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Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream.

  • Revolutionary body lotion provides flawless-looking skin in just 5 days
  • Hydrating moisturizer is utilized in location of your daily body lotion, dries rapidly, and gets used to your complexion
  • Uses 5 benefits: hydrates, brightens, evens complexion, companies, and fixes the appearance of defects
  • Subtle shine provides radiance while blurring effect conceals skin flaws
  • Exclusive Skin Evening Technology evens redness in reasonable to light complexion; evens staining in olive to deep complexion

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream.
Size: 7.5 Ounce |Style Name: Light Description Keep your skin hydrated and glowing while correcting flaws at the exact same time with Jergens BB Body Perfecting SkinCream Brief for beauty balm, BB creams are known for their capability to brighten and moisturize while masking defects – but on your face. This multi-tasking body cream provides 5 benefits to your arms, legs, and whatever in between in just 5 days: it quickly hydrates and brightens, and with daily use, it evens complexion, companies and improves the appearance of cellulite, and fixes the appearance of flaws utilizing a blurring effect. The cream goes on sheer and uses self-adjusting technology to leave both reasonable to light and medium to deep complexion soft, hydrated, and glowing. How to Use Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream: Massage Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream all over your body as a regular daily body moisturizer, enabling time for it to dry prior to getting dressed. ABOUT JERGENS Our Jergens Family thinks in letting your beautiful shine. As we have discovered from our mothers, gave from generation to generation, beauty is a lot more than skindeep Whether you are wanting to brighten, hydrate, renew, nurture, bring back or heal, each of our products are attentively developed to bring out your skin s beauty in a manner that shows your real self. Due to the fact that we understand when the genuine you shines through, you make the world a more beautiful location ¦ every day.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream.

Question Question 1

Does It Lighten Your Skin When Utilized?

It does not lighten your skin. It’s a BB lotion for your body. It make our skin smooth and provides it a good even complexion. It absolutely does not lighten or darken our skin.

Question Question 2

Doesn’T Seem Very Moisturing. Will We Get The Very Same Take Advantage Of The Bb Cream If We Use Our Regular Moisturizer And After That Use The Bb Cream Over It??


Question Question 3

Why Does This One Tube Of Jergens Bb Body Cream Expense $3898 We Bought This Very Same Product In 2018 For Under $12 Thank You.?

we concur with your remark. we also acquired this lotion for around $15 Now it s around $60 – 100 a tube. AND stopped in any shops.????

Question Question 4

Can We Use It As Sun Block?

They do have a lotion like this one with sun block. But this one does not have any SPF protection in it.

Question Question 5

The Number Of Bottles Are You Getting?

One just

Question Question 6

Is This For People.?

Obviously, great for anybody who wishes to have a light tan

Question Question 7

Is This So Costly Since It Is In fact Stopped? We Can not Find It In Shops Any Longer:( Its The Perfect Daytime Neck Cream.?

Yes it was stopped and the supplier make the most of it and offering it to us high cost

Question Question 8

We Have Olive Skin Tone Would This Work Or Should We Choose The Deep Medium Shade?

Go deep medium. we are reasonable complexed so the light benefits us, and we need to state this product mixes extremely well and does not stain your clothing. Very excellent BB product. And also difficult to find in shops in specific tones. Get it while you can

Question Question 9

Wait. Is This For One Tube? When We Bought This At The End Of November, It Was $8.50 For OneTube Please Inform United States This Is Amount 2.?

Nope. just one. we have no concept why the cost went so high, when we called the rep. she stated they did not set the cost the distributer did. Didn’t make one little bit of sense to me. RIDICULAS.

Question Question 10

Does This Help Wrinkles? We Have Some On Our Chest From Sleeping On Our Side And Have Large Breasts.?

It appears to help. we are 61 and absolutely conceals them

Question Question 11

Everybody Left Very Useful, Smart Reviews.We Wondered If Anybody Had Suggestions Of A Body Cream That Was Superior To Jergens.?

CeraVe is a great pharmacy alternative as it contains ceramides, hyaluronic aicd, and other advantageous ingredients. It does include some alcohol which a great deal of pharmacy products do. Coconut oil is a low-cost alternative that does marvels too. Goid luck.

Question Question 12

The Number Of Bottles Are You Getting?

One just

Question Question 13

Is This A Tinted Cream Or A Self Tanning Cream?

The cream itself is tinted but we have not discovered it tinting our skin.Maybe we have not utilized it enough time to see a distinction.??

Question Question 14

Will It Help Cover Uneven Skin Tones And Wirh Lighter Acne Scarring On Our Arm?

No.It isn’t a cover-up. It works as a long term complexion evener. we have acne scars on our shoulders and age spots on our lower arms and regular use has evened out the tone of our whole arm.The moisturizing has minimized the crepey look of our hands.

Question Question 15

Most Likely A Foolish Question, But Is This For The Face, Too?Thank You.?

