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Lantiseptic Lantiseptic Skin Protectant Tube

Lantiseptic Lantiseptic Skin Protectant Tube

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  • Lantiseptic
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skin protectant is formulated with 50% lanolin

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We are an endurance bicyclist and we have been utilizing this product specifically on any flight longer than 100 miles for numerous years now. Numerous unfavorable evaluations have grumbled that it is too thick to spread out on your hands/fingers. It is and that’s by design. This cream is very thick in order to offer both physical and medical protection versus bed sores. It is not a hand cream. When utilized by a far away bicyclist it lubes to prevent chafing. Even a little motion duplicated 20,000 times will trigger chafing unless there is excellent lubrication. When integrated with quality shorts, a brooks b17 saddle, and regular position modifications and standing, lantiseptic permitted us to ride 400 miles in one weekend with just mild pain. If saddle sores do establish, the active ingredients in lantiseptic prevent the sores from ending up being contaminated and will heal them much faster than non-medicated creams. We have also utilized this on roadway rash from a crash after watering the wound with water. It secures the damaged skin and attacks any germs that entered the wound. It wasn’t as hassle-free to use as neosporin but we didn’t have any neosporin with us at the time. Lantiseptic is absorbed into the lining of your shorts, like most creams, so you still need to re-apply every 60-100 miles. It cleans out leaving no residue. It is pricey – no argument there. We use it on about 12 flights a year and make it through about 2 4oz tubes each year. It’s well worth it.

We utilized this on our 92- years of age daddy who was bed-bound, suffering incontinence, and was threatening to establish pressure sores. We had attempted lots of other products, but lantiseptic was the best at keeping his skin from breaking down. We have also utilized it on heel calluses, and it does an amazing task of softening the skin there also. We highly advise it.

Got our first tub of this from the nicu where ds invested the first 28 days of his life. It works so well and fast that we have gotten this for our latest nephew and will constantly advise this over any other cream. We have even utilized it ourself and have confirmed that it works and does not hurt/burn/sting in any way.:-RRB-.

Exceptional skin protectant.

It dealt with our moms and dads bedsores from the hospital.

Without a doubt the best product ever found for our 98 years of age mother.

This brand is the best. We had home health experts bring this product for our late hubby and we had the ability to cure rash and bed sores in 2 weeks, that 6 weeks in-hospital rehab could not fix.

Our mom has utilized this in the past and was happy to find a source for getting it once again. Thanks.

Fantastic product. We utilized this for cross country biking and it worked better than anything we have attempted. We have utilized other water based creams that put on t work over the long flight. It does have a little bit of an odor, but it is a remarkable product.

Love the product.

Functions well to keep our bedridden mother-in-law. Other stuff does not work rather also to keep down diaper rash and inflammation.

We love this skin protector. It works.

Precisely as explained.

We utilized it for cross country biking. We believe it helps but does not completely prevent saddle problems.

Fantastic product for avoiding bed sores for senior clients. Advised by nurses for our senior relative at an assisted living home.

Have utilized this for years. Thankful to understand now brings.

We have had crohn’s illness for 16 years. The hospital presented us to this product for the severe rawness from severe diarrhea associated with this illness. It’s the just product that can heal the raw tissue over night, plus offer soothing and healing protection through the day. We advise it extremely.

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