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Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream For The Stretched

Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream For The Stretched

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Mothers friend helps to keep skin magnificently soft and flexible.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream For The Stretched.

Question Question 1

What Are The Ingredients?

Ingredients: Cetyl AlcoholDC Red 28 Ingredients: Cetyl AlcoholDC Red 28 FDC Red 40 Fragrance AllantoinGlyceryl MonostearateIsopropyl ourristateLanolinPreservativePropylene GlycolPurified waterSiliconeStearic AcidTEA-Lauryl SulfateTromethamine

Question Question 2

We Currently Have Stretch Marks, Will This Tone Down The Appearance Of Them?

To be honest it will not. we utilized this product during and after our pregnancy and no luck. Still have stretch marks. But we will state that we delighted in the oil more while pregnant it had a small cool feel to it. Stretch makes tend to brighten with time.

Question Question 3

Will This Work To Help Stretch Marks Currently Present?

we do not believe it helps stretch marks that are currently there but we do understand it helps to prevent them

Question Question 4

Can This Be Utilized To Eliminate Strech Marks?

we use it to prevent stretch marks while we were pregnant and it worked great. But, we do not understand if it will eliminate stretch marks that you currently have. Even if it does not your skin will absolutely be softer and more healthy. we would suggest this product to anybody.

Question Question 5

Does Anybody Use The Lotion And The Cream? We Have Both And Wondering If There Is Truly Any Advantage To Utilizing Both Verses One Or The Other?

we have actually utilized both and the oil. our preferred is th cream personally. we have dry skin and it was even worse during pregnancy and postpartum so the dream did marvels for us. It’s a fantastic product and we suggest it to everybody

Question Question 6

Do This Help Improve Stretch Marks If You Currently Have Them?

Yes, This cream is very effective and made from a company that has actually been around because 1826.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Mothers Friend Body Skin Cream For The Stretched, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We just got this for our child. We utilized this through 2 pregnancies and do not have any stretch marks. The most remarkable thing is, all of our siblings (other than one) also utilized this product back in the ’70’s. None (other than the one who chose not to use it) have no stretch marks either. Love this product.

Ok up until now im at 27 weeks have actually been utilizing this because we found out at 10 weeks daily, up until now no stretch marks. Our family is vulnerable to getting these and this being our first pregnancy we offered this a shot because it had such great evaluations and up until now we have actually no been pulled down. We have actually even utilized this on previous stretch marks we had on our thighs and they have actually reduced. One jar last us about 2 months with daily application to stomach, chest, sides/back and thighs. The odor isn’t strong idk how to explain it and lotion isn’t sticky a minimum of in our viewpoint makes our skin feel hydrated. Will be continuing to use as a daily body lotion after pregnancy for sure:d.

We are not exactly sure if it’s genes, this cream, or we were fortunate, but we didn’t get a single stretch mark utilizing this everyday.

Our grandma advised this product and we love it. We need to confess, we were pretty doubtful about it. We naturally have pretty normal skin, not too dry and not too oily. We do not generally use lotion either. When we chose to purchase this product we were bout 5 months pregnant. We had a few previous stretch marks in our chest and thigh location. We utilized this product after showers a few times a week and it left our skin sensation hydrated and very soft. After we delivered we continued to use this up until our containers were empty. (we utilized 2 containers over the course of our pregnancy and post-delivery) it has a clean scent, comparable to talcum powder which we liked. It also didn’t leave our skin sensation oily like some creams do. We absolutely suggest this product and will be getting it for baby shower presents.

Child in law is pregnant & we offered it to her to use due to the fact that our mother offered it to me. It works.

It constantly melts out of the container on way to our home; but is the consume product to prevent pregnancy stretch marks.

Functions great, didn’t prevent our stretch marks nevertheless ??.

It works. Living proof of no stretch marks and it help with the itching. With both of our pregnancy. We had truly itiching skin and absolutely nothing truly work other than oatmeal baths but right after the shower or bath. We used this and we had the ability to sleep through the night.

Our relative liked this stuff when she was pregnant.

We are 56 years of ages and our mother utilized this product and never ever got a stretch mark. She s not even 5 feet high. We utilized it 28 years ago and never ever got a stretch mark. Now we bought it for our child. 3 generations strong.

Utilized during this pregnancy not a stretch mark in sight.

We will never ever pick another lotion during pregnancy or other factor. We didn’t get one stretch mark while utilizing this during pregnancy and it kept our skin super smooth. We extremely suggest this product.

Love this lotion. We put on t have any stretch marks yet at 20 weeks. We are not exactly sure if that s genetic or due to the lotion but we like it in either case. It helps with itching and it smells truly great, type of like talcum powder. We have actually been putting it on our feet too and it s assisted a lot with cracked heels.

Up until now so great.

Iove this product. We didn’t not get any stretch marks. Kept our skin hydrated. We would absolutely buy once again with next pregnancy.

Use this product 4 times a day from the day you find out your pregnant up until you lose the baby fat amd you will not get stretch marks. We purchased like 15 of these for our relative amd she didnt get a single mark.

Worked great.

We have actually liked utilizing this product, it s been very moisturizing and had made our skin feel great and stretch great dream we woulda began it earlier tho.

Gift for our child. She liked it.

Utilizing this on all our pregnancy for a long period of time, now purchasing it fir our child.

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