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Lady Anti Monkey Butt - Women's Body Powder with Calamine

Lady Anti Monkey Butt – Women’s Body Powder with Calamine

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Lady Anti Monkey Butt – Women’s Body Powder with Calamine.

  • Takes in sweat and reduces chafing.
  • Therapeutic, long-term anti- friction powder with calamine and cornstarch (talc- free).
  • Satiny smooth formula provides cooling, effective relief of inflammation on the inner thighs, bra line and other locations vulnerable to rubbing.
  • Settles during delivery. While bottle might appear less than full, you are still getting the quantity suggested on thepackage Offered by weight not volume.
  • PLEASE KEEP IN MIND: this product contains fragrance which might be annoying to some people. Stop use if inflammation takes place.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Lady Anti Monkey Butt – Women’s Body Powder with Calamine.
Size: 6 Ounce (Pack of 1) |Style: Women’s PowderLady Anti Monkey Butt is specially created to take in sweat and reduce frictional pain that women typically experience when utilizing workout devices, running, driving, biking or just strolling. Anti Monkey Butt is an unusual type born from the desire to supply mankind with high quality products that help take full advantage of daily comfort of those who strive, play difficult and for anybody who doesn t wish to invest their day in pain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Lady Anti Monkey Butt – Women’s Body Powder with Calamine.

Question Question 1

Is This Great For Sensitive Skin?

we have actually utilized this on our 2 year old granddaughter who has very, very sensitive skin. It works well on her. we have a home filled with granddaughter and they all use it. It’s a great product. Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

What Does This Odor Like?

It advises us of a very faint skin so soft odor

Question Question 3

Can You Use It For Heat Rash Under Your Tumour?

Personally, we would not. It has a mild fragrance to it and we do not believe you would desire that on a rash due to the fact that it might be annoying and make things even worse. Better to buy those moisture absorbing cloth pads that fit under the tumour to keep that location dry. They offer them on.

Question Question 4

Can You Use For Horseback Riding?It Get Mighty Sore Down 3.?

Yes, we make certain this would help with chafing from horseback riding.

Question Question 5

Is This Bottle Refillable?

Yes. Like most powder containers, the llid can quickly and easily be gotten rid of with a butter knife.

Question Question 6

Our Boy Gets Chaffed Thighs At The Pool/Beach From His Swim Trunks. Would This Work For That Or Would It Wash Off?

Antwe Monkey Butt Powder works best when application website is dry to prevent sweat and friction throughout the day. we would not suggest utilizing when in the water as it might not be as effective. With any additional questions, we welcome you to call our Customer Care group at info@antimonkeybutt.com.

Question Question 7

Can Men Use This Product Also?

Definitely. Our Men’s Powder contains talc so we have actually produced Lady Antwe Monkey Butt (formulated with cornstarch rather) which is why it is defined to be utilized by women, but anybody can use it.

Question Question 8

Does The Powder Discoloration Your Clothing?

No we sanctuary texperience Discoloration clothing.

Question Question 9

We Were Told That Utilizing Powder Under The Breast Isn’T Good As It Can Promote Yeast Development. How Is This Powder Various?

Use Caldesene medicated powder. we utilized to get prescriptions to manage redness under our breast. we attempted the Caldesene and have actually never ever had a problem once again. Monkey Butt does not work.

Question Question 10

Why Is The Women S Variation More Expensive? Exists More Product In It?

It appears more difficult to find.

Question Question 11

Isladyantwe Mockeypowdersafe?

Lady Antwe Monkey Butt contains cornstarch rather of talc so you can feel excellent about what you’re utilizing on your skin. It also contains calamine to help soothe irritated skin.

Question Question 12

We Sweat Greatly In The Face While Dancing? Has Anybody Attempted This Powder On The Face To Prevent Extreme Sweating?

Hey there – great question. Lady Anti-Monkey Butt can be utilized anywhere you sweat. For best results, make sure the application location is totally dry prior to use. The cornstarch in our formula makes the powder go on satin smooth and the calamine helps to reduce sweat and friction so you can enjoy your preferred activity. Best of luck.

Question Question 13

The Number Of Ounces?

6 ounces?