Is developed for the body but we use it for the face too. They have another one particularly for the face. This may be too oily for the face for some people with sensitive acne vulnerable skin which may trigger them to breakout Up until now we have utilized it on our face and have not broken out.

Question Question 16

Does It Make Your Body Lighter Or Brighter?

we do not see any distinction in skin color. we much like it since of the scent and it is lightweight and does not aggravate our skin.

Question Question 17

Does The Shimmer Come Off Quickly? We Were Considering Using This On Our Skin For Our Wedding Event Day To Get A Little Natural Glow That Day.?

This is more of a self tanning lotion which may rub off on light clothing, so we would not use it on such a crucial occasion.It also has that cool self tanner odor after it s been on a bit. If you desire shimmer, we would use something else.You may attempt utilizing it well ahead of time so you can see how your sk This is more of a self tanning lotion which may rub off on light clothing, so we would not use it on such a crucial occasion.It also has that cool self tanner odor after it s been on a bit. If you desire shimmer, we would use something else.You may attempt utilizing it well ahead of time so you can see how your skin responds to it.

Question Question 18

Is This Product Being Discontinued?

we can’t find it throughout the last 3 months approximately, and now it appears to be choosing usga dollars on Ebay.Why in the world would they terminate this, we LOVE it.

Question Question 19

Can We Use This If We Have A Beige Or Medium Skin Tone?

Yes, it’s very subtle but we have found this bb body cream alsothats subtle for usdium complexion on too. we arepretty reasonable skinned and we have e utilized both light and medium andthey both include color

Question Question 20

We Are Light To Medium Skin Tone Should We Get Light Or Medium To Tan?

That is our complexion also and we get the medium. It’s not going to stain your skin like sunless tanner. It just includes a good glow, feels truly good on your skin and smells excellent too. we love this lotion and constantly have a backup tube on hand

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We love this stuff. It does do what it states. From remaining in the sun we got some sun damage, but this does help the appearance of sunspots. We will not live without it. We are reasonable skinned and purchased the med-dark formula.

We love this product –the best we have found for moisturizing and making skin look great too. But it s getting more challenging to find and we question if jergens is terminating the product.

This product makes our skin look so beautiful. We will use this all summer long.

We could not find this in the shops any longer & was freaked out aboutthat We love this cream. It is thicker like a cream not thin like a lotion but it does take in into the skin without a greasy/sticky feel. It has a pink color & a good low & subtle fragrance. We use it everyday when we go outside since we like an spf on our skin. We keep a tube of it in our automobile too & use it often when we are sitting at a traffic control. We hope jergen’s will continue to make it.

We truly like this lotion. It makes our skin feel truly good and our dry skin has absolutely gone away. We didn’t notification the color so if that is what you are trying to find we may not recommend this but if you are trying to find smooth soft skin, this one is a winner.

This is a great body lotion if you want to include just a touch of color slowly with some extra smoothing homes. We definitely observed a distinction after a week of daily use. Our skin appeared more even and somewhat more toned, we enjoyed with the results. It’s not a miracle employee by any ways, but after we stopped the utilizing the product we might absolutely see that it had done more than we believed. We didn’t offer it 5 stars since 1) it was a heavy feel to it in warm and damp weather condition, and 2) it contains a tanning active ingredient that makes our legs very itchy, so we might just use it on our upper body. It did, nevertheless, make our arms and stomach look a lot better in time for swim suit season.

We love this stuff. We checked out a post about this product and numerous women advised it, so we believed we would attempt it. It truly does enhance your skin in just a few days. Fantastic.

Great product. Makes our skin look more even toned, helps lessen flaws. Like it. Will buy once again.

Functions truly well, includes a little color to our very pale skin and knee location doesn t look like it takes in excessive product. Will continue to acquire. Absolutely suggest.

Provides just a tip of color without steaking. Non drying to the skin.

We love this product up until now and it provides our skin a good light tan and does appear to lessen any staining. We are very dissatisfied nevertheless that it is no longer readily available.

Love this cream and will be purchased once again.

We love this product and can no longer find in regional shops. It gently includes color and in some way makes our legs look better.

We have acne scars on our shoulders that were difficult to cover. After attempting this for about a week and a half they began to be less obvious. Our skin also looks glowing:-RRB-.

This was our preferred lotion. Its regrettable it is stopped, and the costs increased. Would not acquire once again since of the cost, but the lotion is great, smelled incredible and blurred flaws.

This is the perfect light-weight moisturizer. We even use it on our face since we do not like heavy structures. Provides just sufficient cover to smooth out blemishes.

We love this product. It is very subtle and with time even out complexion.

It’s an embarassment this product is difficult to find now as it truly does a great task of both moisturizing and getting rid of crepey skin on our arms. Sure hope jergens keeps making it.

This is a great cream for making your legs look a little suntanned. Great odor too.

We love this. It works well for our skin and the odor is fragile.

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