Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy

Mederma cream is a topical onion extracts based cream which works on marks on the skin, be that old ones or newer marks that have resulted from surgery, injury, burns & stretch marks. Like the company states, the cream happens to be the number one recommended brand by doctors & pharmacists.

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Note We have selected the products based on positive customer reviews on various health product-review sites.

Many things on the internet nowadays try to tell you false information but the following are the myths and facts about stretch marks.

Myth 1: Only pregnant women developed stretch marks:

Fact 1: Men and teens get them too. Stretch marks can occur on anyone at any age or sex. When there is a rapid change in the body’s hormonal composition such as being pregnant, body building, puberty and growth spurts, rapid weight change, and birth control pills.

Statistics say 70% and 90% of pregnant women will develop stretch marks around the 6th month of their pregnancy with all the rapid weight gain and hormonal changes happening in the woman’s body.

Myth 2: Laser treatment will always work better than treatment methods such as Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Fact 2: Lasers are most effective with individuals who have new still inflamed reddish stretch marks and a very light skin complexion. Laser treatments break down the pigmentation and maybe cause hyper pigmentation which can result in skin discoloration. Stretch marks which are having already turned a silvery white colour will be harder to remove with laser treatments.

Myth 3: You are stuck with the same stretch marks that you have for the rest of your life.

Fact 3: Once you have stretch marks, there is no way to completely make your skin to go back to the way it used to look. However, there are methods that can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

Methods like surgery and laser treatment tend to be costly and have side effects. Creams like mederma stretch mark therapy is more affordable and don’t have any side effects.

Myth 4: Stretch Marks Disappear Once You Lose Weight

Fact 4: stretch marks do not disappear once you lose weight due to damage done deep in the layers of the epidermis. Once the damage is done, the only thing you can do is to reduce the appearance of the stretch marks.

Myth 5: Treating Stretch Marks is a Big Waste of Time.

Fact 5: Treating stretch marks isn’t a waste of time because trying is better than nothing the results are better than not doing anything about it. Trying to prevent stretch marks in the first place is key but sometimes developing stretch marks is unavoidable.

The other key factor is patience. Nobody wants to be seen with stretch marks around their body, if anything improving the skin by smoothing the texture and reducing the appearance is one step closer to making yourself feel more confident about your skin.

Myth 6: Adolescents such as children and teens don’t develop stretch marks.

Fact 6: Stretch marks developing in adolescents such as children and teens are not uncommon. Stretch marks can develop during rapid growth spurts and weight changes as they grow up. Skin during youth tends to heal quicker and stretch marks fade faster than that of an adult.

However, most of the time stretch marks fade into a silvery white colour which can still be noticeable at times.

Myth 7: Tanning will make my stretch marks go away.

Fact 7: Tanning will not make stretch marks go away. The truth is that tanning will temporarily make your skin darker but the stretch marks will become even more damaged making it a more permanent scar and harder to reduce in appearance.

Who Gets Stretch Marks?

Not everyone gets stretch marks. A large factor in this determination is genetics. Some pregnant women may rub creams on their skin every night and monitor every pound to achieve an optimum gain, but still break out with a maze of stretch marks.

Other women might even gain more than the recommended amount, but still maintain smooth flawless skin. You can reduce your chances of significant stretch marks by maintaining a healthy weight gain throughout pregnancy.

Some children experience stretch marks on their bodies and legs during growth spurts. Marks on children usually fade quickly and are unnoticeable by adulthood.

Stretch Marks in Pregnancy

The most common time for a woman to develop stretch marks is during pregnancy. Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Reviews will attest to the fact that pregnant women can develop this condition on many other areas besides their growing bellies.

Rapid breast enlargement during the second trimester often causes marks to appear on the sides of the breasts. Other areas that are prone to these indented lines include the hips, thighs, and bottoms.

What Can You Do?