Question Question 14

We Like The Light Sent And Silliness OfProduct Nevertheless, The Location In Between Breast And Partially Under Edge Of Breast Location This Powder Burnt Skin.?

we use this powder to inside butt cheeks ONLY- thus the name ‘antwe monkey butt. we use Zeasorb powder for under breasts to take in excess moisture. Zeasorb has actually never ever provided us a rash or irritated skin. Zeasorb is difficult to find in shops, we buy it online with Prime. we love both powders and won t ever lack them we use this powder to inside butt cheeks ONLY- thus the name ‘antwe monkey butt. we use Zeasorb powder for under breasts to take in excess moisture. Zeasorb has actually never ever provided us a rash or irritated skin. Zeasorb is difficult to find in shops, we buy it online with Prime. we love both powders and won t ever lack them. By the way, we purchased a powder puff set on Prime to use the monkey butt powder.

Question Question 15

This Women’S Anti-Monkey Butt Powder Is Too Perfumey.Is There A Fragrance Free Alternative?

we have actually just seen women’s scent and Men’s in the yellow container which is more medicinal smelling.

Question Question 16

Does Anti-Monkey Butt Control Sweating Odor?

Antwe Monkey Butt helps with both sweat and odor.

Question Question 17

Does This Operate In Shoes/High Heels To Prevent Blisters?

Lady Anti-Monkey Butt takes in sweat and battles friction anywhere. For best results, carefully rub the powder on the locations that chafe or blister quickly.

Question Question 18

Is Lady Monkey Butt Talc Free?

Yes, Lady Anti-Monkey Butt contains cornstarch (talc free) and calamine to reduce sweat and friction.

Question Question 19

Will This Keep You Sweat Free? We Don T Have Any Body Friction.?

Yes, Lady Antwe Monkey Butt helps with body sweat.

Question Question 20

Does It Prevent Odor As Well?

This is a fabulous product.Stoped the pain of sweating. As far as odor goes, we would believe that is a personal concern, if you experience body odor we are not exactly sure this would removethat we use this with a good powder puff, which we suggest for application. Fairly priced and lasts a long time.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Lady Anti Monkey Butt – Women’s Body Powder with Calamine, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have trouble with a raw rash under our breast. This product worked better than any product we had actually attempted (corn starch, creams for itch or fungi, prescriptions creams supplied by our skin doctor). The location was very irritated when we began utilizing this powder and it cleared within 2 days. Very happy with this powder. The powder has a light and enjoyable scent.

We would utilized the talcum powder variation of this & our navy seal bro (& the majority of his squadron) took the original variation to the middle east, for bike or bike flights & for workingout So we weren’t too anxious attempting this for the very first time. We weren’t dissatisfied. It’s great for locations that chafe, prior to you place on your bra & even in sensitive girly- locations. We purchased this prior to we invested a weekend going to the zoo, treking and activity- filled days with checking out family over a very hot weekend. Was so pleased we did. Functions truly well and we were even able to use as a “primer” for our antiperspirant and was the just one not feeling sticky & gross by the end of the day. Absolutely worth attemptingout If you have actually utilized their products in the past, this is comparable but specially formulated for women & chafing (the talcum powder does not work too for chafing & isn’t as adult- odor absorbing). Our child’s fiancé obtained it one day and purchased her own the next.

Very good. It works. We nearly didn’t attempt it due to the fact that among the customers states it is pink and stained her carpet. It has a very minor pink color. We have actually utilized it with white clothing and white underclothes. It does not leave a mark. Smells pretty, very light. Will not interfere with fragrance, perfume, lotion etc. We just offered it 4 stars due to the fact that you might require to reapply after numerous hours depending upon your level of activity.

We can never ever evaluate this extremely enough. We get at least 5 people hooked on it a year. This makes a big distinction with chub rub, does not eliminate sweat in between your thighs but totally reduces friction. Great under your totties in the summer and generally anywhere that skin rubs. Get it.

Feels silky smooth upon application. We have actually utilized talcum powder, gold bond body powder, burt bees cleaning powder. This is eventually the best for managing sweat and moisture.

Great for moisture control and chaffing. Better than summer’s eve and also less expensive. We truly need to use this daily so we value the rate. We can’t get this in any physical shops in your area to us so we love the reality that we can get it on prime and at our home within 2 days. Thank you to the seller for offering this to us due to the fact that this truly is a need.

We remember our granny having a powder meal in her restroom. We have actually gotten some weight just recently and disliked the chafing. We were utilizing deodorant, which also works well but desired a more dry experience. We understand people use powder all the time in their ‘under carriage so we figured why not. We love it. Odors excellent, light, works.

As a curved lady, in the hot summertime, it s good to have a thin layer of powder to help with those special locations. This product truly works and makes us not need to fret about hot days and wish to use. We extremely suggest this and it also doesn t get on your clothing.

