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NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars

NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars

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Here are a few main benefits of NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars.

  • NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars – 15 grams

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Functions on New and Old Scars; Scientifically Tested to Reduce and Fade Scars; Advised by Physicians and Therapists;For All Scars Consisting Of Burn, Acne, and Surgical

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars.

Question Question 1

We Have A Bad Scar On The Bridge Of OurNose Can We Use This Product In Our Face?

we utilized this product for a scar on our nose and it worked wonders.Surgeon was impressed at how rapidly we recovered.

Question Question 2

How Do You Open It?

take off the cap and capture gently.If absolutely nothing comes out, you might need to pin the opening.

Question Question 3

Does It Include Any Parabens?

The ingredients are: Polymerized Siloxanes (silicone gel)Tocopherol (vitamin E). That s it – hope this helps.

Question Question 4

Will This Deal With Those Dark Purple Acne Scars?

we have utilized this product on our surgical scars which are dark and raised and after 8 months of continued use, our scars started to fade and smoothout we would presume if it did this for our scars, it may work for acne scars also. we would examine with a skin specialist first.

Question Question 5

We Have A Dark Brown (Bruise Like) Spotleft After Our Carpet Burn Recovered Over, Will This Help Fade The Staining?


Question Question 6

Does This Gel Deal With Hyperpigmentation Scars?


Question Question 7

How Long Do Anticipate To See Results And The Number Of Times Do You Use It?

we utilized it two times a day for months.Did a reasonable task, but our scar has turned a shade of beige (darker thanour skin on the rest of our nose) and we are unsure if it was the newgelwe have been utilizing vaseline for the past few months and it appears to be doing an excellent task

Question Question 8

Can We Use It On Our 6 Years Old? She Has A Bad Scar On Her Nose From A Fall.?

Yes you can use it on your 6 years of age.

Question Question 9

Anybody Attempt This For Wrinkles? We Have Read That Silicone Helps With Wrinkles.?

As for us we wear t remember any one who utilized it for wrinkles.

Question Question 10

Exists An Expiration Date On This Product?

we can’t speak for other sellers but my own have a date of either late 2019 or in2020 we can’t examine the ones at’s satisfaction center but we do keep in mind the year. The delivery we just got from NewGel is dated 07/2020,

Question Question 11

Is This A Tube, We Can T Imagine 15 Grams, What Size That Would Be?

It s little. Tube possibly 2 long. There s just over 31 grams in an ounce so this has to do with 1/2 oz if that helps you better.

Question Question 12

Any Distinction In Between This Product And The Scaraway Silicone Gel Product? Why Is That A Person $10 And This One Is $30?

we needed to have some cosmetic surgery done on our face.we are black american and prone to keloid so the cosmetic surgeon advise this to reduce scaring.He mentioned that this product was particularly design for most kind of scars.They have a full line of products that have been evaluated a tested effective.we would recomme we needed to have some cosmetic surgery done on our face.we are black american and prone to keloid so the cosmetic surgeon advise this to reduce scaring.He mentioned that this product was particularly design for most kind of scars.They have a full line of products that have been evaluated a tested effective.we would advise you look at their site.Not that familiar with ScarAway, so we can not talk about its efficiency.

Question Question 13

Do You Need To Use It And Have It On All Day Or On A Nightly Basis?

If you are utilizing it along with the patches then you would use one during the day and the other during the night. If you are just utilizing the gel then you must use it early morning and night to get the best results.

Question Question 14

We Check Out Someplace That This Product Dries Matte, That Makes It Simpler To Use Make Up Over It Than OtherProducts Any Ideas From The Neighborhood?

The product is clear and is invisible when it dries.It’s dimenished our scar with use 2x a day.

Question Question 15

Should We Use It For Acne Scar?

Yes it can help to fade and reduce the appearance of the scars. You require to use it consistently and remember it can take months to see results, so be client.

Question Question 16

Can We Use It For Very Old Accident Scars From 18 Years Ago?. Still Will Be Beneficial?.?

You re expected to be able to use this on old scars but our scar was relatively new. Nevertheless, we still use it and it works just fine.Hope this helps.

Question Question 17

Will This Rub Off If Used Under Clothing?

we utilized it on our face but it totally rubs in and is not greasy.we put it under makeup.

Question Question 18

Does It Deal With Keloids?

Hi – we are sorry we do not understand if it deals with keloids. You might wish to call the maker.

Question Question 19

Does It Help With Scars From Mosquito Bites?

Why not assisted and home with scars from major breast surgery

Question Question 20

How Long Does It Take To See Results? We Have Attempted Mederma And Biocornieum Withlittle Results.?

The results are not quick. we saw enhancement in texture, size and color of our scars after about 6 months of constant daily use.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on NewGel+E Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We utilized this 2 weeks after our thyroidectoour. We were very happy with the results as you can see in our photos. Images are from 1 week, 3 weeks and 6 weeks post treatment. We utilized the newgel cream on days we needed to work or was going out and utilized the newgel strips when we were home. We began utilizing it once the dermabond came off our cut. Even our doctor made a remark that our cut was less red and less inflamed than he typically sees in his clients. We will continue to use both products over the next few months. Our only problem is that we want the gel had spf in it.

