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Mother's Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil

Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil.

  • Enjoy the natural fragrance of pure cocoa butter; no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic colors or fragrances
  • Tones skin and helps prevent stretch marks
  • Rich, natural ingredients
  • Exceptional for massage. Please note: Color modifications from clear to cloudy are normal due to extreme cold temperature levels and quickly treated by positioning the bottle with the cap sealed in hot water for 5-10 minutes
  • Apply daily after a bath or shower when skin is warm and moist

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil.
Personal care/bath and body. Contains active ingredients, coconut oil, aloe Vera and distilled lanolin. Mountain ocean.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil.

Question Question 1

Does The Oil Ruin Clothing?

In our experience no. we would state the oil is absorbent when used to skin. A minimum of in our case.

Question Question 2

This Oil Is Meant To Prevent Stretch Marks, But Does It Reduce The Appearance Of Pre-Existing Ones As Well?

It provided for us. Just a little small but, but obvious sufficient that they are no longer red.

Question Question 3

Can We Use This Oil On Our Baby?

The ingredients are natural so we put on t see why not. And it smells fantastic.

Question Question 4

Can This Be Utilized As A Tanning Oil?

we make sure that it might be. A costly tanning oil but sure.

Question Question 5

Will This Oil Help Eliminate Existing Stretch Marks After Pregnancy?

Not exactly sure, but it would not injure to attempt. we didn’t get stretch marks on our stomach, but after shipment our belly skin felt dry for a while and this oil assisted.

Question Question 6

We Got This Prod The Bottle In An Box Without The Product Product Packaging – Which Is NotNormal How Can One Ensure This Is The Orig Product?

we do not understand if the product normally can be found in a box. we have gotten 2 bottles and both was available in an box but were sealed in clear plastic and had a seal over the top of the bottle.

Question Question 7

Should We Be Utilizing Something Else With This Oil? Or Is This Oil Enough?

You put on t have too use anything else it s essentially choice. we use a lotion blended with the oil just due to the fact that we put on t like the feel of just the oil on our body.

Question Question 8

We Just Find Out We Are Pregnant (3 Weeks). When Should We Start Utilizing It?

As quickly as you see a bump. You desire your skin to be flexible and help recover. And put it on all over- chest, tumour, back and legs. Where ever you see getting huge becaise stretch marks can come any put on your body.

Question Question 9

Has Anybody Had Any Skin Allerigic Responses?

our skin endured it extremely well. No responses or breakouts.

Question Question 10

Can We Use This To Face?

Hm we are unsure. we would not, the face is way more sensitive than the legs/belly where we use this. we seem like the consistency would break our face out personally and we are exceptionally dry.

Question Question 11

Why Exists A Prop 65 Caution On This?

our company believe it s a CA law to position this caution label on anything that may have dangerous product. They even have this in parking area. This might even be on just for delivering factors.

Question Question 12

Does It Have An Expiration Date?

No it does not

Question Question 13

Does This Odor Like Palmers Coco Butter?

It does smell like coco butter, but it’s something we do not even observe any longer. And we have been utilizing it for about 2 months now.

Question Question 14

We Wish To Transform This To Pump Bottle For Less Spilling.Has Anybody Done This And Found A Pump That Functions On This Mouth?

Sanctuary t attempted it.

Question Question 15

Does This Oil Absorb Well Or Does It Leave You Greasy And Requirement To Shower Off?

It takes in well. Just offer it a few minutes prior to placing on clothing. we normally shower put it on while moist then place on a t t-shirt while doing other things prior to getting dressed.

Question Question 16

Does It Take Away Stretch Marks?

This kind of oil will help to prevent stretch mark, we utilized this in our first pregnancy from the day that we discovered we are pregnant and we utilized it 2-3 times a day so we didn’t get any stretch mark. to remove stretch mark our company believe you must use various product.

Question Question 17

Can This Be Utilized In A Bath?

obviously you can use oils in the bath. we use a bath oil and in some cases wash it off (obviously oil and water do not blend) but we step out of the shower and dry it off with a towel and skin is very wet. In some cases we do this if we are too lazy to put lotion later on. Also becareful with particular oils in the shower.it will obviously you can use oils in the bath. we use a bath oil and in some cases wash it off (obviously oil and water do not blend) but we step out of the shower and dry it off with a towel and skin is very wet. In some cases we do this if we are too lazy to put lotion later on. Also becareful with particular oils in the shower.it will be tough to scrub oils at the bottom of the tub and due to this factor is why we stopped utilizing olive oil in the shower lol

Question Question 18

Is It Absorbant?

Yes, we observe that it does not move to clothing like others we have attempted.

Question Question 19

Can Somebody Inform United States If They Put This On In Addition To Their Lotion Or In Replacement? Thanks.?

we use this rather of lotion on days where we use it. Some days we use cocoa butter rather but this much more moisturizing. Hope this helps.

Question Question 20

Are The Ingredients Non- Gmo?

