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Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve

Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve.

  • NeemAura Salve makes use of naturally grown Neem leaf. Neem is thought about to be the miracle herb, with a history of use in the Ayurvedic custom.
  • A fantastic topical salve that soothes and suppports the skin.
  • 100% pure naturally grown Neem leaf and Vitamin E
  • Practical 1 oz tin perfect for bring with you

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve.
Size: 1 OunceSkin Salve 1 oz SalveNeem Aura makes use of naturally frown neem leaf. Neem is thought about to be the miracle herb, with a history of use in the Ayurvedic custom.Other Ingredients: Prunus dulcis (almond) oil, Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) oil, beeswax, Azadirachta indica (neem) extract, Azadirachta indica (neem) leaf, tocopherolWarnings: Keep out of reach of children. As with all dietary supplements, consult your healthcare professional prior to use. See product label for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve.

Question Question 1

Is This Neem Skin Salve Ok To Use On Your Face?

we have actually utilized it a little on our face.we have naturally oily skin, so we are little reluctant.But it’s 100% natural, so we would do it.

Question Question 2

We Called The Seller And Haven’T HeardBack Does Anybody Know If The Vitamin E Oil Is From Soy?

we do not understand if the vitamin E include soy but attempt one, use it, if problems develops just stopped utilizing it. Purchasing from it’s pretty fairly costs. You will not be out excessive cash. we love it and it does work for Eczema which is the very first time in 5 years we have actually got any relief.Wanda

Question Question 3

Just Got This Today And It’SUnscented Isn’T It Expected To Stink?

Not this brand.It does not stink and it’s the most effective thing we have actually ever utilized to keep mosquitoes away, and to treat bites if you get some.Just dab a little bit of the salve on the bite, leave it alone and in a few minutes it does not itch – a few more and the bite is totally gone.Great stuff.

Question Question 4

Any Phenoxyethanol In The Salve?

It’s not noted in the ingredients, no.

Question Question 5

How Great For Acne?

Hello There Debra, we didn’t use it for acne. we purchased it as a skin moisturizer. we love it. Hope this information helps.

Question Question 6

Can You Use This On Your Face?

Yes. It’s a little oily but it leaves your skin sensation smooth

Question Question 7


The salve itself is nearly transparent and we have actually utilized with no skin staining. we have actually been utilizing this product for around one year on scratches and our cuticles with no staining.

Question Question 8

Could This Salve Be Utilized As Eye Cream Also?

we wouldn t suggest this salve for locations around the eyes.That s our honest opinion.we make certain there s other kinds of salve implied as an under eye application.

Question Question 9

Does Neem Help Eczema?

Do not understand for sure, but when we were doing Google searches and reading whatever we might find on neem oil, it seems like they generally use it for all sorts of skin problems.Try it for 30 days then see if it has actually assisted you.we find that it helps our psoriasis,wrinkles, andacne.we put it on every wound now a Do not understand for sure, but when we were doing Google searches and reading whatever we might find on neem oil, it seems like they generally use it for all sorts of skin problems.Try it for 30 days then see if it has actually assisted you.we find that it helps our psoriasis,wrinkles, andacne.we put it on every wound now and appears to help speed healing.For us it has actually been terrific. all the best with it.

Question Question 10

What Are The Ingredients In The Salve?

Almond oil, safflower oil, beeswax, neem extract, neem leaf and tocopherol (vitamin E)

Question Question 11

Can Somebody Please Inform United States How You’Re Expected To Get The Complete To Use It.After The First Few Times It’S Seriously Nearly Impossible.Any Secrets?

These kinds of tins appear to form a difficult seal at times.There’s no technique, we just keep attempting and ultimately it works.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Neemaura Naturals Neem Skin Salve, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

First thing we saw – the cap is a screw-on and not a snap-on. A huge sigh of relief in our book. We didn’t even consider it when bought this product, but when opening it we were struck with flashbacks of aggravation in opening tins likethese But felt confident this opens and closes firmly with ease. Product itself remains a good solid that becomes a very good oil instantly upon contact. By observation it appears to have a somewhat higher melting point than coconut oil. It is a little tin that is great for application to little locations. We do not understand how its expected antimicrobial/antifungal/antibacterial residential or commercial properties compare to those of coconut oil or tea tree but we are going to provide this a try out our arms which have inflammation from consistent contact with corn meal at a pizzeria. Will upgrade even more on this. Time will inform whether this is a feasible product for particular functions or if it is just basically pricey coconut oil. Very mild nutty odor is inoffensive enough to where this can pass as “unscented. “.

Our sweetheart has concerns with psoriasis and the just thing we had found that worked for him was 100% neem from abaco neem from the bahamas. Delivering alone for that product is $35 due to being delivered from over seas. We chose to provide this product a shot for him. We are so grateful we did. It works great at a portion of the expense. We will keep this product on hand.