We just went to main america and acquired this product to take with me. We utilized it for about a week prior to we went to ensure we would like it and can’t state enough great features of this product. We used it where we typically sweat or chafe (believe bra band and chub rub. ). This powder worked like magic and kept us feeling fresh and dry. We extremely suggest it for any sweaty circumstances you may find yourself in.

We stroll a lot more at our task & the weather condition is hot the majority of the time so we were looking 4 a powder so we never ever smell like sweat after a walk. We attempted talcum powder in our lotion but it wd leave a residue on our clothing & we wd typically hv to ensure we brought a face towel in case we got powder someplace so we cd get itoff Also, we weren’t thinking about powdering specific locations, but wished to ensure we rubbed it into our skin all over. We turned up with the perfect combination for us: 1 bottle of nivea lotion w/jojoba oil (they presently hv 2 scents: vanilla & cherry blossom), 1/4 cup monkey butt powder & 1/3 cup of neutrogena body oil. We put mine in an old cerave moisturizing cream pump jar and whip with an immersion mixer for about 3 minutes. No more powder residue. We hv itchy skin & this does not aggravate us & this combination works well together. We hv attempted a various oil & it didn’t work well. This works all over.

Your thighs will tenderly touch each other, whispering like swans at dawn. If chub rub is something you have actually experienced, this stuff is fabulous for skirts/dresses/shorts etc. It rubs in quickly and does not seem like it leaves a residue, but it provides you a good smooth glide for numerous hours. We typically rinse our hands after using, but it’s not sticky or foul-smelling in any way.

This stuff is incredible. We do not use a bra unless we go out (retired) and was having problems with sweat you understand where and a rash. This fantastic smelling talc made a distinction in just 1 day. We even found the centers utilizing it in his nether factors. He states it does the technique. Extremely suggest.

Actually happy with this product, other than for the scent. Why?. It s not completely undesirable, but it can be a bit much (although we will state it dissipates pretty rapidly). We wear t comprehend why something that s made for sensitive locations on girls is so needlessly scented, but it works truly well so i ll keep utilizing it.

Oh, male. We can’t even count the variety of times this stuff has actually conserved our butt. Okay, not actually, although that would be an on- label use. We sed this every day on a walt disney world journey and anytime we are walking in the humidity. Functions great for keeping our neck, chest, face, and feet free from sweat. It also works great on heat rash. We have actually even blended a little of this into our face powder and it works like a beauty.

For those people who have thighs that stick, this product is incredible. We have use talcum powder for several years, but we will never ever return to it after discovering this. It safeguards versus chub rub, but it also takes in moisture for those times when you get a bit too warm.

This is excellent stuff. We like using powder, and when it is hot and sticky outdoors, powder can help make life manageable. The calamine helps with heat rash and inflammation, especially under bras where there may be rubbing. It has a minor scent to it, but absolutely nothing strong or bothersome, and while some cornstarch products can be a bit gritty, this is smooth and good. We take a trip with this and prefer it above other powders.

Ladies from time to time all of us get a bit chaffed. We use these under “the girls” on hot days and it does help. We constantly pack it when we go on a journey. Even lent it to our child when we went on a beach journey. She mored than happy with it too.

We enjoy this powder. Makes us feel revitalized and smelling clean all day. Our only appointment is the bottle makes it appear like there is more than there is. You get 6 oz, which little goes a long way. Ive utilized this basically daily and we still have a lot left. The package itself is ridiculous and makes us feel less embarassed to own the product than state something like vagisil. May be unusual, but product packaging matters to us when purchasing products like this so congratulations for the much required humor.

We are so happy to have actually found this product. We do not go out much nor do we do excessive psychical activity, but we sweat a lot in our lower area regardless and this product truly keeps the moisture in check. We truthfully believed this product would just work for a couple hours, but to our surprise it wound up offering a good quantity of freshness throughout our sleep too. We would go out for a quick drive, then return an hour or more later with our thighs and underclothing totally soaked. That isn’t a problem for us any longer.

We purchased this product to attempt something that a visitor advised to us at the shop we operate at. Let us just state. This is without a doubt the best product we have actually encountered for in between our legs. We are large size lady who sweats obviously in the spring and summer. Our legs rub together which do not feel excellent after a long day at work. This product has actually been super practical. We feel dry all day. It’s freaking incredible. We use it in some cases on parts on our back where we sweat the most and generally for chafing. Sorry if this is tmi. We would absolutely suggest this product.

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