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MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals

MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals.

  • SILICONE: # 1 SUGGESTED PRODUCT – When it pertains to scar therapy component, silicone is the # 1 suggested product by doctor.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE- Utilizing the advanced patented technology, Tatyana s scar removal sheets have actually been medically checked and authorized to enhance the color and texture of all kinds of scars, old or new.
  • REUSABLE & LONG-LASTING – The washable adhesive strips can be recycled for as much as 2 weeks with appropriate cleansing and upkeep
  • SOFT & COMFORTABLE – The silicone sheets are drug-free and breathable, triggering your skin no damage. They can be cut into smaller sized pieces for smaller sized scars.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals.
Tatyana Naturals Silicone Scar Removal Sheets will be the last stop in your journey to cure scars. Utilizing the best product and newest patented technology, these adhesive strips are ensured to enhance the appearance of your scars, raised or found, old or new.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals.

Question Question 1

Is It Okay To Remove The Scar Sheet Prior To Take Shower?

Yes, we use the scar sheet all the time anticipate when we shower. we wereh it with warm water, shake it off and let it dry out prior to reapplying. You can use a hairdryer if its actually wet.

Question Question 2

The Number Of Pieces In On Box?

There are 7 pieces.

Question Question 3

What’S The Size?

Yes? 1.5 inch × 2.8 inch? and you can suffice according you scar size

Question Question 4

Can You Use This For An Old Scar?

Yes, it takes longer for old scar

Question Question 5

Has Actually Anybody Utilized For Acne Scars On Face?? If So, See Results??

we believe we would you the roll on silicone for the face.These would certainly be observed in the face.we also saw that this company has a gel silicone.That might be what you ought to by.Makeup can be used we have that once it s dry

Question Question 6

Can You Leave These On In The Shower?

Technically yes, their just plastic. Nevertheless they suggest you use when clean and dry. we do not believe that it would be great for your skin because it would trap a great deal of moisture. They also may not remain on, depending upon where it is.

Question Question 7

Has Anybody Utilized For Acne Scars On Face?? If So, See Results??

Yes, we are utilizing it on a scar on our forehead now and it works great and quick

Question Question 8

Surgical Scars From 3 Years Ago Can Be Use?

our scars were nearly a years of age and we see great enhancement. we wouldsay the sheets would work.

Question Question 9

Does This Work For Very New Stretch Marks?

we do not about new stretch marks but we utilized it ideal few days after our stitches we’re out and it’s great.

Question Question 10

Will This Deal With 9Month Old Csection Scar?

we have a large scar on our leg in the front and one on the side from surgery for a damaged ankle.They are both over 6 months old and we have actually utilized this treatment on them for about a month,. It’s working.The scars are much more flexible and the deep redness is disappearing. Unsure if this would have happened naturally o we have a large scar on our leg in the front and one on the side from surgery for a damaged ankle.They are both over 6 months old and we have actually utilized this treatment on them for about a month,. It’s working.The scars are much more flexible and the deep redness is disappearing. Unsure if this would have happened naturally or not but we do not believe the skin would be nearly as soft and flexible if we had not have actually utilized this treatment.Hope this helps.

Question Question 11

Just Began Utilizing On Our Shoulder But They Keep Coming Off And Get Stuck In OurHair Ideas To Keep Them On?

If possible, shave the hair off your arm in the place of the strip and that might help it stick better and prevent it from getting stuck in your hair. Mine do not come off very quickly and are very sticky.

Question Question 12

We Just Bought This Product And We Applied On Our Currently Recovered Wound And It Turned BrightRed Could You Inform Our Why?

You might be experiencing an allergy to the silicone.

Question Question 13

How Do These Compare To Aroamas Professional Scar Strips?

we have actually not utilized those scar strips.

Question Question 14

Has This Worked For Old Raised Scars?

Heck no lol

Question Question 15

Afteryou Have Attained The Look You Want, Can You Discontinue Utilizing Them?

