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NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars

NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars.

  • Functions on all scars
  • Helps reduce and fade scars
  • Functions on facials scars
  • Note: Do not use on any open wound

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More Info:

Here are some more information on NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars.
Color: 1 OunceGel to reduce acne scars. Contains Polymerized siloxanes and Tocopherol

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars.

Question Question 1

Which Is More Effective, The Strips Or Gel?

The strips worked a lot better for us. we began with the gel for 2 months on 2 scars from a mole removal on our face. The used the gel consistently and after 2 months, the scars were still very visible. we changed to the strips and within a few days the scars were flattening out and the color was beginning to be The strips worked a lot better for us. we began with the gel for 2 months on 2 scars from a mole removal on our face. The used the gel consistently and after 2 months, the scars were still very visible. we changed to the strips and within a few days the scars were flattening out and the color was beginning to be more constant with our complexion.

Question Question 2

What Is The Expiration Day Of This Product( Newgel+ Advanced Silicone Gel For Scars, 1 Ounce) If We Buy It Today?

It is a minimum of mid 2021; so a minimum of 2 years

Question Question 3

Why Is The 1 Oz $43, And The.5 Oz $45 (Rate Is Higher For The Smaller Sized Quantity)?

we are unsure what you are taking a look at since we just examined the.5 oz. tube and the least expensive cost was $2950 or $3305 for Prime.

Question Question 4

We Purchased 7 Gel But Just Gotten 6. How Can We Get A Refund Forthe One That We Didn’T Get?

No concept.

Question Question 5

Is It Colorless?

Yes.It is clear.You do not even understand you are using it.It has a gel but uses like a cream like texture so that it mixes in entirely.

Question Question 6

Does Newgel+ Rinse Off Quickly? We Have A Wrist Scar (Just Below The Palm) That Gets Wet Every Time We Wereh Our Hands.?

we had our scar from our thumb up our wrist. we utilized it during the night & in the early morning. we had no problem with it, but we weren t cleaning our hands that much. It truly works & even on old scars.

Question Question 7

Can We Order Without Prime?


Question Question 8

Do You Need To Peel It Off Or Does It Simply Subside? If You Peel It, Does It Harmed Like A Sticky Bandaid?

No peeling is essential. Just use a thin quantity over the scar. When you require to reapply much later on you can just wash your skin carefully and enable it to dry prior to using more gel. Thanks.

Question Question 9

Is This Fragrance Free?

It is a clear and odor free gel.

Question Question 10

Can We Order Without Prime?

Yes, definitely you can. Simply make the purchase, and follow all the actions. Prime is not essential to buy this product. THanks

Question Question 11

How Effective Would This Be For An Older Keloid Scar (Surgery 6 Years Ago)?

we utilized the NEWGEL+E cream 2 months after our surgery,and after 3 months use, barely see the scar. newgel + e with silicone – also softened our scars and moved them. About old scars we do not understand

Question Question 12

Will This Deal With Pox Marks?


Question Question 13

Is It Excellent For A 3 Month Old Scar?

we believe it would.our scars take about 6 months to vanish, so something is going on still at 3 months.we utilized this gel on a long scar throughout our face.we do not understand if the gel is the factor, but people state they can’t see it now, 9 months later on.

Question Question 14

Does This Deal With Stretch Marks? Mine Are Reddish And Not Raised. Rather They Are Indented Stripes. How About Scars From Laser Surgery? Thanks?

New Gel is not costly. It works for us. A little goes a long way. Television had plenty of gel, no air. Follow instructions.You will most likely require to attempt it, to see if it works for you, in our viewpoint.

Question Question 15

Does It Have An Expiration Datefor New Gel?

Yes, our tube states that the expiration date is 04/2018

Question Question 16

Its Excellent For Baby S.?

Sorry no understanding of the product,

Question Question 17

How Long Should We Leave This On Prior To Reapplying A Fresh Layer?

A little goes a long way. A pea-sized quantity is excellent for a 3″ scar. You needs to use two times a day. Once in the early morning and once in the evening. (Or every 12 hours)

Question Question 18

When Does It End?

Do not remember seeing that on the tube, it didn’t work for our keloids regardless.

Question Question 19

How Long Is The Rack Life?

The life span is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

Question Question 20

How Long Does This Take To Dry?

You just require a dab of it & when you rub it in it dries instantly. It works surprisingly & even on old scars.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on NewGel+ Advanced Silicone Gel for Scars, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This is the best scar removal gel we have ever utilized. We had scars from acne and this eliminates them rapidly. Obviously, results will differ, but our blemished scars vanish in about a month of daily use. This is remarkable considering that maderma takes about 6 months. We extremely suggest and you will be sorry for not buying this quicker.

