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NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners

NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners.

  • Ensure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • LONG-TERM|We go the distance for 5k’s, Half-Marathons, Marathon & Ultras
  • DISCREET|So discreet, you will forget you’re using them. Seriously.
  • GREASELESS|Do not fret about grease discolorations on your t-shirt with the NipStrip.
  • PAIN-FREE|Unlike other adhesives, NipStrips releases from hair and skin without pain.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners.
Presenting the first anti-chafing product created to quietly protect your nipples for the whole length of your run or exercise without pulling your chest hair or harming your skin upon removal. Just since you require protection doesn t imply you wish to accentuate your manly nips with oily, t-shirt staining lubes, awkwardly extending products, or elegant manziers. You require a nipple transformation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners.

Question Question 1

The Number Of Remain In The Package As Sold Here?

Each package consists of 20 sets.

Question Question 2

What About Covering Hard Nipples?

For me, the are large sufficient and have sufficient versatility to cover even when nipples are set up, but it would depend upon how raised they are if they are truly large.

Question Question 3

Are They Any Excellent For Ankles?

Thanks for this question a few years ago.:) We did hear a great deal of feedback about people desiring the very same protection for other locations of their body, consisting of the ankle. We have actually just launched the SkinStrip for this purpose. Thanks for this question a few years ago.:) We did hear a great deal of feedback about people desiring the very same protection for other locations of their body, consisting of the ankle. We have actually just launched the SkinStrip for this purpose. https://www..com/gp/product/B07 FYKGT2P?pf _ rd_p= c2945051-950 f-485 c-b4df-15 aac5223 b10 & pf_rd_r =54 B7TVVR3MMYYHCVWYGF

Question Question 4

Are These Discreet?

Exceptionally discreet, a lot so that you will forget they are on.

Question Question 5

How Well Do They Stick? We Sweat And Shirts Have Friction If We Are Not Utilizing Trwe Shirts.For MarathonDistance Ideas Of Remaining Power?

we sweat containers, and run marathons, yet in some way, they wear t relocation. You forget they exist. we have actually showered, forgotten to take off and the following day, we have actually run once again with that very same set on. Truthfully, this was a video game changer for us and running far away.

Question Question 6

What Is The Size Of Each Sticker?

The size is 1″

Question Question 7

Do These Cover Pierced Nipple?

These are created to protect nipples from chaffing.They will follow the areola of the nipple well if there aren’t hairs in between the strip and the nipple.So we would state it would be best to remove the piercing( s) prior to utilizing and when running, but we do not have experience in this location.

Question Question 8

Are They Reusable?How Do You Take Them Off? Would They Work If You’Re A Bicyclist?

They come off relatively quickly but are not reusable.we like them better than other comparable products since they are discreet. The remain in location after 10-15 miles of running, so we do not see why they would not work for biking.

Question Question 9

Please Inform United States Can We Use The Label More Than Once?

No they are one use just product as the adhesive will be wear off after you have actually utilized it for any activity consisting of running.

Question Question 10

Do These Do An Excellent Task Of Concealing Your Nipples Under Clothing (If You’Re Not Using A Bra) Or Are They Just Excellent To Protect From Chafing?

No, they still leave peaks if you are using tight clothing. They are little, so when your nipple is erect they camping tent. we are male and you can still see my own under a tight t-shirt. For a woman would be even worse. They do work for chaffing however.

Question Question 11

Do These Provide You The Appearance Of Manboobs Or Make Your Nipples Stick Out?

No, if anything just the opposite they flatten thingsout we now use these on all our longer races they hold great even with shifts from cold to heat (possible nipple modification)

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on NipStrips Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Having bloody man-nipples on a white running t-shirt is not an indication of durability. It suggests, “holy cow, this is painful. ” especially in the summer when we are using a loose-fitting running t-shirt, our nipples will chafe on any run over 6-8 miles. Any run over the 12-14 mile distance and they’ll be bleeding. Band help do not remain on. We attempted the body glide with limited success (it works for us approximately about 8 miles.) we make certain duct tape would work but you ‘d look like a dork and it would hurt to remove. But these things resembled magic. Putting them on resembled the hand of a sweet angel, reassuring me, informing us to “run, run far, mortal earthling. We will take care of your nipples. Only you and we will know we are even here. We will never leave you. Sweat as much as you want. Rejoice in your athletic prowess. Run, we say. Run. ” so yeah, we like these things. One time we didn’t even see they were still on up until bedtime. And do not believe that’s since we are smelly slug who does not shower after running. We did shower. About 10 hours previously in truth. These terrific little round nontransparent stickers remain on, and do not even injured when removing. “well, maybe that’s because you’re not very hairy. ” you’re believing. No chance. We are hairy like a gorilla. So whether you’re a gorilla, or just a regular hairy guy, we provide these our full suggestion.