we would imagine so.we ceased utilizing mine. Up until now, our scar has actually not returned.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on MadayFormula Medical Grade Silicone Scar Removal Sheets by Tatyana Naturals, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We had a surgery and our body tends to wish to keloid. We all the best dream that our cosmetic surgeon stressed the significance of the scars not rubbing on clothing or versus anything as they recovered. We are year post op and while some of our scar has actually recovered well, we observed about 2 weeks ago some of the scarring started to raise and end up being irritated and red. It has actually been a year. We ought to be closer to healing, but due to the fact that our body wishes to keloid in some spots, our journey has actually been extended. Our cosmetic surgeon offered us the alternative of a steroid injection (which we have actually looked into and the negative effects can lead to even worse scars or fat cells passing away and developing a cavity in our skin), cutting out the forming keloids and seeing if they heal well the 2nd time (this alternative is a 50/50 and implies we will begin the procedure of over a year of healing all over once again) or to see how they heal and continue with silicone gels or sheets. We have actually been consistently utilizing silicone gel for the previous year, but we want that she had actually informed us the benefits of silicone sheets, as it is developing an extra layer of protection for the scars so that they are not getting irritated and stimulating extra cell development in the location. We saw some lollipop scar sheets that were $55 on and actually desired them, but couldnt validate the extra $30 even if they remained in a shape that we desired, so we acquired these sheets to buy us some time while we dealt with what we are going to do next. Package comes with 7 sheets, and we are presently utilizing 4. We cut a square out at the bottom of 2 sheets where we can position the square around our nipple and then utilized another 2 sheets down the line of the vertical scar. They fit incredibly and have actually remained in location for about 7 days up until now. You can use silicone sheets up until the stickiness disappears, and while mine are getting a little linty around the edges, they form well to our body and they are very sticky still. We just take them off when we shower. And we have actually currently observed that the inflammation has actually diminished and our psychological comfort in how we are scarring is confident. The product states that results can be seen in 4-6 weeks, which is on par with all scar treatments. Something we love about these sheets over the others is the good grid lines on the sheets. We seem like they stick well and do not move due to the fact that of this function. We actually want we had actually just got these in the very starting and we have to do with 95% positive that had we done this from the start, we wouldnt have actually had any keloid scarring at all. We want there had actually been more assistance on this path and our cosmetic surgeon had actually invested more time evaluating our options and the benefits of the extra barrier than just advising silicone gels in basic. Wherever you remain in your healing procedure, we hope that you find the self-confidence to feel great about yourself in spite of the scars – which has actually been a substantial psychological held up for us. We will continue to buy this product up until our scars are totally recovered and no longer pink – by far.

So we had trouble with these things remaining on when we slept, so we just used it during the day during our normal regimen and that was great. So about 8 months ago we were assaulted by a pet dog and it took a portion out of our calf:/ its rather frustrating as our legs are pretty darn good. From the front. But once we reverse its like, “oh god. How did you get that big a** bruise on your leg” we think it appears like a bruise from a bit away. Well our main objective was to reduce the dark purple color of the scar so we purchased these and used mederma in the evening and after a month we can currently see its brightened up a fair bit. We believe we will require another 4+ months to get it as light as we desire, but total pleased.

We took a difficult fall and wound up with stitches in our lip. It left a large location of difficult scar tissue and our doctor didn’t believe anything might be done but recommended utilizing silicon sheets. Since of the examines we chose to attempt tetyana despite the fact that there were lots of to selectfrom Even though we can’t use it as long as they suggest due to the fact that it’s our lip the scar tissue is practically totally gone and we have actually just been utilizing it for a month and 1/2. We also suggested them to our colleague and she reported her scar tissue is totally gone and suggested them to another colleague.

We had a tumour tuck and have actually been utilizing the strips for about 2 weeks now. We keep them on 23 hours a day, and they are very comfy. We are delighted at how fast we are seeing an enhancement currently. They are also very adhesive and you can t see them under your clothing. We rinse in warm water and use ivory soap to clean them daily. While they are drying, we leap in the shower and what isn’t dry by the time we get out, we just dry with the blow clothes dryer, and stick them right back on. To us the silicone strips actually do appear to help reduce the appearance better than some of the scar creams and gels on the market. We prepare to use them for a couple months and we are delighted to see how the scars will enhance even more.

We have keloid surgical scar from trauma surgery on our leg, scare circle behind our knee and to leg. The sheet stick on great. We needed to use 3 to covered the whole length. The adhesive strips are soft, versatile better than other brand we acquired. We have actually been utilizing it daily for over 2 months, enhance texture, total appearance but the color still dark. Our pt stated it looks muchbetter Appears like we would require numerous of these plans to reduce the scar appearance. Advised and will buy once again.

We purchased this product after having shoulder and biceps surgery. Among our scars was not healing well. It was suggested that we attempt silicone sheets to reduce appearance of scars. We utilized this product for 2 months. They adhered well and even remained on even with showers. The color of the strips matched our skin tone and was not obvious. We also cut my own into strips and got lots of applications from each pad. We would certainly suggest.

These silicone scar sheets work in assisting to reduce scar development while scars heal and fully grown – particularly essential in the first 12 weeks, but can be utilized beyond that also. These can be cut quickly to your wanted size. When separating the adhesive side from the back just pull slowly to keep the ends from huddling. These also can be recycled, just rinse and permit to dry flat. We would definitely buy this once again.

We like the size. We can cut what we require generally in half. We found little cuts like a nickel do not stick well. We use them in a various way than for reducing scars which we purchased it for in the start. When we pluck hair from our face in some cases get sores and they are red. If we cover them in the evening with these gel strips in the early morning they are on the way to healing and the redness is now light pink. We also had a reddish location from plucking and the patches have actually actually lightened the location. Yes, you can recycle them but beware with the corners that they lay flat.

