ormore Enough that we started to observe right after we began utilizing this product. We have long been a fan of nivea skinproducts They are wonderful. We use nivea moisturizer first and then the toning and firming gel. We are never ever once again going to look young but this product has improved our look and makes us feel better about the image recalling at us in the mirror.

We attempted utilizing this on our face and neck just to attempt it for firming reasonswhat a surprise. It moisturizes without being oily. And yes, it truly companies. Wow, what a distinction in our skin. Smooth and a lot tighter. Makeup moves right on over it. Threw out all our serums and a lot of moisturizers. One product is all we require. Now on our 2nd tube. Ok so it’s now been a year later on and we can state this is wonderful. We use it two times a day and our skin is so smooth and it has absolutely tightened. We were beginning to get jowls and they aregone Smooth under our eyes with nowrinkles We were considering surgery but not now. You should be spiritual about utilizing it two times a day, and if we are home for the day, we put more on. Provide this product a shot. You will love it. Desire we had taken prior to photos. Lol. This early morning we got up and our hubby and we were having coffee and he said on how tight our skin was and how smooth our jawline and undereye were. Sufficient for us.

We love this lotion. We have utilized it for several years particularly when it’s time to break out the shorts. We are old and it still does a great task on our old and wrinkly skin.

Incredible we put it on our face and next day we can’t even pinch our face okay incredible and a great incredible rate we have lancome okay does just as excellent as the serum from lancome night time cream we love the scent too very unwinding we massage it upwards on neck and also massage the belly with a japanese massage arms and up constantly on face and lines a little goes a long way no requirement for that muchwe truly desire this product to remain and continue to be made this is a european brand around permanently and this is the reason that we are 54 now but been utilizing nivea given that we remained in our 20’s we prepare to move on with this creation.

We are utilizing it thoroughly for puffy eyes and a little droop under the chin 2x/day. We are 58 years old and this’s week 3 and observe a distinction. Enough to truly see.

We believe a great deal of people leaving “meh” evaluations are the ones searching for a simple quick fix, which everybody must understand by now, does not exist. If you are refraining from doing other things to help enhance your skin problem (staying hydrated, working out routinely, altering diet plan to less salty/toxin filled foods, dry brushing/massage) this definitely will not work for you the way you’re hoping it will. There is no magic cream or solution offered for cellulite/saggy skin. We for one have truly bad cellulite on the back of our thighs (yay genes.) and we have been utilizing this product for 5 years. We start discovering the distinction within a few days. Although small, over extended use, it truly does work. We use this on our thighs, arms, stomach, and buttocks too for some extra firmness support outside the fitness center, and it works marvels. We work out 3-4 days a week, beverage lots of water, dry brush prior to every shower, and have included collagen peptides to our daily coffee (unsavory powder you can bake with, put in healthy smoothies, etc. Which can help with skin flexibility, aka the appearance of cellulite, hair/nail development, joint pain, etc) and with all of this integrated, we have seen the most significant distinction in the appearance of our struggling locations compared to entirely utilizing this product without all of that several years earlier. Is it 100% gone? no. It never ever will be, that is regretfully the truth of living with cellulite. Does it make a major enhancement in appearance? definitely. We will continue utilizing this product as long as it makes it through on the racks.

This is the best product we have ever utilized for skin firmness. We are on our fourth bottle and will continue to use it. Primarily utilized on our legs, bottom and stomach. We have utilized it on our jowls and inner arms too. Great results.

This gel works. Just 4days in am seeing results on our belly. Love it.

We normally do not compose evaluations but we needed to with this. Get this product, you will not regret it. After 3 days we can currently inform a distinction. This is a miracle in a bottle. We understood it should be excellent when its not on the racks at shops so we believed we would offer it a shot and we will absolutely be doing the month-to-month purchase. With anything, you need to keep it up for it to last so with working out and utilizing this, its truly incredible.

We got this due to the fact that we saw a utube blog site that it helps with sagging jowls and “turkeyneck”. We didn’t hold out much hope for it’s success because we have tried other highly recommended products (some very expensive) that didn’t do anything. We received the product yesterday and put some on our jowls and neck last nite with no other products so that we could test if it caused irritation or anything. We got up this morning and when we went to cleanse our face we saw that there was a noticeable tightening of the jowls and turkey neck. Surprise surprise. No rash, no irritation – which we expected because this is advertised as a body product rather than facial product. So we waited all day long for the surprising effects to ” release” but they never ever did. Conservative price quote it took 5 years off our appearance. We are 71 but looked 60 and now we look55 We typically wait a minimum of 2 weeks prior to examining products but this was so unexpected that we chose to inform y’ everything about it right now. There are just a handful of products of any kind that provided us such quick and happy results – instanatural vit. C serum, olay regenerist sculpting cream, shiseido ultimune, soap & splendor exemplary butter, and hempz shampoo for damaged/color dealt with hair. We understand that not whatever works the exact same for everybody but this is definitely worth a shot if your sagging face is offering you sorrow.

We matched this cream with diet plan and workout. These photos are one week distinction. We also utilized a tanning cream.

Our mom economizes but in some way spent lavishly to buy this. She is growing older and has been putting this under her neck. Loose skin is a huge insecurity for some senior citizens and we are not anticipating it ourself. Anyhow, we do not understand if it’s truly okay to use it on your neck like that, but her skin appears like she had cosmetic surgery. Well, it might be a little tighter, but omg. We swear there is a substantial distinction. Took soooo several years off her. We purchased some for ourself but have not utilized it as we do not have the discipline right now but we sure will be putting this on the back of our legs and our stomach when we struck the fitness center once again. When oh when.

We use this gel in combination with a waist fitness instructor and diet plan. We have had 2 babies so the skin on our stomach is pretty loose, given that utilizing this product we have seen a various in our stomach, it looks much smoother and is beginning to flatten. We are not exactly sure if it is from this product particularly or if it is from the combination.

Definitely love this product. We can see an obvious distinction after just 2 days. We were utilizing it everyday for months, and our legs looked incredible. We weren t particular of it was the spiritual working out or the this product or both. Then we had surgery, and couldn’t exercise for a while. We got lazy and stopped utilizing this stuff too. Our cellulite returned, but we didn’t understand just just how much was because of stopping the use of this product. We just began utilizing it once again, and after just 3 days, we can see an obvious distinction. It makes our legs both look and feels super smooth.

We never ever had stretch marks up until we had our first baby. Picture connected is our prior to and after image of using two times a day for 2 months straight post labor. We utilized this gel along with using coconut oil every day. In general, our marks ended up being lighter in color but still visible. Scent smells truly excellent and does not make you feel oily after using so we did not feel gross placing on clothing right after. We would forget we had used it within minutes. We will continue to use it to see if marks get better.

So here’s the genuine offer on this product: it does work. We started seeing results with just 5 days of use, 1-2x daily. There are few quirks about it however. 1) you do need to use it regularly to see and keep your results. If you desire long-term results, make this a part of your daily skincare regimen. Otherwise it’ll fade. 2) it’s a gel, not a lotion or a cream. It is kinda sticky. Our legs aren’t soft or smooth after utilizing this product, but we have discovered to deal with it. You do need to wash your hands later on. We are not a substantial fan of the scent (kinda advises us of an old woman) but it’s not ghastly. We will continue to use it due to the fact that we truly like the results we are seeing, but the formula might absolutely be upgraded to not be so sticky.

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