Stretch marks are caused by rapidly expanding skin. The skin cannot stretch fast enough to accommodate the growth. This results in tearing, which leaves bluish indented lines.

There are products available on the market today, which can help to replenish your skins moisture. By infusing your skin with vitamin E and moisturizers, you can aid your skins ability to stretch, but you cannot completely prevent them from occurring.

Once stretch marks have formed, their dark bluish colour will eventually fade to a silver colour, and ultimately become even less noticeable. This takes time, however. To speed skins recovery, you can look into products, which reduce the appearance and feel of these marks more quickly.

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy by Merz Pharmaceuticals is designed to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, diminish discoloration and improve the texture and softness of your skin around the area of the stretch marks. This product is made exclusively to reduce the appearance of stretch marks not to prevent the stretch marks from appearing in the first place.

What Is This Stuff?

According to many independent review sites, Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy is a topical stretch mark treatment whose manufacturers claim can dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks within 12 weeks of continued use.

Apparently, the product has been dermatologist tested and is approved for daily use. In fact, it is suggested that you apply the topical twice daily for maximum results. Those who seem to have the most success buy Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy and use it consistently, day in and day out, for the recommended period of 12 weeks… and many continue to use it much longer.

The serum has been designed to reduce the appearance of stretch marks caused by weight gain, muscle growth, puberty growth, pregnancy, and more.

According to the majority of its thousands of users, the treatment is quite effective at smoothing and firming the skin. Many of these individuals have claimed that their stretch marks have become increasingly less visible with continued use of the product.

Mederma Ingredients:

This product is refreshing from the point of view that rather than including a lengthy list of ingredients in their products and reducing the effectiveness of each ingredient Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy relies primarily on just three simple ingredients.

Hyualuronic acid:

In addition to Mederma’s key ingredient, the Stretch Mark Therapy also includes hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica leaf extract. Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient in many anti-aging products, joining with the collagen and elastin in the skin to maintain its smooth, flexible characteristics.

Centella Asiatica:

Centella asiatica leaf extract is also present in many anti-aging formulas and in wound therapy creams.

Cepalin (onion extract):

The active ingredient in Mederma is Cepalin. Cepalin can only be found in Mederma products, as it is patented by the company. Cepalin is a botanical extract produced from onions. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent and helps with skin irritation.

How Does It Work?

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy’s primary active ingredient is the onion-derived proprietary extract Cepalin®. This ingredient has been shown to relieve skin irritation, reduce inflammation, and soften hardened scar tissue.

The blend of active ingredients in Mederma is believed to improve the texture, colour, and general appearance of the scar tissue we call stretch marks.

Does Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Work

This product relies on the use of onion extract and the fact that in clinical trials using rabbits there was an improvement in the look of scars. However, tests on humans so far have shown no such reduction in the appearance of scars or scar tissues. So while, this product may be great for treating scar in rabbits there is no proof that it can do the same for human skin.

In addition, reviews from people who have actually tried Mederma are overwhelming negative. Most users while stating that they had no negative side effects from this product also stated that it did nothing to reduce the discoloration of stretch marks or to fade those scars. Others complained that the strong floral scent of this product actually kept them awake when the product was used before going to bed.

How Do You Use It?

Application of Mederma is a process that should take place over a period of time to see the best results. Use the cream at the first sight of stretch marks for the best results. The cream should be applied twice a day for at least 4 weeks.

For optimum results, the regimen should be continued for 12 weeks. The cream should be applied evenly in a circular motion on the surface of the skin. Adding this as part of a daily regimen will make it easier to remember to schedule application.

Clinical trials have been done on Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy showing that 80% of those using the product showed improvement in their new stretch marks. The Mederma brand is considered the number one doctor-recommended scar cream on the market; this applies to their original formula cream.

As with any topical cream, users should test the product on a small area of the skin to be sure there are no allergic reactions. The cream may cause itchiness or redness if your skin is sensitive to the product, so testing a small area of skin can help determine any possible side effects prior to full use.