These are the best protection we have found to prevent uncomfortable chaffing. They go on quickly they remained on for our whole triathlon through the swim, bike, run and peel off without pain. We are not exactly sure how they handled to make a product that is waterproof and sweat proof and still peels off painlessly, but they attained just that.

These were a discovery for us. We get very sweaty on summer runs (complete t-shirt and shorts saturation) and that typically leads to nipple chafing. We have actually attempted bandaids and athletic tape and we sweat them bestoff These have actually held incredibly well for 1. 5+ hour runs in july heat and humidity. A few notes: you need to use these when your skin is dry. They will not stick. Preferably, your nipple would be soft when you use it to help follow a more flat surface area. We were worried about size as these are around the size of a quarter, but they have actually worked completely. They are not uncomfortable for us to remove.

There’s a few various brand names to select from on for this kind of chafing,and we picked nipstrips since of their great evaluations. We have never ever truly had a problem with nipple chafing other than while browsing or body boarding in the ocean, so we were amazed when we began to get it when going for longer runs past 8 miles. It’s not like you’re in pain currently, now your nipples need to burn to boot? we dislike running. Okay we love running. We didn’t have much time to spare prior to our first half marathon, so we needed to select a brand rapidly on. These appeared to have the best remaining power on wet conditions, and we enjoy to report that the stuck with us (pun planned) throughout the race and still held on (pun planned) during the post-race celebrations till we got home. Easy to use and they do not injured to remove as you may anticipate. We have actually seen youtube hacks for runners utilizing scotch tape, they need to have not had prime.

It appears ridiculous to sink cash into what a little bit of tape can achieve, but these people are truly a blessing for far away races. You will not see they exist, and as we found out from some long-distance training runs, you’ll be sorry for not using them. We blew through a couple in an ultramarathon this summer (they will ultimately fall off after long hours in the summer heat), but they can be found in good tearable strips that you can pack quickly. As others have actually stated, most times you will not see them up until they fall off in the shower. Obviously they might be less expensive, but they were absolutely worth it for us.

Worked great for the marathon for which we purchased them. In the past, we had a great deal of problems during this race as its cold and typically rainy. We still sweat a lot and body glide never ever worked well sufficient (worked for about an hour). For this year, we utilized the nipstrips and squirrel nut butter on the top of our pecs. Worked remarkable. We fretted what these may look like it we took off our t-shirt during the race, but the 2 products worked so great we didn’t require to remove our t-shirt. Even if we had, you can t even see these nipstrips unless you look truly hard. We wear t intend on utilizing them for much shorter races, but considering that they aren t that costly we will think about utilizing them for long training runs. We will absolutely use them for 1/2 marathon and above from now on.

We have actually been training for our first marathon and although we have actually never ever had a problem with chaffing previously, we began to see problems as we increased our miles. We acquired these based on favorable evaluations and the hope that they would not injure upon removal and we are very happy after utilizing them on numerous long terms. Easy to place on, can’t inform they exist, no chafing during our run, and easy to remove. We would provide 3 thumbs up if we had that numerous thumbs.

Great for longer distance runs and races, training runs too. It assisted get us through the buffalo marathon and other races. They are very easy to use and we forget we are using them, they have yet to fall off and stick perfectly. The very best part is having the ability to shower without the pain of sore nipples, those days are done. The pain is genuine, this is the cure.

We sweat. A lot. We have sensitive nipples that are pointy. We are little chubby. Often, we run ranges. These amount to nipples that chafe and, potentially, bleed. We have actually attempted numerous things. Bandages, tape, lotions, balms. Lastly decided on compression t-shirts under our running t-shirt. But, that’s hot. So, we attempted these and nipeaze. We like nipeaze decently better since they are less expensive; we like these decently better since they are larger and very a little simpler for us to use. Both work better than our compression t-shirts, and we waited way, way too long to attemptthese It is the distinction in between being shy to stroll into the shower and not having any issue at all. No pain, no discomfort, no chafing, limited hair-catching (did we discuss we are also super hairy?). So, which one wins the 5 star? nipeaze. But even if we might find them at a better cost.

We got a sampler pack a year ago and they are the best so we needed to buymore We utilized them for several marathons, 50 k, and a 100 k. They lasted an 18 hour run. They didn’t move, they did their task and was easy to takeoff All our skin and hair remained on our body. They have actually lasted a 50 k in 80 degree f heat. Sweat did not effect them.

