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Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks.

  • HELP PREVENT STRETCH MARKS: Lavender, rose hips, and shea butter are known to help prevent stretch marks & scarring by soothing and nourishing the skin.
  • USE ALL OVER: Not just for your stomach. Use on breasts, hips, and thighs to supply moisturizing relief to extending skin.
  • GENTLE SCENT: Naturally moisturizing apricot oil infused with relaxing lavender & calming chamomile flowers. No included scents.
  • NON-GMO & RUTHLESSNESS FREE: Non- GMO Task Verified, Certified Ruthlessness Free by Jumping Bunny, and made with 100% USDA Certified Organic Herbs.
  • MOTHERLOVE CARES: As a women-owned, family-run, Certified B Corp, Motherlove appreciates people and planet over revenue. This product was produced in a solar-powered, zero-waste center by staff members who get competitive pay and full benefits.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks.
Pregnant Belly Salve Motherlove s Pregnant Belly Salve is an essential product for a mom s growing belly. Shea butter, lavender, and rose hips help prevent stretch marks and scarring while chamomile soothes the itch of extending skin. Advised for use on your growing tummy, breasts, hips, and thighs. Made with USDA Certified Organic herbs and Certified Cruelty-Free, this fast-absorbing creamy salve is a great moisturizer for whenever of day. Carefully scented with lavender and chamomile flowers, this butter is incredibly unwinding and a practical addition to your daily skincare regimen in addition to an ideal oil to give the spa for prenatal massages. A little goes a long way. Given that it is an oil-based product, Motherlove suggests enabling the salve to soak up into your skin prior to getting dressed. If you prefer a vegan product, Motherlove s Pregnant Belly Oil provides the exact same benefits, but without the addition of beeswax. Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks.

Question Question 1

Can This Be Utilized On A Baby As A Diaper Cream?

thank you for your question. We make Pregnant Belly Salve for mommies to soothe the itch of extending skin during pregnancy. Motherlove has a special balm just for baby’s bottom called Diaper Balm which we extremely advise.

Question Question 2

When Is It Advised To Start Utilizing It?

we utilized it everyday and night beginning at 12 weeks. No stretch marks, although our company believe they re hereditary. It s a fantastic salve though. we enjoyed utilizing it and went through about 4 containers.

Question Question 3

Can You Use This On Your Buttocks?

Thank you for your question. You can rub Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve onto your growing belly, breasts, hips, and thighs to lessen stretch marks and ease itching. You are welcome to attempt it on your butts also. Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve is made with all certified organic herbs and safe to use. If you hav Thank you for your question. You can rub Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve onto your growing belly, breasts, hips, and thighs to lessen stretch marks and ease itching. You are welcome to attempt it on your butts also. Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve is made with all certified organic herbs and safe to use. If you have any additional remarks or questions, call us straight, and we’ll happily help you.We want you the best on your pregnancy journey.

Question Question 4

Do This Help If You Currently Offered Stretch Marks?

Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Salve was formulated to help relieve the itch of a growing belly, and to keep skin soft and flexible to help prevent stretch marks. Regrettably, this product can not get rid of pre-existing stretch marks.

Question Question 5

We This Product Greasy Or Not?Have Seen Both.Is The Lavendar Odor Strong?

Lavender odor is strong but we like it;-RRB- very great.

Question Question 6

Where Is The Product Made And Packaged In?

Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Salve is made and packaged at our center in Fort Collins, CO. Each of our salves is still put by hand, with love.

Question Question 7

Is This Product Gluten Free?

Yes, Motherlove’s Pregnant Belly Salve is gluten free and made with all certified organic herbs.

Question Question 8

Does It Leave Spots Or Any Odor On Clothing?

It s oil based so it will stain if you use a lot. The odor is truly great and light and not synthetic fragrance.

Question Question 9

Does It Leave Spots Or Any Odor On Clothing?

we utilized this for a little while in 2015, we do not remember it leaving any spots on clothing at all. The odor, although we wear t keep in mind if it left odor on our clothing we DO keep in mind that we weren t a fan on the odor. It s very. earthy ‘, plant smelling. Some people like those scents, for us it was excessive.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Motherlove Pregnant Belly Salve Helps Prevent Stretch Marks, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This purchase was for our 2nd pregnancy. We utilized pregnant belly salve for our first pregnancy also. This is such a fantastic product. Our skin never ever felt itchy and we didn’t seem like our stomach was oily or sticky but felt hydrated all the time. We have still been utilizing it to consume the jar despite the fact that our baby has currently been born. Very high qualityproducts We have very sensitive skin and have never ever had irritated skin from any of their products.

This product was great during our pregnancy. We didn’t have any trouble with stretch marks and it truly assisted with itching. We also love the natural ingredients to guarantee we weren t putting any parabens or chemicals on our skin. It has a good, thick consistency that is easy to spread out as it warms a bit with contact. Our only grievance is the scent. It isn’t offensive but it had an odd odor to us that we did not find enjoyable. It s pretty subtle though and a great deal of times we would include a drop of an essential oil (with our doctor s consent) to help with the scent.

We are on our 3rd pregnancy and do not have an belly marks. We have a few on our hips, but with our first pregnancy we didn’t believe to put any there. We might just have great genes. In any case this assisted soothe the itchy burning associated with skin broadening. If you do not like strong smells you might not care for this. The lavender scent is very popular. We enjoyed it. Particularly after a shower. Also it is pretty oily. It does not soak up as fast as a lotion. So your clothing might stay with your skin for a while after application. Once again, if that does not trouble you, your are going to love it.

