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Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher

Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher.

  • Crafted from hardwood in Vermont, U.S.A.
  • Finished with plant based natural surface
  • 16″ long
  • 3/4″ broad at the “teeth”
  • At 3/16″ thick, it becomes part of Maple Landmark’s slim line of back scratchers

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher.
Product Package Amount: 1 A beneficial and enjoyable novelty product. What you require to get that itch you just can’t reach, our back scratcher procedures 16″ long by 3/4″ wide by 1/8″ thick, crafted from in your area sourced, sustainably gathered maple. It has a hole in the deal with for hanging from a hook or for connecting a loop. The slim line of back scratchers are easy to save nearly anywhere with their compact size, thin profiles, and unique styles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher.

Question Question 1

Can You Use This For Scratching Itches Inside An Arm Cast? Will It Fit In Tight Fits?

It’s 3/16 of an inch thin, so it depends upon the tightness of the cast.It’s thicker than the one we utilized when we broke our ankle a number of years back.

Question Question 2

States It’S 3/4″ Wide At The Teeth Part. How Wide Is It At The Deal with?

at the outermost end of the deal with, away from the teeth, it is 9/16 th’s of an inch broad; just a bit over half an inch.The narrowest part is best beside the teeth, at 6/16 of an inch wide.it is an actually good back scratcher.We have 2 of them in your home.

Question Question 3

Exist Words On Both Sides Of The Backscratcher?

Just one side has the words on it.

Question Question 4

How Do You Fix It?

we can just presume that it is broken in half.If that is the case, bridging the break, you can tape a piece of wood to one or both sides of the Back Scratcher.This will provide it included stability.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Maple Landmark Vermont Maple Back Scratcher, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We love the U.S.A. made element for this back scratcher. We were a bit tired of the truth that the scratch prongs were vertical instead of horizontal. Nevertheless, we purchased the scratcher. After a number of months, and numerous self-inflicted scratches, we enjoy to report this: it works actually well. In truth, we really love the design. It works great for us and we believe it will be something you would like too. The product is quality constructed, so do not let that be a consider your choice. Simply figure out whether you will like the vertical scratch design. We believe you will. And when that special male or female isn’t around, this maple back scratcher will ‘fill the expense. ‘.

Outstanding back scratcher. We can reach all over we require to scratch, with just the correct amount of pressure. The back scratcher is easy to hold, easy to use, and does not bend when you scratch. If you have doubts regarding whether this back scratcher is long enough to reach locations on your back, it’s easy to figureout Get a ruler or measuring tape, and have a friend step from where you hand can reach over your shoulder to where you require to scratch. The back scratcher needs to be at least that long. This back scratcher is 16″ long. If you use the first 4″ to hold the stick, then you’ll have a prolonged reach of an extra 12″. If 12″ isn’t enough, then this is not the back scratcher for you. If you desire the back scratcher teeth to carefully match utilizing the ideas of your 4 fingers (leaving out the thumb), the teeth have to do with 3/16″ wide and 1 3/4″ long. When we use our 4 fingertips to scratch our back, they are spread out about 3″ broad. We personally do not find the distinction in measurements to be a problem, but ymmv. If we feel that we require a broader scratching width, we can use the spinal column of the back scratcher.

This back scratcher is great. It is high quality. We purchased one for our partner, and our felines occurred wishing to be scratched, so he scratched them. The felines love it. If our partner has the scratcher in his hand, our 2 felines exist. It is rather amusing. We needed to buy a 2nd one so hubby might have one for himself. So, now the felines have their own vermont maple back scratcher. Happy hubby, happy felines. Extremely advise.

This back scratcher is precisely what we have actually been trying to find. For those declaring it’s not long enough or they question the tightness or vertical comb rather of the traditional claw-like scratcher:- we are 6 feet high and this back scratcher quickly reaches any part of our back with definitely no problems or extra contortions on our part. -the wood is strong maple. We do not believe people comprehend the design of the product. The reason this is far more powerful than traditional back scratchers is that the vertical comb remains in line with the width of the wood rather than the depth. In traditional scratchers the claw-like leading part remains in line with the depth rather than width. What does this imply? look at the image of the product so that you can follow our meanings due to the fact that some of the words can be interchangeable relying on how you look at it. The height is the length from the bottom to the top; no problem there. What we are calling the depth is the front-to-back measurement. The width is the left-to-right measurement. So taking a look at the image, the words “the vermont maple back scratcher” are written on the longer flat depth portion of the product. The vertical comb is facing forward along the width. Now that you understand that, you can understand how the product is stronger than traditional back scratchers. Traditional back scratchers have the design reversed, by placing the ” scratcher” in line with the flat depth portion. Well we all know what happens. You go to apply even a little pressure with that type of design and the whole product bends and you fear it will snap (which many of us have done which is why we are looking for a better product like this). In this design, the ” scratcher” is facing the smaller width side and this dramatically increases strength and provides no noticeable bend no matter how much pressure you apply. Think of a flat piece of square cardboard. If you try to apply pressure in the middle of the flat portion to bend it it won’ take long to easily bend and fold. But, now if you try to apply pressure on any of the thin edge sides to bend it it’s nearly impossible (well, not for batman). So given this design on the back scratcher, it infinitely improves on the old-fashioned ” scratcher” facing the flat bendy side. -finally, yes, the vertical-comb scratcher is different than the traditional ” claw”. And it holds true, it does take a while to get utilized to. There is a high knowing curve. It took us upwards of 2 seconds to get utilized to utilizing it so we comprehend the disappointment of the masses. In conclusion, as somebody that has actually been trying to find an exceptional strong back scratcher, this one fits the expense. It’s not titanium-telescoping-uranium powered. But who requires all that? this is a quality product made in america and we extremely advise.