In some way ended up with just one of these in our bag– we believed we loaded 2. So we wound up running a half-marathon with one nipple covered and one nipple exposed. The covered one felt great, the tape adhered perfectly, and revealed no indications of degeneration after 13 miles and gallons of sweat. The exposed nipple searched for at us and stated et tu, brute? that baby was covered in blood. We would state this was a completely performed experiment. Extremely suggest this nipple tape for men running > 5 miles.

We run about 40-45 miles each week and in texas during the hot months (all 10 of them) we have actually attempted tape, band-aids and more tape and absolutely nothing works like these do. They do not reveal and they sit tight. You ‘d believe they would be a little difficult to remove but that isn’t a problem either. Our relative still makes fun of us for utilizing these, but a little embarrassment is better than sensation like somebody took a cheese grader to your nipples. These are remarkable.

We had actually never ever utilized any kind of nipple guards and had just had very little chafing on long terms (18 plus miles) but we were going to run our first ultra (50 k) and it was probably going to rain. We didn’t wish to gamble with rain and a long term so we found these had one day shipping and we purchased them. Used them for the very first time during the race. As other customers kept in mind, after putting them on you wear t even see they exist. They remained on for the entire race, consisting of 2 hours of light to moderate rain,and we never ever had any problems with them or our nipples. Worked incredibly.

We attempted a half lots solutions to protect our sensitive yet manly nipples from the ruthless chafing of long terms prior to we found nipstrips. We attempted various fabric t-shirts, medical tape, preventative bandaids, even squares of kt tape but they all failed us by about 8 miles in. We lastly got smart and purchased these and lem me inform you – they have actually made a world of distinction. There’s absolutely nothing that deflates the sense of success of beating a personal best long term like 1) severe nipple-related pain and 2) figuring out all those odd appearances are since it appears like you have actually been breast feeding dracula. We are running half-marathons now with training strategies for a full and thanks to nipstrips we are doing so chafe free and with a huge old smile on our face. The adhesive goes on easy and remains on up until we take themoff Nipstrips work, easy to use, and absolutely undetected. We do not just provide this product 5 passionate stars, we provide it 2 healthy (yet manly) nipples.

Tmwe alert. We have actually run utilizing liquid bandage, and sweat breaks that down after about an hour anyhow. We have actually utilized these strips, nevertheless, and have actually not had a problem. No, they did not snag on the clothing. No, they did not injure takingoff (yes, we have adequate hair on our chest, and no, it did not injured as long as we made sure to use.) we completed our first marathon using these and practically ignored that we used them. They may appear costly, but these walk the walk and talk the talk.

We are half-marathon runner (quickly to be full-marathon) and we do not understand what we would do withoutthese If you run more than 8 miles at a time we extremely suggest utilizingthese Nobody wishes to have bloody nipples midway through a run. Our hubby and we both use them for far away runs. We must truthfully just get a bi-monthly membership. Even though we use sports bras, chaffing can still occur. And these are great for avoiding that.

We have eczema that can, for whatever factor, get pretty bad around our nipples. We also sweat a lot when we run. We have actually attempted utilizing vaseline and any run above like 5 miles and it is just sorta effective at stopping chaffing. Band help work, but when we begin sweating they come loose in some cases. We can state that these strips truly do work well. We have actually run a half marathon in them, while sweating like insane in the texas heat, and they didn’t come loose at all. We constantly do every huge run in them, and never ever had a problem. They are god send out. Taking them off kinda draws, but it s better than band help or tape for sure. In general, if you re looking for a solid way to stop nipple chafing then look no even more.

200+ races constantly utilized glide type lotions to prevent chaffing. 2 long-format running occasions ago we got a trial pack for a comparable nip product and chose to attempt it, worked well. Better than stressing over a glide product, still the nip product got us through a damp 25 k but not exactly sure it might have held a lot longer. Taken part in a 50 k recently and versus impulse utilized these for the very first time – happy to report that it did great. Better than glides, perhaps better than nips can’t inform. But we will stockpile on these from now on, worked great for us.

Amazing product. We run about 50-60 miles a week. We utilized to use little bandaids over our fragile hersey kisses, if we were preparing to run over 7 miles during an exercise. Nevertheless, it was frustrating to pull out our chest hair later on and it’s a little awkward when you might see the print from bandaids below our t-shirt. These nipstrips completely cover the location of our areolas. So although we are hairy as f ***, removing nipstrips seldom pulls out any hair. Often we forget that they’re even on.

This product has actually conserved our nipples from the stress of running. We are very hairy guy who has actually attempted every other suggestion (ie. Bandaid, body glide, duct tape). These either fall off or are form of abuse to remove. These nipstrips are great, they hold on through a run and even in the shower since we forget them due to the comfort. Even along with they remain they also come of. They do not pull hair or trigger excessive pain. Most notably no more bloody nipples.

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