Use it consistently every day. Had neck surgery 13 months ago and our scar is hardly visible. Would extremely suggest this product for anybody having surgery. We do not understand how well it deals with scars that have currently existed for a while, but new scars, it works like a beauty.

Our child just recently had a mole eliminated from her face. When recovered enough, her cosmetic surgeon advised she use this to reduce her scar. It is not watery at all. It is gel-like in consistency and drys just like a liquid bandage. She’s been utilizing it for a week, so we can not vouch for how it works long term, but up until now so excellent. We enjoy with the evident quality of the gel itself.

This gel was advised by a nurse after our kid had a major vehicle accident that nearly took his life, leaving his face terrified severely. This gel smoothed and reduced the redness in the scars. We will confess he give up utilizing it. Since he’s a young boy and young boys do not follow through on this type of stuff effectively. He chose to own his scars. With that stated, they were thick scars and very red prior to he utilized this product, now they are flat and practically even with his complexion.

This evaluation is for the the consistency of the application. We can’t talk to the effectiveness of the product, as we just began utilizing it, but we anticipate it will work in addition to any other silicon gel. This gel goes on matte, dries very rapidly, and spreads out efficiently. We believe if anybody is experiencing stickiness, they need to be utilizing waaaay excessive. We are utilizing a pretty generous blob of this on our face for red acne scars, and it goes on just great drying within a minute. It does not make us break out either, whew. We use facial sunscreen on top of it, then we placed on our liquid dermablend structure, then blush, etc and it’s all fine. In truth it functions as sort of a matte guide for our makeup. The silicon gel our derm had provided us was $62 and had sunscreen integrated in, nevertheless when we attempted to use it under or over our facial sunscreen (we are not going to use $62 cream to our whole face.) all of it curdled and clumped. Pleased to have found a pure silicon/e gel that works with our present skincare/makeup regimen. We understand from previous experiences that you do require to have 24 hour protection to see the enhancement gradually, and it’s truly not an instantaneous fix, but worth it if you’re truly devoted to eliminating your scar.

It is more cost-effective than the “band aid” types. We use this product for a pea size mole that we had eliminated from our cheek. We make the best use of this product by squeezing a percentage onto a spot size band aid and use for overnight wear. It has been most effective and appears to be lighting the scar even after beginning the procedure a few months late rather of just rubbing it onto our scar.

We have attempted a great deal of various products for scar fading. We had some luck with silicone strips, but this product was well examined. The cost and the frustrating results with over-the- counter scar treatment so far provided us stop briefly, but we can’t think how well this worked. We had a scar from a cut we had as a kid for 25 years and it was faded to the point you can’t even see it unless you understand where to look and have a flashlight.

Our young child’s burn expert advised this to prevent hypertrophic scarring. It is assisting his burn scars heal wonderfully.

Functions well and tends to remain in location when we wipe it over our scar since it’s not as soft or quickly smeared as other product we have attempted and when you’re looking for something to remain on your scars, you desire it to sit tight.

It works if you provide it time. We have been using it to 3 scars. It has truly assisted 2 of the 3. The 3rd was much even worse. We have just utilized one tube and can inform a distinction. It takes some time to see results. If you use it frequently, it needs to a minimum of help in reducing the appearance a scar.

We have been utilizing newgel plus based on our oncologists suggestion. We have. Even utilizing for numerous years and love the product. This year we went without for 3months-what a catastrophe. Never ever once again.

Scar from surgery on face recovered well we asked seller to send out a new tube since the second tube busted at joint -crimping of tube and in requirement of more product.

This was recommended for our child after surgery by her doctor to use on the scar after surgery and its practically gone, purchasing on e was practically half the expense of purchasing from the regional drug store.

Actually great texture, no bad odor, no leaking. We like it. It appears to be assisting to minimize our scar.

We have utilized this in the past and just recently utilized for a scar on our neck after a surgery, we used 2x daily for about 3 1/2 months you can hardly see the scar at all. Very happy with this.

Outstanding going to our 2nd month after surgery and scar is getting light. Our physiotherapist informed us to utilized vitamin e which the gel has that is a plus. Completely recomend.

4 stars just since of the ludicrous expenditure. Spouse appears to believe it is working but very gradually as she would anticipate.

Appeared to deal with a facial scar. It was utilized as quickly as a the wound ended up being dry. Worked better then mederma in our viewpoint. We would suggest this gel to any one that has a fresh scar. Have not attempted it on an old scar yet. If we do we will post an upgrade. But it deserves every cent we invested in it.

We are utilizing this product considering that it’s gotten but still no results. We will continue use ut till surface and will back with results.

We purchased this scar gel to use after we had surgery on our throat. After it recovered, we used the gel to our scar. Apart from the wrinkling where it appears like we would reduced weight in our throat (a large mass was eliminated) you would not even have known we would had surgery. There is no visible scar. This stuff truly works.

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