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Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream

Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream.

  • Anti- itch cream with aloe
  • Soothes itching and rashes
  • Reduces eczema inflammation
  • Reduces Psoriasis inflammation

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream.
Size: 4 Tubes( 2 Ounce)Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone cream 1% with aloe alleviates itches and rashes due to: insect bites, poison oak, poison ivy, Eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream.

Question Question 1

Is This Advised For Bikinwe Bumps?

It is for skin rashes.It can be used in the bikinwe location, but beware not to get in your genital.You may attempt cleansing the bumps with Witch Hazel prior to utilizing an itch relief cream.Good Luck.

Question Question 2

When Is The Expiration Date On This Product Given That This Is A Pack Of 4, If We Are Purchased It Now?

Dear purchaser, our company believe that the expiration date on this one will remain in the end of 2016 as we delivered it just few weeks back. The one that we are ready to deliver now is December2016 Thank you for your organisation Dear purchaser, our company believe that the expiration date on this one will remain in the end of 2016 as we delivered it just few weeks back. The one that we are ready to deliver now is December2016 Thank you for your businessUV Alfalfa

Question Question 3

What S Expiration Date Now?

It works the exact same no matter the “expiration” date.

Question Question 4

What Is The Expiration Date If We Purchase This Product In This October 2016?

1/2018 or beyond

Question Question 5

Is This Clear Or White?

White, but your skin absorbs it within 10-15 minutes, a minimum of mine does.

Question Question 6

What Are The Non-active Ingredients? Exist Any Parabens?

On a Google search, we found the # 1 paraben free hydrocortisone cream isExederm There are 2oz tubes on. Attempt it out as it has a great score and packaged in much smaller sized amounts. Best of luck.

Question Question 7

Will This Work For Bed Bug Bites?

we put on t understand have never ever had those

Question Question 8

What Is The Present Expiration Date Since Today 7.4.2020 For The Pack Of 4?


Question Question 9

Will This Work For Bed Bug Bites?

It alleviates the itch.Personally we would include a base such as alchohol or sodium bicarbonate due to the fact that bug bites are acidic our company believe.Base neutralizes acid.It is not going to help the pain. Just our opinion.we are not a doctor.we use it to control itching.

Question Question 10

What Nation Is This Product Made In???? Thanks?

The product packaging states the product is produced in Michigan, U.S.A..

Question Question 11

If The Description States “Pack Of 4” Do We Then Get 8 Ounces Of This Cream For $5.19? Or Is The Description Incorrect?

You do get 4 2oz tubes, but $1179 is the cost that we paid.

Question Question 12

Does It Rub In Fully? We Have Utilized Creams That Stay White And Noticeably Leave Residue And Need A Great Deal Of Work To Rub In.?

Yes it rubs in fully. Mike

Question Question 13

Will This Soothe Itch In Ear Canal (From Earplug Use)?

we personally have not utilized it in that way, but we do in some cases use it for itchy rashes and not just bug bites. It appears to help me.

Question Question 14

Where Is This Produced? Is It From China? Is It Made In U.S.A.?

Produced byPerrigo which lies in allegan michgain U.S.A.

Question Question 15

Will This Be Excellent For Shaving Rash On Our Face?

we are uncertain but we believe that it would work rather well. we have been utilizing it for many years for skin inflamations and itching.

Question Question 16

Does It Have A Flip Or Screw On Cap?

It has a flip cap.

Question Question 17

Is This Advised To Treat Bald Hair Spots On The Head.?

we use this for loss of hair on our temples and it’s the just thing that has worked.we use in the evening prior to bed after we wereh our hair. People have informed us not to use cortisone for loss of hair but we no longer have bald spots so to each their own. we do what works for us.

Question Question 18

What Is The Expiration Date?

12/2019 or beyond

Question Question 19

What Is The Expiration Date If We Order March Of 2019?

we have no concept. Have had our package for numerous months. Mine were dated about a 18 monthsout Every order might be various.

Question Question 20

What Is The Expiration Date Of The Products That Will Be Ship.?

our current order has a 12/18 date on each tube.we presume that is the expiration date.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Kirkland Signature Maximum Strength Hydrocortisone Cream, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have attempted other hydrocortisone creams. This one is the best. For an individual with dry skin and eczema, we require a great strong cream to stop the itch. We like the creaour consistency of this one and it mixes into the skin well when rubbed in. Other creams can leave a filour residue, oreven even worse, get clumpy or flakeoff Also, this cream heals well, perhaps it is the included aloe. A bonus is the bundle of 4 at this fantastic cost. We have been purchasing this exact same package for 3 years. If you are itchy, you ought to absolutely attempt it.