Love this salve. We figured, based on our genes and stretch marks on our hips and thighs from growing, that our belly was going to be covered in stretch marks. Motherlove was advised by a friend who had great results, so we believed, why not attempt it. For me, it worked. We are 40 weeks pregnant and still have no stretch marks on our belly. It keeps our skin soft and hydrated for days.

Love this for our pregnant belly. Leaves our skin super hydrated and smelling great. We can’t rather state what it provides for stretch marks as we currently had them and this is our 2nd pregnancy, but we feel it would prevent them if utilized during first pregnancy; we have discovered some small fading of our stretch marks from our first. Have been utilizing just the one jar throughout this whole pregnancy, although we have not utilized it daily, but we feel this product lasts well.

Love it. Non- oily and very moisturizing. Kept our growing tumour hydrated all the time. Since it s so moisturizing it assisted eliminate that itchy, elastic sensation during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy. Actually love that it s not heavy or thick and it smells great. The scent is not frustrating at all. After we use it our hands aren t oily or sticky. Up until now sanctuary t saw any huge stretch marks, but that can alter. Very pleased with this purchase.

We just began utilizing this product as we have checked out to begin utilizing it prior to you get bit. Hydrate the skin early and typically. When we first opened it we hesitated it was going to be oily and get on our clothing. Not however. We put it on when we get out of the shower and it takes in within a minute. It appears to be very moisturizing and ideally it helps with stretch marks in the long term. We alternate with another oil product. We just use the oil in the evening. (that way it does not get our clothing oily).

During pregnancy we have gone through 3 containers of belly rub or whatever you wish to call it. We have liked them all but this one was certainly the most moisturizing. It was perfect for the time when we were proliferating and our stomach was continuously itching. We would put it on after our shower every early morning. It is a little sliour to use, but we believe that’s also what made it so absorbent. The odor is truly absolutely nothing. Bad, but okay. For the rate, we would certainly state this deserved it and we got great assurance from understanding the natural contents of the product.

We are 41/ 2 months pregnant with twins and have acquired 16-18 pounds. We use this product every other day, in some cases daily. When we first when to use the product the top was so stiff but if you just press and get a cent size quantity it rubs around well. It is thick but we like it. The odor is great and calming. Now does it work, well our stomach does not have any stretch marks at this moment. We breast on the other had well they have a few to state the least. We use it on our hips stand and breast. We might state for sure if it is working but we imagine in one way or another it is assisting our skin tossed the modifications.

We purchased this belly salve to prevent stretch marks and we still require to see if it deals with us given that we arenprone to having stretch marks. We just purchased a 2nd one and up until now there’s no new stretch marks, we use it every after we shower and in some cases two times a day. We are just 5 months pregnant so we will upgrade our evaluation once we are 9 months. We were hoping this salve have a lavander scent but it was odorless for us but that’s ok.

Seemed like it assisted with our belly as it grew during pregnancy. We didn’t have lots of stretch marks with our first pregnancy and am anticipating this product to also help keep our belly hydrated during our second pregnancy.

We are very pregnant and have stretch marks, we purchased this wishing to prevent any future stretch marks. We have just been utilizing it a little over a week but no new stretch marks have appeared. The existing ones appear to be a little reducing and our skin remains soft all the time. This product is a little oily since it’s made with essential oils but we have not discovered any spots on our clothing. A little goes a long way also so we will have the ability to use this product a long period of time. We also like the lavender scent since it’s very subtle.

We got this after running out of our cocoa butter. We check out the evaluations and idea that it would deserve it. Young boy was we right. We are 21 weeks today and have been utilizing it given that we were 12 weeks along. We can’t ensure if this avoids or improves stretch marks but it helps with moisturizing and keeping us from itching our belly all the time. We use it every night after we shower so that we do not need to use it in the early morning. The moisture lasts that long. Love it. We will continue to use this throughout the rest of our pregnancy.

We have purchased what we believe is countless products on and do not remember leaving another evaluation. Mpb is fantastic. The genuine offer. Not just is it a non-toxic product it works. We can not ensure that it will help with stretch marks (we are just 6 months – absolutely nothing yet) but we can inform you any random skin problems it has it will help enormously. We get a little eczema on our arms and legs and it vanished within a couple days. We might not advise this product anymore Do yourself a favor and buy it. Side notes – it has a soft scent that we find enjoyable. Texture is undoubtedly a balm but takes in relatively rapidly.

Love this product. We got as a gift for our pregnancy and we kept purchasing more over the rest of our pregnancy. It works fantastic. Helps soothe your itchy skin and avoided stretch marks for us. Extremely advise.

We truly like this product up until now. It helps relieve itching and makes our skin feel silky smooth. We are hoping it will help prevent any prospective stretch marks but may be prematurely to inform. The very best part is the component list, we can use the salve without fretting about hazardous chemicals.

We utilized this through the 2nd and 3rd trimesters on our abdominal area and breasts and it worked marvels for us– no stretch marks. Our ob was astonished at how hydrated and unblemished our skin stayed throughout our pregnancy wished to know how we did it. It smells divine and we constantly eagerly anticipated putting it on. It seemed like a little luxury. It worked so well we now constantly provide it as a gift to pregnant good friends.

We have been utilizing this our whole pregnancy it expensive but up until now no stretch marks. We are currently 40 weeks plus and still utilizing it.

We have utilized this for all 3 of our pregnancies and up until now, no stretch marks. (we are 36 years of ages and have a family history of stretch marks).

We are so very happy for this product. Nearly right away, our itching stopped and we can’t discuss the relief we have felt in months. We most definitely will buy more of this product and spread the word around too. 6 stars for this product.

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