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Ivy Dry Super Itch Relieving Spray

Ivy Dry Super Itch Relieving Spray

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  • Health Care
  • Analgesics-Pain Relief
  • alternative-pain-relief-remedies
  • Cortizone-10 Intensive-Healing Formula

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Question Question 1

Would This Work For Poison Oak Also?

we do not understand about poison oak. When we use it on a poison ivy rash, it appears to work by drying out all the little blisters, so it may extremely well deal with poison oak too.

Question Question 2

What Remains In This? What Are The Ingredients?

Benzyl Alcohol, 10%; Camphor, 0.50%; Menthol, 0.25%. This is an external analgesic, and the best OTC poison ivy TX we have everfound Non-active ingredients: water, isopropanol, Zinc acetate, Isoceteth-20, Zinc Lactate. For me, calamine is ineffective; this is strong, and can be irritating.Consider tea tree oil also; stron Benzyl Alcohol, 10%; Camphor, 0.50%; Menthol, 0.25%. This is an external analgesic, and the best OTC poison ivy TX we have everfound Non-active ingredients: water, isopropanol, Zinc acetate, Isoceteth-20, Zinc Lactate. For me, calamine is ineffective; this is strong, and can be irritating.Consider tea tree oil also; strong smelling, but effective.we are extremely adverse poison ivy, and typically wind up on steroids and/ or steroid cream to treat it.so we have actually attempted every imaginable trick and product out there.

Question Question 3

Expiration Date?

The expiration date on mine was practically 3 years. nevertheless as with any expiration date with these kinds of products unlike food just suggests it s level of efficiency. we would not be worried but yes it has one and was at least a couple years of life.Mine is because of end in 2021

Question Question 4

Does This Still Have Zytrel Like The Older Bottles Did?

we do not see it in the list of ingredients.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after acquiring and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Ivy Dry Super Itch Relieving Spray, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Omg. This stuff is remarkable. It does not smell great but young boy does it work. We fought with poison ivy for a week and lastly this was available in (sadly not prime eligible and took 10 days to show up). We had actually currently attempted calamine lotion and ivarest cream neither of which did much. The very best results prior to we attempted this came from a paste we made with aveeno colloidal oatmeal combined with a little pure water, which soothed it down for a bit but didn’t heal it. After 2 days of using this to both of our arms loaded with poison ivy, it wasgone Now we need to put cream on our arms trigger it does type of dry your skinout Also we were stung by a wasp on the back of our arm near our underarm and used this right away. Nipped it in the bud and it never ever inflated or itched. Wow. Get this if specifically if you reside in the nation like we do. Will never ever lack it once again.

We would provide this product 100 stars. We are so extremely adverse poison ivy. The smallest contact with anything that has urishol oil triggers insane responses. Steroid shots, steroid cream, oral steroids, jewelweed soap, apple cider vinegar and every over the counter product on the market has actually been utilized. This spray has actually been a life-saver. Use as directed. Wherever you use will likely peel following the episode, but it will dry the poison ivy in no time. Will constantly have this product on hand.

Functions. We are pleased. Our dreadful itching stopped right away. Dried up practically overnight. Spray worked better for us as it was speckled all over our body. Would suggest.

Thank god for this stuff. We got it on day 4 of our rash, when the blistering was getting bad and our hand was so itchy we wished to cut our armoff Prior to we began with this stuff, we were utilizing benadryl, ice, and calamine lotion, and we were so itchy we could not sleep and would wake in the middle of the night from the intense itching. When we got this stuff it wasn’t an immediate heal (we sprayed it on and still iced it and took benadryl, and it still felt rather itchy), but after 24 hours it was clear the blisters were beginning to dryout 36 hours after we began, we had the ability to get a night of undisturbed sleep. We are still waiting to see where things go from here, but up until now this product is a blessing.

