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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Humco Camphor Spirit.

  • Camphor spirits can also be utilized to treat skin problem such as eczema, rash, dry, itchy skin, acne, and other kinds of skin inflammation. This product also makes an excellent astringent for tightening pores. It keeps the skin oil free, and rids the face of pollutants from the surface area to offer a fresh glow and improved complexion.
  • Camphor can be contributed to warm coconut or sesame oil and used to the body prior to a shower to relieve swelling, pains, and discomforts produced by arthritis.
  • Camphor is called an effective insect and moth repellent. Soaking a piece of cloth in camphor and leaving it in the open drives away pests like fleas, mosquitoes, and flies. It is also useful for fending off bacteria from the home and getting rid of head lice.

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More Info:

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Size: Pack of 1Camphor serves a range of family, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic functions. It is utilized by numerous natural medicine specialists to treat a variety of conditions, both internally and externally.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Humco Camphor Spirit.

Question Question 1

We Would Buy Your Camphor Spirit If You Would Provide United States A Break On Shipping?

Great stuff for fever blisters.

Question Question 2

Could You Use This As A Space Mosquitoe Repellent Like You Can Camphor Tablets In Water?

we do not learn about a repellent but it takes the itch out of a mosquito bite.

Question Question 3

Could You Diffuse This?

we can not state for specific, but we do not believe so. we use this for fever blisters and it is used straight to the sore.

Question Question 4

Can We Include This To Lip Balms?

You’ll dry your lips out and get splitting. Just put it on fever blisters.

Question Question 5

What Percent Is Alcohol?

84 percent

Question Question 6

What % Of Camphor?

It resembles the old time camphor you would get from pharmacies. Functions better than all the more recentproducts Difficult to find in the nationwide chain drug stores.

Question Question 7

What Is Amphor Spiritit Utilized For?

we use it for itchy allergy rashes.It clears them up well.we understand of another that uses Camphor Spirit for joint pains and pains.They are well happy with Camphor Spirit for that purpose, also.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based on our own experience after buying and utilizing the product, or based on some research work) on Humco Camphor Spirit, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We have had a reasonably little dermatofibroma on our leg below our knee for atleast the previous 5 years. We have attempted many in the house remedies to attempt and make it disappear. We disliked using shorts or would use a band aid over it when we did. We checked out online that camphor spirit assisted the appearance and in some cases made it disappear. We lastly chose to attempt it. We have just been utilizing it for the previous 3 days but have seen such an enhancement and the dermatofibroma is beginning to flatten. We are so happy and can not wait up until the dermatofibroma isgone We use it two times a day. First thing in the early morning and in the evening after a shower. This is such a great product.

If you desire your nails to return to health rapidly use this daily and campho phenique. Within 60 days if you use this once daily your nails will get strong and healthy and be devoid of any fungis. 2 images 1 of our nails right after taking the acrylics off and the second image of our nails 14 days later on after utilizing camphor oil.

We can’t leave the home without it. We reside in the seaside south and the mosquitos are definitely haunting us. We have hyper skin and this helps enormously with the itchiness that follows mosquito bites and stops them to became what it’s called dermatofibroma. We have no concept what type of mosquitos are this, we got beaten by them in europe to and never ever have this problems but we understand this is the just believe that helps and it’s our 2nd order. We also use it on our nails every now and then, hands and feet nails. Please continue to offer this product.

We love this stuff and feel so fortunate to have found it. We use spirits of camphor to heal/toughen up our under the hoop fingers for hand quilting. We like to hand quilt but our under the hoop fingers get very sore since we use them to “feel” the needle as it comes through. We understand this is an “old timey” cure/relief for the sore fingers. Ultimately if you do enough hand quilting you will establish a callus on those under the hoop fingers, but up until you do this offers relief and swift healing, though it stings when you put it on.

Think we will let the world in on our secret. We were doing a paper in public health 40 years ago and stumbled upon a cure for our reoccurring fever blisters. When you first feel the tingle, put some camphor on it. 30 seconds later on, do the very same. Repeat numerous times. Most of the time, the sore will never ever appear. We have shared this with our member of the family and it also works for them.

Yes, it holds true, this is an old time remedy for when somebody does not use a rollercoaster and leaves a white ring on a wood table or rack. Dab a little bit of this on the spot with a cotton bud and rub it in – the white ring vanishes. Also great for stuffy noses, etc. As explained by other purchasers.

Camphor spirits are what provide camphophenique that amusing odor. Just here it’s a liquid and it’s full strength. If you observe a fever blister starting (you understand when, like when you feel that itch and you see a little dot and question if it’s going to be a fever blister) you break this out and begin placing on that little spot. If you capture it quick adequate the camphor spirits will dry it up prior to it gets out of hand. We constantly use a basic double ended cotton bud to use this stuff. We use one end of the swab and then when we return we use the other end of the swab. Never ever position a secondhand side of the swab back into the bottle. Just use a clean swab to put within the bottle. Re-using swabs is meaningless. They are low-cost. Use once, get rid of. And you’ll eliminate that cold sore quck.

This is so tough to find in retailers, most likely since it is dangerous. But for its desired purpose, it works great. We matured with grandmas who utilized this to help heal all kinds if sores and inflammations and have still not found anything that works better.

A doctor informed us about this remedy 35 years ago and we have never ever found anything that works better for rapidly drying out a fever blister prior to it can even start. At the first tingling sensation on your lip dab some on for a number of days and the fever blister is stopped dead- it diminishes away instantly. Thankful to find this on since drug shops are stopping to bring it since it s not a huge cash product.

Huge bottle and just what we desired. We can no longer find this in shops and this was a huge bottle at a great cost. Please continue to offer this.

We use this product on our zits. We use drop on fingertip and rub into zit. Awaken next early morning and its completelygone It is exceptional on arthritic joints too. We have trigger finger on hand and we use this. For next couple days, pain is gone and finger moves muchbetter We need to keep a bottle on hand. It helps a lot. We just want it can be found in a bigger bottle. It did come with various labeling on second bottle but still works precisely the like our first bottle.

We love this stuff and do not comprehend why we can’t buy it at walgreen’s or cvs. Oh wait, it’s since it’s low-cost and helpful – and the shops wish to offer you stuff that costs a lot more and does not work also. We have had irritating fever blisters one or two times a year since we can keep in mind. Walgreens offers a $25 creme in a tiny tube that does not appear to do anything. We have attempted acyclovir cream – also pretty worthless. This stuff is great for dealing with fever blisters. That and a prescription for valacyclovir pills – can’t do much better.

We weren’t able to acquire this at regional drug stores when we required it. So happy to have had the ability to acquire this online. We use it to help dry out cold sores, so we purchased one to keep on hand when we require it. Thank you.

Outstanding product. We have utilized for a variety of years. We advise this to everybody.

We put some on a cotton ball and use it on our shoulders and a little on our face. It is strong. So beware near the eyes and nose.

This camphor spirit resembles the oil of camphor that you bought several years ago from the old pharmacies. It works and easy to use. Thankful they still make this product.

Humco camphor spirit, 2 fluid ounce. Very great for people who have hay fever and allergies love the odor. Our lungs love it too.

So good to find spirit of camphor. We had been looking all over for this product. Functions great on bug bites, fever blisters, and much more.

We didn’t learn about camphor spirit we matured on camphor oil our mother would put it on our chest when we boiled down a cold it would help us breathe. But read the remarks about camphor spirit and it can do for us so we brought it thank you it began time we will be purchased from you once again.

Just product we use for fever sores. Totally gone within 3 days.

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