Our partner operates in the service market and constantly has little cuts and scratches on his hands. He’s exhausted whatever, but likes this the best. It instantly stops the stink and itching and is absorbed by his skin in just a minute or more. Little adequate for him to bring in his pocket anywhere. If this evaluation was useful for you, please click yes.

This stuff is no joke – we do not typically compose evaluations but we have actually been utilizing this salve for 5 days and it’s made such a distinction for our skin. We purchased the product after having a hard time with dry, red, itchy patches on our face (mild eczema) and we check out the examines for this. We did use hydrocortisone for 2 days (which took the redness & some of the itchiness out, but it significantly dried out our skin.) then we got this in the mail and began it instantly. It’s pretty oily, (it’s oil) so we would not suggest attempting to put a full face a makeup on later, but it’s so worth it. After one night our skin began to look and feel better (less red & itchy), and after 5, we barely require makeup. We still have a few little spots, but our skin looks totally various. We will validate that the tin is very tough to open after it’s been utilized and then closed; the oil produces a seal, but we just leave the lid midwayoff This product may be a little heavy to put near or around eyes, but we put it on our lower cheeks, chin, and forehead (& the location beside our nose) with no problems/breakout. We will be bought this once again. (* we have a before/after picture but we are not seeing a location to post it. ).

We are an older person. We nick our skin relatively typically. A little of this stuff and within a couple or 3 days the wound is recovered. Much much faster than non cured injuries. We provide things we like fours since we understand much of neglect the fives considering that we can’t rely on that they exist truthfully. Great deals of hyping of products by advocates and/ or those able to earnings from sales.

After seeing a program on dr. Oz, we started utilizing neem products and they are great for skin problem along with oral use. The salve is neem suspended in a sunflower oil ~ just 3 ingredients. We far weep form the sensitive skin care products on the market which have lots of ingredients, and had actually been inadequate for us. After costs numerous dollars on creams & creams and getting no relief, we attempted the neem and it reduced our symptoms considerably. We are amazed and will be taking this with us on our next journey to the skin doctor to reveal her how a simple salve for under $10 has actually assisted more than the prescription products and costly over the counterproducts Neem is an antiviral, antibacterial, and is great for burns, mosquito bites and much muchmore Genuinely a wonderous plantwe also bought neem lotion, face wash and tooth paste. This is an age old remedy in india and we extremely recommend this product. Just problem is summer shipping. It was hot here in ca and it showed up a little melted but appropriate as the seal was still in location.

We will never ever lack this product. If you gt any sort of bug bite just use (we keep putting it on rather of scratching) and within 20-30 minutes it is totallygone You wont even keep in mind a bug bit you.

Have actually been utilizing it for about a week on our seborrheic keratosis breakout that were getting very itchy. Had assisted a lot and am hoping it will get totally better.

We were uncertain about bought this considering that numerous customers mentioned that the odor was bad. We truly do not understand what the problem is. The scent was mild and smelled a little like a cooking herb. It was okay at all and we might just smell it when we had the can open. It truly is a non concern. The salve worked extremely well on our dry elbows. We tend to get exzema patches there. After utilizing it frequently it looks a lotbetter If we are having a bad break out we will use the cortisone cream and then alternate with the salve. We have actually reordered this 2 times currently. We now get the 3 pack.

We use this on various spots of lichen planus on our skin. It’s very soothing and stops the itches; plus it does not make the skin thinner like a steroid ointment or gel. The new screw on lid is a lot better than the pull apart container. We love it.

We have eczema on hands, left foot. The results for our foot utilizing this salve have actually surprised me. Utilizing this straight on eczema then utilizing the lotion we also purchased and use a bandage the modification has actually been a true blessing. The rate was very sensible, shipment was on time, we would suggest this extremely for anybody that has eczema who wishes to give up cortisone use. This isn’t a marvel salve for everybody but we have actually had terrific results.

Have actually used this 5 times a day on our excema (little patch on our face) it was better after 24 hours practically gone and its been a week. Amazing.

We love this product, goes on oily in the beginning but take in totally very very rapidly. Within seconds, we feel soft skin. Utilizing on psoriasis with incredibly terrific results. Will be a long term repeat customer.

Great product for skin inflammations and rashes, although we just provided it 4 stars since it’s beside difficult to open the damn container. Whenever we use it, cuss words stream from our mouth in aggravation.

Appears like an excellent natural salve.

We love this salve. We get cuts on our hands typically and there was absolutely nothing that would work to heal those cuts, up until we got this product. We put a dab of this on our cut, cover it with a band aid and in 3 days, it’s recovered. We suggest this product to everybody.

This is a healing salve that is good to keep near our huge old chair where we enjoy t. V. Now and then we reach over and rub this salve on to our hands and lips. Dr oz is once again best about what works.

Great sensation on the skin. Perfect for dry feet during winter season. Has repellent benefits versus termites.

We are grateful we found this salve. Like the neem uses, and have actually utilized this on various skin breakouts, and even some sunburn and love it. We will most likely getmore Would rather use this than burt’s bees products.

Functions rapidly to heal sores.

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