Actually helps with terrifying. We were amazed. Our skin doctor advised this for us.

This is the 3rd product we attempted for our long scar and it appears to be working. We put it on two times a day and let it dry. It does take a few minutes but we have got our regular down now where we put it on and do the rest of our preparing till it dries. It makes a film over the scars so it would be ideal for someone who uses comprise over it or sun screen. Update august 19, 2014 we got more of a lead to the first month than now that 6 months have passed because the surgery. There hasn’t been much development for a minimum of 2 months and we put it on consistently every day. Will continue utilizing it. It does not take much for each application and up until now we have utilized 1 15 and 1 30 gram tube. We are hoping that it will enhancemore The scar has flattened out some but has also ended up being broader than it was. It does take a long time for the gel to dry, a minimum of 10 minutes, not so great if you remain in a rush to get dressed. We still offered it 4 stars, down from 5 due to the fact that enhancement hasn’t continued much.

This stuff is remarkable. If you desire a flat scar, use this gel daily, for 2-3 months, instantly following your injury, for best results. All the scars we have dealt with on ourself are now flush with our skin. We are very happy with the results and had we not utilized the gel we would have needed to live with hypertrophic scars, which is how we typically heal post injury.

Up until now this is the best scar gel we havefound We have one deep scar we have been attempting to conceal permanently and lastly it s disappearing after utilizing this every night.

Our sweetheart got a bad burn from our motorbike so wished to buy her the best possible thing to avoid scarring, as it looked specific her leg was absolutely going to scar and we felt awful about it. She liked this stuff and its developed to a point. We got it for her 7 days after burn treatment was done, and now its about a month and a half later on. Initially it appeared like it would be a nasty scar. After use of this product, 1. 5 months later on, she is down to a little stained mark on her leg. The location is not raised or rough and no unsightly markings, just a little staining. To us that is a substantial success, so happy we got her this. And its just been a bit. Ideally even that little mark will disappear but in any case very pleased.

A little expensive to use for a comprise guide but it works incredibly forthat Not just will it help in reducing scars and have the benefits of vitamin e but it completely takes in unlike most guides that constantly feel super greasey to us even when they state they are not.

We purchased this do to having a skin biopsy. A deep punch hole below our eye. A cosmetic surgeon would have cost a lots of cash. We wasn’t happy that the biopsy would leave deep pitting according to our dr.But With this product we can state 100 percent it deserved every cent after seeing the results. There is just a small mark and a little redness after 6 weeks. This stuff is incredible. We attempted to take an excellent photo of the outcome. The little red spot at the top of our finger is all that’s left of a very deep punch biopsy. Incredible.

We have had a great deal of surgical treatments and we constantly begin utilizing newgel as quickly as our cosmetic surgeons state that we can and it works perfectly. Our most current surgery was on our face and at one week from the surgery our cosmetic surgeon stated we might begin utilizing newgel so we did. We are 3 weeks from that surgery now and as normal, we can see a distinction in our scars. The silicone works to reduce the appearance of scars. We also like the newgel sheets for bigger locations. Genuinely a fantastic product.

Extraordinary product- decreased size and flattened and faded a scar over our lip.

Love how this brand isn’t sticky like most other silicone gel. It works well, too. We see results relatively rapidly with our very large double mastectoour (“top surgery” or “chest reconstruction”) scars. It’s the most pricey, but we can see why. It feels the best going on, does not adhere to our clothing, and works well. We like it better than the strips. Feels better than lotion, truthfully. (but we dislike lotion).

We purchased this for our sibling and uncle after a pet dog biting occurrence that needed stitches and a possible skin graft. They both began utilizing this a few days after with the stitches in, and the cosmetic surgeon was stunned at how well they were both healing when it came time to have the stitches got rid of. 2 1/2 weeks later on and you can barely inform anything even took place. Thank you a lot.

We disputed investing $70- $100 on what the cosmetic surgeon was offering in his workplace so he advised we take a peak on and was happily amazed as the cosmetic surgeon stated it worked effectively.

This absolutely deals with brighten up scars and helps flatten raised scars. Our scars were relatively new after surgery when we began to use this product. We have currently buy 2more We have purchased the smaller sized tube also (this one), but went through that tube too fast; conserve your cash and get the larger tube.

Our boy had surgery for cleft lip and taste buds, this gel was the just thing that assisted his scar. We began utilizing it for us on some of our old scars and it has worked and reduced the scars.

Expensive but we believe it s assisting our children stitches scar on her chin. We like that you use it two times daily vs. 3 times like other brand names, due to the fact that it s too difficult to bear in mind a midday application.

We purchased this for a tumour tuck scar. It did reduce some discoloring of the scar, but we seemed like after a lot time it stopped making a huge distinction. We believe it would work great on smaller sized regular scars.

Does help with the itching of our stomach scar. Up until now the scar stays flat and is beginning to lighten a little.

We are providing it a 4 till we see if it really works. If it works it will deserve the cost. We will rank once again in a month.

Television is easy to use and gives well nevertheless we sanctuary t saw a substantial enhancement in our child s scar by utilizing it. We believe this product is also very pricey and you wear t get a great deal of product for the cash.

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