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How To Prevent Scarring The Face Of Cuts And Wounds?

How To Prevent Scarring The Face Of Cuts And Wounds

It is difficult to prevent all wounds healing. However, you can work on the wound or cut, so there is less scarring. The worst place to get a wound or cut is of course, the face. The goal is to prevent scarring from face.

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Seek the advice of a doctor if the wound is deep face. A hospital emergency room is not always the place to go, as the medical staffs have not been trained in the best way to repair a cut face by a plastic surgeon. Always ask to see or obtain the advice of a plastic surgeon. If the wound is not a deep cut, or the layers of skin have been scrapped off, there are some things that can be done on your own.

Wipe the face of the wound with soap and water. Do not use hydrogen peroxide because critical cells that help in the healing process may be damaged. Choke the cut with an antibiotic ointment. The goal is not to leave the area or getting infected scab.

A scab is intended to prevent dirt and germs from entering the body, while the wound heals. If a scab comes off too soon, it leaves the tender new skin cells underneath it. A new scab can reform, but often the new skin develops scar tissue.

Apply something to the wound to keep it moist, such as antibiotic ointment or even shortening. This prevents a scar forming. Keep applying the ointment or decreasing during the healing process and not get wet cutting during this time. It usually takes a few weeks for new skin cells to fill. The wound is a red colour at this time.

This is now the time to buy a scar cream. Applying scar cream as directed on package. The wound may eventually turn a slightly lighter colour than your skin tone but makeup can cover it easily.

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