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How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally?

How To Remove Stretch Marks Naturally

Many women, especially those who are pregnant would want to know how to remove stretch marks. There are women who tried a lot of products that promise to remove stretch marks completely but all those assurance fell into nothing but frustration. Others resolved into laser removal and other cosmetic solutions but these options are simply harsh and very expensive. You can only sense how serious this matter is to women. This is because stretch marks are gruesome. In fact, it lessens one’s self confidence.

Women who were unsuccessful in removing this blemish in their body would often hide it. This means that they are wearing clothes that will cover up those stretch marks. Some are already avoiding the beach and other outdoor activities that would compel them to wear skimpy clothing.

Moreover, women are becoming afraid of getting pregnant because of stretch marks. They no longer enjoy the journey of their pregnancy because of this fear. But nowadays, this should no longer be an issue because products are formulated to prevent and treat stretch marks.

One product that guarantees in preventing and treating stretch marks is the Stretch Mark Cream. Even though you have stretch marks all over your abdomen, it is never too late to start erasing these horrible marks which only deprives you the chance of going to the beach wearing the best swimsuit ever.

One big advantage is to equip yourself with the exact components that you need to know on how to remove stretch marks naturally. The Stretch Mark Cream has all the essential ingredients namely: squalene oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin D3. It also has Aloe Vera Extract which gives a positive result in healing wounds and it also acts to subdue skin inflammation. In short, it heals the skin of any existing stretch marks.

DL-Penthenol or commonly known as Pro-vitamin B5 reverses skin damage and regenerates from the outermost part and penetrating to the deepest part of your skin.

In addition, Pro-vitamin B5 also elevates the skin production of elastin and collagen, thereby, increasing your skin’s elasticity, so it does not rip apart when it stretches. Basically, these are just the very common yet very essential things that you can do and apply on your skin.

Though, the pharmaceutical world can offer so many products, only the Stretch Marks Cream offer real results. Existing stretch marks may not be totally removed due to the longevity of the skin that has already been damaged but at least you can somehow change the gruesome process. Now that you know how to remove stretch marks, the final action is all up to you.

How to remove stretch marks can be done in a number of ways, either at home or by a professional. Most people will turn to home remedies as a solution because they are unable to afford the costly cosmetic procedures.

While home remedies for how to remove stretch marks may not be effective in completely removing them, they can work to reduce the redness, helping them to heal faster.

Most remedies will not be effective in treating older stretch marks. These days, cosmetics are also commonly used to mask the appearance of stretch marks, as opposed to expensive cosmetic treatments. These makeup products can also be costly, but are still considered more affordable than laser therapy.

How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Makeup or Over the Counter Creams

Foundation can be applied to highly visible areas in order to mask the appearance of stretch marks. It’s recommended that you pick a waterproof product in order to minimize smearing. Companies like Mac and Estee Lauder currently carry heavy duty foundations and concealers that can mask the appearance of stretch marks.

Over the counter creams, lotions and gels that are designed to remove stretch marks can work to promote healing and collagen production while also working to reduce the redness associated with stretch marks. Prescription strength creams can do wonders for newer stretch marks but may not be effective on older silvery or white marks.

Laser Therapy and Cosmetic Surgery for Stretch Mark Treatment

Laser therapy procedures will not be able to completely get rid of stretch marks but they can help to fade them and them less noticeable. There are a number of different types of laser therapy procedures available for stretch mark treatment.

The pulsed dye laser is commonly used to treat stretch marks and it’s a relatively pain free option. The energy administered from the laser will be absorbed by blood vessels that are located under the stretch marks.

These blood vessels will collapse and the purple or red colour in the stretch marks will fade, turning the marks white or silver. This is an expensive treatment option that requires three to six sessions. Unfortunately health insurance companies will not cover the cost for this type of procedure.

Cosmetic surgery is an expensive option that is rarely recommended for stretch mark treatment. If you have an extensive amount of stretch marks on your stomach and loose skin, then you may benefit from a procedure known as a tummy tuck.

A tummy tuck will involve the surgeon removing loose skin and fat while tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall. This procedure isn’t recommended for women who plan on having more children. Keep in mind this type of surgery will cause a significant amount of scarring.

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