This product is not certified non-GMO.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Mother’s Special Blend All Natural Skin Toning Oil, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We were hesitant. So so hesitant. We have had a lot of stretch marks from the age of puberty, weight gain, just urgh. And after that we conceived. We believed oh yay. Time to get more stretch marks on our body. Let us inform you what. We are so incredibly blown away by this oil. We began utilizing it when our baby bump poppedout Two times a day, early morning and night. Oftenmore If we would get itchy we would lather some on. Does it odor horrible? yes. Does it make you oily and oily? yes. Do look forward to putting it on? no. But we did. And we are 29 weeks preggo now. Not one stretch mark. We have an old one from weight get a few years back. We have an old marine piercing. But no purple stretch marks. We will attempt to upgrade this when we are better to 40 weeks to see how our development is. Like we stated. We use it two times a day and if we feel itchy.

Love this oil, it was the just moisturizer we utilized on our skin during pregnancy. We acquired about 50 pounds during our pregnancy and do not have a single stretch mark today. We used the oil consistently after showering on our belly, thighs and butt, in some cases two times a day but the results revealed. Our skin is like it was in the past, smooth. We took the prior to and after picture. We have acquired this oil even after the pregnancy as we love how it moisturizes our skin. We have also utilized on our face with no problems and in some cases take with us to massages. We would buy for any anticipating mother. Plus it’s natural with very little ingredients. Can’t state enough advantages about it.

Our pregnant skin doctor informed us that she uses this product to prevent stretch marks and itchiness on her stomach. She believed it may help us with our eczema and random itches on our arms and legs. The ingredients are all standard oils and it smells great. We use right after showering, let it take in, and then follow up with extra moisturizer. It appears to be working, but the dryness of winter season will be the genuine test. Advise it for anybody thinking about utilizing oils for moisturizing.

We went through 5 or 6 bottles of this during our whole pregnancy considering that we were so afraid of getting stretch marks. Our mom has bad scarring & loose skin from her pregnancies so we constantly believed we were genetically inclined to get them, too. Here s a picture people 4 weeks postpartum- just 1 small 1 purple stretchmark you can hardly see. Im still utilizing this two times a day to ideally tone our skin more prior to we begin working out once again. The only con would be that it s oil, so it will leave discolorations when you place on a lighter t-shirt. We use black throughout the year so it s never ever been a problem for us. Extremely advise this oil.

We utilized this product while we were pregnant and now we will constantly use it. A very little goes a long way and it has done marvels to keep our skin hydrated and healthy. Since this products is 100% natural/no preservatives our pores do not block and breakout. It really is the best thing that we have ever placed on our skin. We got to keep our “glow” after our baby was born too.

** upgrade ** we are presently 9 months pregnant with not one stretch mark. We have still been utilizing this oil every early morning and night. Truthfully unsure if it s great luck/genetics lol or if it s the oil. In either case we enjoy and love this product. Feels great, skin is smooth. Extremely advise. We are just 4 months pregnant but we are utilizing this oil consistently early morning and night. We love that it s natural and we love how it feels. Up until now so great. Will upgrade even more along in our pregnancy.

Though this is marketed as a “skin toning oil,” we hope it works to discuss among the unanticipated virtues of this wonderful blend: dealing with (treating?) our prenatal eczema. For months, we had a very itchy rash that our midwives believed may be eczema or pupps, and we attempted a range of creams and potions —- to no obtain. We are huge fan of mountain ocean’s skin journey, and when we found out they had a line specially formulated for mothers, we believed it deserved a shot. We began utilizing this oil around 26 weeks, and within 3 weeks of utilizing it after showering in the early morning and prior to bed, the rash was totally gone (and at 37 weeks, it still has not returned). We will call that a “win. ” as far as stretch mark management is worried —- in our experience, this oil simply averted the inescapable. Like the majority of people with skin, we are “genetically predisposed” to stretch marks. Nevertheless, we were encouraged this oil was easing all of our known and possible skin concerns, and we might have boasted as much. After 34 1/2 weeks without a single mark, we got up covered in stretch marks. We believe the greeks call that “hubris. ” other notes: sure, it smells type of odd, if you are utilized to heavily-perfumed health and beautyproducts This one smells like unprocessed nut oils and cocoa butter. Also, do not slather it on and then presume it will not stain your clothing. You do require to wait a while to let it soak up into your skin. Also, do not use it in conjunction with silk —-that way lies messed up t-shirts and gowns, think me.

We utilized this during our pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. We will confess that we didn’t use it consistently nevertheless we still didn’t get stretch marks. We have heard that stretch marks are mainly based on genes and we put on t believe we were genetically inclined to getting them, so we are unsure if this oil truly assisted withthat When our belly got truly itchy, this assisted calm the itch and keep it hydrated. It doesn t have the most fantastic scent, but it is bearable. We will most likely buy this next time we are pregnant.