We just recently began to display symptoms of sweat eczema, primarily on our face, very just recently and am having a terrible time clearing it up. We have prescription cream that’s expected to eliminate it, but it truthfully does not do quite. We had a percentage of this leftover from previous use and chose to check it out on our face. Within 4 hours our face had begun to clean up far more than anything else we have tried out it. We are still working to clean up the redness but this eliminated all of the major bumps and tough quality that comes with sweat eczema within just a few days. We are hoping with extended use it will clean up our symptoms entirely.

This cream works the best. Our child has eczema and allergies. This is the just (kind of) lotion that assisted her. We have attempted whatever consisting of the $25/ tube creams. She’s nearly 4 now and her skin is nearly normal. But if we do not use the lotion for a few days, her dry itchy skin returns. We use cerave also, with this, but prior to bed this is a must. We use it from time to time when our eczema returns in cold weather. It deals with mosquitoes bites too.

We bought this kirkland signature maximum strength hydrocortisone cream 1% with aloe in the nick of time for summer mosquito season and it works along with the more expensive cortizone-10 brand. You get 4, 2oz tubes of cream. The product rubs into your skin quickly and does not feel sticky later. It works effectively to relieve the itch of mosquito bites but it’s also great for small skin inflammations and razor burn, too. Our child responds severely to mosquito bites and she scratches them a lot in her sleep that they end up being sores. This alleviates the itch so no more scratching or sores. Great stuff at a great cost.

This works marvels. It is a soothing cream that alleviates the itch and moisturizes. There are constantly various factors for an itch where this is a help, but over the past few months we have had a great deal of severe itching triggered by the products in the compression wraps we require to use after the surgical treatments we have had. Although we do not put it it straight on any cuts we do use it to the skin being tortured by the wraps. Remarkable relief.

We have eczema and when it flares, we lather hydrocortisone products on our problem locations after showering and when we are itchy. Hydrocortisone avoids and alleviates our itching. This is your normal hydrocortisone product, but what sets it apart from the rest is the fantastic cost for the quantity of product you get. This is most likely the best offer for hydrocortisone cream on.

For some factor, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders, etc, love to bite me. So we constantly have a hydrocortizone cream on hand. This as a perfect 4 pack. One for us, one for our moms and dads, one for our partners home and and extra. Functions exceptionally. Takes the itching away.

This was our very first time attempting this brand. We get itchy skin during the spring and we take benadryl in a very percentage due to the fact that we are frightened it’ll knock us out, in an effort to get some relief. Our allegra just does not appear to help with itchy skin at all. So, essentially we love spring and being outdoors but we are our most unpleasant around this time:( this stuff is fantastic. Ill practically use everything over after a shower due to the fact that we are desperate and that’s that for our day. Good sized tubes and a great cost. It makes our skin so soft too. No infuriating itchies.

Taking the amount and relative cost into account, this a great evaluation. Hydocortizone is a great product to briefly sooth (not cure) skin inflammations. We utilized it on our feet daily for dryness, but reduced that after discovering that there might be side unfavorable adverse effects from over use. Google hydrocortizone for appropriate use guidelines and warns.

We get rashes and other skin problems and for some factor we never ever use anything and let it heal naturally. This time things got a little even worse and we purchased this to help. Product worked great and will use it more typically than we have in the past. Cost is unequalled.

This deals with our insane itchy atopic dermatitis skin problems. When we require instant relief, we get a tube, which has a lift back leading, and the cream squeezes quicklyout Convenient pack of 4 tubes permits us to have one at our desk, in automobile, in our night table and in our bag.

This cream is a great worth for this cream which we ve purchased costco prior to. It was bought online due to our state s remain at home order. Hassle-free and was provided quickly.

These are great. We marvelled and this package consisting of 4 is great. It is great for small little rashes that we got on our stomach and back. But needs to continue utilizing it.

These helps stop our relative’s itchy legs. She s attempted whatever and these are miracles.

It is the first thing that has worked for our itchy feet. Have attempted even prescription tubes and the kirkland beats them all.

We bought this antwe itch cream and it showed up in great shape. We had the ability to share with our kid and child for their households.

If you’re trying to find a great quality, high worth antwe itch cream, here it is. We purchased these for our spouse. “borrowed” one tube for ourself.

Great worth but consistency is thinner than we are utilized to. Should be because of the moisturizer in it. Functions great though.

This resembles 1/4 the cost of cortisone 10 (at cvs) and it’s better to boot with moisturizers. We do not need to blend it with lotion like we were doing with cortizone. Excellent task kirkland. Working as excellent or better than than cortizone we believe due to the fact that of the mixed moisturizers.

We use this a lot for our feet. We now buy it wholesale at about 1/4 the cost from a drug shop.

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