Is Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy Proven Effective Clinically?

According to Mederma manufacturers:

The Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy’s clinically established to lessen the stretch marks appearance on the body. One of the latest clinical study stated that 80% of customers noted visible progress in the stretch marks appearance on their skin after they used the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy daily for twelve weeks.

Testing by dermatologist show that with steady usage the advanced Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy helps reduce discoloration, it improves the texture of skin & enhances it softness.

Pros Of Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

  1. The cream is believed to help in softening the skin’s texture. Soft skin is less likely to age or crack.
  2. The hydration component forms a part of the ingredients which helps prevent the diverse problems connected with problems of dry skin for instance cracking & scaling.
  3. It shows quick results.
  4. It improves colour of the skin.
  5. It improves skin texture.
  6. It holds the perfect blend of effective & natural ingredients.
  7. The product isn’t exorbitantly expensive.

Cons of Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

Used alone, this product will not do wonders for stretch marks that are very old. Therefore, unless the growth in stretch marks on your body is not recent or grown over a fairly recent period of time, the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy will fail to bring much help.

This product will not successfully erase stretch marks completely & make them disappear, even if you use it daily & frequently for 12 weeks. All it promises to do is make these stretch marks lighter in shade.

Consumers find that the smell of the product is too strong, almost a loud flowery stench that seems to be overwhelming when used first. However, you get used to this smell after a while.

What the Product Promises?

Mederma stretch mark therapy promises to lighten the colour of stretch marks and improve the overall texture and smoothness of your skin. They claim that in clinical trials that 8 out of 10 women achieved a noticeable difference in the appearance of their stretch marks using this product in just 8 to 12 weeks and they offer testimonials on their site to back up this claim.

They also claim that this product will reduce those unsightly scars. But, the real question is: Did actual users who purchased this product find that the product lived up to its claims?

So Should You Buy Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy?

Most women feel that this alone is reason enough to trust this newest sensation when it comes to stretch marks removal. No one can blame them. The brand has proven time and time again that their products are the solutions for their intended uses. But is this stretch mark cream any different?

Well, you just need to check out these Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy reviews in order to know that the product is another testament to the greatness that the company offers. First of all, experts can’t stop raving about the product. You can see expert reviews on the site and they’re all saying the same thing. This product can help women in their battle against stretch marks. Best of all, it’s a battle that they can easily win with the help of the product.

But for a lot of people, expert reviews are not enough. For some reason, they’re not that confident about the reviews. Maybe because these women feel that the experts are not experiencing the problems that they have. This is why they’re looking for Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy reviews from women like them.

Here’s the good news. According to the reviews that we’ve gathered from all over the net, most women recommend the product highly. Just like you, they also battled with stretch marks and with the help of the product; they’re now free from them. They can now wear their skin proudly. They have no reason to be ashamed of their skin anymore. The only sign that they’ve given birth is the bundle of joy that they’re carrying in their arms.

Check out these Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy reviews and see how you can win your battle against stretch marks. Buy Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy today and look and feel beautiful once again!

Where Can You Get Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy?

Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy is available without a prescription at chain drugstores around the country including Walgreens and CVS. It is also available for purchase online.

If used as directed on new stretch marks, Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy can be very effective. The longer the cream is used, the better the results will be.

If you found this Mederma stretch mark therapy review helpful or have any questions, please leave a comment. More importantly, if you have experience, good or bad, with this product, leave your own Mederma stretch mark cream review and help others make an informed decision.

Bottom line on the Mederma Stretch Marks Therapy

The product works as an efficient skin moisturizer; however, it does not illustrate promising results when it comes to reduction or erase of stretch marks.

It might make a minor difference in how your stretch marks look, but then there are several other products available in the markets that generate similar or sometimes even better consequences at a similar price when used for 12 weeks. However, some clients state that they’ve seen noteworthy improvements in just 4 weeks of continuous use!

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