We plainly can’t recognize poison ivy due to the fact that we got it 4 times in one summer. Ivy dry super is the just thing that works. We attempted baking soda, caladryl, hydrocortisone, ice. Absolutely nothing worked. Ivy dry is so easy to use due to the fact that it is a spray. We would use to impacted locations 3 to 4 times a day till it began to clean up. We would use the spray outside due to the fact that it can go air-borne and get all over the home. Most times when you first use it will sting a bit, but that rapidly subsides. It does not smell proficient at all, but it is so worth it due to the fact that it cleans up poison ivy within days. Severe cases might take a week ormore Extremely suggest, ivy dry truly works.

Best product ever for itching. Stops the poison ivy itch rapidly & dries up rash & blisters. It also works marvels on other rashes we get when we pull weeds without gloves on our hands. Constantly us it on arms after pulling weeds. When strolling in lawn, our feet & ankles will itch from yard & bugs at specific times of the year & we have found ivy dry to be the just product to stop the itch. We have actually attempted vinegar, rubbing alcohol & other products with less ingredients, but when the itch drives us bonkers, we get ivy dry. Plus, we are susceptible to eczema & itching can be a problem. We make certain to have it with us on holidays too, specifically, if we re treking or strolling in woods & high yard.

This product is a bit expensive, but you get a good-sized bottle, and it works fast. We get a great deal of bug bites due to the fact that we garden, and we also get a periodic tick bite. They all itch like insane, but if you spray the ivy dry on the bite, it’s gone prior to you understand it. It does not take much to do the technique, so the bottle will last a long period of time. Quick relief.

This stuff truly works. We have actually utilized it for several years and it has actually worked when the prescription creams have not. We use it for bug bites and itchy rashes. Can’t find it in the shops any longer so we got it online this time. We will continue to buy this product once again and once again.

We swear our partner get poison just by strolling near it. When he was a kid he needed to get injections annual, then they stopped offering injections to people. So when he gets its poison, he is covered, ugh. We have actually attempted many things, but we found that utilizing an ivy wash and then utilizing this spray is the best up until now. They spray does appear to dry things up much faster than any other product we have actually utilized and we have actually utilized them all. Hope this helps.

Ivy super dry works better than anything we have actually ever utilized on bug bites and rashes – absolutely nothing compares to it. We bless the day we found this at a little regional drug store. We are among those people that brings in mosquito bites and this stuff makes being outdoors in summer manageable.

A little expensive but it s won a long-term location in our medicine cabinet. Not just does it abate the itch of poison ivy, it s even better on insect bites: chiggers, mosquito, even helps with tick bite itch (after you ve found and eliminated the tick, naturally. ). Brought a little bottle with us for a holiday journey and it worked pretty well for no see im notes also.

Poison oak? this stuff truly deals with contact. We dislike the stuff along with poison ivy and summac. This dries things up and helps it not to spread out.

We constantly keep ivy dry on hand for any type of itching. It’s great.

We get poison ivy if we just stroll by it. This certainly helps with the itch. We have actually bought it two times so we would suggest it. We didn’t experience the exact same response to the cream, it didn’t help as much as the spray.

This stuff is great and we can’t find it in shops any longer. We use it to spray after bug bites and red ant bites and they never ever swell, itch, or hurt.

We purchased this for our future husband and he enjoys it. He states it works immediately with his poison oak or thistle rashes. Providing major relief from the itch and pain.

Just got another major dosage of poison ivy and, except getting a prescription from our skin specialist, this product stands out at drying up the location of the rash.

This stuff is the bomb. We are very adverse bug bites and we bring this all over – even have an extra one in our automobile. Quickly eliminates itching and pain.

This stuff was super practical for lastly drying up our poison ivy when absolutely nothing else worked. But it does make your skin very dry. A little rate to spend for relief.

This product works great at drying up poison ivy or other comparable rashes. Worked far better than any other approach we attempted, and felt soothing once it was sprayed on.

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