We were a little reluctant to order and use these, due to the fact that we dislike most medical adhesives and we didn’t understand how these would feel being peeled off our fresh cut but these little strips are great. They are plenty sticky, but they do not pluck the skin when removing them. We have actually had no allergy to them. And they also feel protective while using them while still not feeling like they’re even there. We also think they have actually assisted with our cut flattening out.

We just recently had stomach surgery and was left with an awful, large scar. We just have actually been utilizing these scar removal sheets for a little over a month, and currently we can see a distinction, the scar is not as red. These sheets also help ease those “pulling” & “pinching” sensations of the surrounding nerves healing (which, in itself, is a factor to purchase these sheets). They have actually stayed sticky, and we have actually had the ability to recycle them, we extremely suggest them.

Just began utilizing today after our partner purchased and they revealed a considerable reduction in a deep scar on his arm. Applied to our stomach location which has some stretch marks from 4 pregnancies. Delighted to use them and see what type of development we get. The strips are comfy, you wear t even observe you have them on.

We had a minimally intrusive surgery done, and it left us with surgical scars. We were a bit anxious about how the scars would look when we went on trip just 3 months later on. Regrettably we didn’t get an image of what the scars appeared like day 1 (we forgot to take a picture). The first image seeks using the product for 2 weeks, and the 2nd one wanted 8 weeks of utilizing the product. You can be the judge. We were surprised at the results. The first image doesn t demonstrate how dark the scarring was (the lighting wasn t great) but the 2nd image demonstrates how the belly button scar and the among the ideal hip is practicallygone The scars flattened and lightened substantially. We were very pleased with the result.

Love this product so far. We have actually been utilizing for a few weeks now, and have actually certainly seen enhancement. Paradoxically enough, we had a dermatological treatment to remove some darker spots on our legs (ideal calf). Our skin is super sensitive, and the healing from treatment so far is even worse than had we left the spots to startwith Nobody fault. Just our sensitive skin. That stated. With the constant application of these sheets, we have actually seen large enhancement currently. We are actually fair-skinned, and scarring runs purple and upset on our skin for a relatively long period of time. Longer term, we heal rather well, but understanding that it takes so long for our skin to heal, we believed we would provide it a headstart with these sheets. Easy to use, easy to rinse/reuse, etc. If we can provide a little encourage. Do not forget to remove prior to bed (if body part you’re utilizing on is exposed) as we turned one into a rolled up sheet that ended up being unusable. Not the fault of the product – user mistake there. Will buy once again if needed.:–RRB-.

We love that it s naked color an not made of latex. But we wear t like that it quickly snuggles when ur peeling it off an attempting to stick it on an we are not insane that it quickly peels off so you need to beware when taking off or placing on clothing that it doesn t lot up or slide off but other then that it does make the scar much lighter an helps plus we wear t break out from it which is a substantial plus an it s 100% natural is even better.

These scar removal sheets are remarkably great. We did some research prior to purchasing this product and imo, this is the one tobuy There aren’t many large peer evaluated research studies on scar removal but silicone sheets appear to have the most provable results. The sheets themselves are very durable and remain in location pretty well. We have a scare on our elbow and in spite of moving through out the day, we do not find ourself fretting about the sheet fallingoff They are also a lot easier to remove than a band aid. We have not attempted cleaning and recycling yet but the directions state that it’s okay to do so. We imagine that they would still be functional. Up until now( 2 weeks in) they do appear to be assisting our scar to heal and we will continue to use them. All in all great product.

We had some freshly gotten surgical scarring but we waited to compose this evaluation to provide the product time to work. We have actually been utilizing this product for numerous months now and up until now the results are amazing. Our scars have actually flattened out and are no longer red and hardly visible. These sheeets are more suitable to utilizing creams and gels as the liquid products are pricey and rub off on clothing. We would extremely suggest this product for use on scars.

We like these due to the fact that you can quickly cut the strips and use them to the wound. As long as you do not get the strip wet, the adhesive will adhere to your skin throughout the whole day. They can also be eliminated and reapplied, so each strip can be utilized more than once. We put these on cuts/new injuries to prevent the development of a scar and keep it covered as it heals.

These scar sheets are working great up until now after one month of use. We have a few hypertrophic (raised) red scars on our leg from an injury 2 months back. We found out about these scar sheets and purchased them immediately. They were provided the very next day. They are easy to use and remain on well other than if they get wet (sweaty from workout etc). We even sleep with them now. * they most likely do not last as long as they state they do (one month) but a couple weeks persheet rather. It s still absolutely worth it and we will keep utilizing them up until the scars are gone.

We utilized this for old self damage scars. They resemble 9 years of ages so we were doubtful we would find anything to help. But these scar sheets have actually worked incredible in just the month we have actually utilized them. Truthfully could not think it. Our scars appear flatter and less visible. Will be getting once again.

These are great. Been utilizing for numerous months. You cut out the precise shape you require and stick on scar location. Color matches our complexion and not very visible, and great protection for scars avoiding sun damage. Can you more than once. Excellent alternative to creams/gels.

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