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Product DescriptionThe Tummy rub oil, 4.21 ounce. Protect your tummy (boobs, hips and thighs) versus pregnancy stretch marks with super-elasticising omega-packed blend of organicoils This is the gold requirement in bump care.Brand StoryAward winning pregnancy skincare that elasticises, soothes, nurtures and secures new and anticipating mama s skin. From omega-rich body creams to leg-cooling gels, these are the essential products for mothers-to-be.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil.

Question Question 1

How Do We Understand If This Is The Actual Product Or A Knock-Off? All We See Is It Ships And Is Sold By, We Were Hoping It Was In Fact Sold By Mio.?

If the seller is not MIO, then we believe is trusted seller than other seller that we never ever purchased in the past. What we comprehend is has been equipped the products from MIO in order for customer’s convenience fast shipment.

Question Question 2

Will This Help With Stretch Marks We Currently Have Or Is It More For Keeping Stretch Marks From Beginning?

It keeps your skin hydrated. It does not heal the skin from the stretch marks currently on you nor did it do anything to keep our stretch marks from appearing.But it will keep the skin slick and sensation hydrated.

Question Question 3

Does This Also Help With Stretch Marks On Your Butt?

we have the marks on our hips.No. Still there.

Question Question 4

A Great Deal Of Evaluations Explain This Smelling Highly (But Don’T Explain The Odor). Can Anybody Explain What It Smells Like?

we can’t remember what it smelled like but it was not a bad odor. we would keep in mindthat we utilized oil for all 9months at bedtime. Not one strectch mark. we will certainly use once again on next pregnancy.

Question Question 5

What Is Expiration Date?

There is not expiration date. If utilized two times a day, it will be gone in about 3-4months. Worth purchasing. we utilized it for our 2 pregnancies. No stretch marks at all.

Question Question 6

Has Anybody Had Success Dealing With Currently Existing Stretch Marks?

we do not success dealing with despite the fact that we use lots of bottle of this product.The bottom line is you need to control do not let your weight gain rapidly. If you can control your weight to be slowly get bit by bit then the product can help your skin 50%.

Question Question 7

Does It Work?

our skin was hydrated when extending, but we still had stretch marks and lots if itching towards the end of our pregnancy.

Question Question 8

Is This The Oil In The White Tube Or The Brown Bottle?The Image Reveals One, And After That When You Click It, It Reveals Another?

The white bottle is provided. we believe the product packaging is just various, but we have never ever uses the oil in the brown bottle. The white bottle oil is great. 23 weeks and not one mark yet

Question Question 9

Does This Product Contain Phenoxyethanol?

To the best of our understanding, it’s organic ingredients subtitle for pregnancy absorption.

Question Question 10

We Are Due In 2 Months And Currently Have StretchMarks Will This Help Prevent More Stretch Marks And Or Help Reduce The Existing Ones?

we are unsure if the stretch marks are currently present.we utilized it our whole pregnancy, acquired 70 ish pounds and we do not have one anywhere.we heard that seeing a skin specialist would help post part if you’re looking for to reduce or remove stretch marks.we love this stuff.we would still use it if we were you but, from what we read we are unsure if the stretch marks are currently present.we utilized it our whole pregnancy, acquired 70 ish pounds and we do not have one anywhere.we heard that seeing a skin specialist would help post part if you’re looking for to reduce or remove stretch marks.we love this stuff.we would still use it if we were you but, from what we check out, stretch marks begin from the insideout So, you’re hypodermis is most likely jeopardized and the visible stretch mark on your skin is the result.Don’ t worry age marks.we lost our kid from unidentified causes 1 week prior to full term and now we want we had them.we like to call them tiger stripes now.Well made:-RRB-

Question Question 11

We Just Bought 2 Yesterdaywe Did Not See The Expiration Date. Please Let United States Know. What Or Where To See The Exp Date?

If utilized twice each day this will last you 4 months. There isn’t an expiration date due to the fact that it s implied to be utilized within a specific time. we began utilizing our first one at about 4 months and that was done right prior to we delivered recently. now we are utilizing the other one to help with flexibility returning. so we thin If utilized twice each day this will last you 4 months. There isn’t an expiration date due to the fact that it s implied to be utilized within a specific time. we began utilizing our first one at about 4 months and that was done right prior to we delivered recently. now we are utilizing the other one to help with flexibility returning. so we believe that they presume it will be completed rapidly hope this helps

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Oil, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We swear this product works. We did a fair bit of research on what to use on our growing belly and still informed ourself not to be dissatisfied if we get stretch marks. The mama mio tumour butter and oil conserved our skin and assisted it stretch throughout our pregnancy. We are 5′ 2 and small, we got 27 pounds during our pregnancy and brought our child 40 & 1/2 weeks. We utilized the butter and oil consistently throughout our entire pregnancy 2x a day in the start and numerous times throughout the day in our last trimester at any indication of itch or elastic sensation. The boob tube and fortunate legs were great also but by far to prevent stretch marks the oil and butter combo are the way to go. The scent is also lovely. Another mama mio product we feel assisted us in our pregnancy was the body brush, which we utilized 2-3x a week. Mama mio all the way. Can’t wait to attempt their post partum skin products.