We purchased this for our child who has a super itchy back. We use it just as much as he does most likely. For a back scratcher we need to state it’s pretty great. It’s a great solid piece of real wood and the claw shape at the end makes the perfect scratch. It’s made in the U.S.A. too, which is great. We would not think twice to buy it, you will not be dissatisfied. If this evaluation was useful please click yes.

We were hesitant about this design in the beginning. Kwe believed,” how can this scratch our back to our complete satisfaction if it appears like a comb?” well, this is better than the bamboo back scratchers our mom utilized to get. The design is lovely too due to the fact that of the maple. It’s very strong and has a powerful scratcher. We advise this for anybody and everybody trying to find something to reach the itch.

Wonderful. We broke our arm and our arm remains in a sling and itches all the time. We attempted other backscratchers but this one is perfect thanks to its flatness. And we love the feel of the maple wood versus other products and other woods. We wish to buy a lot of these backscratchers and put them in everyone’s stockings next year. So simple yet we believe that they are so fabulous.

We utilized a traditional chinese bamboo scratcher for many years prior to we unintentionally left it behind someplace. We were reluctant to attempt this one due to the fact that of its unconventional shape but was won over by the favorable evaluations. Here’s the decision after having actually utilized it for a day: it’s pretty solid and it does a great task of scratching our very itchy back, but we are still not utilized to it. Also, we want it were a little longer. On the plus side, it’s made in the U.S.A..

We love this thing a lot. We purchased it due to the fact that our sweetheart had actually formerly purchased one and hers was pretty incredible. When we use this, we are pretty sure that if we had the capability to do so, we would purr like a kittycat. A huge, relatively hairless kitty, but a kittycat however. We would absolutely buy this once again if we require to.

We love this product. Made in U.S.A., great quality and very effective. This back scratcher works, but not agonizing or harmful to the skin. Light weight, yet strong and enough time to cover all those challenging to reach itches. Extremely advise.

Strangely, it’s a bit odd to wax significant about a back scratcher but. This product is among those that appear minor in the grand plan of life once utilized reveal their real worth. It works. Kid, does it work. It does look a bit unconventional with its sideway “teeth” but we question how we handled to reach those little itches that appear to keep moving just out of reach. Previously, that is. It has just the correct amount of tightness. Use one and you’ll be connected (and one step ahead of those itchies).

We were favorably shocked to find a us made back scratcher. It is made of wood. It is comfy to use. And it is economical. It is just perfect.

We have actually invested thousands $$ on over the previous couple years and consider this back scratcher among our biggest purchases. If we were stuck on a desert island and might just take a few things, we would take this back scratcher.

Virtually perfect in every way. Our kids love that it smells like bacon. We believe it smells a bit like a campfire. But no matter what it smells like, the essential point is that it works. We had a plastic back scratcher, but it just wasn t scratchy enough. A few of those bamboo ones are too scratchy. This is the goldilocks back scratcher. A simple product that is simply perfect for the job.

Not just the best back scratcher ever made– but it is handcrafted from genuine wood and works heavenly. Do Not buy anything else.

We like the flat design of this back scratcher, which definitely makes it easy to shop. And it does a good task scratching. Nevertheless, we believe it would work even better if the ideas were a bit rougher and the teeth extended further to cover a bigger location. General though, worth the purchase. And the truth that it was made in the U.S.A. was a great perk.

We were at first hesitant about the flat design but it works incredibly. Provides a rewarding scratch, easy to store/keep at hand, and slides quickly under whatever you are using. Strong enough to scratch through clothing if that’s your choice. Worth every cent. We are going to buy some more as presents.

We love this backscratcher. You understand those scratchers that just do not get the itch?not this one. It’s perfect. Everytime. It feels solid. It seems like it scratches and feels relaxing with the little teeth. Perfect length.

We believe this is without a doubt the best scratcher ever. Now, use our hack for excellence. Buy a type you bow shackle and mate 2 together. Paradise.

Bought to scratch leg under cast. Extremely advise.

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