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Liquimat Acne Treatment and Cover-Up Lotion Medium

Liquimat Acne Treatment and Cover-Up Lotion Medium

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How Excellent Is It At Hiding?

it has a yellow base– we believe it’s proficient at hiding.

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We have attempted whatever. We have had severe acne given that we were13 Attempted otc products, attempted proactiv, attempted pills and treatments by skin doctor. Our last choice was accutane which we were hesitant about. Our face was so damaged out it hurt, to touch and look at. We wept when we took a look at our face. At 24 among our consumers discussed this product to me. She had a little leftover that we attempted. We layered it under makeup in the early morning since as you can see we couldn’t not operate in the public eye with our face that way without makeup on. In the evening we werehed our face with water (whatever irritated our skin) and just utilized this product on our problem locations and slept with it on. Within one month whatever began clearing. We have been utilizing this for over a year. Now we just require it when we get the periodic pimple. Really a life altering product.

This stuff is the bomb. We are 31, and still have breakouts that are most likely stress associated. Regardless, we have utilized lots of otc stuff given that young teen age and this is the best upkeep product we have ever utilized. It keeps our face clear, and all at once treats and avoids. It takes a minute when you get this product to blend the lotion with the color agent/dye that is supplied in a different self-contained pouch. Take your time when you open this stuff attempting to precisely match the lotion to your skin tint by incremently utilizing the color to increase the lotion shade making it darker with each drop. We have just been utilizing it a couple weeks and can currently discover a big distinction. It does dry slightly, so make sure to supplement quality non-pore blocking lotion. Begun off hesitant but might use this exclusively as our only skin care product.

Great product. We have not utilized the color improvement package that came with the product, as we are very light complexted, it matches our skin completely straight from the bottle. We are not a fan of the sulfur odor, but it isn’t too frustrating.

We have never ever had acne up until menopause and it is so itchy we scratch in our sleep leaving our face blotchy and in pain, we have attempted numerous products and absolutely nothing has assisted, the liquidate gotten here late the other day we put it on immediately:–RRB- this is fantastic stuff it has currently begun healing and the itching stopped, it is 4: 05 am and our face feels great.

Our first bottle of this lasted us 30 years. We are person who does not breakout much so, yeah, we understand. Anyways it’s great to have a drying agent that colors the skin so nobody notifications while you heal. If your bottle dries out several years from now, just include a few drops of water and shake it up. Hope this is useful. Cheers.

We use this rather of offset periodic break outs and it works completely. Just disadvantage is the sulfa odor, we do not believe its obvious to other individuals (hope not. ).

We have utilized this for several years and needs to be purchased at the drug store (not a prescription, just not equipped). We like it for drying up irritated skin.

The only location we might quickly find this product was on www. Com it was just what we desired, priced right, provided quickly, and packaged properly. +++++ all around.

Love love this stuff. We just use for spot treatment. Our grandparent turned us in to this product when we were a teen now middle aged (practically) its our go too.

Have been utilizing liquimat for an exceptionally very long time. Covers well and does not aggravate. Exceptional product.

Perfect for acne.

Great product but pricey.

Excellent base makeup.

We use this every day. Can be utilized to dry up pimples or as comprise.

This was perfect – just what we required.

This stuff is the best.

We just use this stuff during the night to protect and help our face. We love it. We believe it truly helps.

This works extremely well. Would suggest it to anybody that might require to cover a blemish.

Got here as anticipated and was precisely as marketed.

We have utilized this makeup for several years, and it still helps keep our skin clear. Liquimat deals with keeping our oily skin under control.

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