We love, love, love this product. We weren’t sure we wished to pay a lot for an unidentified product, but fortunately, we had the ability to attempt a sample at motherhood maternity, and chose to chance it. It smells great, it feels great, and it works. Our ob stated that we had the most moisturized belly she had ever seen, and we came out of our pregnancy without stretch marks. We utilized this from our second trimester after every shower, and utilized a shea butter belly rub, or a homemade belly rub a friend made us 1-2 times a day also during the 3rd trimester, but we truly believe that this was the most effective one we utilized. We enjoy it a lot, and it is so great for our skin, that we are going to keep utilizing it, even without being pregnant any longer.

We began this product start of our 3rd trimester along with the mama mio tumour butter and mama mio boob tube and it is among our preferred products during pregnancy. We utilized numerous products due to the fact that we were preparing for stretch marks during our pregnancy. We are 36 weeks pregnant and we have no stretch marks. We are on our last 4 weeks and we seem like our skin is hydrated by utilizing this product along with the other mama mio products, drinking lots of water, and walking 30 minutes. Everyday/ every other day. We are happy we have found this product and would buy it if we run out or f we get pregnant once again in the future. We would also suggest it to all.

We were positive that because we had gotten stretch marks as a teen, we would fall victim of them once again during pregnancy (especially because we are 35+ very first time mom). We utilized this product two times a day beginning during 2nd trimester. It smells enjoyable and the oil is easy to rub on you skin. We did 2-3 pumps each time we utilized it. (it is uncertain to us just how much is a lot or a little). We just delivered and got no stretch marks on our belly. Other things we did that may have impacted skin: we consumed a great deal of water (we craved it so it was easy); we utilized a sensitive skin body wash at 3rd trimester (for itchy skin); we got about 20 pounds total. We will be utilizing this product (as suggest in the bottle) for another number of months to keep our skin flexible as our body adjusts post-partum. Super happy with this lovely product.

We purchased this in intend to prevent stretch marks. We just acquired the one bottle and have not purchased more for a few factors. First is the cost. For what it is, it is pretty expensive. It did last a while but we weren’t ready to shell out another $30+ for a bottle. Second, lots of people stated it wasn’t oily but that was not the case for us. It certainly stained our camwe with great deals of grease discolorations that will not comeout It is a camwe we purchased for pregnancy and wasn’t too pricey so we are not heartbroken over it. We found the odor to be enjoyable but we have not had any queasiness or hostilities to smells.

Utilized this with pregnancy number 1 and didn’t get any stretch marks. Nobody might state for sure if it is thanks to mama mio or not, but it sufficed for us to use it once again with this pregnancy. We did use it in conjunction with burt’s bee’s mama bee, coconut oil, and palmer’s. We like to put this on after a shower as it takes in much faster. The odor is light and unoffensive. It’s expensive but we suggest it. Update: we are presently 39 weeks and 3 days pregnant with baby # 2 (come out already.:-RRB-), and we are still stretch mark free. Genes or utilizing mama mio. We are unsure. But we would suggest hedging your bets and attempting this product.

The best belly oil. Seriously the best. We buy this for each pregnant friend due to the fact that we do not desire them to lose their cash on otherproducts We got 80 pounds and appeared like we swallowed 4 watermelons have no stretch marks – and we are one who does get stretch marks.

We love this tumour rub oil. It leaves our skin so softly and hydrated without feeling ‘oily or slippery. It mixes in quickly and has made a big distinction to the texture of our skin. We are 26 weeks pregnant and will certainly continue utilizing this throughout our pregnancy and beyond. We wear t think a single product can prevent stretch marks and we believe it s more to do with your genes and skin type but this is definitely assisting to keep our skin at its optimum condition. We utilized the tumour rub butter prior to this and prefer the oil. We have pretty dry skin and this goes much additional than the butter. It also smells great too.

We utilized this product due to the fact that our sis swore by the tumour rub oil when she was pregnant. We were 5′ 6 155 pounds when we got pregnant with our first kid e years earlier. We had stretch marks on our tumour, thighs and boobs from when we were an obese kid and we were so anxious about getting more with pregnancy. Our obgyn stated we had a 90 percent possibility of getting more and she encouraged to put on weight gradually. We slowly got 37 pounds and didn’t get one stretch mark, anywhere. So, a year and a half later im prego with baby number 2 and we weighed 10 pounds much heavier beginning this pregnancy, and we once again purchased the oil, used two times a day, and 40 pounds later on no stretch marks once again. The product didn’t ever have a strong odor. It was oily but never ever stained any of our clothing and we put our clothing on nearly right away after every application. The oils absorbed into our skin and left our skin silky soft everyday til the next application. We do not learn about anybody else but a couple purchases of a $38 bottle of oil to conserve our skin from permanently scars and ugliness, is the best $$ we have ever invested. For the record, the cost is high but it will last a few months and the choice is better than getting stretch marks that will not ever disappear. Also, putting on weight slowly throughout your pregnancy rather than acquiring everything at the end, assisted. The combo of both assisted this momour of 2 feel at ease and positive that our skin will make it through.