We love this stuff. It’s the fourth stretch mark product we have purchased in our pregnancy and up until now this is our preferred. We have attempted palmer’s cocoa butter, palmer’s tumour butter, this, and plain coconut oil. This stuff smells great (nearly like a light chocolate odor) and our skin feels so hydrated. We can’t state whether it helps with stretch marks yet, we will see. But we will be utilizing this for the rest of our pregnancy for sure.

2nd one we have purchased from this brand. We have attempted numerous and this is the best for your dollar. We use it in the early mornings and night time. We sanctuary t had any new stretch marks from this pregnancy we are 28 weeks. But unfortunately we had a lot with our first due to the fact that we didn’t hydrated at all. We go through one like in a month and a half. We just contribute to locations we understand we are susceptible to get stretch marks and the rest of our body we use our normal lotion.

We purchased this oil to attempt preventing stretch marks during our pregnancy. The product packaging it was available in remained in great shape and it got here on time (more than we can state for some products identified “prime” recently) it has a faint cocoa odor when using, but its not strong so it does not stick around with you throughout the day. The oil has a soft yellow color and a consistency in between fractionated coconut oil and regular lotion; so it does not leak all over and spreads out equally during application. It takes in rapidly and our skin has been feeling fantastic and much less itchy than it was when we were utilizing palmers for stretch marks. We have been using in the early morning right out of the shower and during the night prior to bed.

During our pregnancy, our midwife offered us a sample of this to attempt as it was their suggestion. We wound up caring it and, although there truly were other options readily available in your area, we picked to purchase this product. It has an enjoyable and non-overpowering odor. We typically used it everyday after a shower and let it take in for a bit prior to getting dressed (we were constantly anxious about getting oily marks on our clothing but that never ever occurred). The good news is, we did not get a single stretch mark. We will certainly be utilizing this once again. The only other product we utilized was bio oil (our company believe that’s the name) but it stopped working in contrast to this.

This oil soaks into our skin a lot better than other oils we have utilized. We acquired over 10 various oils and creams to prevent stretch marks during our pregnancy. They have all kept our skin sensation oily and would get onto our clothes/sheets. This oil, nevertheless, has seemed like it takes in the most, rather of just remaining on the external layer of our skin. It has a thicker consistency than most oils that are cost skin flexibility. Also, the odor is fantastic. Extremely recommmend:-RRB-.

We purchased this about 2 years earlier when we were pregnant. We utilized it two times a week along with other moisturizers. We do not have any stretch marks, but we would not credit that totally to the products, but more to genes, as our mom does not have any either and never ever utilized a moisturizer. Nevertheless at the end of our pregnancy we had rather a great deal of the stuff left. So one night we attempted it as a face moisturizer prior to bed. The next early morning our skin looked a little smoother and move even. Plus we feel great that we do not sleep with any extreme chemicals on our face. Have been utilizing it nighttime since.

Go on and overlook the overdramatic pregnant women. It does not odor that bad. No it does not smell fantastic lotion from bath and body works but it is great. Truthfully kinda advises us of peanuts.

Update: this stuff is fantastic. We put it on consistently two times a day and we are 3 weeks postpartum and have no stretch marks. Make certain you begin utilizing this as quickly as you find out you re pregnant or not long after. The only bad feature of this is the odor, that is why we offered it 4 stars in general. We just smell it when we put it in so it is manageable due to the fact that it doesn t stick around. Otherwise, our belly is hydrated throughout the day and to this day (knock on wood) we put on t have any stretch marks. We are presently 25 weeks pregnant and strategy to use it every day till a few months after birth. Would bought.

So we initially purchased this for us after our baby was born but let us just state that we wound up utilizing it on him. We sanctuary t utilized baby lotion on him not once and his skin is exceptionally soft and he never ever has blemishes or breakouts. The ingredients are so clean and we love it. He smells like chocolate when we put it on. We sanctuary t utilized it on our stretch marks due to the fact that we love to use it on our babies and kids, so we can t truly state what it provides forthat We make sure if we begin utilizing it for that it will work exceptionally.

This oil is our go-to gift for freshly expectant mommies. We utilized it ourself throughout our whole pregnancy and truly think that it conserved us from stretch marks (disclaimer to state that we like to believe we had a pretty active pregnancy and our doctor kept us on track with steady weight gain). We have talked with a few mommies who have utilized it and all have had the very same results. If absolutely nothing else, it smells great, isn’t too oily, and makes your skin soft.

Love this product. It makes our skin feel so great. Currently 33 weeks. No new stretch marks. We had a new one 3 weeks ago that was red we kept utilizing this oil and it disappeared. We use it 1-2 a day considering that we began revealing. Im on our 2nd bottle.

This stuff is definitely fantastic. We utilized it throughout our whole pregnancy on our whole body. Not a single stretch mark on our belly. Our skin was also super dry, so we utilized it essentially head to toe, and still use it 2 years later on. We use it as our daily facial moisturizer, and also on our legs rather of lotion. Our child had exczema as a baby, and the doctor stated this was safe to use, and did the technique. We still use it on him daily. Absolutely nothing but wonderful things to state a about this product. Extremely advise.

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