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Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti-itch Cream

Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti-itch Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti- itch Cream.

  • Fast acting Itch Relief
  • For bug bites and stings, poison ivy, oak and sumac, dry irritated skin, small cuts/burns
  • Eliminates bacteria to help prevent infection
  • Hours and hours of maximum pain and itch relief
  • First-Aid Antiseptic & Pain Relief Cream

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti- itch Cream.
Read more Product Introduction Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti-Itch Cream is the every itch fighter, offering fast-acting itch relief from insect bites, rashes, and dry skin. Lanacane consists of active ingredients Benzethonium chloride 0.2% (First-Aid Antiseptic) and Benzocaine 20% (Pain Relief Cream). It provides 2 in 1 fast acting Itch Relief + It also eliminates bacteria and cools and soothes immediately. Where To Use: Cools and soothes immediately For bug bites and stings, poison ivy, oak and sumac, dry irritated skin, small cuts/burns Helps prevent infection Hours and hours of maximum pain and itch relief Anti- bacterial/ eliminates bacteria Check out more Benefits: Read more Read more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti- itch Cream.

Question Question 1

Expiration Date?

The expiration date is impressed into the crimp on the end of the tube. we do not have a box helpful to see if it is on there, but it is on the tube.

Question Question 2

Cant Find Ingredients Label. 20% Benzocaine?

Yes, this has 20 percent benzocaine.

Question Question 3

Is This Greasy Or Does It Soak up Without Leaving An Oily Feeling?

It is not oily and does soak up effectively.

Question Question 4

Does This Product Include 3 1-Ounce Tubes (Amounting To 3 Ounces), Or 3 1/3-Ounce Tubes (Amounting To 1 Ounce)?

( 3) 1 ounce tubes amounting to 3 ounces

Question Question 5

Is This Excellent For Shingles?

we have no experience with shingles. The product contains 20% Benzocaine in a soothing lotion base. The Benzocaine has a numbing effect and hence provides short-lived relief of itching. we use it with Cortisone-10 cream (1.0% hydrocortisone).

Question Question 6

Will It Help Hayfever?

we do not believe so.This product is created to use on an individual’s skin to help with itchy skin.It is useful for mosquito bites and dry itchy spots on the skin.

Question Question 7

Please List All Ingredients Consisting Of Other/ Non-active?

Go to their site.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Lanacane Maximum Strength Anti- itch Cream, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We found 20% benzocaine numerous years ago when we had a rash on our arm we might not eliminate. It itched continuously and it grew and grew. We found lanacane blue (red just has 10% and wont work) and used it to the rash and instantly the itch stopped. We used it every numerous hours and it started to decrease and then after numerous days vanished. So that got us believing, this 20% benzocaine stuff is the bomb. We started putting it on anything that itched, or was cut, or was burned, anything. It constantly works. We burned our finger on a toaster once and it got a huge blister and we used the lanacane and the pain wasgone A few hours later on the blister, strangely, was alsogone We do not believe you’re expected to, but we constantly also put it on open cuts. Pain gone and it does not hinder the cut healing. It just removes the pain, and then removes the itch that comes with healing. We also put it on fire ant bites. It will work to some degree on the closed bite (blister) but it works a lot more successfully if you pop the little white blister from the bite and use the lanacaine on to the open popped blister (after you squeeze the poison out). Functions great. Then the husby got a tooth pain. We understood we could not provide this to him to put in his mouth (although he would have if we had not found another 20% benzocaine product. But we did. Anbesol (for toothaches) also contains 20% benzocaine. And we found the dollar tree variation of it, which also contains 20% benzocaine, works just as well, and it’s just a dollar. But we would restrict that to your mouth, as it is a gel and gel is untidy on parts of your body not in your mouth. Another product is vagisil (purple) (red is just 10%). If you can’t find lanocaine, vagisil also works. This stuff is amazing. We constantly keep a tube of lanacane in our bag, our workplace, our camper, our truck, our suv, all over we go, if we harm ourself, we are sissy and do not like pain, we whip out the lanacane and pain gone.

This stuff is the best for bites scrapes and skin inflammation. Our m. D. Suggested it years back as an “old school” remedy that is difficult to find bit worth it. None of the concerns with steroids or prescription antibiotics and great itch and bir relief. Please keep making this great product. Put a tube in a helpful spot.

Best itching medicine we have actually ever utilized. Assisted us eliminate severe eczema.

The lanacane is hard to find in the shops and we value discovering it on line. This product works well on insect bites, little cuts, etc. It does not have an odor and it does’ t sting.

This benefits more than itching. We have herpetic nerve damage resulting in intense pain on a plain, healthy patch of skin. We use pain patches, but they are 12 hours on and 12 hoursoff When they are off, we have found that rubbing this ointment in deadens the agonizing nerve endings and lets us live a pain= free life. It is 30% benzocaine, which is a powerful anesthetic, and will not stain even a white gown t-shirt. We can’t make it without our lanacane.

Exellent ser ive. We got it a day previously than anticipated. When it comes to the produ t its the best chigger treatment ivefound One application and the itch is gane. If you are from tbe south you understand how awfull a chigger bite is. We ve utilized every thing from nailpolish to bleach lanacane is the just thing tht works.

We wound up with a skin rash, a negative effects of a medication we were taking. After the first application of lanacane extra strength we felt instant relief from inflammation and pain. After using once in the early morning and once in the evening for 4 days, the rash isgone The good news is. We would hug suggest lanacane (maximum strength cream).

Am frequently in requirement of this (herpes zoster), and it is yet another product no longer readily available here. Actually value the rapid shipment and the multiples in one pack. Will be purchased once again.

We got something like poison ivy while taking a trip. The lanacane did relieve the itching well. It did not relieve the itching entirely, but it sufficed. And the rate was ideal.

Our spouse has actually utilized this for many years and found it is the best for a rash he gets. We had actually been having trouble discovering this and then got it here at a great rate.

Fast and effective relief from itching due to bug bites or contact allergies. Its the just brand we will use.

We have actually utilized this product for a very long time for itchy skin, consisting of mosquito bites. We can’t appear to find it in regional shops any more.

We have itching under our arms and absolutely nothing has actually worked like this and we have actually attempted whatever.

Have actually utilized this for years to calm itchy locations on our skin, but it’s ended up being difficult to find in shops. We were so happy to find it on. At a great rate, toowe extremely suggest it.

This stuff is difficult to find in the shop so we purchased the 2 pack to have a back up. Functions great for itches and other things.

Person boxes, expiration date was for excellent 2 years +, and works great, and smells very enjoyable. Our goto antwe itch cream. Antiseptic, eliminates bacteria too.

This is our standby. We put on t have any itch that this stuff won t help. It is not suggested for large locations of the body, but we never ever had a problem.

Utilized the product prior to. Serves the purpose.

This stuff is remarkable for stopping the itch of a mosquito bite.

Great product less expensive when purchased online.

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