We love the weight of this oil, it’s thick but we spray our body with a little bit of water prior to using and it takes in extremely well that way. We do not like the scent, it isn’t bad just more powerful than we would like. We primarily put it on in the evening and often it’s tough to sleep due to the fact that we are troubled by the strong scent. It moisturizes our skin for a minimum of 12 hours +. We have sensitive skin and typically break out in hives due to the fact that we dislike numerous products nevertheless, we have been utilizing this for about 2 months and not one rash or break out.

Our mom and siblings had stretchmarks. We utilized this two times a day because our 9th week and we didn’t get stretch marks. We also consumed a great deal of water. We utilized this along with the cream. We utilized one pump of the oil when first begun utilizing it and then 2-2. 5 pumps when we were larger in the belly. We followed with the cream – just enough to spread out a thin layer over the oil. Love this product. It smells great too. We utilized about a little over 3 bottles of this product when we were pregnant.

Our friend is pregnant with her 4th kid and suggest this product to help prevent stretch marks. We use it right after the shower, and up until now we have had no stretch marks. It’s pretty amazing. The just alerting we have is for those mothers in the south in the summer. This does not take in very rapidly so you might wish to put it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and then placed on clothing. While we have not had any problems with the oil soaking into our clothing, we have had it stay “tacky” for rather some time after application.

Tough to put a rate on not getting stretch marks. We utilized freely for our first pregnancy and got no stretch marks. The next time we were stingy with it (believed we had excellent genes that avoided stretch marks-ha.) and wound up with upset purple lines. Soooo. This time we are placing on a lot. Even though it smells super strong and overpowering (it s an excellent odor, but so strong). There are numerous unneeded pregnancy and baby things – it s worth it to avoid on some of those and invest the cash on this.

Our partner unintentionally knocked it over and it broke a little. We still utilized it till the end and acquired another. Just believed this suggestions would be excellent to share. We didn’t read that it was a glass bottle. We are 24 weeks pregnant and just beginning to reveal. Up until now so excellent, we stretchmarks and we did get stretchmarks when we went through the age of puberty. We will upgrade as we go along.

We found out about this oil from a lady we followed on instagram who had utilized it throughout her pregnancy. She stated she had no stretch marks. We figured we would attempt it (despite the fact that we seem like a great deal of it needs to do with genes). We utilized this oil from our fourth month of pregnancy till birth and we also didn’t get any stretch marks. So, needless to state we will be utilizing it once again during our next pregnancy.

Up until now so excellent. We began utilizing this around 4 months of pregnancy, almost when we began getting a bump. We use it every night. We want it were simpler to see just how much product is left however. It s been nearly a month and we understand we are getting near to the end if we loosen the lid and look in. We have currently included this to our cart to repurchase though. We intend on continuing to use it with the hopes of it working. We are very conscious odor but we wear t mind this at all.

We are 5 2 and got about 60 pounds for our first pregnancy. We were 109 pounds and our mom and sis both had stretch marks from pregnancy. We wound up with 1 or 2 total. If you might see the size we remained in month 9, you d be stunned we had nearly no. Is it oily? yes, it s oil. Naturally. We purchased a 2nd bottle due to the fact that we really discovered our first and just stretch mark 5 days after we ranout Definitely might ve been a coincidence but, we wouldn t bet versus it.

Love this oil. Got it as a gift from our mother-in-law for our first pregnancy and thank goodness due to the fact that we would have never ever spent lavishly on it for ourself. It is light and fast absorbing- we have utilized it for a total of 19 months with both our first and 2nd pregnancy and have never ever had it stain our clothing. Regardless of it’s lightness it’s sturdy- not a stretch mark in sight seven months in on baby second. Has a scent (natural) but is very enjoyable, light, and dissipates rapidly. We will not be utilizing any other product unless mio goes out of organisation.

Smells lovely once your early morning illness is over. We are attempting to use it two times a day along with the tumour butter (for use after showers primarily). We are just 27 weeks but up until now no stretch marks. Will see what takes place and upgrade appropriately. It lost a star, primarily due to the fact that of a shortage in us – it makes us feel sticky and ever so a little oily – we are just utilized to being dry all the time. We purchased it due to the fact that of rave evaluations from our siblings and their good friends.

We are unsure if the tumour oil assisted us avoid stretch marks or if it was genes and a healthy weight gain during pregnancy, but we liked the odor and feel of this oil. We utilized it on our stomach, hips and breast and did not get a single stretch mark during pregnancy. We will use this product once again in the future, and would suggest this to a friend.

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